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In a breast reduction, the surgeon removes tissue and skin to make breasts smaller and perkier. This surgery can eliminate back and neck pain caused by large breasts LEARN MORE ›
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Mother of 5 ages 15-27 we took a summer vacation with family &friends & my breasts overtook every photo they were bigger than peoples heads! I couldn't take the neck pain,back pain rashes etc anymore. Lg abdominal fold from wt loss. It became more difficult to exercise and I had the body of a... READ MORE

I'll have my breast reduction on 30th April . I'm 5.1ft and 125lb and my bra size is 34F/FF. ShockAbsorber can minimize my girls pretty well. It is so rare to get BR in Japan and I had difficulty finding good doctor. Also, there's almost none good imformation about BR in Japanese websites. So... READ MORE

I haven't had a breast reduction yet, but at 34/36K, and finding that tight I have had enough. So I went to the doctor today to ask for a referral to a plastic surgeon. I am 52 years old, and weirdly I did not have these really huge boobs until I got pregnant at 44. I hate to think of what would... READ MORE

So, a breast reduction was always something I wanted, the unwanted attention from such a young age made me very self conscious. At 16 I remember telling my mum how I wanted one and got a good telling off. She told me "they're what nature has given you so leave alone" my mum is a lovely size B by... READ MORE

Im 41yrs old. I had a Tummy Tuck in March 2013 and yesterday I had my breast lift and breast reduction and a tummy tuck revision yesterday.. I'm in a lot pain, I don't remember being in this much pain when I got my TT..but it's all worth it..went today to my post op appt..Dr said it... READ MORE

I am a small person 5'-1" and had extremely large breasts. I was completely top heavy at a size 40 DDD. My neck, back, shoulders, and head hurt all the time. I felt old and just plain ugly. I had wanted this procedure done for years and finally just had to go for it. Best decision I... READ MORE

I am 33 years 5'6" and 191 pounds. I honestly haven't lost that much weight as I started off between 202-204, but I have seen a change in inches. My bra size is a 36H depending on the store I go to. At Lane Bryant I started off at a 44DDD and after exercising and changing my diet I ended up... READ MORE

I am a 41 year old mother of two (21 year old daughter and 7 year old son). I am married but my marriage has been rocky for several years. I had a miscarriage two years ago and still cry when I see pregnant women or young babies. I have had larger breasts since puberty but they have become... READ MORE

I'm 22 years old and I've been wanting a breast reduction since I was 16. When I turned 13 it seemed that my boobs grew in overnight and then came in heavy and saggy. I've always talked about wanting a reduction but was always a little over weight so I figured the doc would just say I needed to... READ MORE

I am 47 years old, and have been interested in breast reduction since I was in my 20's. When I was younger, I never planned to have children. In retrospect, I am pleased to have waited for the surgery since I eventually met the man of my dreams, and we decided we did want a family (I have... READ MORE

I've spent a year on realself reading reviews and building the courage to share my story. Im 32, 5"8 and 75ish Kg with no kids. I have always had a large chest I literally went to bed one night and the next day...kaboom!! By the age of 16 I was wearing a 44K...not school my nick name was... READ MORE

So hi everyone! I've been poking around here for months but not had anything books or the guts to book. I've decided to take the plunge! After huge amounts of research, I went to a few consultations. I currently live in China and this made things more interesting. (I am from the UK originally,... READ MORE

This website and all the positive reviews has encouraged me to finally set up a consultation. I am currently about a 34DD/36D and want to go as low as a B. I was a B cup until I had kids then when I lost weight afterwards I was a C. Now I am 50 and hate how big they are. I get rashes all the... READ MORE

Goals I wish for, I would like my breast to be smaller but at the same time perkier (no beach ball) and a way upper position. I am a full 36D and as per my PS my breast are not dense. I am struggling with the decision implant yes or no a lot. My PS would go without and at them later but that is... READ MORE

My bra size was a 50M. I had 11 pounds of breast removed. In a few weeks after surgery my breasts had black scabs. The smell was horrible. I leaked green and yellow fluids for months. I was on antibiotics for 36 days. Doctor cut the black scab off in office. Nipple gone...Now I need 4-5... READ MORE

I have wanted this procedure done since I was 14 when I was a DD. I was a thin teen so I was horribly top heavy. When I was 22 I was a DDD and just was angry at these breasts. Finally I decided to try alternatives to relieve pain. Physical therapy, weight loss, acupuncture, massages. Everything.... READ MORE

After asking many questions through this forum, and consulting with 3 plastic surgeons in Massachusetts, my surgery has been approved by my insurance company and is scheduled for May 15. I will not miss my 34FF breast size, and I will not miss the gigantic indentations in my shoulders from my... READ MORE

I've been battle the boobs since I was in the 6th grade! It always made me uncomfortable when I knew someone was focusing on my breast. I've been having back, neck, and shoulder pains for so long. I also suffer from chronic migraines almost daily & after years of trying everything to get rid... READ MORE

Ready to do things with my kids without being in constant pain. Want to change my lite for better, I have been living with big boobs since I was 12, after my first child @23 they got even bigger, just had my second child in 2012 i reached my biggest size 44ddd and they were heavy it was like... READ MORE

I am a 37 year old mother of four. I have always had large breast regardless of my weight. After my first child I was 99lbs wearing a 34C. Now after having my fourth in 2010 I wear a 38dd. I know my band size is a 34, but I choose to wear the dd, not really wanting to know if I would be a 34e or... READ MORE

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