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Any procedure that elevates the eyebrows qualifies as a brow lift. That includes a forehead lift, a specific surgery that usually involves an incision at the hairline to tighten the forehead. The end goal is the same, however: give the face a refreshed, tightened look. LEARN MORE ›

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I originally went to see Dr. Zaworski for a brow-lift. I am in my early 50s and wanted to lose the "tired" look that had come with age, but I also insisted that the results be natural. After browsing the internet for cosmetic surgeons in Atlanta I came upon Dr. Z's webpage and several reviews,... READ MORE

I was very nervous to have a brow lift and eyelid surgery but Dr. Alessi and his staff made me feel at ease through the entire process. I was having second thoughts all the way to the day of the surgery but they assured my everything would be fine. Thank god I went through with it. My eyes... READ MORE

Before the procedure my upper eyelids were sagging down on to my lower eyelids putting pressure on my eyes and making me feel tired all the time. My eyebrows always looked like they were too low to me as well, not sitting on the brow bone. I had a mini-eyebrow lift raising my forehead up and... READ MORE

I finally made the decision to have a brow lift after drooping and heaviness in the brow area continued to worsen over time, leaving me to feel I at times looked tired & cranky when I was not. I’ve known Dr. Bruneteau for many years and without an ounce of hesitation, put 100% confidence in... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Batniji through a friend for Botox. After going to him a few times for Botox and loving the results as well as Dr. Batniji's very caring personality, I decided to ask him about getting eyelid surgery for my droopy eyelids. It's hereditary and I knew it was only going to get... READ MORE

Hated my brow and low eyelids. Everytime I went in for botox my eyelids just seemed to sag more. I also had a lower lift with the tightening of the chin folds because I didn't want the jowels and the second chin. The procedure was relatively pain free. I didn't have to take any post meds besides... READ MORE

I've been seeing Dr Hoenig for several years. I found him because he has such amazing face and eye knowledge/credentials and I needed some filler in my eye socket area where I was losing fat. It's a very difficult area to inject in as its so close to the eyes and he's done an amazing job ever... READ MORE

Assessing my face carefully, Dr Phan carefully described as minimally an invasive procedure as possible that would result in maximum results. He made every effort to fit all the pre & post care into my limited time schedule.. being very concerned that I be well taken care of by his staff... READ MORE

Dr. Nassour and his staff were a positive excellent experience in pre-instructions, treatment and surgery. I was first counseled as to what to expect, and all medications ordered in advance. On day of surgery the experience was 100% positive. Dr. Nassour's nurse called to make sure all was... READ MORE

Procedure was done to improve look. Chose this clinic from a personal recommendation. One visit to clinic to discuss necessary treatment, and procedure carried out a couple of months later. Done under local anaesthetic, painless and no problems. Very happy with outcome, and no post-procedure issues. READ MORE

Because I am a part-time Maui resident, I am well aware that there are limited resources here if you wish to have cosmetic surgery. So I had two procedures done by Dr. Yu, and both were a total waste of money--no difference. Aside from that, he was arrogant and rude when I let him know that I... READ MORE

I am 40 years old and graduating from UC Davis. I wanted to enter into Graduate School with a refreshed looked. I just looked tired and grumpy. Doctor Brewer was wonderful. A little on the conservative side, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I love my results and it's only been a week. He... READ MORE

I haven't had my surgery yet with Dr. Kulak but I am already very pleased with her. I came to her asking for one procedure, and she told me that it wasn't the right procedure for me. Most of the other doctors I have visited stopped the appointment there and said "sorry, there's nothing I can do"... READ MORE

Okay so let me start telling my story. Am in my early 20's. I had an appointment with 2 doctors other before seeing Dr. kapur, and I didn't feel comfortable. When I first walked into the office, first thing that caught my breath was the smell of the place and the decoration. The scent took me... READ MORE

My motivation was to stop looking so tired all the time with droopy brows. I had an endotine forehead lift. The procedure only took a little over an hour, and I felt perfectly normal afterward. I did not need any pain medication or tylenol. Of course, I had a slight head ache the first... READ MORE

I had an endoscopic browlift with Dr. Jacono. I am very unhappy with the results. I see others from this site have had the same poor results. I would have posted a review a while back had I know that others had experienced the same. I thought this was a one time thing - bad day but I see... READ MORE

I had a low set brows and excess skin in my upper lids which was really making me look almost angry-like and I wasn't happy with that appearance. I was recommended to see Dr Zoumalan through my eye doctor and he was so pleasant and easy going. I felt comfortable and knew that he deep down was a... READ MORE

I am in late sixties and last year I had an endoscopic brow lift with upper and lower eyelid surgery in Manchester Spire hospital, United Kingdom. I had found Mr Murphy's name after an extensive research on internet. He was offering a free mini consultation which I found very helpful. The... READ MORE

At 54 my eyes seemed to be sinking into my head. I was having trouble even wearing eye makeup. Eyeliner would smear all over unless I sat with my eyes closed for a few minutes after applying. I set up an appointment for Botox with a dermatologist. She told me we could try it, but due to the... READ MORE

I needed a Brow Lift so I could see correctly again. My eyelids were covering part of my eyes and restricting my peripheral vision. With Dr. Basile's procedure there was very little discomfort and very quick recovery time. I would recommend the procedure to anyone that needed a brow lift or... READ MORE

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