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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, with the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery produce a smaller, perkier bust, but it can help eliminate the back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›
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I am 48 years old and for more than 10 years my breast has caused me pain and illness. I have PCOS and am a diabetic and have thyroid disease. With these health issues my weight was fluctuating drastically. I went from skinny to fat and in all that time my breast just kept growing and getting... READ MORE

I am sooo excited and nervous for my procedure. I think I will love the outcome but not look forward to pain and scars! I am a little less than 2 weeks from surgery. I hope to keep this review updated. I will possibly be adding some pics very soon. I am a 40J and hope to be around a C when I am... READ MORE

Hello everyone! Well let me jump right into my story. Last year I was denied by United Healthcare for breast reduction surgery within a week of my consultation. At the time I was a 34DDD a year later and a cup size bigger I'm trying again. I went to my primary care doctor on 8/6/2014 and she... READ MORE

I'm in my mid-40s and have been busty since I was 10. I originally went though the breast reduction prep in my early 20s but backed out for a few reasons. Now, I have battled insurance and gotten partial coverage, so here we go! I am worried they may postpone due to a cold, so I will know... READ MORE

Like all others who are considering a BR, I am quite nervous. I have considered the procedure for some time now, as a matter of fact this was my second consultation.. The first procedure was not approved by insurance, I just continued to endure the pain. I was approved at the beginning of this... READ MORE

My story is a lot like all of you here. I remember being teased at 9yr for having breasts! And the embarrassment of wearing a bra to school that first time and I felt everyone knew it! Anyway this decision from talking to my doctor to consultation and... READ MORE

Ever since I first heard about Breast reductions, it been something I wanted. I have had large breasts since junior high. My size before my reduction was a 34 DDD...way too big for my frame. I've dealt with intense neck, shoulder & back pain for over 5 years. Emotional pain, from being treated... READ MORE

Omg I don't know where to start! I've read forums like this for years and have lived vicariously through so many women. I've been wanting this surgery since my freshman year of college when my back really begin to hurt and I couldn't find a good bra if someone paid me. Unfortunately I struggled... READ MORE

Hello fellow busty ladies, As we all know having disproportionate boobs to our bodies aint easy. I've always been self concious about having big boobs and always done whatever I could to make them seem smaller and less obvious. I have quite a small frame ( my height has been my only saviour)... READ MORE

This is a really helpful and REAL plethora of info for people who are considering plastic surgery. I am impressed with the reviews and photos! I have herniated disks and bone spurs on my cervical spine and my heavy breast are culprits! I am 56 and the biggest chicken shit ever and have always... READ MORE

I am a 34 HH with back problems and life disadvantages based on my difficulties of having such large breasts. I am interested in finding out any more information possible that may prepare me for this procedure. I am going to be reduced to at least a D cup at most a full C cup. I am looking to... READ MORE

I finally joined realself to post my experiences and be part of the community! Reading everyone's experiences here has really helped me in my decision making process and kept me mindful to manage my expectations of the surgery and healing process. I'm currently a 34F/G (I think) squeezing... READ MORE

Hello to all the brave ladies! First and foremost "thanks" to so many of you for poring out your hearts and sharing your most intimate thoughts and emotions. You've been great and your stories have given me courage and inspiration to move forward with this live changing decision. I turned 40... READ MORE

It feels as though I woke up one day when I was fourteen and suddenly, I was wearing a D-cup bra. Now, I'm 22, wearing a 32 DDD, and I've had enough. I was approved two years ago, but was unable to have the surgery because I was leaving to join the military. Everyone said, "Oh, honey! Just do... READ MORE

I am new to this blog. Just joined this evening. Although I have searched the web for the last couple of weeks about the procedure, I'm sure there is a lot more to learn. I've enjoyed reading all of the posts, so very helpful! Hoping. I can help others as well. Going from a 40 F to hopefully... READ MORE

Hello everyone! :) So I don't normally write reviews, but I've been stalking this site for a few months now, and decided to share my own experience in hopes that it will help someone else. Reading everyone else's reviews has been super helpful to me and totally prepared me for the questions I... READ MORE

I've wanted to do this for a very long time (common theme with this procedure) but just recently received approval from insurance (Kaiser). I'm trying to be realistic about my expectations but I don't want smaller versions of what they look like now and that is my biggest fear. I've found a PS,... READ MORE

I started my journey in April 2014 with an office visit. A coworker had decided to get a breast reduction and it spurred my interest. I currently am 5ft 5 and a 36 H. I've always been large breasted. But after 2 kids and lots of breast feeding plus weight gain they are no longer enjoyable. My... READ MORE

I have always had big breasts; I blame my father's genes. His side of the family are filled with big breasted women. I began wearing a bra in the second grade (C cup) and they have grown (until a year ago) as I aged and gained weight. I decided to get a breast reduction when I couldn't bear... READ MORE

Surgery scheduled for 10/30/14 & I'm nervous. I'm ready for this to be over, but the closer I get to the date I'm feeling all types of anxiety. I have mixed feelings, but the reviews I've read so far are definitely answering alot of the questions & fears I have. Any advice you can provide just... READ MORE

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