Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, skin, and tissue, which usually results in the nipple and areola being shifted to a higher position. The areola might also be reduced if it had been stretched out due to the size of the breast. Not only does this surgery result in a smaller, perkier bust, it can also help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain that’s often caused by large breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Surgery date with Rashi Rosenstock set. EKG & mammogram set for Monday. Recovery Resort chosen is Las Crumbres Inn. $95/day - 3 meals, laundry, nurse on duty. Breast lift/reduction price quoted $3,500. Incl: anesthesia, anesthesiologist, OR. EKG & mammo extra. From "G" to "D" Feel confident... READ MORE

Was tired of the heaviness of my breast, sweating underneath, moving around them for sleep and how I looked in my clothes. Also one was bigger than the other. Now they are near perfect! I love them! Asked my gyno who she recommends. I had consultation with DR. TOM GALLAHER. I didn't need to shop... READ MORE

I haven't had the procedure yet so I don't know what to think. As of now I have done lots of research so I don't think I'm scared. I'm most scared of taking care of my kids after then I am of the actual surgery. I'm worried about cooking. I'm worried about the them putting the drain things in... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, I've been reading reviews from this site for some time now and I finally get to post my own. My consult was June 25th 2015 and I was approved through BCBS on July 21st 2015. My procedure is scheduled for September 25th and I'm just under 60 days to go. I am extremely excited... READ MORE

I am a 22 y/o woman standing tall at 5'2" (lol) and weighing about 170lbs and I had been thinking of getting a breast reduction for some years now but I never followed through with it due to my doubts of my insurance possibly not covering me because they will most likely consider me to be... READ MORE

Just want to be smaller , pain free and able to fit clothes. Have been big breasted since about 18. Increasing after each child. Have had MRIs on neck and back. Disc problems I'm sure due to bad posture. Won't excerise any more as I always end up with pulled muscles and back pain. Weight has... READ MORE

I'm 26 years old and I have had two kids. I'm 145-150 pounds and 5'4". I had a hysterectomy at 22 due to some cancer scares and bleeding problems so I am done having kids. My boobs for some reason keep growing. When I met my husband I was in a 34 C bra. Things were not fitting right. My breasts... READ MORE

After years of back and neck pain, and unwanted comments I made the decision to do something about it. From first meeting with Dr Williams to surgery day was 8 weeks. I was treated with respect all the way through and all of my questions were answered. Do research and get second opinions and... READ MORE

So I am 1 day pre op...I am nervous as can be but very excited at the same time. I think it's more a fear of the unknown...not knowing what they will look like, how much pain will I be in, will I be left with really bad scarring?? I am currently a 38DD and going down to a mid-full C. Though my... READ MORE

I'm so nervous! Friends and family have been joking about me getting a breast reduction since I was 13. I can't believe it's finally about to happen. Pre op on the 3rd, then surgery on the 9th. ???????? I'm nervous about going under because I hate being put to sleep and I'm a little worried... READ MORE

I've always had large breast since the age of 15. No one in my family has large breast as they all are B cups, or C cups. But however I changed that as I am a 36 DD coming on to a E !! And my breast are signafillaly very droopy, I can't see my nipples when I look down. This also gives me neck... READ MORE

Big boobs got bigger with all the stress i am going through in med school. I hate how people would look at me when i am out. I wish i could put a dress without looking provocative. Not sure if i am doing it for myself or for the image i am showing to the ones around me. Pretty stressed. Need... READ MORE

So far I have had a consultation with several plastic surgeons. My favorite by far is Dr. Christine Nygaard in Bellevue, WA. My sister referred me to her having had breast augmentation and lipo performed by Dr. Nygaard some years back with excellent results. I must say I am extremely impressed... READ MORE

I have always had large breasts, and they have always bothered me. I have back pain all the time, some neck pain, and just about every other thing that comes with being too blessed in the chest. (I believe I am a DD right now, but could be bigger, idk I don't get measured, I just cram the pups... READ MORE

My story is pretty much like everyone else. Back and shoulder aches. I am done having kids. Had a hysterectomy in sep of 2013. Still have one ovary so have not gone through menopause. Not sure what my boobs will do then. I went in December for my consultation. Dr was very nice. I felt he... READ MORE

Now's the time, and the serious journey has begun! I have been desperately in need of a breast reduction for the past 10 years. I had a hysterectomy done in 2005, and ever since then, my breasts have grown and grown. I went from a C to a DDD in that time. My back and shoulders are in constant... READ MORE

I was motivated to have a breast reduction after joining real self in January of this year. I knew I wanted a complete mommy make over by the end of this summer. I went ahead and had a consult in May with Dr. Stephenson in Snellville, Georgia. There were no hidden questions or doubts once I left... READ MORE

For as long as I can remember, i've been a busty gal. It's almost like in the elementary school (yes, elementary school) my breasts appeared overnight, and even in the third grade I was known as "the girl with big boobs". By fifth grade, I was a DD cup. I am now a nineteen year old high school... READ MORE

I went in yesterday for a breast reduction . I am 35 and my second pregnancy just did a number on my boob's. Until about two days ago, I was wearing a 38H which if fitted properly probably should have been a 38I. Dr Nalani is amazing and his bed side manner is like no other. I was in pre-op... READ MORE

I've had large breasts since I was about 16 years old. At that time I think they were a D or DD. They've continued to grow and I've talked about a breast reduction for the past 4 or 5 years. Finally, I've insured through my current employer and I went to see a Dr. Shore yesterday. Just walking... READ MORE

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