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In a breast reduction, the surgeon removes tissue and skin to make breasts smaller and perkier. This surgery can eliminate back and neck pain caused by large breasts LEARN MORE ›
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Since I have had surgery I have had the best service from everyone at the office and from Dr. Cruise. I had a breast reduction and am very, very pleased with my results. The girls in the office are always following up with me, with phone calls and doctor visits- making sure everything looks... READ MORE

Large 40H breast not sure final size. Back pain all the time, I am a nurse and this affected my jobs. Constant headaches. Since surgery headaches are gone waiting for backache to leave, hate sleeping on back. Freaked out about healing so far so good. Don't care about scars just complication that... READ MORE

I feel very fortunate to be able to say that Dr. Jeffery Darrow did my procedure. He is the best! Today is my second day sense surgery and I have a appointment to have my drains removed at 1:00 . I am a bit nervous but he has assured me it won't hurt to bad. As far as sleeping goes I do get a... READ MORE

I am just about 6 months out from having a breast reduction, lift and removal via liposuction of accessory breast tissue under my arms. I'm 30 years old and had wanted this surgery since I was in my teens. I met with a couple of other doctors, but felt Dr. Lepore really understood what I wanted.... READ MORE

I have had big breasts ever since fifth or sixth grade.They always stood out and it bothered me early on.They kept growing every year it seemed like.I had this little bitty waist and theses ginormous boobs.When I was pregnant with my son they grew 2 cup sizes more.I was a 38 G at the end of my... READ MORE

Well, I located this site while doing a search on surgery, so glad I did!!! A little about me, I'm 32, 2 kids, and a husband. Had a TT in 2007(wasn't planning on more pregnancies) but was wrong. Anyway, fast forward to now,I want a BR soo bad, I'm a 38DD or 36 DDD. I hate em, so big, I'm 5'2.... READ MORE

I am 45 yrs old and have wanted to have a breast reduction for several years. I kept saying after I lose weight....well I lost about 20 lbs this year and did not want to wait any longer. It is a bit ironic - as a teenager I was a late bloomer and I was worried in 8th grade when I was still... READ MORE

After years of indescribable back pain and self consciousness I finally getting what I've always wanted, a breast reduction! :) I went to my consultation today, which went great. I feel so taken care of by Dr. Robert Clement and his team and they've made this whole process so easy. It's great to... READ MORE

Hello everyone, my name is Vanessa.I am 23 years old, a mother of a beautiful angel who will be turning 3 soon.My whole life I was always "heavy chested", but I conceal it well. I guess my body hides the body fat well. Currently I am 5"6 - 145lbs BMI @ 24.8% .. 13 months ago I was 196lbs, BMI... READ MORE

I've wanted a reduction and uplift since breast feeding my eldest so it's been a 7 year wait. My breasts steadily grew larger and travelled further south during that time. Yesterday was op day! I was so anxious about so many things but I survived and am so far over the moon with the results :)... READ MORE

I'm a 24 year old who has had issues from large breasts. Since I was 13, I've had a narrow rib cage and large breasts. At 12, I was a B going on C, and that's the last time that I liked them. At 14, I was already pouring out of my DD from Victoria's Secret. The rapid growth created many stretch... READ MORE

My story is a lot like all of you here. I remember being teased at 9yr for having breasts! And the embarrassment of wearing a bra to school that first time and I felt everyone knew it! Anyway this decision from talking to my doctor to consultation and... READ MORE

I am 42 yrs old, 5'0, 140 lbs and I had 34DDD breasts. I had C cup breasts before I had my 2 kids and through the years, my breast size increased. I tried losing weight but my breast size stayed the same. 2 yrs ago, I decided to get a BR as soon as I can come up with the money. In July, I was... READ MORE

2 kids in 2 years, 50 lbs of weight lost quickly, I was in need of some work. I had FF sized breasts and a lot of excess skin. In one procedure, I am in a small C cup and a very flat tummy. I can wear a two piece bathing suit and not be embarrassed. I have been transformed and never have felt... READ MORE

From the age of 12 I started out with a 36C which was made sports days at school very interesting! I have always been recognised as 'The One with the Big Boobs!' and that's never really bothered me. What has bothered me is the stress and strain of carrying around a large chest. I'm now a 34G... READ MORE

I love this is answering so many things that is pondering in my heart. I tend to be a joyous person but there is this lingering that I can't shake. I feel slightly ashamed because I couldn't "lose the weight" as a doctor told me when I went eight years ago just to ask about breast... READ MORE

So I am a 23 year old Aussie girl at only 155cm (5'1') and 73kgs (160lbs) and still loosing weight. My boobs are a 12F (34F). Just like a lot of other women I developed very young at around 11/12yo and boom I was the short girl with big boobs. That has been my label for as long as I can... READ MORE

I'm so excited about my surgery! I am 5'7 175lbs and a 36E (probably closer to a F- haven't been measured properly in a while.) I'm really looking forward to no more back and neck pain! I'm starting to get very nervous in the upcoming days before the surgery. I have read plenty of reviews, but... READ MORE

Beginning this journey for the second time. I had a consult about 5 years ago but I was young at the time and decided to wait a the urging of my mother. Now at 26, I have decided to give it another go. My consult is scheduled for July 31st with the same doctor I originally planned to go with... READ MORE

I have had big breast almost my entire life and at 39 yrs old my body just couldn't take the weight anymore. I attempted to get relief thru physical therapy and muscle relaxers but neither really worked. I went to see a PS who submitted info to the insurance company and I was approved. I had my... READ MORE

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