Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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I am 23 years old and I'm approximately 173cm and have been thinking about having this surgery probably for the last 9 years. I have had huge boobs for as long as I can remember. They began bothering me when I was about 14, Boys were paying too much attention for all the wrong reasons and it... READ MORE

Prior to children, my breasts were a nice C/D cup size. Once i started having children, my breasts went from D to DD after the first child, then DD to F after the second child. When the third child came around, my breasts were stuck at G/H. No matter how often I worked out, I could not lose... READ MORE

Last year I had a consultation with Dr slezak she was very kind and started to tell me about the surgery and the way she would operate she said she would do the lolipop incision, she submitted my information to my insurance company(united health care)....weeks later I received a letter of denial... READ MORE

I decided to get a breast reduction after noticing my back hurt to much to get out of bed at night. I also had intense pain in my neck and shoulders. I statted at a 36 DDD and went down to a 36D. I am hoping my scars go down some. They seem to have keloids. I had a consultation in April, I was... READ MORE

I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 23 after the birth of my amazing daughter. I wear a 36DD Bra to would like to be a C cup (Small or Mid C cup). So I officially started researching BR in 2010. I decided to save in 2013 after visiting my aunt in Florida and seeing how amazing she... READ MORE

Relief back neck pain, headaches! Has taken my neck back pain completely away! So happy I did this! Reduction and lift from e/f to c+ d- . Was denied several years back took of 30 lbs and went to pt twice and made several dr visits to complain of pain and get scripts filled finally got approved!... READ MORE

Turning 46 next month. I wear two brands of bras, 38DD from Soma and a 36DDD from Victoria Secrets. They both seem to fit well and I like the coverage, lift and support they both provide however that only lasts 3 months and then it's off to buy a new one. I have the indents in my shoulders,... READ MORE

I have been struggling for years with back and neck pain. I started having debilitating migraines that they can't seem to find a cause for last year. I went to see a holistic doctor who is not a big advocate for unnecessary surgeries, and he recommended that I get a breast reduction... READ MORE

HI guys, I hadnt planned on writing, but this site has been so helpful that I decided I would do a quick review too :-) I am 44 with 1 child, I have wanted a breast reduction since the day my boobs grew I think :-) I have always been a 10 DD or E through school and pre child, after having my boy... READ MORE

Having had large heavy breast all my life ,I finally got the courage up to see my GP in Oct 2013. My gp sent me to see a consultant at our local hospital and she agreed I was a excellenct candidate, however we agreed that I should lose 6st in weight before I could have the op. She gave me... READ MORE

Hello, I wanted to share my experience with my breast reduction performed by Dr. Schlensiger, I am a 31 year-old mother of two. My bra size was a 34J, my weight is 175 and I am 5’9. Since the birth of my first child I wanted to have a breast reduction. After birth my breasts were a 34H cup and... READ MORE

Hello... Not all cases are the same but this is my story. I was hesitant to publish it but I've seen so many things here that I thought it important to share it so they can make the best decisions. Excuse my english because I am Hispanic and I am still practicing. If you have any questions you... READ MORE

So I was always a big busted lady. Ever since the 4th grade (if you can believe it!) I was singled out for my bigger than normal bizingas. It has always made me feel uncomfortable since my personality is pretty shy. I usually hate being the center of attention, but the tatas made that pretty... READ MORE

Hi, everyone! So I'm very petite at 4' 10 1/2" and a size 34DD-E which is not only looks huge on my small frame, but definitely puts strain on my back, as well. I'm 25 years old and ready to finally be rid of them. Background: When I was in 6th grade, I saw one of the "popular" 8th grade girls... READ MORE

I was a late bloomer, but when I finally did bloom, I bloomed hard. The last time I was measured, I was a 34/36 H, which is the size bra I am wearing in the pictures, but I believe I am bigger than that now due to changes in birth control. I very rarely wear underwire bras because they are so... READ MORE

It's been quite a journey. I'm currently a 38H last time I measured. I get depressed measuring so I don't do it but once a year maybe. I'm miserable. I've always been 'blessed', but they came like a raging bull once I decided to have the depo shot because of my painful menstral cycles. I was on... READ MORE

I never was one that I would consider having a breast reduction. I was refered by my primary care to see Dr Akyurek.The whole experience was wonderful..I was very pleased with the staff everything seems so normal .the day of surgery I was very tired only thing I told the doctor I trust him my... READ MORE

So I'm finally going to get what I deserve the big breasts reduction. I've been heavy chested as long as I can remember. I remember as a teenager being called Dolly Parton and now it's my time to be able to exercise without my arms going numb and my neck feeling like somebody hit me in it and... READ MORE

Since 15 years old I have wanted a reduction! I struggled for years with back and neck pain. After gaining tons of weight, 2 pregnancies, breastfeeding and then losing 60lbs my breast were so heavy and saggy. I decided to meet with a surgeon and he said I was a great candidate for the procedure... READ MORE

Like most of us big breasted ladies I hit puberty early and was a C cup in middle school. Then a DD in high school, and when I stopped playing sports regularly they grew to a DDD. I've always been in moderately good shape and my frame is quite small so the girls just throw everything off balance... READ MORE

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