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A brow lift requires a small incision in your forehead which is designed to correct or improve wrinkling, as well as loss of tone and sagging of the eyebrows that often occurs as part of the aging process. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $7,875

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Dr. Hoenig is absolutely brilliant. As a Realtor I work with the public on a daily basis and I felt self conscious with myself because my eye lids had dropped unevenly, but Dr. Hoenig has given me back the confidence I was lacking for many years with the procedure I had done. He TRULY goes... READ MORE

I was referred by a close friend that had a successful breast augmentation done by Dr. Elam. I was in a car accident when I was twenty and had to have plastic surgery on the right side of my face to repair the damage. As I aged, my facial features and my expressions began to dramatically be... READ MORE

Dr. Ghafouri in Scottsdale, AZ did my brow lift surgery along with eyelid lift and bags under my eyes , all at the same time. I am extremely happy with my outcome. It has totally opened up my face and i don't look tired any more. It took about two weeks to get over all the swelling and brusing,... READ MORE

I had a brow lift and upper and lower eyelid surgery. My brow dropped within a month and that eye still looked droopy. He said he would do it again if I pay some but I lost my faith in his ability. I would tell anyone to go to a Dr. that specializes in eyes. I wasted $7,800 dollars. I am... READ MORE

I have consulted with and will probably go with a O.C doc who is charging me $9,500 for a brow lift and upper and lower lid surgery. He uses an independent surgery ctr that charges by the hour then there's the anatheseologist fee. I just feel this is high and would like to get some feedback. Thanks. READ MORE

I never thought I'd get any plastic surgery but couldn't stand feeling like I looked tired and grouchy when I wasn't. A friend who had a browlift in Naples with a prominent surgeon in town, referred me to Dr. Prendiville. I had a trichophytic brow lift which is the more invasive method but as... READ MORE

I'am exactly two weeks post op today. I'am a young 53 year old women. i choose to have eye surgery to remove the heavy skin that covered my lid along with the bags under my eyes and my downturned mouth corners. My surgeon suggest the Brow Lift. after many discussion I choose the open brow lift... READ MORE

I was so nervous to go forth withthe brow lift, as I did not want to look fake or like I had had work done, I was just tired of looking tired with saggy lids. After talking time and time again to Dr P. and his Amazing staff, I decided to go ahead and do it. All I can say is I AM THRILLED, I lok... READ MORE

Pros: I look 10 years younger! Cons: Really none, just expect to enjoy some down time following the procedure. I wanted a more youthful appearance and a fresher, more rested look. The outcome is amazing! I couldn't be happier. I can't say it has changed my life because I was happy before... READ MORE

All I wanted was a little botox. First of all, he did not adequately describe the surgery ("a little incision and you'll look fresher, and I'll remove fat pads under your eyes, it'll make you have more prominent cheekbones"). Huge coronal scar, over-elevated brows, itching... READ MORE

Too bad there's not a "Totally Worth It!" category! I've wanted to do "something" about my eyes for the past 30 years; was tired of my heavy eyelids that made me look so weary. Until I heard a glowing review of Dr. Naficy from a friend of a friend, had no idea where... READ MORE

I went to Dr Mayer 10 years ago for a facelift and brow lift and was absolutely thrilled with the results. I have urged anyone wanting surgery to go to him rather than any other surgeon! He is very thorough in his explanations of what can and cannot be done, not a marketeer like many. Dr... READ MORE

I recently underwent a browlift and a anterior facelift. I had been getting Botox and just decided to have the browlift because I felt that it was time..I'm so glad I did.. I had very little discomfort and I was out and about within 7 days after my surgery, I could not be happier with my... READ MORE

Miserable since endotine post used in brow lift. Hives, constant itching of forehead and scalp. My face looks the same after only three years. I have been miserable post upper blepraplasty and brow lift. They inserted Endotine fixation post and since then all I get is intense sores and... READ MORE

I wanted this done along with an eyelift to help me look more awake and not tired all the time. I wanted my face to match how I felt. I had expected good results, instead I got fantastic results. It was so worth it, I wish I would have done this 10 years ago! READ MORE

I did it to avoid looking depressed, serious and like some of my relatives who at 80 have deep dark circles under their eyes. It is worth getting rid of a inherited feature I have had all my life and to not have it anymore in addition to smoother even-toned skin(CO2 laser) and a slightly lifted... READ MORE

I achieved my aesthetic goals with only one procedure, a brow lift. All other plastic surgeons recommended a package of overly-aggressive procedures. My surgical results are spectacular. My eyes are beautiful now with brows that are perfectly positioned, symmetrical and COMPLETELY... READ MORE

I wanted to have some skin excised on my eyelids as they were drooping. I was talked into an endoscopic brow lift, as my Dr assured me this was what I needed instead. I ended up w/ painful nerve damage, hair loss and 2 visible scars in the front of my head & hairline. Also, my oval face... READ MORE

I should have known. The doctor is highly advertised. However I was shocked when I walked in his office and the man I saw was not the same man in the glossy advertisements. OK, technically it was the same man... only about 15 years older. Looking back I'm assuming that most of his before and... READ MORE

Cost of $5k includes surg fee, ansesthesia and surgical center fee). I had the browlift yesterday morning. Major headache and major nausea all night. I am prone to migraine, so, expected I would have headache issues, and I did. The doctor did give me something for headache and nausea. The... READ MORE

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