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In a breast reduction, the surgeon removes tissue and skin to make breasts smaller and perkier. This surgery can eliminate back and neck pain caused by large breasts LEARN MORE ›
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You've read the same story (different woman) over and over again on RealSelf...but truth is, no matter how many reviews you've read and photos you have still found courage, strength and confidence in the testimonies of each one of them. I'm no different from you but yet I hope... READ MORE

Ready for relief of back pain, shoulder pain, neck aches. I have always been very large bust. When I started having kids they kept growing. Now that I am finished with child birth,I want relief. I am a 36 DDD. I have shoulder indentions. Had my consult 3/14/14. I heard back from the dr office... READ MORE

Hi! I am a 40 year old mom of 3. A girl and 2 boys. I breastfed 2 of them. My oldest child is 23 and my youngest is 6. My mom decided when I was 9 years old that I was ready for my first bra. I was in a C cup by the time I was a 6th grader. I remember my mom saying when I was 12 that by the time... READ MORE

I would first like to thank all of you who have told your story on this site. It considerably helped me be comfortable with my decision, as well as my awareness of any possible negative effects of this surgery. I have had large boobs for as long as I can remember. They grew overnight. I have... READ MORE

Hi Everyone! I have been reading this site religiously for about four months, it has really helped me make my decision. I have been considering a breast reduction for about a year but I guess it was not something I ever really thought I could do. People ask me all the time if I have thought... READ MORE

I am 38 years old. I have wanted to have a BR for 18 years. I first waited until I have my kids. Then I wanted to loose all my baby weight. Just when I was ready to go for it my dad got diagnosed with cancer. A year after that he had a massive heart attack. Two years after that my mom was... READ MORE

A little bit about me: I'm 26 years old and 5ft tall, 150lbs. Mother of two smalls girls and done having kids so I know this is the right time for me. I've wanted this since I was about 15 years old. Granted I still have some baby weight in my stomach to tone up but not that much. I started... READ MORE

Currently I'm a size 48f 5"2 235pounds and I will be having a BR and I'm just praying for great result and a relief of all this pain.This is such a wonderful blog so helpful since I'm getting butterflies although my ps insures me Ill do just fine and he said I should be down to a 46dd or just a... READ MORE

Hi ladies! First I want to thank everyone who has shared their experience on here, you all have been so brave and your stories have helped me get through my experience. I am currently one week post op and I am so happy with my results. I'm 28 years old, 5'2" I was 179 pre and 172 post. I can't... READ MORE

I first met Dr Stagnone in 2005, he fixed and mended past surgeries I had had in Amarillo Texas which lead to a staph infection. The infection had lead to some scaring and uneven shape in my breast. Dr stagnone was very detailed, honest, kind, caring, professional and sooooo talented during... READ MORE

Hi all! Been looking at the reviews on here for a while and finally had chance to join and tell my story/get some advice. First off can I just say that every story I have read has been very interesting and I can relate to most ladies on here and all of the after photos are amazing and making me... READ MORE

I have had severe back , neck , and shoulder pain for what seems like the last six years . About five years ago I had United Healthcare , but my insurance claim was denied by them . A little over a month ago I tried again since I now have blue cross blue shield and was INSTANTLY approved ! My... READ MORE

All of the women in family are big chested including myself. I knew since puberty that I wanted to do Something about it when I was able. Yesterday was finally the day! At 8 years old, even the little boys in my class would be trying to look down my shirt. Anywhere we'd go, my mom was always... READ MORE

After years of chronic back pain and discomfort I finally had a breast reduction. I am 3 weeks post op and am so glad I had the procedure done. Already my back is feeling so much better. My experience has been great and I am healing well. My husband is very supportive and encouraging. My... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for a breast reduction in March 12, 2014. I've waited for many years to get this procedure, but I'm still becoming a nervous wreck going over the potential complications in my head and on paper. I've wanted a breast reduction since I was around 19 years old. At 5'3", I've... READ MORE

I've dealt with the burden of large breasts since I was in middle school (around 13 years old or so). My self-esteem was in a downward spiral and being a newly-wed, it was even worse. Aside from my self-esteem spiraling downward, the pain and discomfort were too much to handle and it was long... READ MORE

Hello! I was originally not too preoccupied by my surgery, even though I just set the date last week... But I'm getting more and more excited. I've been wanting surgery since I was 15 years old, and since I was 18 I've started going to plastic surgeons. Unfortunately, my family has been having... READ MORE

I have been reading all your reviews for months now, and Ihave wanted to write my review for a long time, and show my pictures. So I have 4 children that I all breastfeeded, They are 7, 6, 3 and 2 years old. My breast grew a lot during my first pregnancy and even more when I started... READ MORE

I will be scheduling my breast reduction/lift for September. I am going to the #1 boob guy in the US at the moment (after many years of in-depth research). I am a DD and will be getting a perky, Goddess-like, adorable C cup. And to address the "Under Arm Boob" I am having... READ MORE

I decided to do this because I had the usual symptoms, back pain, shoulder and neck pains. My grandmother used to tell me all the time that I was too young to have breast sagging so much. As soon as my breasts grew in I started gaining weight so my body image was well... not great. I got a lot... READ MORE

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