Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›
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Hey girls my name is Keshauna and I am 20 years old from Lowell, MA. My bra size last time I checked 2 months ago I was a 38DDD/E and it just seems like these things just get bigger and heavier. Growing up I was always the girl who had boobs before all the other girls and me being a Tom boy I... READ MORE

I had my surgical consultation today, and it has been a long time coming. Like many here, I was an early bloomer and have had large breasts throughout adolescence. I have no idea what size I was back then because I didn't even know how to properly measure myself. I currently wear a bra that's... READ MORE

I was having neck and shoulder problems. I was so sick of not being able to wear a seat belt, fit shirts, and everything that else associated with two bowling balls on your chest. I love my new breast. The worst part I have experienced thus far is the drains those little suckers hurt something... READ MORE

Hi, I'm 26 years old, I've had back an shoulder pain since I was 14. Before I was pregnant, I was a j, but I have not gone down. I've tried weight loss, they don't go anywhere. Running used to be fun for me, I miss it. I'm six feet tall and I weigh 244, I'm hoping to get down to 225-230 before... READ MORE

Ok so i have two threads going already so I want this review to be strictly about the procedure and my experience with Dr. Liland. If you want to track my insurance costs, reasons for the surgery and such you can do so here: http://www.realself... READ MORE

My story is pretty much like everyone else. Back and shoulder aches. I am done having kids. Had a hysterectomy in sep of 2013. Still have one ovary so have not gone through menopause. Not sure what my boobs will do then. I went in December for my consultation. Dr was very nice. I felt he... READ MORE

I made the decision to do this after buying $75 minimizing bras for years as a 19-23 year old when I wanted to be wearing cute things and going bra less. I was 5'8" and 135 lb with very droopy DD breasts. After jumping through multiple hoops, insurance agreed to pay for the procedure. It was... READ MORE

I started growing breasts in the 2nd grade and was already a D cup by middle school. I’m currently about 5’3 and around 155 pounds. My bra size varies anywhere from 34DD-36DDD (depending on what I am able to find in stores) but I was measured at 34E. I’ve been exercising and eating... READ MORE

Like most of us here, I developed large breasts very young and they just got larger after two children, both breastfed. As I have aged they have caused much discomfort in between my shoulder blades, rashes underneath especially in the summer months, and impossible to find tops that fit properly.... READ MORE

Hello and thank you to everyone for posting their stories. I am booked to have Breast Reduction on 21.06.2015 with Dr Montien in Bangkok through a medical Travel Company based in Australia. This site has been a wealth of information and instrumental in my decision to finally commit to the... READ MORE

I am size 44 DDD, have had large breasts since puberty, but as I've aged and gained weight, breasts have become very large, painful back and heavy chest, ongoing rash beneath breasts. Things not getting better and I want to do the surgery before I get older. I want to be a C cup. I have been... READ MORE

My overall experience with Dr. Sassani was great. From start to finish, he made me feel comfortable. He gave me choices/options, he answered all of my questions with explanations. He is very passionate about what he does... I am a very happy satisfied camper. I would definitely recommend him.... READ MORE

So I'm writing this review because I'm just so excited and it's all that I can think about, and reading other people's reviews has really helped me through this process. I have pretty much been uncomfortable with my boobs since I was 12 and they started growing twice as quickly as anybody... READ MORE

I'm thinking about seriously considering a breast reduction I'm an 40M and always had large breast started growing when I was in 3rd grade had a bra before my older sister by 5tj grade I was in a B cup middle school was in an DDD.... O tried losing weight to see if my chest would go down it... READ MORE

Hey ladies, new here It all started when I was just a youngin. My best friend and I desperately wanted big boobs. So we would wish on it and even did weird things we read about online that would help speed up the process. Crazy I know. Needless to say those remedies worked. A few years ago at a... READ MORE

Every morning I wake up with stiff hips, a searing pain through my mid-back, tight shoulders...that's if I'm lucky. Mostly I wake up several times throughout the night from the pain and inability to sleep through it. I have an expensive mattress, a wonderful pillow and raised hips (if that... READ MORE

Although I am a bit nervous, I am excited to embark on this new adventure :). Before having my child 16 years ago I was a 32D but today I am a 32H after years of contemplation, I have decided to move forward with surgery. I am planning to go back to a D cup. I am 5'3 (1\2") 153 lbs. Although... READ MORE

I wanted a breast lift without the ugly scars. My neck and back hurt all the time. I felt lije Inwas carrying a bowling ball on my chest. I researched all doctors and came accross Dr Horndeski. Once I saw his method I was sold. I emailed the office and set up a phone interview, then two days... READ MORE

Hello everyone!!!!!! I will be writing about my story soon and everything counting down to my surgery. Please feel free to write and ask questions... Will be adding pics as well. Please bear with me. I wanna make sure I have enough time to but everything together and not have it out of order... READ MORE

I had large breast all my life. I was having neck and shoulder pain. I had done therapy and lost some weight but my breast never really went down in size. I had my surgery in September 2014, and I did great. I had very little pain. I was back to work in 2 weeks. I am thrilled with my results.... READ MORE

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