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A chin implant is one of two ways the chin may be reshaped through surgery. The other, called sliding genioplasty, uses your own bone to augment the chin and therefore doesn't involve inserting a synthetic implant under the skin. Chin augmentations are often done at the same time as a nose job to have the most impact on your profile. LEARN MORE ›

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I ve had a slightly small chin and wanted to give it more masculinity but the results are not good! İ need a correction but not sure what i should do.hi. i ve had a silicone chin implant one years ago. But the results is not good also as the other doctors said because there is a huge volume... READ MORE

The first time i got the implant it was crooked, he removed it after a few days, after a year i went to get the implant replaced again with the same doctor, and it seems to be crooked again! I told him that i just want him to remove it, but he doesnt want to, he keeps telling me that its not... READ MORE

Pros: Great profile, makes me look more masculine, elongates faceCons: Recovery and pain, smaller smile, don't know if it was worth the moneyWhy I did it: Have always been self-conscious about my profile and have a career in television broadcastingOkay, so I may be overreacting, but this is a... READ MORE

I chose to get the implant because I had a weak chin and was hoping to get just a little more balance to my face.I had chin implant surgery two weeks ago. I'm happy with the size, but there is an indentation that runs all the way across the middle of my chin that leaves me with pockets between... READ MORE

I recently had a chin implant and the right side came out of the pocket. It's literally pushing through my skin and my chin is crooked. It's causing severe pain too.I really like the implant but I do not like the one side protruding through my's a not on that side and you can feel... READ MORE

I had a receding chin which resulted in an unattractive profile, as well as a slight double chin even though I'm not overweight.The plastic surgeon performed a chin augmentation (implant) and I could not be happier with the results. It has made a huge difference in my appearance and confidence.... READ MORE

I had a chin implant for reduced chin, along with a rhinoplasty. Both procedures make me look worse than before. Initially i thought that it was the swelling as the doctor was saying but it has been five months now and things are worseningI had this chin implant along with rhinoplasty 5 months... READ MORE

I was knocked out for the surgery. I like the chin but am having other issues after surgery. I did it because I wasn't satisfied with my born chin.Hi. I had a chin augmentation one week ago. Four days after my surgery, I noticed that my smile is crooked - the left side of my lip doesn't move... READ MORE

I had a medium chin implant and neck liposuction at the same time. im loving my new look, it really improved my profile and my chin looks natural imo.I had a chin implant placed and neck lipo. Its been five days since my surgery, i'm taking meloxicam to reduce swelling. The only problem im... READ MORE

Let me clarify why I only spent $2800.00 on my facial surgery. My doctor did my rhinoplasty after he did medical surgery on reducing my sinuses and fixing my deviated septum, so my insurance covered my nose. I only had to pay for my chin implant/liposuction. Even then, because I had shopped... READ MORE

I had an aesthetically, almost precise face, but my upper half (forehead) was heavy and dint compliment the lower half, hence I wanted to go in for a mandibular implant to achieve a slightly stronger jawline and one that complimented my face. I approached Dr. Milan Doshi, for the same and from... READ MORE

Having surgery, naturally I felt very nervous and unsure. Dr. Kulak talked very openly with me, was friendly, and answered all my questions with thorough detail. Not only that, she was very kind and conservative with her treatment plan. The day of surgery, her presence was very calming, and I... READ MORE

I'm going for my last visit regarding my rhinoplasty / chin implant and to discuss some improvements for my skin. I will be posting pictures in September to show you the excellent results from my surgery. I look younger, breathe much better and no longer avoid profile pictures. No infections,... READ MORE

I wanted a more masculine jaw line. I had a little neck fat and my chin was not inline with my lips (weak chin). I was very happy with my results and I would do it again if I needed to. I had a consultation with Dr. Chaboki and he answered all of my questions and made some recommendations... READ MORE

I felt I needed a more distinguished chin. Went for my consultation with Dr. Kulbersh and he recommended that plus neck liposuction. I went with his recommendation and the results were great. He and his staff are very courteous yet professional. The healing process wasn't the most fun thing... READ MORE

After consulting with Dr. Jon Perlman, MD, FACS, I decided to have fat removed from my cheeks and a chin implant added. The chin implant is made from silicone. I went to see Dr. Perlman (of Extreme Makeover fame!), who I had met briefly through a mutual friend, and is known for being... READ MORE

I had a chin augmentation and liposuction of my neck last Monday (July 27th), and the results I am already seeing are incredible. I was born with a recessed chin, and growing up, orthodontists/oral surgeons wanted to break my jaw, rewire it etc, etc for this common problem I inherited from my... READ MORE

Since I was a child I thought my nose was too large; however, upon consulting Dr.Janjua he told me my chin was small. That was an ah-ha moment! It was obvious to me and my loved ones now and we knew the root of the evil. For years of sucking my thumb as a child my chin never grew the way it... READ MORE

Face looked fat despite low body fat. Chin implant was recommended and ended up with small liposuction as well. Scar was a bit raised as first but healed over the next year and a few cortisone injections. Sensation diminished to touch but still feel pressure and the needle from the shots oddly... READ MORE

Went to Dr. Timothy A. Treece for a Chin & Cheek implant and he managed to botch both surgeries. The cheek implant was so big my family said I look like an alien. This is especially upsetting because I specifically told him several times, including when I met with him pre-surgery, that I want... READ MORE

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