Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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My motivation was to feel and look like I did before pregnancy. I am also a running so back problem was an issue too. My first consult was amazing. Vanessa was my tech and she gave me all the information right away. One of my favorite parts of my journey was being able to speak with Dr. Pousti's... READ MORE

I just got approved! I am having my surgery in less than a month and I couldn't be more excited! The only concerns I have are that they aren't going to be small enough. I am now a 34DD (maybe bigger) and they hang to my waist. I asked my surgeon how small they can go and he said C, when he saw... READ MORE

I have had uneven breasts for as long as I can remember. Earlier this year I started researching what I can do because I am so sick of hiding behind scarves and stuffing one boob! I wasn't serious at first because my doctor told me insurance would not cover for it since it is considered... READ MORE

*sigh* Where to begin. I guess I have always been alittle body conscience. But at 26, I have finally fallen in love with the shape Ive been given, despite being atleast 60 lbs "overweight" but I have started to have some problems. Im a Massage Therapist in BC Canada, I did 3 years of very... READ MORE

34DDD, 46 years old, 5 foot 2, 130 pounds I have wanted to have a reduction since I was in High School. I had a full tummy tuck with muscle wall repair and lipo of flanks 3 years ago. I finally had enough of my clothes not fitting and of looking heavy and being asked if I am pregnant. ... READ MORE

Hello I am a newbie in the room. I started my Journey to Breast Reduction in January 2014. Insurance denied my first claim and I had to appeal and it was overturned .I went from 38DDD to hopefully small 38C . I did measure around my breast with nothing on them before I was 44 and now im 39... READ MORE

Since the age of around 15 I have been thinking of this surgery. I have always been of a fairly small build but with huge breasts and finally decided enough is enough! I currently wear a 32FF or 30G cup and I am hoping to go down to around a D. I told the surgeon I would be happy with anything... READ MORE

I never had nice breasts, as soon as I hit puberty they started growing and growing and at 16 I couldn't find a bra that could give me a good support. Even strangers on the streets were advising me to wear a bra, cause they thought they were too low by my waistline. I had a bad posture and had... READ MORE

I'm going to Dr Pantoja for a Brest reduction of a 34ddd natural. My breast are real pretty to attractive to me and others but the amount of stress on my back has became a nuisance. I'm reluctant any type of surgery because I keloid. But I rather the relief in back pain versus the scaring. Also... READ MORE

Decided to start documenting my journey because it helps me so much to read others. I've had large breasts my whole life. I'm now a 44 I. Im wanting to be a c. Had a consult and got approval in 5 days from insurance. Waiting on dr to call to schedule. I'm scared and nervous but tired of back... READ MORE

Well I have gone ahead and scheduled my surgery. Scared and excited. Been unhappy with my body for over 20 years and now finally I am going to do something about it both for my confidence and as a comfort thing. After having twins my tummy never recovered, I can't wait for the day I feel good... READ MORE

I am two days away from my surgery date and am getting extremely nervous. I have my pre op tomorrow ( the day before my surgery) and I'm hoping it's enough time for me to get any last minute thing so may need for recovery. I am off from work ( desk job) starting tomorrow for two weeks. Have a... READ MORE

For as long as I can remember, I was called " the girl with the big boobs". I remember back in 6th grade, my friends would tell me how I had nothing compared to them. By 8th grade, a while after my first cycle, I remember being a C cup. Not sure when the jump happened but by the time I graduated... READ MORE

I started developing in grade school. Girls would call me " stuffer" until one day I finally showed them! I am currently a DDD/E, and would like to be a B or C. I've been reading reviews for months. I went to the PS on May 29th, and I received a phone call on Thursday letting me know that I... READ MORE

Very happy with the results of my breast reduction done on 21st May by Dr Mark Doyle at John Flynn Hospital Gold Coast Australia. Its amazing how much better my shoulders and neck felt straight away post op. My story like others, my breasts grew overnight practically when I was about 14yrs.... READ MORE

Looking back trying to remember when I first thought about having a breast reduction I cannot pinpoint it exactly, certainly the thought has been popping up regularly for the last 10 years, but somehow I never thought I'd be able to have it done. In Norway where I live you can get the operation... READ MORE

I've been taking the steps needed to have my breast reduction covered by insurance. I've gone to the chiropractor for several years, but started going more frequently in December of 2014. I saw my general practice doctor in January '15, and made monthly appointments with her, making sure to note... READ MORE

Hello Everyone! I am so excited that I received insurance approval and my date is scheduled! I have been on this site for months reading everything I can about Breast reduction and realized how much I need to do this surgery to relieve back pain, improve posture and be able to walk into any... READ MORE

Time has finally come to say good bye to my big boobies. Surgery is April 15th. I've always had big boobs from being 12yr and have suffered all the usual problems that come with them, from the aches and pains to buying clothes that fit, and of course they just don't look nice anymore. And I... READ MORE

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