Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›
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Hi all! just been putzing around this site while recovering from my BR surgery a few weeks ago. I've been thinking about getting this done for probably 8 years or so. Other than 2 horrid days post-op (major nausea) I have been in no pain and energy has been good. I've been really careful about... READ MORE

So far the nerves are truly the worst thing about this procedure. I am so nervous that it's killing me, but I am ready to get it over with. I really want this, not only because of the size of my breasts and the posture they give me, but the asymmetry between them. I am scheduled for 5/29 and it... READ MORE

I used to LOVE my large breast, but as years went by they began to sag and I really started to notice the difference in size, needless to say I am very ready for this! My procedure will be partially covered by my health insurance, the plan is to perform a lift on my right breast and reduce the... READ MORE

I was the young girl who didn't have boobies when all my classmates were getting them, then they literally came over night! I never even had a chance to be a size A, or B, I went straight to C for my very first bra. It was so embarrassing. I was a runner in high school, I wore two sports bras... READ MORE

Like so many others I am completely fixated with this site! I am 44 years old, 5'4 barely, 145lbs give or take. I have been on medication for disc herniation and bone spurs in my upper neck and lower back since around 2006. I'm currently at a 36DD although I've never been truly measured. I have... READ MORE

I'm so excited for this day. My surgery is one week from today. I've been after a breast reduction since hifh school I'm in between a 38DD and a 38DDD. I want to go down to a 38D so that my body will still be proportioned right. I'm 5'4.5 and 210lbs. I've tried lossing weight but my breast have... READ MORE

I went to my first consultation with my soon to be surgeon.....well he said that he has no doubt that the insurance will cover my surgery being that I am a 44 HH.....He told me the worse news ever...that Ill have to have a free nipple graft, and that I will loose all of my sensation in my... READ MORE

Hi, So I have became pretty obsessed with this site now so decided to become a part of it I guess. I felt uncomfortable with my boobs ever since they started growing when I was about 12. I was a tomboy and they just got in the way and have continued to do so up until now. I have been wanting a... READ MORE

I have had back/shoulder pain for years and my physio suggested I talk to my Dr. about a referral to see if I could qualify for a BR and have it covered by insurance....that was in January 2015. I was approved for the surgery, and told wait time was 9-12 months. Big surprise when I was called on... READ MORE

I'm 5'4" and about 165lbs. I've been thinking about a breast reduction since high school. I finally made the commitment to do it this summer because I have the time. I saw about 6 doctors because I wasn't sure who I wanted to do it. This has been the hardest decision ever! I have 36DDD and... READ MORE

I have been tired of always being noticed for my big boobs, that are always in the way. .. tried working out with a personal trainer for years to keep my chest wall strong and back and shoulders strong to support the weight. Years of jumping jacks and jump squats to stay fit all while trying... READ MORE

I would like to get a breast reduction finally after years of back problems as it is now starting to really affect me emotionally. I'm really self conscious about them and with bikini weather coming up I can't see myself having them this big anymore. I would like to get my insurance anthem blue... READ MORE

I am currently lying wondering why I would be putting my body in the hands of someone to cut me open. Then I'm reminded at the fact while I'm lying down my bra is digging in all over! This time next week it will be over with and I'll be home. I am so worried about not being able to play with m... READ MORE

I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 23 after the birth of my amazing daughter. I wear a 36DD Bra to would like to be a C cup (Small or Mid C cup). So I officially started researching BR in 2010. I decided to save in 2013 after visiting my aunt in Florida and seeing how amazing she... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I've had really big breasts for as long as I can remember. I remember wearing a bra for the first time in 3rd grade and being so embarrassed that I was the only one wearing one! All the females in my family have big boobs, too (except for a few lucky cousins), and my mom actually... READ MORE

So I am deciding to write this because I love how people give honest answers in the comments section about procedures that people have done. I know there are a ton of girls with much bigger breasts than me getting reductions. But for my frame, I feel like a 34DD is just too big for me. I have... READ MORE

No pros,I'm post op so I can't do too much just want for people to see his work.He didn't want me to look at my scars because he knew my nipples were not symmetrical.I asked for my money back he refused and he said he would redo them but there's no way I am having him touch my breasts again.I... READ MORE

So I have been going through absolute hell trying to get this surgery scheduled. I was approved under Blue Cross only to have my parents change their insurance to Kaiser a month after I find out I am approved. After starting from scratch I finally get it scheduled to see a new surgeon at Kaiser.... READ MORE

I have been heavy chested since day one. It honestly seemed like I went to sleep one night with mosquito bites and woke up the next morning looking like a 10 year old black Anna Nicole Smith. Literally from flat to DDs in four months... all while trying to learn my times tables. Since then, I... READ MORE

Hi my real self family. I will be getting a breast reduction and my arms done. I'm not sure what size my breast arebut they are huge and as u can see one is larger than the other. I also get hidradenitis There as well. Dr. Ravi did an excellent job on my tummy so I trust him with my breast. If... READ MORE

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