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As the name suggests, chemical peels peel off old skin so new layers can grow in their place. This controlled removal ranges in strength, from superficial peels that use more mild acids to deep peels that penetrate several layers of skin. LEARN MORE ›
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Hello Everyone, I am having a chemical peel skin culture 4000. I have just started on the 12.12.2009 and last evening afer i applied the 3 rd jar, my face has started to swollen up and I am very very red, burned, and I barelly can see. I called the company which sell the Skin Culture 4000 in UK... READ MORE

I am 33 years old and have been having some issues with adult acne lately and brown spots. My aesthetician recommended the PCA Oxygenating Trio treatment and so far it seems fine except for my neglect in post treatment.I had a mild chemical peel done today for the first time and afterwards went... READ MORE

Using the peel and the other treatment I did see the acne dissapear but I think I may have overdid the chemical peels. So depending on what my face looks like after the redness goes away I may keep seeing my Dr.I am currently being treated for Acne with Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg, 5% Benzoyl... READ MORE

I decided to have the chemical peel done because I was told by a medical spa it is a great procedure to do at my age (26) to improve my skin, making it firmer, correcting the pigmentation and improving wrinkles. So, I have tried it 3 times in 3 months and this 3rd time, my skin feels like it... READ MORE

Lots of acne around chin area, sides of face. some cystic. Some red scars/ skin blotchiness.The chemical peel and laser is going good so far (2 peels, 1 laser). But I doubt it is a "cure". Its probably temporary unfortunately.Con, too expensive and I don't want to be sucked into a... READ MORE

I had a checmical peel on my chest several weeks ago. I sustained a severe burn and now have scarring. The healing period was extremely painful but I know have an unsightly scar that extends up to my collarbone. it is almost impossible to dress normally. This has been a big challenge and a... READ MORE

It feels like your face is on fire. but the acid is only left on for 15 minutes-ish. So its not too hard to deal with. But it leaves your skin dry, flakey, red and it takes a few days to recover.I had a salicylic acid peel on Thursday and my skin has been flakey as expected, but is it okay to... READ MORE

Chemical peeling was bad choice of treatment ..i dot recommend this for any one .i think the best cure is natures cure .....according to my experience acne is best cured when it is untouched.hi, i had my chemical peeling done 4 yrs ago and it has left a black patch on my face .I think it could... READ MORE

I had underarm and leg chemical peel.but it seems that my underarms became more darker specially the surrounding skin that has been peeled off.i also have blemishes on my legs and i got scars after the peeling..then the doctor told me to use kojic cream with arbutin on my underarms and kligman's... READ MORE

8 days ago I had a hydro-dermabrasion treatment with a PCA power peel containing I believe the following ingredients:Alcohol DenatLactic AcidSalicylic AcidKojic AcidHydroquinoneCitric AcidPost treatment I had typical side effects (minor peeling, drying, etc.) but by the 5th day my skin was no... READ MORE

I have had four chemical peels in the last few months, with virtually no peeling or any sort of benefit, and I'm confused as to how this could be the case. The first three peels I had were light Jessner solutions (done with the intention that I'd be able to be back at work in a few days). The... READ MORE

Medium depth peel was done to remove a small lentigo (skin discolration) on my upper lip. The result is a large darkened area where the peel was done which is much more noticeable than the lentigo that was supposed to be removed by the procedure.The Dr. could have chosen a different method to... READ MORE

First experience with TCA 20% peel was great but second was such a disaster.Freshen up skin and remove some minimal sun spots and minor wrinkles. What is TAC treatment it was noted in one of the other Dr reviews. As my 20% peel has left me with blotchy red skin and still have some heat. READ MORE

My chest was extremely sun damaged and have had the 35%TCA to correct this.It is only day 4 so have no results as yet but need help in relieving the associated itchiness on skin. Does sorbalene cream work? Can I put anything on my skin or is it better to use nothing?How do I relieve the... READ MORE

I had a deep chemical peel, around the chin and upper lip area, although the peel removed all of the wrinkles, it did leave the skin completely white. i had a deep chemical peel around the chin and the upper lip area; i wanted to remove wrinkles around that area.The chemical peel did remove... READ MORE

I had a 7% TCA/ 2% salicylic acid peel to remove pigmentation.The treatment is applied in 3 layers and I was asked to rate the pain between 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest pain level. Layer one I rated as a 3. Layer 2 quite quickly got up to an 8 and then layer 3 was a 10 almost from th off... READ MORE

I recieved a chemical peel about two weeks ago. I am light skinned by the way. I had a citric chemical peel that left dark marks on my chin, on the side of my face and around my mouth.I got a package deal for 2,000 and that included chemical peels, dermabraisions, and other things. I was seeking... READ MORE

Chemical peel. I have a nice olive complection with a few minor brown spots. I didn't go into the office thinking about a peel, but my doctor talked me into it saying that I'd have essentially one day of peeling and then be fine AND that it wouldn't hurt.The Dr had the assistant give me the... READ MORE

First off thanks so much to all doctors online for your help who are willing to help us people with medical issues and concerns as you are very much needed and appreciated. Ok I am a light skinned african american female and I have dry acne prone skin and all of a sudden, one day I started to... READ MORE

Dealt with acne since I was an teenager. one of my friends (the student) interested me in the chemical peel process.After the chemical peel I was told to use a light soap (Aveeno) and follow up two times a day with a product named New Skin.Once i noticed the right cheek mostly healed and the... READ MORE

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