Calf Implant

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WORTH IT RATING based on 6 reviews
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Calf implant surgery involves inserting a solid, silicone shape into a pocket that overlies the calf muscle.

Average Price: $7,125

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Worth It

I always hated my skinny calves. I work out seriously and routinely and having muscular calves which match the rest of my body was always important to me. I just could not get my calves developed no matter how much I worked out. I started researching about calf enlargement on google and later I... READ MORE

Worth It

I did a lot of research before making the plunge! The total cost was around $6400!! My calf muscles had wasted away due to the neuromuscular disease CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth.) I did not expect a huge change, but I admit that I was hoping for a more desirable result. There is only a small change.... READ MORE

Not Sure

Can anyone give me their feedback and experience with this procedure. I am considering having this done, but i am wanting to hear back from people. So difficult to find anyone who has had this done! please help, thanks so much I live in Perth, western australia, have ALWAYS been unable to... READ MORE

Worth It

6 years removed from calf implant surgery, still the best decision ever! One week of intense pain, several weeks of moderate pain, for a lifetime of perfect calves for an athlete that had small calves compared to the rest of his body. In 6 years, I have NEVER been asked if my calves are... READ MORE

Worth It

I was bowlegged and the transition of my legs is amazing. I now have beautiful calves, at what I consider a very reasonable cost. The thought of surgery scared me, but it all went so smoothly and Dr. Widder and his staff were so supportive. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I have more... READ MORE

Not Worth It

The procedure was very painful and I would not do it again. I wanted to create symmetry and that is the reason for doing it.In the beginning it was okay but the leg was always a major problem, with swelling that was contained with aspirin. But lately I have become more concerned. The leg is... READ MORE

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