Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›
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So, much like everyone else I went from nothing to an E in grade 9. I always slouch and have horrible back and shoulder pain. Everyone told me if I lost weight it would get better. I lost almost 50 pounds and not one from my boobs. So now I'm even smaller with giant boobs. I am going back and... READ MORE

I used to work with my surgeon and I love him.  I've had large breasts always and was very overweight most of my life. I finally changed my lifestyle 4 years ago and lost 80lbs over 2 years. My bra size went from 40DD to 36DDD (the additional 'D' is purely from Lane Bryant changing their... READ MORE

Like all of us here, struggled from early age, couldn't jump, run or be active like girls of my age, talking about 13 years towards 14, at 15 and above they looked like I had breast fed 3kids. But all that is in the past now. I like my new girls, looking good so far, 5 days post op. All is... READ MORE

I had one breast twice as large as the other. They were full but hanging too low with enormous nipples. I decided to have it done to also help my back pain and neck and shoulder pain. I am a little over two weeks post op. I have had some issues, but they are getting better and I'm feeling... READ MORE

Hi everyone!!! Before I start I would like to say how much I love this site. There are so many positive people on here and so many reviews, this is like a kick start helping me want my breast surgery even more. so I've been wanting this breast surgery everything I was a teenager. my breasts... READ MORE

I decided to have a breast reduction because I couldn't take the headaches, back pains, and shoulder pains my triple D breast were causing me. All my life I've had large breasts and after doing a lot of research and saving for the procedure, I decided to get it done with Dr. llorente. Our first... READ MORE

I have been wanting to do this forever. I went through the entire process of trying to get insurance to cover it at 19 and spent a lot of money for them to tell me that they lost my paperwork. 7 years and 2 babies later, I'm ready to try again- this time paying cash. Would like to be a C or D. I... READ MORE

Hello! I am 21 yrs old and I have absolutely hated my tits ever since I've had them. I developed early and I'm pretty sure I was the first one of my classmates. I've thought about doing it before when I was about 16 and I even called some places to ask questions. As much as I wanted to do it... READ MORE

I am a 38 DDD I have had a large chest since 12 years old but they grew and grew each child I had them stretched out like rubber boobs. They are heavy and I do have back issues. Lots of sleep less nights and a pain to find shirts! Ready for this never had surgery but I swear I'm happy! Count... READ MORE

I have had large breast for as long as I can remember! I have always been so self conscience about them, I hated buying clothes more than anything! I have two daughters, both of which I breastfed and that just made my breast so much worse! I finally decided to do something good for me with this... READ MORE

Before walking into Dr. Oppenheimer office, I was a 33 year old dental assistant with 2 kids a hubby and a rack of 44 H breast. I would walking into places and people would judge me right of the back as being a dumb stripper or prostitute trying to take someone man ???? But in actuality I like... READ MORE

Just want to be smaller , pain free and able to fit clothes. Have been big breasted since about 18. Increasing after each child. Have had MRIs on neck and back. Disc problems I'm sure due to bad posture. Won't excerise any more as I always end up with pulled muscles and back pain. Weight has... READ MORE

Like many, I have been waiting for a long time to get this weight off my chest, quite literally. I developed quite late, around 12/13 years old, but very quickly as well. In less than two years, I went from virtually nothing, to C/D breasts in the beginning of 9th grade. Now, 5 years later, I am... READ MORE

We'll I have had big boobs for as long as I recall. My first bra size was a D or DD... I think just skipped the other sizes. All my life I was told I would eventually have to get a reduction but I figured it would be after kids or when they start to basically drag the floor. I loved my boobs but... READ MORE

I am very nervous about my upcoming surgery. I have so many questions and doubts. I've been reading this site like a maniac. My insurance (Blue Cross) authorized it with no issue. My Dr and I talked about going to a size C. But since I'm 5'3 230 lbs I have about 100 lbs to lose, we settled at a... READ MORE

Hi ladies ! 20 years old here with a size 34g breast I think . I have anthem (if anyone else has an expirence with that insurance let me know) I have my first consultation tomorrow with my PS and submit documentation to my insurance company. I am super nervous ! I would like to be a 34b I hope... READ MORE

All i would like is breast that don't touch my belly button .i had all my children at a young age and breast feed them all i have been wearing a bra to bed since i was 17 years old because if i didn't they would be all over the place.i could not wear a bathing suite because they would flop out... READ MORE

Hello all, like a lot of you I have been stalking this site for quite a while as I debate and torture my family and friends with my plan for a reduction. They are all truly sick of discussing it now so its your turn! I am 44 years old, a mother of 3, and currently squashed into a 34gg bra. I... READ MORE

Im so new to this and I really want to keep it short and sweet. Im 34 and super excited. Im starting a new chapter in my life new and after breast feeding for about a year everything is down south. with that being said Im trying to make my choice between 3 doctor in The DR Dra Tina Medina, Dra... READ MORE

I am counting down, 12days to go. My procedure is on the 22nd April 2015, at Fourways Life Hospital - Johannesburg. Will be performed by Dr Charles Serrurier. I am so excited yet nervous, and a bit worried. But generally, i wish i could move the date closer. Well i will be reducing from 34DD/E... READ MORE

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