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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›
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I am a 34 HH with back problems and life disadvantages based on my difficulties of having such large breasts. I am interested in finding out any more information possible that may prepare me for this procedure. I am going to be reduced to at least a D cup at most a full C cup. I am looking to... READ MORE

Hi all, I am super excited but also nervous. I have been reading on RealSelf for sometime now, and have read some fabulous journeys you ladies have taken. Congrats to you all! A few years ago, a radio station had people call in about a funny thanksgiving story and one caller said that they... READ MORE

First, let me say I’m very happy with my breast reduction and wish I had done it many years ago! Like most of you, I’ve spent a great deal of time researching, looking at this site, thinking about it, going back and forth in my decision, and finally deciding to go for it. One of my... READ MORE

Hello Ladies(Elvis Duran show voice)!! My name is Jess and I've been lurking over this site for a few months now and finally built the courage to share my experience with you all!! My growth started back in the sixth grade where I ballooned to a C-cup and by high school graduation 6 years later... READ MORE

I have always had large breasts... but not good ones. They were heavy, and droopy. My areolas were huge, and my nipples always pointed due south. When I fit them into a bra, they would always spill out, even though in theory, I was wearing the "correct" sized bra. I likened my boobs to... READ MORE

My motivation was to reduce the sagging and pain from pendulous breasts. At my two week followup the doctor was incredibly encouraging that things would even out over time and that concerns I had would likely sort themselves out. It's been an emotion 7 weeks since that appt. as positive change... READ MORE

I have been contemplating a BR for about 17 years and just recently mustered up enough courage to schedule consultations. It seems every year my breast cup jumps up a letter. As with all large breasted women, I suffer from back, shoulder, and neck pain, and I have a hump on the back of my neck,... READ MORE

I will be going to have my post op done on 10/21/14.excited about this matter I'm 35 yrs old & a mother of 2. Just lost a total of almost 20lbs now looking to have my breast reduction with a lift. At UTMB of Galveston, Texas. I use to be in 42dd bra but now I'm down to 38dd. Me & Dr. Bauer talk... READ MORE

I was standing in front of one of those awkward three-paneled mirrors in the dressing room, getting my first bra fitting in almost two years. I already knew what the bra saleswoman would say. She’d tell me my boobs were huge, and that I couldn't wear any of the cute bras I had been looking at... READ MORE

My story is very similar to many of yours. At 13 my boobs grew very quickly and like many of you I bought bras to fit my cup size not worrying too much about the rib cage size, so by 15 I was already spilling out of a 36C, sport was painful as my bras only just about helped with modesty but they... READ MORE

I was a fairly late bloomer and was a C cup until about the age of 16, but since then they've grown every year. I was perfectly happy and fine at a D cup but they refused to quit, causing me self consciousness, self loathing, insecurities, pain, etc. I almost never wear tight fitting clothing or... READ MORE

Here I am, finally! I'm 63 years old and have hated my big, saggy breasts for decades. I'm 5'2", 140 pounds, and wear a 40D minimizer but I'm pretty much busting out of it. Within the last year, I was diagnosed with a torn shoulder ligament on one side, and I'm pretty sure I have the same thing... READ MORE

I had large breasts my entire life but finally considered breast reduction surgery when I found out my insurance would pay for it. My 40DDDDD(H) breasts were killing my neck, shoulders and back. The sides of my breasts would ache at the end of the day and I slept in a bra because I needed 24/7... READ MORE

I had heard that Dr Vlad was very good, but very good doesn't even come close!! He is a wonderful !! I could not be more happy with my breast reduction. They look perfect and I am only 3 weeks post op. I can only imagine that they will keep looking better and better as I heal completely. I... READ MORE

Googling before and after pic of reduction surgery and came across this website. I've read a lot of reviews and comments on here and everyone is so supportive. Glad I joined this community. I've wanted a reduction since I was a teen but never followed through with it because I was embarrassed.... READ MORE

Hello everyone! Well let me jump right into my story. Last year I was denied by United Healthcare for breast reduction surgery within a week of my consultation. At the time I was a 34DDD a year later and a cup size bigger I'm trying again. I went to my primary care doctor on 8/6/2014 and she... READ MORE

I've been patiently waiting since September 9 for my PS to fax my profile to my insurance company. Finally blue cross received my paperwork on November 11 also along with communication from my doctor's office. In seven months I've loss 50lbs. I'm suffering worse than my teenage years. I've... READ MORE

A brief history of my tits: I have had huge boobs since I was 13 when I first dreamed of a breast reduction. They caused me physical pain. They were cumbersome. They were ridiculously out of proportion with my body no matter my weight. At just 13 I was getting creepy attention from men. My mom... READ MORE

Finally going for a much-needed and long awaited breast reduction and OMG I'm excited! I'm 39 and have 4 kids between 13-20. Thank you to everyone who posts on here and especially for your pics. It was really a huge help in deciding on surgery plus helped in finding a doctor so I really... READ MORE

Well! Here I am at age 61 with a 38 F. I would love to be a C. Hopefully, that will happen. I am nervous but extremely excited. Every night before going to bed, I read this blog. I find it so helpful and informative. I hope I get through this as easily as some of you have. I try yo... READ MORE

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