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A chin implant is one of two ways the chin may be reshaped through surgery. The other, called sliding genioplasty, uses your own bone to augment the chin and therefore doesn't involve inserting a synthetic implant under the skin. Chin augmentations are often done at the same time as a nose job to have the most impact on your profile. LEARN MORE ›
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For the past 5 years, I have been wanting to remove the sagginess under my chin. I thought exercising regularly and a healthy diet would tighten the area but it progressively got worst. So, I decided to take action and scheduled a consultation with Thomas Romo, recommended highly by a friend... READ MORE

I'm 22 years old from Winston-Salem, NC and I have always been very insecure about my recessed chin. When I finally saved up enough money, I decided to research doctors in my area. Being a graduate student, money was tight for me so I decided I wanted to get this procedure done under local... READ MORE

Planning and scheduling: Where to start.. I've always been self conscious about how receded by chin was to the rest of my face. I did a lot of research on chin implants, including other people's reviews, review of local doctors, and anything else I could find on the internet from planning... READ MORE

I've envied great chins since high school, and always thought that guys who had great jaw and chin lines had an edge. I even had girls dump me for my brother because he was cuter (with a strong chin of course). I've finally decided to go for it and get a chin implant. I'm really excited...and... READ MORE

I always had complex about my profile view and i finally decided to consult with doctor. i thought it was my nose the whole time, and dr choe pointed out it was my weak chin! dr choe was very professional and helped me decide what procedure im going to have. it had been almost 5months, and it... READ MORE

For the last 10 years I've been wanting to get rid off the fat on my neck and improve my face's profile, so I did my research and decided to go with Dr. Jacono. And 2 weeks ago I had it done at his Long Island facility. My experience from my first consultation, till my 2nd revision yesterday has... READ MORE

Dr. Eppley performed Jaw Angle Implant surgery for me in January of this year, and I am extremely happy with the result. His pre-operation consultations were informative and helped to set the right expectations, he recommended a conservative (3.5mm wide) implant on each side to achieve the... READ MORE

I had jaw implant surgery a few years ago to improve the balance of my face which needed vertical length rather than any form of projected chin, after the first surgery I discovered to my horror that I had a huge protruding chin which I then had a second surgery to shave away this unnecessary... READ MORE

Hello everyone. After years thinking about it I finally decited to have a chin implant this year. Now I really need some recomendations since I'm not from USA. This is the hardest part, find a amazing certified plastic surgeon to trust. I live in Southern California and I'm whiling to drive to... READ MORE

Expectations for recovery and results from surgery should be very thoroughly investigated. 3 weeks recovery time is unrealistic and is what i was told to expect. I thought this meant that I would feel like my self but just look better after 3 weeks. Not sure when the scars will heal well... READ MORE

I had researched Dr. Zaworski for a long time before settling on him. I initially wanted to have rhinoplasty but having an active and hyper 18 month old plus 2 weeks of downtime and I decided to post pone. A couple months later I came back for chin fillers. I wanted to test the waters and if I... READ MORE

I've always been incredibly self conscious about my weak chin and was so happy when I found out about this procedure. My surgeon is great and is taking so much time to ensure I'm getting exactly what I want. Still, as the surgery date draws nearer, I can't help but be nervous. I'm having a hard... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Lay was incredible. He is a very talented plastic surgeon and has the best personality you could ask for. I'm now two months out and pretty much completely healed. I have a light pink scar that continues to fade and you cannot see it unless you were to look up under my... READ MORE

Going to Dr. Fiorillo was a terrible decision. I had a chin implant and rhinoplasty about 2 years ago. I am very unhappy with my results. I have consulted several doctors after the surgery and they tell me that I could've used a bigger chin implant and that I have distorted grafts in my nose. ... READ MORE

I can always remember disliking my profile; my jaw line is good, but something was missing. As I grew older, I realized that my chin, which I love from the front, wasn't quite satisfying from the side. Recently I have been more and more concerned with it, and I realized that you only have one... READ MORE

A couple months ago, I had a “non-surgical chin augmentation,” with Dr. Mabrie, i.e. fillers injected into my chin, specifically Perlane. I was using it as kind of a test run to see how I looked with an extended chin without going through surgery first. I LOVE the result. It’s natural... READ MORE

Hello/Bonjour, So let's get this started. I've been looking at the reviews on realself for a few months after I first met with a plastic surgeon about getting a chin implant put in. I first noticed there was something off with my chin when I was 16/17 and in grade 12, but I chalked that up to... READ MORE

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon as my double chin (which really wasn't that bad) was bothering me. Age taking hold, and even tho I am considered fit, it was there and it just bothered me. Very little to do there, but the surgeon suggested I would get an A+ result with a tiny chin... READ MORE

I had my implant in for approx 3 years. I went into a Denver surgeon's office for a little lipo under the neck AND HE RECOMMENDED A CHIN IMPLANT - WOULD ENHANCE MY LOOKS! Don't fall for this crap! Why would anyone recommend something that never bothered you?? Only now do I realize how crappy... READ MORE

The reason I'm deciding to write this review four years later is because I am just recovering from removing the chin implant that Dr. Miller put in (combined with sliding genioplasty). As long as I remember I've always disliked my chin: too round, too big and what bothered me the most, was my... READ MORE

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