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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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So far I've had my first consultation with Adrian Richards from Aurora Clinic in Princes Risborough had my sizing appointment with Sinead, both have been amazing .. I can't recommend them enough! They understood what I was after straight away! I've always felt like I can contact them at any time... READ MORE

Boobs never grew. I'm bottom heavy, more booty and no boobs - bathing suits are my enemie when I am on vacation. I've thought about getting a BA but thought it was an itch that I needed to do it. I put it off for a while but still often thought about it. I finally made up my mind and paid the BA... READ MORE

I am actually doing it! :D This site has been very helpful in orienting me to this whole process, so I would like to put my journey out there in case it helps anyone. I have wanted boobs since I expected to start seeing them about 10 years ago. Now I'm 24, and I think a 34A is about all I'm... READ MORE

So, my stats: 122lbs, 5'6 and I wear an A cup, but a few days a month around "that time" I puff up and can pull off a fluctuates w the birth control I am on...I was previously a nice full B, low C. After childbirth and breastfeeding I blew up to a D+ !! It never felt right, always like I... READ MORE

Hi a am new to this site . I am a 32 years of age female /mother . i have always been small and was always curious of having bigger breast. I decided now would be a great time for me to get it done . I have a consultation in November . Having done a lot of research on this particular dr . I... READ MORE

Hey, I always wanted breast augmentation , I'm like an A cup since I can remember. I been searching for a doctor to perform the surgery. While on this website I have came across CG Cosmetics Center in Miami. I was wondering if anybody could give recent feedback on their experience. All the... READ MORE

I have wanted a fuller bust and more womanly figure, just like many of yall. I have talked about getting a BA for years but never thought I would actually be able to (financially) go through with the surgery. My stats are 5'4 110lbs I workout 5 days a week, so I am thinner and my current bra... READ MORE

Ever since I was in high school, I have wanted a BA. I really think I suffered from "body dismorphia" I let not having breasts control my whole life! After graduating college, and starting my career I decided it was time to get the ball rolling on this BA. I applied for Care Credit and was... READ MORE

Hi everyone! So my procedure is in 2 days from now and I'm so anxious and excited!! Currently I have A- small B cup slightly constricted breasts and I'm hoping to go to a full C after all of this. I want to look natural but still be able to feel sexy when I want to put them out there or in a... READ MORE

Hi girls, I'm going with anatomical polyurethane "furry Brazilians" under the muscle. Had 2 consultations and decided on Dr Mario Zambelli in Rijeka, Croatia. I have a slight asymmetry that he fill fix by making a small crescent incision above my right breast. My Dr recommends either 275cc or... READ MORE

I look at this site all day, I can not decide on what size to get. I'm 5 2" 1/2 and weigh 106lbs. Was hoping for a full B small C as I'm only a 32a now;( I am scheduled to get the shaped gummy bear implants. Either 255 MF or 290 MX under the muscle. I am very active so I don't want them to be... READ MORE

At one time as a young woman I wished for larger breasts. After having a child and while breastfeeding I thought that having bigger breasts just made me look heavier. I had a number of friends who had breast augmentation done by Dr. Robert Grenley and all had nothing but great praise for his... READ MORE

Booked via Destination Beauty with Dr Piyapas. NO booking found upon arrival. Specifically asked for no more than 400cc. Woke up with 450cc in right breast & 400cc in left. Right breast is now hanging 1 inch lower than left & asymmetry in breasts. My right breast is feeling much heavier than... READ MORE

Hi! I'm fairly new here and have enjoyed reading all of the reviews so far. There seem to be very few for over the muscle silicone implants, which is disappointing. I have so far had one consultation with a Surgeon (in Northern Ireland). Initially, I had another surgeon in mind, however, I was... READ MORE

I have wanted breast implants since I was very young. But they are actually smaller now and less pretty since I had my first baby. After I stopped breastfeeding , every ounce of breast tissue I had, completely dissolved. I would definitely feel more confident in my clothes and bathing suites if... READ MORE

Hi All! I have been reading reviews on here for months now and figured it makes sense to start a post on this. Ever since I was about 16 years old I have wanted a boob job. I have always been extremely flat chested but I did gain some weight when I was around 21. I have since become hugely... READ MORE

Ever since I was 15..16 I have longed for more fuller supple breasts. Being one of the first to develop in my age group, & going through so many weight fluxuations, I have never had full or perky breasts. Started wearing bras in 4th grade, full Ds by 16yrs old, small Bs by 18.. everything in... READ MORE

I'm 36, active mom of 3, 5'3 103lbs. I've researched BA for years! I was a small 34B but 3 kids and lupus have left me a 32A/AA. I spend a lot of time in a bathing suit and its time not to look 12 anymore!! My lupus has been in remission for 3 years and I've got the green light to get the BA... READ MORE

Hi ladies! Ive been using Real Self as a informational/motivational system for the past 2 months to push me through my breast augmentation. I have a mild form of tuberous breast. At first, I didn't know what I had until I went to my first consult. I always thought they looked the way they did... READ MORE

This year I decided to seriously begin researching and considering undergoing a breast augmentation. I went through guilt and feeling like I was being vain for even wanting the surgery done. But, I did it! And I feel amazing. My journey was amazing and its due to Dr. Greenwald and his office... READ MORE

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