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WORTH IT RATING based on 2,482 reviews
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In a breast reduction, the surgeon removes tissue and skin to make breasts smaller and perkier. This surgery can eliminate back and neck pain caused by large breasts LEARN MORE ›
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Although im young I needed this surgery badly! I always had large breast but after my son I was a 34F Im a smaller person only 5 feet and 130 pounds so these boobs took over my body! Ontop of these huge boobs my back was starting to really kill me, im a hairdresser and it was taking a tole on me... READ MORE

Hello, I had my breast reduction done on 7-3-14 went from 42 DD to a 34 C. I'm on my 4th week and still have some bruising. Can anyone share in how long it take for the bruising to approximately go away? I went for a follow up and was told everything is coming along well. I'm so glad I decided... READ MORE

Im 22 years old, 5'1 and weigh about 150lbs. Ive always had big boobs which caused a lot of back and neck problems for me. When I turned 18 I decided to get a breast reduction. I had the consultation and everything and was so excited. About a week later I found out that insurance didn't cover... READ MORE

I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is tired of neck/back pain, uncomfortable and expensive bras, and struggling with clothing on a daily basis. I was so sick of sore red marks from my bras (even when wearing the correct size) and from buttons popping open in public because my... READ MORE

Overall, everything went extremely well for my surgery. All including the consultations, pre-op appointments, the operation itself, and also the post op. I am healing very quickly and very well and would recommend this procedure to anyone who wishes to make their lives easier and relieve... READ MORE

It seems as though my boobs have grown every year since my Junior year of high school! Their size before my reduction was a DDD/E cup. I struggled every day with self image, I have a very small waist and then very large boobs! I couldn't find anything to wear without looking completely... READ MORE

I'm 24 mother of two and I'm a dancer well was a dancer . As long as I can remember I never had just a super flat stomach .Well in April of last year I ran across mystina on YouTube and I began my research .....I just wanna look at my self naked and not find things wrong soon that will happen...... READ MORE

I've been working pretty diligently to get approved through insurance and it finally has been. In just a few more days I will have my surgery on July 8. I am equally scared and excited but looking forward to the relief to my neck and back. Having clothes fit me better will be a definite plus.... READ MORE

I am a 23 year old with bowling balls for breasts. I am 5'4" and at 220 pounds now because it hurts to do much more than vacuum the house or wash the dishes. I hate shopping or even going out with my friends because my tits draw all the attention rather than a pretty smile. A bit about myself,... READ MORE

Hello all. I have been following the stories on realself for quite some time, and now that my insurance company has scheduled my surgery, I thought it would be a prime time to begin sharing my own. All of you ladies have been so helpful in normalizing this experience, and all of the feelings... READ MORE

Hi I'm ready for this . I've been big busted most my life and am ready for a change. No matter what weight I lose they still are big as ever. I e been thinking about BR for a few yrs now my friend did it and was very glad she did.. I'd like to be Able to bend over and not be chocked by these... READ MORE

I finally joined realself to post my experiences and be part of the community! Reading everyone's experiences here has really helped me in my decision making process and kept me mindful to manage my expectations of the surgery and healing process. I'm currently a 34F/G (I think) squeezing... READ MORE

My breast are 36 DD they are thin and saggy! I can never remember having firm breast. I'm going down to a full B. I'm so excited! I'm starting to get anxious. My beginning weight was 202 I'm trying to her down to 170 before my surgery I'm currently at 186. I'm trying to lose weight before to... READ MORE

I first started developing in 4th grade. By 6th grade, I was a C cup. The kids in school were cruel and relentless, making up stories that I was stuffing my bra. Each kid created a different story about what my boobs were made of - balloons, tissues, etc. They would slam into my shoulders as... READ MORE

I've been uncomfortable in my own skin for over 10 years. I used to have a very small chest in 7th and 8th grade - like an A. Then they grew probably a cup each year throughout high school. By the time I turned 19 I was DDD. I'm now 27 and hating my H/I size breasts. I'm also getting married in... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, I am to the point I can't take the pain anymore!! I need a breast reduction SO BADLY. I have always had big breasts, always. All 4 of my aunties have/had over excessive breasts, and both my sisters have had breast reductions. I am hurting; my back, shoulders, neck, arms. I don't... READ MORE

I was always afraid of plastic surgery , but my back pain for my large breasts was unbearable, so I decided to have surgery. I visit Dr. tania medina and my fears disappeared. this doctor is wonderful can not explain how safe you feel in her presence. I'm so glad that I make the decision to... READ MORE

I have had big boobs for a long as I can remember. But, I always wanted to wait until after I had kids to have a breast reduction. Unfortunately my boobs kept growing and I slowly stopped playing team sports and running because it was so painful. And then somewhere between getting less exercise... READ MORE

I am 18 years old and have been dealing with my large breasts for a long time! I didn't always used to be big, it just seemed to happen quickly in middle school. All throughout high school I have struggled finding clothes that fit me properly, not to mention bras and bathing suits! My boobs... READ MORE

I was in desperate need a breast reduction at the age of 33. I had already had one about 10 years prior but they grew back. I was in constant major back & neck pain that couldn't be helped by physical therapy, weight loss, or medications. I was very restricted to physical activities due to the... READ MORE

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