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Any procedure that elevates the eyebrows qualifies as a brow lift. That includes a forehead lift, a specific surgery that usually involves an incision at the hairline to tighten the forehead. The end goal is the same, however: give the face a refreshed, tightened look. LEARN MORE ›

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I liked Dr. Capone immediately. I had done my research, and our first meeting merely boosted and fortified the good opinion I already had. Not so, my husband, who had read nothing, and if he ever thought about "Plastic Surgery" at all (not), would have figured it was some indulgeant thing... READ MORE

February 7, 2015 I wish to express my gratitude for the surgical skills and aesthetic vision Dr. Chernoff brought to my Laser Blepharoplasty, Endoscopic Browlift and Rhytudectomy Revision performed on January 12, 2015 at the Surgery Center of Carmel. Previously I had a Life Style Lift performed... READ MORE

I had already gotten laser eye treatment in turkey with Longevita and it was a great success so I decided to go back again to turkey with the same company. This time I got a lateral brow lift and I had fat injections in my brow and lips. It was two months ago. The staff were very nice and... READ MORE

Being in the medical field myself I chose Dr. Martin because of his credential, experience and track record. During our initial consultation we discussed the issues about my appearance that had been bothering me for a few years now, Dr. Martin REALLY listened and I immediately knew this was the... READ MORE

I was tired of constantly fighting with the girls to stay in place, adjusting them in bras, etc. The icing on the cake was when my husband and I went on a cruise and I had a lot of one shoulder or strapless dresses to wear and I felt horrible in them because my breasts were not where they were... READ MORE

I am 57 this year and aging pretty well; my shape was holding up, but I was feeling bad about my eyes & sagging facial skin. It was extremely important that if I have bletharplasty & brow lift that it look extremely natural. I could not be more pleased with the outcome! It has made me feel so... READ MORE

I had a Bell's Palsy many years ago and over time my left eye brow became lower than my right side and my eyelid was much heavier creating more of a closed eye. My facial symmetry became more differentiated as I aged. I had Bell's Palsy in my 20's and am now in my late 40's. Dr. Griffin... READ MORE

Neither Dr. Morton, nor any of his written materials describing the procedure, mentioned anything about the "ruts" which permanently disfigured my face, below the hairline on the forehead. Had any mention been made, I'd definitely have decided against the procedure. I'm scarred for life, in a... READ MORE

After years of contemplation, I decided to get a brow lift. I was 41 and too young for a full face lift and this was the perfect choice. I also got a little fat put in my cheeks. I am so happy I did it. No one I know suspected a thing and people always compliment me on how beautiful my eyes... READ MORE

I was nervous about having my first plastic surgery done. I had a brow lift and my upper eye lid done. The staff at Dr. Winslow's office have been nothing but friendly, helpful, caring and enthusiastic during the whole process. They helped put me at ease. I'm extremely pleased with the... READ MORE

Dr. Robert Kessler and his staff are very supportive, informative and professional. Dr. Robert Kessler performed a brow lift and eyelid surgery to correct my droopy upper eyelids. I have not had any plastic surgery or any other surgery prior to having this work done by Dr. Robert Kessler. I... READ MORE

Hey guys, There is a quote says "You get what you pay for", and this is absolutely right. I live in Bahrain and recently I traveled to India to visit friends, I was interested to undergo an endoscopic brow-lift. My friends told me about a doctor, and he is good. Subsequently, I went... READ MORE

I cannot speak highly enough about my exceptional cosmetic surgery experience with Dr. Pontell. He was thoroughly professional and informative from my first consultation to my last follow up visit. What I most appreciated was his straightforward, yet pleasant manner - in explaining procedures,... READ MORE

Redundant comments from human resource managers regarding my age group needing assistance with technology from the millennials and the need to allow younger associates with more job flexibility and, in addition, having discussions with tenured recruiters who confirmed my concern over age... READ MORE

Heredity was sitting in. Every morning after showering and getting ready for work I was more and more upset that I was putting on eyeshadow that would never be seen. Eyes looked swollen every day. My father had eyelid surgery in his early 70s to help his eyesight. I decided I didn't want to... READ MORE

I reached a point where I had to keep my eyebrows raised all the time to improve my field of vision. I am thrilled with the results! The procedure was explained thoroughly to me beforehand and I received excellent care afterwards and phone calls from Dr. Fezza and staff to check up on me. Very... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Romo initially for my eyelids, which were drooping, and for my face, which looked a lot older than my 35 years. My mother had died suddenly the year before, and all I did was cry. rub my eyes and face, and I do believe I stretched my skin. Plus I wasnt eating properly. I opted to... READ MORE

I have always wanted to have brow lift as I had very low eye brows that obscured half of my eyes. After reviewing many surgeons I chose Dr. Fialkov. I could not be more happy with the results. Dr. Fialkov was very thorough in his preoperative explanations and took the time to explain, in detail,... READ MORE

Dr Imola did a beautiful job on my procedure. My eyes are open and my brow much less heavy. I have had many positive compliments but most importantly I am delighted with the result myself. The office staff was professional and assisted with preparing me for everything I needed to know around... READ MORE

For years I have had people ask why I was angry....when I wasn't. What I did have is low set eyebrows and fleshy upper lids, giving my eye area a downward, hooded cast. Makeup could only do so much, as could constantly raising my eyebrows resulting in forehead horizontal wrinkles and headaches.... READ MORE

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