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As the name suggests, chemical peels peel off old skin so new layers can grow in their place. This controlled removal ranges in strength, from superficial peels that use more mild acids to deep peels that penetrate several layers of skin. LEARN MORE ›
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Chemical peel. I have a nice olive complection with a few minor brown spots. I didn't go into the office thinking about a peel, but my doctor talked me into it saying that I'd have essentially one day of peeling and then be fine AND that it wouldn't hurt.The Dr had the assistant give me the... READ MORE

First off thanks so much to all doctors online for your help who are willing to help us people with medical issues and concerns as you are very much needed and appreciated. Ok I am a light skinned african american female and I have dry acne prone skin and all of a sudden, one day I started to... READ MORE

Dealt with acne since I was an teenager. one of my friends (the student) interested me in the chemical peel process.After the chemical peel I was told to use a light soap (Aveeno) and follow up two times a day with a product named New Skin.Once i noticed the right cheek mostly healed and the... READ MORE

I had a 25% tca peel 3 days ago. No problems as of yet. Is the 25 percent considered a mild or medium peel? I had originally gone in for a 35% but the doctor and nurses only wanted to do a 25 percent.I am 42 yrs old. He also did some botox for my crows feet, that line inbetween your brows. READ MORE

I have uneven skin tone and fine wrinkles. I got a medium chemical peel hoping if would even it out. So far, it has only my it worse.After 4 weeks from a medium chemical peel I'm starting to get large brownish, grayish spots all over my face. I've done everything including using sunscreen... READ MORE

I'm 44, and wanted to smooth superficial scars and wrinkles,.the treatment was quick though, but very painfull. I did not react to this treatment as i expected. my skin is raised at some parts what makes scars more noticable. the wrinkles are gone and i look much younger, but I am still very... READ MORE

My first Vitalize Peel by SkinMedica was great. I am scheduled to have four more with a Limelight facial for sundamage between each visit.There was a little stinging when the series of acids were applied. No bad. Next day my skin was fine - tight but no peeling. Second and third day I peeled... READ MORE

Home chemical peel left 3rd degree burns which led to a staph infection and several hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Currently still in the hospital.I read your answer to a question about using TCA Peel at home. I am curious, have you come across any patients who have suffered... READ MORE

I'm 39 with brown spots and sun damage. I'm 1-day post Jessener peel and concerned. The actual procedure wasn't bad, but now my face is extremely swollen and red. I have blisters and weeping, wrinkled, tight skin with a strong itching sensation. Is this normal and should I apply something on my... READ MORE

I am a 35 year old woman with some noticable sun damage on my face, especially under my right eye. I went to see {editd: provider information appears above the review for registered users} and am so happy I did. He has me using the OBAGI skincare system daily to help lighten the discolorations... READ MORE

Hi All, To whoever is in assumption that one vi-peel is going to change ur looks dramatically,Please read this... As the doctor explained i started peeling on my 3rd day till 5th day like snake but though underlying skin is new,I still had all acne scars and leisions even in my new skin.So... READ MORE

I suffered from acne in my teens which had left my skin dark all over. Just before my wedding (2yrs ago) i had an ICP peel which claims to depigment the skin and claims that it is safe for all skin types. But it left my skin in black patches and i looked terrible on my wedding! Thereafter i used... READ MORE

I was very excited to start my at home TCA 12% peel. Initially, I read and re-read the directions and blogs concerning the dangers of a peel. At the end, I was convinced that this would be in my best interest to at least experience. The one and only warning I wish they really underlined... READ MORE

In August of this year, my skin was at its worst.  I have always had a problem with acne so my skin was very bumpy and rough, with large visible pores.  On my cheeks, chin, and forehead I had spots of hyper pigmentation.  I have used lots of different products to lighten my skin... READ MORE

I had my medium peel done by my plastic surgeon a few months after having done an upper eyelid lift and rhinoplasty, all of which i'd also recommend. It was a bit uncomfortable but not painful. It looked like a mild sunburn right after. I am 41 and have fair skin with some wrinkles and sun... READ MORE

I have hyperpigmentation from years of back acne and I am Indian American so I have brown skin. I went to this group b/c they were "experts" with ethnic skin. They told me the peels would definitely help and even though I also had hypertrophic (raised scars) they said it should work... READ MORE

Well I am on Day 4 and it looks terrible. I had someone stop me on the street yesterday and ask if I was OK... First off the dermatologist said very little about side effects or what to expect. She said "oh it will be red and then it will peel, and it can heal in 5-10 days". So I... READ MORE

My regular physician talked me into getting a chemical peel. It didn't hurt at all but I am not sure it was worth the money. My skin didn't peel or anything. I probably wouldn't get another one. I get more results by doing 10% chemical peels at home and prescription Retin-A. READ MORE

I went to a plastic surgeons office for a consultation regarding non surgical procedures and they said to start with a Revitapeel (I might be spelling it wrong). They wanted me do to three, one each month and I have to say that my skin looked wonderful after each one but got better each time... READ MORE

I think it depends on what chemical is used for the peel what results you get. I had a few treatments with TCA. They did nothing except turn my skin brown in some areas, and then peel. My skin didn't look fresher, brown spots weren't removed, my acne wasn't improved. I got zero results. I don't... READ MORE

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