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In a breast reduction, the surgeon removes tissue and skin to make breasts smaller and perkier. This surgery can eliminate back and neck pain caused by large breasts LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $5,800

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Hi! I just want to introduce myself! I'm one week away from my surgery date! I've been very large chested my entire life. It Has always been such a huge part of my identity, as much as my blue eyes. It was always what made me stand out, but they just keep getting bigger.. and... READ MORE

So after a little over a year of denials and appeals from my insurance company I finally got approved last week, my surgery is set for Monday June 16th...4 days away! I am beyond excited. I have had large boobs my entire life since high school and always hated them. I would always say that... READ MORE

Good Morning! Well I have been researching this surgery and I stumbled across this site, and it has really been helpful, so I figured why not sign up and help others out. My surgery is 8 days from now, I am excited and nervous all in one. I have been to many consultations and Dr apt over a 4... READ MORE

Well hi ladies, pre and post. I've been reading your stories for the past month and decided to share mine with you in the hope I can help someone the way you gals have helped me. I'm a 40 year old with 2 baby boys, one aged 42 and one aged 2. I've been living with these monsters for years... READ MORE

I have had this issue for YEARS. A huge bulge under my arm, very uncomfortable. Let alone, very embarrassing. Never wore a short sleeve shirt, or a spaghetti strapped shirt before. Even in the summer, it's always been about 3/4 sleeves, all because my "extra boobs" liked to expose themselves. I... READ MORE

Tomorrow afternoon I am going for my first appointment. I am nervous because I find this whole idea slightly embarrassing. My mom had a reduction from this doctor so we know he is good. I am thinking about having the reduction late June before going to college. If anyone has gone through this at... READ MORE

This is probably too early to start one of these, but that's okay. I, like many on here, have struggled with being chesty since puberty. I have finally come to the conclusion that maybe, possibly, it will not fix itself no matter how many times I exercise or how much money I spend on a bra. I am... READ MORE

From the age of 18, I have always been big. I spent most of my younger years as a 12 F, then pregnancy blew them up even bigger. Suddenly at early 40's everything headed south and body got bigger. I ended up as a size 55" bust when measured around, which translated into a 20 I bra. I have no... READ MORE

Originally I started my review on Dr. Yily, however I've decided to switch over to Dr. Almonte. And so far my decision seems to be the best one. I think Yily's work is great, but I am big on customer service and communication, having to play detective and track someone down in order to give... READ MORE

I'm just under 5'1" and weigh 146 lbs. I'm doing the Ideal Protein diet and so far have lost 62 lbs. I have about 18 lbs left. I nursed my son for 2.5 years. As a result of the weight loss, nursing and early development as a child, I have large, pendulous breasts that cause discomfort in my... READ MORE

My name is Melissa a mom of 2 kids a 14 and 11 year old. I have always had big breast for my body size. I got pregnant with my first when I was 19 years old. I was like 120 pounds but with that pregnancy I had preeclampsia that made me gain over 100 pounds. So everything become really big so... READ MORE

I've been looking forward to this since forever! I've been holding on for a while trying to lose weight from 191lbs to 155lbs in hopes that my boobs will disappear. Unfortunately not, they're still around. My band size reduces and boobs stay the same (ddd). The pain has become so unbearable that... READ MORE

VERY LONG TEXT following ! =) What can i say? It is so sad that we do not have such websites as Realself in germany ! It is so sad that we don't have such a good plattform where people are not afraid of showing theirselves and talking about beauty operations. I think it is still quite unusual... READ MORE

I've considered having a breast reduction ever since I was around 12 years hauling around a pair of DD's. My breast development started extremely young, getting "the talk" at 7 years old, due to my breasts steadily growing. By 10 I was a D. Of course, developing so young, you get teased and... READ MORE

Hey guys, Im a 19 year old athlete from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am 5'6 , 125 pounds and a size 1. I am currently a 32DD and I cant take it anymore . The back pain is painful and the discomfort is excruciating. I feel so uncomfortable with myself because of my size . Looking back at my prom... READ MORE

I am 31 and in the UK so you might need to convert the sizes I give you!. I'm small my back when I measured yesterday is 31" I wear 30 bras and some old 32 bras and by the end of the day I can't wait to get it off due to the pain! My bust is HH. I remember in primary school, I love dancing and... READ MORE

I am absolutely pleased with my results! I am two weeks and 5 days post-op and loving every bit of it! I started out a 34J and still dont know exactly what size I am yet due to I still have some swelling. But I will say I tried on a 34c while I was buying some comfy spaghetti strap bras to... READ MORE

So I just had my first visit/consult w/Dr. Leonard Lu today. He was SO, SO nice and made me feel very comfortable! He took pics to send my insurance. I am hoping to go from 38DDD to a small C. I am keeping my fingers crossed they cover my BR! I also consulted about a TT. That is all I have... READ MORE

Omg!!!!! The best decision I've ever made.. I was a size F and right now I'm wearing a 38C and I'm still swollen alittle. It is now 13 days post op. my surgeon was AMAZING!! Esp after reading some reviews and seeing pictures on here. Make sure you choose a certified surgeon and not a "hack... READ MORE

Hello! I am 21 yrs old and I have absolutely hated my tits ever since I've had them. I developed early and I'm pretty sure I was the first one of my classmates. I've thought about doing it before when I was about 16 and I even called some places to ask questions. As much as I wanted to do it... READ MORE

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