Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Had one consultation and didn't need a second opinion. Scheduled my reduction/lift. My boobs started growing after menopause....ugly....if I bend down my nipples tickle my toes. Hope to go from huge and pendulous to teenage and perky! 17 days to go..... Oh and I have severe, continual back... READ MORE

Okay I know you've all heard this story before - been a D cup since middle school and rocked the E/F's since end of high school. Lost weight, didn't get any smaller. Gained weights, surprisingly didn't change much either! Now I sit at 5'6", ~170# (high end of my weight usually) and a 34E give or... READ MORE

Hi, I found this site by accident and have really felt much better about my decision to begin looking into breast reduction. Like everyone else, I developed early and just kept going. I have been very down on my body image my whole life because I just felt so self conscious. I met with a... READ MORE

I've always had large breast since the age of 15. No one in my family has large breast as they all are B cups, or C cups. But however I changed that as I am a 36 DD coming on to a E !! And my breast are signafillaly very droopy, I can't see my nipples when I look down. This also gives me neck... READ MORE

I'm getting my surgery done on Wednesday the 14 and I'm slightly nervous because I've never been under EVER! I'm 19 years old and this surgery is something that I wanted since they started to grow in middle school. I would go to the doctors over the years for check ups because my right boob was... READ MORE

Hey ladies from realself. I have been debating about writing a review but i figure i would since my procedure( from what i see) isn't a very commend one. At the moment i have gone to 3 consultation and now i have to make a choice from my two favorite. Dr eric marchant and art body & science... READ MORE

I had big breasts starting in middle school. When I was a Freshman in high school, I was a size D cup. With every child I had, and the birth control I was on after, the more weight I gained, the bigger my breasts became. I couldn't breast feed my younger two children due to the size. My... READ MORE

I got approved for my Breast Reduction Last month and Im so excited and scared at the same time! Im 5'5 177lbs and I cant wait to lift this weight off my chest! I only had to appeal twice and the second time I did it over the phone and ask for my surgeons office to resend the pictures after that... READ MORE

It feels as though I woke up one day when I was fourteen and suddenly, I was wearing a D-cup bra. Now, I'm 22, wearing a 32 DDD, and I've had enough. I was approved two years ago, but was unable to have the surgery because I was leaving to join the military. Everyone said, "Oh, honey! Just do... READ MORE

I had my consultation with doctor johns back in November and am now finally approved by my insurance go under go a breast reduction. I am currently size 38 DDD. I for the past few years have had back pain as well as neck and shoulder pain. my breasts sag and pull, and I don't think anyone this... READ MORE

Living in UK but born in Slovakia decided to do my operation in SK as cost in UK are triple more...Done extensive research and was lucky enough that my friend husband is director of private clinic. I can't even describe service they provide...its second to none...Dr Szemeri from Hungary with... READ MORE

I always had big breasts an F or even bigger and weighing at 120 5'4 they looked extra large and i got back issues from it as well. So after I had my twins I decided I need it more than ever. Insurances paid for it. I have never been so happy about the appearance of my breasts. I go braless all... READ MORE

Motivation was my back and neck pain. I was in tears daily from my pain. Also my breast were a size that I couldn't find a bra that actually fit even from specialty stores. My whole life was controlled by my limitations of my breast. My chest wall was constantly moist from the heat of my... READ MORE

I have always had large breasts, and they have always bothered me. I have back pain all the time, some neck pain, and just about every other thing that comes with being too blessed in the chest. (I believe I am a DD right now, but could be bigger, idk I don't get measured, I just cram the pups... READ MORE

I came home from work to find an acceptance letter in the mail from my insurance company! I never thought they would approve it. I've always been bigger. I'm super tall, big hips, and yes...big boobs. Growing up it always bothered me that I couldn't wear tank tops and bathing suits like my... READ MORE

So far I have had a consultation with several plastic surgeons. My favorite by far is Dr. Christine Nygaard in Bellevue, WA. My sister referred me to her having had breast augmentation and lipo performed by Dr. Nygaard some years back with excellent results. I must say I am extremely impressed... READ MORE

Motivated by pain and discomfort for several years. I have 12 years of clinical documentation for TX of shoulder, neck and back pain - STILL not covered by UHC. I had no choice but to finance...i interviewed 3 ps's, and came back full circle to Dr. Sterkin. Office acknowledgement and scheduling... READ MORE

I have been contemplating this for many years. Insurance has approved. Going from DDD/E to a B/small C "athletic" build. I am 5'9" and 145 pounds. I have been doing CrossFit for 3+ years, very fit and healthy. I have grooves/back/neck/shoulder pain. Hoping for relief soon! Will post updates... READ MORE

I lived with a large chest since puberty. In my thirties, my chest exploded and by the time I was 37 years of age, I was shoving my breasts into bras that did not fit and spending $60 - $120 twice a year. Then I was unable to wear dresses and shirts my size. I became self conscious and started... READ MORE

Well i had my consultation on Sept 28 with Dr David Gilbert..He was very laid back. Took some pics. My left boob is way bigger and heavier than my right.I was amazed that my insurance approved it because I was nervous. I thought it was denied. 2 nites ago ,hubby checked the mail. I got so... READ MORE

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