Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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I had breast implants put in 11 years ago and after having my 3rd son and breast fed him for over 8 months the pretty 36d went to a saggy heavy 36g, yuck! So I'm only 24 hours after surgery and the pain has been been very minimal today, I can not believe it, yesterday was a bit rough but I can't... READ MORE

I have thought about this surgery for a while as I suffer from poor posture and upper back problems. I used to run but can't now even with a sports bra as it is too uncomfortable. My mum has very big boobs too and wishes she had had something done about it. Have been for consultation but started... READ MORE

As my title reads I'm 63 not sure of my exact bra size I wear a 38 DDD the Doc measured me to be 35 around so thinking maybe I wear a 36 E? I wanted to have a BR at age 50 but insurance denied me at that time. My weight at that time was about 15 lbs lighter and my bras size was a DD. I had... READ MORE

Hi! I am 18 years old, 125 pounds, 5'4", & I wear a 32DDD Victoria's Secret bra. I have had large breasts since middle school, & I began wearing bras in lower school. I have been interested in a reduction since I was a freshman (I am a senior now), but I'm just not sure. I have back and neck... READ MORE

Okay I know you've all heard this story before - been a D cup since middle school and rocked the E/F's since end of high school. Lost weight, didn't get any smaller. Gained weights, surprisingly didn't change much either! Now I sit at 5'6", ~170# (high end of my weight usually) and a 34E give or... READ MORE

I have always had big breast, they didn't use to bother me as much but now they do. My back hurts all the time, I cant sleep comfortable, shoulder always hurting, breast are so freaking heavy. I just started looking into it because now I am really feeling the pain more. But I don't have... READ MORE

I am 24 years old, 5'10, I weigh 145 and it's pretty much all muscle. I honestly don't know what my "correct" size is, but the bra that I have that fits the best is a 32J. Every day consists of me wearing a regular bra that doesn't fit right, a sports bra that is entirely too small (try finding... READ MORE

So ready for this procedure but extremely nervous ! .. im a 38 DDD and they sag so low [will upload pics soon] ,, these bags definitely dont make me feel sexy so i had them pierced 2 years ago to help me feel a little better about them. DIDNT WORK .. the back and neck problems are out of control... READ MORE

Motivation was my back and neck pain. I was in tears daily from my pain. Also my breast were a size that I couldn't find a bra that actually fit even from specialty stores. My whole life was controlled by my limitations of my breast. My chest wall was constantly moist from the heat of my... READ MORE

I can't begin to thank all you wonderful ladies for writing reviews and relating your stories on realself, it's been so good to know I'm not alone in the journey to smaller, more appropriately sized breasts! Similar to many of you, I developed early, at 11 I outgrew my training bra by leaps... READ MORE

Ive always thought about having a breast reduction. Large breasts are definitely something that runs in the family. Growing up I was never proud of my well endowed chest. I was a C cup by grade 5. The teasing and bullying that ensued was unimaginable. Why would somebody taunt and tease someone... READ MORE

Like a lot of people here, I too have been reading reviews on this site for a while now. I'm now almost to the point of being able to review my own experience of having a breast reduction surgery. My re-evaluation is on the 25th of August, and my surgeon is Dr. Ceydeli of Panama City, Florida.... READ MORE

So I can't believe I have finally came to this decision. It has taken me a long time to be ready. My husband and I have talked about this for at least a few years. But the journey took me to this time in my life. Menopause has kicked my butt. I started 2 years ago, when I was 49. That was hard... READ MORE

I've been talking about getting a breast reduction for years but wanted to hold off until I was done having kids. Now that we've decided to be one-and-done, I have decided to get rid of this extra weight on my chest. I am a 36 G, 5'3" and 140 lbs. I'm looking forward to being able to work out in... READ MORE

OK...... About me: 34E/F/G or 36DDD/E/F MY BMI is 26 I go to the gym regularly (3 times or more a week) I have been to PT for back, neck, shoulder issues I am doing resistance training to try to help my bones, posture, shoulder, and neck I walk between 8 and 15 miles a week. I would like to play... READ MORE

I was approved for surgery 38 triple D and I would love to go down to 38 b! My insurance requires 3 cup sizes so that will take me down to a 38C ! I am nervous and I cannot wait to get rid of back pain and neck pain and shoulder pain! And I have been have had big breast my whole entire life... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, I've been reading reviews from this site for some time now and I finally get to post my own. My consult was June 25th 2015 and I was approved through BCBS on July 21st 2015. My procedure is scheduled for September 25th and I'm just under 60 days to go. I am extremely excited... READ MORE

I'm 5'4, 43 yo and I'm going from a 36h to a 36c. I am equally parts excited and terrified. My fear comes from the fact that I've always embraced my curves and I identify as a curvy girl. I'm worried that I may look unbalanced after the procedure, but I think the pros outweigh the cons... READ MORE

I have always had large breasts. By the time i was 16 I was a size UK 8 but because of my F cup breasts i wore size UK 12 tops. 10 years later after my first child i am at 36K and a UK size 14 top (for stretchy materials) and UK size 12 bottoms. I have been diagnosed with a degenerative lumber... READ MORE

Hoping to be a C cup in the end. I'm so ready for this to happen. So happy that Alberta Health Care is covering this! I'm so tired of having large breasts, I just want to be able to walk into Victoria Secret and be able to buy a bra off the rack!!! What a feeling that will be!! I'm a little... READ MORE

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