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WORTH IT RATING based on 2,299 reviews
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In a breast reduction, the surgeon removes tissue and skin to make breasts smaller and perkier. This surgery can eliminate back and neck pain caused by large breasts LEARN MORE ›
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Hello all, like a lot of you I have been stalking this site for quite a while as I debate and torture my family and friends with my plan for a reduction. They are all truly sick of discussing it now so its your turn! I am 44 years old, a mother of 3, and currently squashed into a 34gg bra. I... READ MORE

I have had 3 kids and am now finished having biological children. I have seen a few doctors and am trying to decide between two. I am leaning toward Dr. Sam M Sukkar. I also like Dr. John Bauer at UTMB, but I haven't read any reviews or seen pics of his work. I had a great visit there and felt... READ MORE

Since before I can remember, I have been unhappy with the shape and size of my chest. Over the years I did learn to love having a full, natural chest, and there were days I didn’t want to make any changes at all. However, I could never get over their strain on my back, difficulty exercising,... READ MORE

I can't ever remember not having big breasts. Even when I was a teenager I never had the cute perky boobs. Always wore big supportive (ugly) underwire bras. Showed horses and used ace bandages to compression them down. Got all sorts of attention I didn't want from my DD breasts at 18. My weight... READ MORE

Even in elementary school, I was always “the girl with the big boobies”. I began developing in the 4th grade and by the time I was in the 5th grade, I was a C cup. The growth continued through high school and college until this year, when finally at a size E I knew that I needed a change... READ MORE

I have a little over a month before my surgery and although I'm so excited to buy regular clothes and bras, I'm nervous about all the unknowns. I'm a 34 DDD. I weigh 165 right now and I'm trying to get down to 155 before my surgery. I'm not sure this is possible anymore. I'm worried that if my... READ MORE

So far, I have gone to 4 different consultations for a breast reduction and full tummy tuck. I live in the metro Detroit area in Michigan. I am a size 40f/g (40" around underbust, 48" at fullest point). I am 5'7" and 185 lbs. The first consultation I went to was Star plastic surgery in Novi.... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, after reading several reviews I've decided to write my own. I also think this would be a good way to get rid of some of my anxiety about the surgery.Well I've had large breasts since i hit puberty and they have just gotten bigger ever since. I am currently 21 years old. I don't... READ MORE

Hi everyone, not really sure where to start? Well im 5'4 and a 32H/GG. I have 2 children and have always had large breasts. I had an appointment with my GP to ask for a referral for a breast reduction, That was in about August 2013. My GP referred me. Had my appointment with the PS the end of... READ MORE

I'm 47 years old and have always been big busted. No lie...I woke up one day and there they were. I never needed a training bra, I went straight to a C-cup. Before I graduated high school I was in a DD. I always had back, shoulder and neck pain and migraines. I was always aware of the way... READ MORE

After wanting to have a breast reduction and lift for many years, I finally decided to do it. I made up my mind in January 2014. My surgery date was March 21, 2014. I am writing my first review the day after, March 22. I am up on my laptop, doing some work and writing this review on this... READ MORE

I have had big boobs all my life. As soon as I developed any breasts at all, they were big. At this point I don't even know what size I am but I squeeze into 32/34 DD/DDD. I have always been very physically active and have always felt held back by my huge chest. I have wanted a reduction since... READ MORE

I believe I am the typical patient in need of a breast reduction. I've been getting attention ever since I was in middle school about my large breast. I have also always felt I was never meant to have large breast. I'm not a shy or introverted person my style choice just didn't fit the way my... READ MORE

After years and years and years of talking about a BR, I finally had a consultation this afternoon. Like many of us, my boobs were always too big for my body. Big boobs make what you do and wear overtly sexual. And that is just not me. Not only how I felt emotionally, but physically it's... READ MORE

I was an early bloomer as a child, started showing around 5th grade. That's when the "quiet remarks" started. By high school I was a D cup and the school nurse suggested a breadt reduction. From that day on I hated my breast. I am 38yrs old and have two boys. With each pregnancy I went up a FULL... READ MORE

I'll add to this as I can. Just setting up everything now. Surgery date is Dec 6th! Nervous and excited, of course. I'm currently a 32DD and just tooooo big. They hurt me enough to want this done. I'm hoping to raise the breast as well, as time has dropped them down a bit. I'm hoping for a C... READ MORE

The whole process took about 6-7 months to get a surgery date worth all the effort and did not have to pay a penny insurance paid for it all, Picture is three weeks post op, so glad I did it one of my breasts were much larger than the other. Still some swelling but happy they are more alike. I... READ MORE

I typed my “story” and then decided who wants to read a novel... you want a snapshot, so here it is... Age 13 – Size 34DD, 6 Jeans; started getting headaches, hated running, embarrassed to wear swim suits, nicknames like double bubble… ugh! Age 19 – Size 34F/G, 6 Jeans; migraines,... READ MORE

I'm 47 years old, 5'4 1/2 inches and 145 pounds. I've wanted/needed this surgery for some time. My family didn't want me to risk my life for this, so I chickened out 3 years ago. Today I am 1 day postop, having had my breast reduction yesterday. I was a 34H and have no idea what size I'm... READ MORE

Breast reduction has been something I have always joked about with friends and family for as long as I can remember. Throughout middle school and high school I was always one of the biggest-chested girls in my grade. I was always told I was "lucky" by my friends who were not nearly as "well... READ MORE

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