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Any procedure that elevates the eyebrows qualifies as a brow lift. That includes a forehead lift, a specific surgery that usually involves an incision at the hairline to tighten the forehead. The end goal is the same, however: give the face a refreshed, tightened look. LEARN MORE ›

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Although I'm only 35 and didn't have saggy brows quite yet, I felt as though an endoscopic brow lift might be useful in opening up my face and giving me a more refreshed appearance overall. (Plus, who doesn't want the look of beautifully arched brows?!) I returned to Dr. Spiegel after he... READ MORE

As a social worker, we communicate with our eyes. In my case, my upper lids were so swollen that I looked mean. Dr Weston corrected that problem and I was very pleased. Recovery was 2 weeks or so...and 6 months later, I continue to heal and get more and more compliments from how "rested" and... READ MORE

I had surgery for a brow lift, eye bleph, and fat transfer to chin 2 years ago. During that procedure the doctor did a fat transfer to my under eye area w/o consent. In his attempt to remove it several months later, he injected me with fillers all along the orbital and brow line areas which... READ MORE

I had forehead lift with implant and facelift along with neck tightening on April 27,2013 . Is it normal to have numbness of forehead and if so for how long? I also have crooked smile which am Told by my board certified plastic surgeon that the nerve has been stretched and if will take time to... READ MORE

. As an RN, I had a list of requirements regarding quality and safety. I had sagging wrinkled skin and sun damage that required a brow, face and neck lift with fat grafting and subsequent laser resurfacing. I now have a face that still looks like me but friends, tell me that i look perky,... READ MORE

If I had known then what I know now, I would never have gotten a brow lift. I also had a facelift and lower blepharoplasty. After almost three weeks, I am still very swollen and the bruising has been unbelievable. Finally, after about ten days, my PS did a needle aspiration on my head to drain... READ MORE

I had an eyebrow that sometimes appeared slightly lower than the other. No one but me ever noticed this and it was only apparent sometimes. The surgeon recommended a brow lift. I wasn’t sure I needed this surgery and flip-flopped changing my mind a few times. The reason I went to see... READ MORE

I’m 59 yrs old. I had a brow lift and upper & lower eyelid surgery 7 wks ago, and I am VERY pleased with the results! Sagging eyebrows & drooping eyelids run in my family, and a couple years ago I realized that my “neutral” expression didn’t look very pleasant.... READ MORE

I had noticed significant sagging of the upper eyelid, which had always sat very low, to the point it was actually interferring with my vision. My upper eyelid, particularly the left eye, would sit on my eyelashes and I would have to raise my eyebrow up in order to focus properly! I also had... READ MORE

I sought to soften my features, achieve a more youthful appearance and slow the aging process (I'm female 34 years old). Through a number of detailed consultations, Dr Mendelson recommended I have a brow lift, upper eyelid lift via tarsal fixation method, mid cheek lift and lipofil with lipogems... READ MORE

Hi it's been 9 days today iv had a endotine brow lift as I only wanted some skin taken away the surgeon said I need a lift as my brows had dropped. Iv cried all day today my eyes are small and don't look the same I thourte a brow lift would have opened my eyes now I'm depressed and feel so... READ MORE

With three kids and stressful life, my face looked like a 50 year old rather than a women in her early 40s. I hated the way I look and did every kind of diet and beauty plans I could find. Last month, I opted for a brow lift. I started researching and asking anybody who could tell me about the... READ MORE

Dr Romo not only correctly diagnosed my condition (severe brow ptosis) while the other "top" facial plastic surgeons did not, he performed an endoscopic brow lift using proprietary tools and techniques. My results are 5* outstanding; feedback ranged from "how is it that you are aging backwards",... READ MORE

I'm a 52 year old woman who felt a lot younger than the image that looked back at her in the mirror. A very good friend of mine recommended Dr Samaha and I thought "it wouldn't hurt to hear what he has to say". The consultation went very well. I felt very comfortable. The doctor listened to... READ MORE

I currently live in San Francisco. Prices are too high and charges for a plastic surgery is also very expensive. Botox shot price here is over $10 per unit, but $8 per unit in LA. Due to the narrow space and deep wrinkles between my eyebrow and my eyes, I had no choice but having endo brow lift.... READ MORE

I wanted to get a fresher look as I am moving into the next stage of my life so I decided to get Brow and Neck Lifts. The results are fantastic and I would do it again! There was minimal bruising, swelling, and down time. It was de finely worthwhile and I do not have any "cons" related to the... READ MORE

I consulted with Dr. Antimarino about an endoscopic brow lift two times before my actual procedure. He was very professional and realistic with me about the procedure and what I could expect. My surgery and care was "top shelf" all around. I am more than pleased. In the future, I know who I... READ MORE

I originally went to see Dr. Zaworski for a brow-lift. I am in my early 50s and wanted to lose the "tired" look that had come with age, but I also insisted that the results be natural. After browsing the internet for cosmetic surgeons in Atlanta I came upon Dr. Z's webpage and several reviews,... READ MORE

I was very nervous to have a brow lift and eyelid surgery but Dr. Alessi and his staff made me feel at ease through the entire process. I was having second thoughts all the way to the day of the surgery but they assured my everything would be fine. Thank god I went through with it. My eyes... READ MORE

Before the procedure my upper eyelids were sagging down on to my lower eyelids putting pressure on my eyes and making me feel tired all the time. My eyebrows always looked like they were too low to me as well, not sitting on the brow bone. I had a mini-eyebrow lift raising my forehead up and... READ MORE

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