Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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So I am schedule to get a breast reduction/ fat transfer to my butt with Doctor Davoudi in Duluth and I cant wait to, I am a little nervous but also ready to see the result. I am currently a 38DDD which I don't think is my correct size because I wear minimizer bra. So im probably a F or H which... READ MORE

I am a nurse and work in research so it was no brainer that l would do a thorough research on the appropriate place for my breast reduction. I live in the UK and l could not consider having the operation there due to the expense. I therefore checked online the ideal place in Europe and Laderma... READ MORE

So far! Well to start I've had back problems from being top heavy all my life. The past few years my back has gotten considerably worse...I've tried it all and still no comfort! Finally my Dr. Asked in his serious voice is this is something I'd consider & I said yes! So I scheduled my consult .... READ MORE

Surgery date with Rashi Rosenstock set. EKG & mammogram set for Monday. Recovery Resort chosen is Las Crumbres Inn. $95/day - 3 meals, laundry, nurse on duty. Breast lift/reduction price quoted $3,500. Incl: anesthesia, anesthesiologist, OR. EKG & mammo extra. From "G" to "D" Feel confident... READ MORE

I have the same story as a lot of you. Started rapidly growing in 6th grade and never stopped. The only person in my family with large breasts was my Aunt Juanita and I hated being compared to her. Her breasts literally hung down to her waist and I was terrified I was going to follow in her... READ MORE

This has been long overdue. I wanted a breast reduction far before I knew that minimizing your breast surgically was even a option. I received more No's then Yes. I was never told I wasn't a candidate just never found the right doctor, at the right time who was able to see my vision. I refused... READ MORE

Met with surgeon. Great appointment. Made me feel so comfortable. Office staff wonderful. Had measurements, photos and asked me what my goals and expectations were. No pressure to lose weight before procedure. He told me a I actually will probably lose weight after it is done. Wanted to... READ MORE

I'm thankful for all the reviews and advice offered here, and my reticence to provide my own review comes from having had such an emotional time coming to the decision to undergo breast reduction surgery, and the difficulty I have with getting enthusiastic about the outcomes in advance. I was... READ MORE

Ready to get this done! I I think my breasts could be great, if they were on a longer torso. My compact body size just doesn't work with these large breasts. I have really hated my boobs and the way they make me feel since 7th grade. I am a very active person, hiking, swimming, weight lifting,... READ MORE

After my initial consultation, my information (measurement and pictures) were submitted to my insurance company. I received my approval for surgery fairly quickly. I am 5' 5" and weight about 185 lbs - medium to large build. I have had large breast all of my life but never this big. I was always... READ MORE

I have been top heavy since middle school. Even when I was super skinny I had big breast. They cause horrible headaches and my trapezious muscles stay sore and swollen. I also have the deep grooves in my shoulders. Im not exactly sure what size I am. I wear a 38D but i overflowin it so im... READ MORE

Hey everyone. I am 26 years old, 5'2", 150lbs, and a large 32J cup. My breasts haven't stopped growing since I was 9. When I was in 7th grade I was a C-cup, borrowing my mother's bras. When I was a freshman in highschool, I was a D cup. By the time I graduated high school in 2007, I was an F... READ MORE

I had been considering a breast reduction for sometime. For all the same reasons most everyone does. Shoulder pain, posture, neck pain, etc. I'm 5'5" 135lbs and DD's are not comfortable! Dr. Jabs was amazing, he's an artist in his field! His staff is very kind, caring and readily available!... READ MORE

I am posting this after it occurred. I started writing on POD 5 and added some previous information as well. I have had back pain and nerve compression (resulting in numbness to the thumb and first 2 fingers) on and off for years and I finally had the time to take care of this. I was... READ MORE

So I been wanting a reduction for some time but for whatever reason thought it would be too much of a headache going through the process of getting it approved. I'm insured through tricare and other women I knew who got one said it took almost a year of appointments and complaining to get it... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction in 1998, a few years ago my one breast started to grow again... a lot more than the other side. I was told because I'm so grossly over weight (190pounds and 66inch tall) that is the reason. I lost 57 pounds, and after than the breast even grown faster. I've been on... READ MORE

I'd been struggling with uneven breasts since I was a teenager. I had a reduction on my left side when I was 18 to try to correct it. It didn't help me to feel more confident really and it had been something that I stressed about daily for the past 10 years. Finally I decided I wouldn't let... READ MORE

Hi I'm 57 years old, happily married with 2 grown up children. I have like many of you been a stalker on this site since I joined in March. I think it's awesome and gets you prepared for what really happens. I used to be a b/c cup I'm now a DD and want to be a B cup again. My belly just keeps... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I have a consultation scheduled for a month from now. My motivation for getting a reduction mostly stems from being in pain and discomfort every day. I'm not %100 sure it's from the weight of my breasts but after going from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist and... READ MORE

Surgery was originally scheduled for September 28th and got moved to October 19th. The doctor was going to be out of the country 3 days after my surgery, and he wants to be around for at least a week after, because my situation is complicated. Because I got a blood clot after my foot was cast... READ MORE

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