Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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I never thought I would do this let alone do my own blog; however, this website has been amazing and helpful, I almost owe it to post my own review. So for 10 Years, I've been wanting a breast reduction. I'm 5'3 and I waffle between 138-145 pounds. I'm a 32E and a size 4-6 depending on the... READ MORE

I'm at 95% going ahead with with the surgeries I need to create the face I want. The other 5% is my doubting on a moody self pitying day!!!!!! My goal is: Facelift with brow lift Nose jobby Eyelids upper but maybe lower too if doc recommends Past surgical history: I honestly can't remember... READ MORE

Hello Ladies(Elvis Duran show voice)!! My name is Jess and I've been lurking over this site for a few months now and finally built the courage to share my experience with you all!! My growth started back in the sixth grade where I ballooned to a C-cup and by high school graduation 6 years later... READ MORE

Just as I said above, they were too heavy. And for being 5'2", made my body look way out of proportion. I had implants 9 years ago, and with weight going up and down (mostly up), they got bigger, heavier, and the areolas, which were already huge, got 'huger'. The doctor that did my reduction... READ MORE

I would like to thank all the women that shared their stories that helped me make my decision so much easier. They answered questions I didn't think to ask my surgeon or that my surgeon didn't go into great detail. I always thought that surgery would cause me to lose nipple sensation, but I know... READ MORE

I have had huge breast since i was 12/13 years old. I am a mother of four and that made them bigger. I am 4'11 with 36 G/H BREAST AND WANT THEM DOWN TO A B CUP. I finally have insurance that can n help pay. Not quite sure the total amount but all i paid out of pocket was $859. My surgery... READ MORE

I've been dealing with large breast for over 15 years and I finally went under the knife & let me say I am glad I did. I went from a 36 GG TO A 36 full C. I am very active with sports & my job duties. I was to the point of going to a chiropractor twice a week due to back pain. I am so happy... READ MORE

Ive always had big breast, i never could find a bra that could breast always would spill over my bra regardless of what kind of bra i had....i dont know why i waited so long to do back and shoulders always hurt and the pain sometimes is only 5'0 im medium build but... READ MORE

I go for my pre-op on Oct 14th and i'm so nervous! I am a size 44G and my waist is a size 14. I've always been really heavy breasted. I've wanted to have this done now for 3 years. I will be having my surgery on Oct 15th. I will keep updating! So far the doctor has been great. I ask a ton of... READ MORE

I haven't had the procedure yet so I don't know what to think. As of now I have done lots of research so I don't think I'm scared. I'm most scared of taking care of my kids after then I am of the actual surgery. I'm worried about cooking. I'm worried about the them putting the drain things in... READ MORE

Have been thinking about this for years, finally went to a few Drs for consultations. Approved by insurance for reduction and lift. Surgery set for December 17th. I'm so scared of the recovery, pain, looks, etc. wondering if it really worth it?? Have neck and back pain all the time and so... READ MORE

I'm just getting ready to go get a reduction, scar removal n a lift. Kinda nervous but I'm calm and can't wait to be lighter...IL keep you guys posted on my progress afterwards. Dr. Basu and his crew have been extra helpful and Vivian has been so instrumental to the smooth process. I'm all... READ MORE

I need the reduction. I have pain, grooves, rashes. I am trying to get this done my surgeon says it is medically necessary but wants me to sign a release to pay up front. I have medicare insurance. Has anyone out there had this surgery thru medicare. Any tips on getting them to cover the... READ MORE

I have wanted to do this forever...I am 5'8" 38DDD..going to a full C. I was so scared at consultation I could barely form intelligent question. Still pretty nervous about the whole thing but have heard nothing but great outcomes about by surgeon! Any helpful hints from someone who's been ... READ MORE

Had one consultation and didn't need a second opinion. Scheduled my reduction/lift. My boobs started growing after menopause....ugly....if I bend down my nipples tickle my toes. Hope to go from huge and pendulous to teenage and perky! 17 days to go..... Oh and I have severe, continual back... READ MORE

Okay I know you've all heard this story before - been a D cup since middle school and rocked the E/F's since end of high school. Lost weight, didn't get any smaller. Gained weights, surprisingly didn't change much either! Now I sit at 5'6", ~170# (high end of my weight usually) and a 34E give or... READ MORE

Hi, I found this site by accident and have really felt much better about my decision to begin looking into breast reduction. Like everyone else, I developed early and just kept going. I have been very down on my body image my whole life because I just felt so self conscious. I met with a... READ MORE

I've always had large breast since the age of 15. No one in my family has large breast as they all are B cups, or C cups. But however I changed that as I am a 36 DD coming on to a E !! And my breast are signafillaly very droopy, I can't see my nipples when I look down. This also gives me neck... READ MORE

I'm getting my surgery done on Wednesday the 14 and I'm slightly nervous because I've never been under EVER! I'm 19 years old and this surgery is something that I wanted since they started to grow in middle school. I would go to the doctors over the years for check ups because my right boob was... READ MORE

Hey ladies from realself. I have been debating about writing a review but i figure i would since my procedure( from what i see) isn't a very commend one. At the moment i have gone to 3 consultation and now i have to make a choice from my two favorite. Dr eric marchant and art body & science... READ MORE

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