Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm seeking to have a breast reduction, I'm 40 and I've needed one since I was 16 . I remember having a BF as a teenager saying mine were like a 30 year Olds . Talk about deflated confidence . Anyway I have anthem BCBS and I been seeking it for a few years but I was ignorant only seeing and... READ MORE

I made the decision to do this after buying $75 minimizing bras for years as a 19-23 year old when I wanted to be wearing cute things and going bra less. I was 5'8" and 135 lb with very droopy DD breasts. After jumping through multiple hoops, insurance agreed to pay for the procedure. It was... READ MORE

Excuse the fake tan, I just wanted to put a couple of pics up to show all and esp the June ladies I've been talking too so much just how uneven my breasts are. I just don't know if they will settle. What can change so much to even them out and stop the lop sided look. The right had lipo and is... READ MORE

Like most of the women on this site getting reductions, I have always been large breasted. As a younger girl and woman they really stood out because I was much thinner. I had nicknames in school and was always referred to as the "one with big boobs". It was horrible. I constantly could not find... READ MORE

It seems as though my boobs have grown every year since my Junior year of high school! Their size before my reduction was a DDD/E cup. I struggled every day with self image, I have a very small waist and then very large boobs! I couldn't find anything to wear without looking completely... READ MORE

I would like to get a breast reduction finally after years of back problems as it is now starting to really affect me emotionally. I'm really self conscious about them and with bikini weather coming up I can't see myself having them this big anymore. I would like to get my insurance anthem blue... READ MORE

I've had large boobs most of my teenager and adult life I am a size F, going down to a C Cup. Absurb staying many back, shoulder and neck pain. I've gone through physical therapy no help with the pain. After years of contemplating and sick of the pain and discomfort that comes from having... READ MORE

Ok my story. I have always had large breast. The real issue has been the last 10 years with back and neck pain. Clothes never fit right. I was a size E! Nurse said when the swelling goes down my final will be a small c!! Couldn't be happier with the size. I haven't had and back or neck pain... READ MORE

Hi everyone I did it. I went through with my reduction. I am 8 days post op here in the United States. Here's how it all started. About 4 months ago I had a mammogram that came back with rare non cancerous cells that I was advised to have removed as there is very little literature that says... READ MORE

Hello and thank you to everyone for posting their stories. I am booked to have Breast Reduction on 21.06.2015 with Dr Montien in Bangkok through a medical Travel Company based in Australia. This site has been a wealth of information and instrumental in my decision to finally commit to the... READ MORE

I have spent over 20yrs suffering from a bad back due to my large breasts (36G). I was in pain everyday, never slept properly, had deep red marks in the top of my shoulders and red sores under my breasts. As well as the physical pain i was very depressed about how i looked as I'm very small, i... READ MORE

Everyone wanted my boobs. They loved my boobs. But let me tell ya, big boobs are a bitch. For someone who's had them since 4th grade, let's just say by age 30 they weren't looking like perky 30 year old breasts ???? Finding a bra was terrible and expensive. Finding clothes that looked good was... READ MORE

This update is pretty late, but this is my 1yr9mos post-op picture after all is settled. I posted 10/2/13 with concerns of becoming too small. I wound up a B-cup from a DDD. Sometimes I think they're too small, most times I think they're just perfect, but all the time I am grateful for the... READ MORE

I have had big breast since age 11 I am now 47..I got pregnant at age 35 and the breast Grew! I tried losing weight they didn't reduce. I think my size is ddd 36. But I also have back and neck issues with pain and the heavy breast pulling on my shoulders when wearing a bra is horrible. As soon... READ MORE

Hello I'm 20 years old and I had my breast reduction 1 week ago and I already love my new breast! I was a large DDD and my breast were too large for my frame and extremely saggy. I am so happy I went to Dr. Ferraro. I went through insurance and it was so quick, I was approved within a few days... READ MORE

I've been thinking about a breast reduction for quite a while now. I've always been busty, but it's never really bothered me. I always have thought "Oh, they're not that big. They're pretty portioned to my body." I saw a few pictures from an event during the summer, and realized they are bigger... READ MORE

I am having my surgery sat. Nov 29 th. Was supposed to be the 20th. So I'm going out of my mind right now. My primary doc says don't back out. It will be worth it. I M so nervous but excited at the Same time. I just want the weight off of. My breast. They hurt and I'm so... READ MORE

Thank you so much Dr. Singer!! I love my boobs, they are so small and perky. I just got my breast reduction on 7/14/15. I have wanted this for the past 8yrs. I was so scared to get it done, my main concern was scarring. I have done my research for years but I would always get nervous because... READ MORE

I took after my grandmother in many ways - large breasts included. I always joked that I wanted boobs that said "hi, nice to meet you" but got a pair that said "nice shoes". I've lived with neck and back pain since being a teen. I'm very happy with this decision & the work. Sorry I waited so... READ MORE

I have always w says wan t ed a reduction due to my size. So I finally went to the plastic surgeon. He agreed they were too big for my body frAme. It is causing severe shoulder back and neck pain to the point of bad headaches. I contacted my insurance company and it does cover a reduction if... READ MORE

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