Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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I didn't have any issues in high school with my breasts. In my twenties Is where they really took off. I went from C - DDD. Then when I was pregnant in my 30s they exploaded. Whenever I look in the mirror that is all I see and it makes my head look small. I never enjoyed the attention it... READ MORE

I will be having the scarless breast reduction in a couple of weeks. I am truly excited and nervous at the same time. I am currently a 36F and was hoping to be a C but my surgeon said impossible. He said he could probably get me to a D cup. I guess it beats a F. Any thoughts out there in the... READ MORE

Getting approval took 3 weeks. I have united health care and I have a 250 dollar copay and with remaining deductible, I pay a maximum of $853. Every penny is worth it. I have numbness in my arms, back, neck and shoulder pain. Grooves in my shoulders, expensive bras etc. my surgeons wanted me to... READ MORE

Well i just had a tt on dec 29 2014 and today i scheduled for my breasts reduction every one is saying i just need a life but i want a reduction as well so now im starting my second journey with doctor paull gill I really feel comfortable with him and his staff I've always had big breast for... READ MORE

I have always w says wan t ed a reduction due to my size. So I finally went to the plastic surgeon. He agreed they were too big for my body frAme. It is causing severe shoulder back and neck pain to the point of bad headaches. I contacted my insurance company and it does cover a reduction if... READ MORE

Once I turned 11 my boobs grew and didn't stop. I went from nothing to a D cup in no time. Because of the teasing of certain family members I have always felt a deep shame and embarrassment over my large boobs. I have always done things to try and diminish them, to no avail. They are the thing... READ MORE

So I'm a little different from some of the brave ladies on here, I didn't spend most of my life with huge boobies. Growing up, I loved my breasts....they weren't too big or too small, they were proportioned with my body size. So fast forward, like most people with age came weight gain and once I... READ MORE

Hello Ladies, I've been watching many of your stories for a long time and you guys have really motivated me to follow through with my surgery. My breast has always made me feel very uncomfortable and unhappy. My doctor was the first guy to ever see me without a shirt and bra( most embarrassing... READ MORE

Well, finally after 3 years of jumping through hoops, I have my procedure tomorrow (pending cancellations (eek!) ). I have issues with my spine, ribs and shoulders, which have been impeded by the weight of my boobs. It will also be a novelty to have my face and not my chest looked at when being... READ MORE

I spent my teens and 20's in a B-cup, my 30's in a C-cup, my 40's as a 34D. My weight has stayed fairly consistent. I weigh probably 5-10 pounds more than I did in college, but my weight has redistributed itself as happens with many women. Within a year after menopause, I had piles of shirts and... READ MORE

I've been looking forward to this since forever! I've been holding on for a while trying to lose weight from 191lbs to 155lbs in hopes that my boobs will disappear. Unfortunately not, they're still around. My band size reduces and boobs stay the same (ddd). The pain has become so unbearable that... READ MORE

I was in a horrific car accident where all my ribs were broken on the left side of my body. My breast was extremely heavy after the accident my cup size was a 38G-H. My breast hung down to my waist. I was always in constant pain because I was too top heavy. So I decided to do the procedure & im... READ MORE

I wanted a breast lift without the ugly scars. My neck and back hurt all the time. I felt lije Inwas carrying a bowling ball on my chest. I researched all doctors and came accross Dr Horndeski. Once I saw his method I was sold. I emailed the office and set up a phone interview, then two days... READ MORE

Hi, I've wanted to have a reduction for years, as I too have always had disproportionately large breasts, I was a 36F, ( my Mum always said I was 'an early developer' ) but it's only been recently that I've thought seriously about the procedure. I did ask for the surgery to be done on the NHS... READ MORE

I had neck pain I was a 36ddd and I was just tired of carrying them. I had a reduction as well as a lift. The process was easy and fast. I am so happy I did it. I had gained weight after 35 and they just kept growing I researched the process before I finally made the decision to do it. My... READ MORE

Tomorrow (10/15) is my big day! I will be undergoing breast reduction surgery with Dr. Behnaz Fayazi at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland at 8:30am. The surgery timeframe is 4 hours. My health insurance Carefirst approved me for the surgery and will cover the costs. I will only have to pay... READ MORE

In high school, I was always bustier than my friends. I weighed no less than 110 pounds up until I graduated but still had these jugs that were nearly d cups on my chest! They run in my family, so I was blessed naturally, but when I started dating my boyfriend at 17, i added the bcp into the mix... READ MORE

I have thought about this surgery for a while as I suffer from poor posture and upper back problems. I used to run but can't now even with a sports bra as it is too uncomfortable. My mum has very big boobs too and wishes she had had something done about it. Have been for consultation but started... READ MORE

I was approved for surgery 38 triple D and I would love to go down to 38 b! My insurance requires 3 cup sizes so that will take me down to a 38C ! I am nervous and I cannot wait to get rid of back pain and neck pain and shoulder pain! And I have been have had big breast my whole entire life... READ MORE

Hello! So I have struggled with big breasts my entire life. They are the worst. I have the biggest breast throughout all my friends. I do not fit in any clothes, I can't wear cute bathing suits, I can't even work out with out wearing 2 bras to ensure they don't move because when they do they... READ MORE

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