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As the name suggests, chemical peels peel off old skin so new layers can grow in their place. This controlled removal ranges in strength, from superficial peels that use more mild acids to deep peels that penetrate several layers of skin. LEARN MORE ›
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Extreme dark circles and baggy lids made me look tired and grumpy all the time; I didn't feel tired or grumpy and wanted my face to represent how I feel. READ MORE

I went to get a regular facial at a spa and was talked into getting a PCA peel. I just turned 30 and have pretty bad discoloration all over my face from years of lifeguarding, tanning beds, and loving the sun. The aesthetician received great reviews online and has 25 years of experience so I... READ MORE

After 6 years I still have the white mask around my mouth. I would rather have my wrinkles back. Only thing that will cover it up is a product called IGA. I get tired of putting it on all the time. Im sure after 6 years that it will never go away. READ MORE


I did an AHA chemical peeling on my face for acne.It took 3 day for recovering.My physician ask me to repeat the peeling for 4 times.I have to go more 3.But I what to know that if I don't go for the next peeling,what will happen? and will it have a bad effect..Is it necessary to do 4... READ MORE

A pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable in the industry. No question was a bad one :) The results I received during and after my chemical peel are amazing... It's been almost a year later and I know that I have forever changed my view on skincare and sun protection since the peel. READ MORE

The chemical peel was great but I'll find a place to spend my money that has friendly receptionists. READ MORE

Acne scars and it really works! I have had acne for over 20 yrs now and have seen several derms over the yrs depending on where i was living at the time and i have to say he is one of my favorite. He is such a sweetheart and takes his time with you so that you never feel rushed, also you... READ MORE

I got a chemical peel to correct uneven pigmentation on my face. READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation The procedure itself was very straight forward, I was made comfortable the same as if I was getting ready to have a facial. My face was wiped cleaned and then the solution was applied. There was a small stinging sensation but Jessica used a hand held fan and that... READ MORE

Vitalize peel on my skin is a gentle but effective peel. There is tingling during the application and a little redness. Generally for me, 3 days later I get a bit of flaking, but nothing that makes you have to hide away. A week later (one the dull flakes are gone) I feel my skin looks... READ MORE

I have fair, super sensitive skin with mild acne. I don't have any scarring but any redness I do get stays on my skin for a while. I love the immediate results of a peel... My skin looks & feels GREAT & my pores are smaller. The light peeling (more like flaking) that follows is... READ MORE

I have had procedures performed in a dr. office, and I was fairly certain that there are non-surgical procedures that I could perform myself just as well as the "pros," at a significant cost savings. I purchased a 12.5% TCA peel and applied to my face on a Friday night. Saturday it looked... READ MORE

I have mild rosacea and I am so thankful for my Vi peel. It really improved the texture of my skin, specifically softened some old pock marks and made my pores and fine lines appear smaller. It has now been 4 months and my skin both looks and feels much more even than previous. I had a... READ MORE

It went well, and was pain free and didn't take too long. Honestly though, none of that really matters until the results fully set in. Ill update you ladies in a bit. READ MORE

I'm on my 2nd one. I've had some stinging when she first put it on. But nothing I couldn't handle. Peeled like a snake, felt dry in some areas. Make sure you do the towelets like you surpose too. It would sting after I put on the moistureizer, but only for a short time. I would put... READ MORE

I am overall quite happy with the results. My discoloration (from acne scars and sun damage) are almost gone, my skin is less oily, my pores are smaller and some wrinkles are less noticeable. I'd recommend the treatment to a friend. Absolutely! I'm also considering doing it again in a... READ MORE

First peel (a promo) was great...I noticed a big difference in skin. The 5 peels after that were a waste of money. READ MORE

Love the final result, well worth the cost. Be patient for the redness to go away and beautiful skin to emerge! Even out my skin tone, got rid of sunspots, lots of freckles, and even fine lines. Dr W and staff were very patient in answering all my questions and making me feel completely... READ MORE

I have done the melange peel twice. The first one I did last year and made a girls session out of it- my mom and aunt had one done at the same time. We hung out watching TV for the 8 hours the mask had to be on. We all have olive to dark skin and are hispanic. My mom and I are seasoned patients... READ MORE

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