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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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This was my first surgery and i was very nervous. On the day of my surgery, the staff was amazing and Dr. Galante made me feel so comfortable even tho the surgery room was freezing. The recovery time was about 3 weeks for me and now I definitely love my new look. By far, Dr. Galante is the best... READ MORE

Hello ladies! I treated myself to implants for my 30th bday, after breastfeeding two kids my breast were left sad, deflated, and different sizes. I have never shown anyone my boobs, even my bf, since I stopped bfing over a year ago. Well I had mu augmentation at 8:00 this morning! I have had... READ MORE

After breast feeding two children I had lost any volume I once had. I was a 34C before children, 34D during pregnancy, and 36E while breast feeding, all the way down to a 34 B once I dried up. I was deflated to the point where even a push up didn't help! I'm only on my second day post op but... READ MORE

Decided to finally write a review and post some pics. I found it really really difficult to find reviews with stats that matched mine. I am tall and skinn . Try as i might gaining weight was not in the cards for me. I have always felt out of proportion. My butt has always been curvy and great,... READ MORE

After nursing 3 kids I have lost all volume of my small to big in with breasts. I have agonized over the size of them for years, not being able to fill out clothes and wearing heavily padded 34aa bras 24/7 which I don't even fill out fully. I'm 5'7" 120lbs. It has been a really serious issue for... READ MORE

I had a bad severe case of asymmetry. I didn't like the large nipples. I had one, if not two, constricted breasts, and a good bit of sagging. I needed a complete overhaul so I had a lift with a lollipop procedure on the smaller side, the left, and an anchor on the bigger side, the right. I... READ MORE

So nervous but excited! I am having my BA in thailand with Dr Pichit Siriwan, quite anxious but destination beauty have been very helpful. I am nearly 6ft, weighing about 65kgs, so im quite tall but feel like I lack my women curves. My dream is to be a DD, i have done lots of research, looking... READ MORE

Where do I start...I am 33, 5'2, 1105lbs. My breasts developed asymmetrically; I had no underbood on my left breast but more volume on the top portion compared to my right. My right breast was normal but with a bigger areola. Like every woman with asymmetrical breasts I learned to live with it... READ MORE

My consult was good, I was excited, was done with babies, mommy make over! April 9, 2007 big day,,,,, Months later I got a contacture right breast. She recommended I go larger to prevent another. I did it. 800cc , replaced both implants, Months later, same side, another contracture and an... READ MORE

After having two children, I decided to get back in shape as I had let myself go. While on my fitness journey I became more focused on bigger goals of competing and becoming more defined. As my muscles got bigger and body fat dropped, so did the size of my boobs. At my biggest I was a 38G, but... READ MORE

I have been looking more seriously at getting implants, like so serious that I can't stop thinking about ways to make money and get myself out of debt so I can afford to do this because I think it would make a world of difference in my life. I have never really disliked my chest, it's find and I... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I am fairly new here. I'm hooing to schedule my breast augmentation with Dr. K on 5-22-15. I decided on this doctor due to his patience, sincere answers to my questions and he made me felt at ease. Didn't rush me like some others. He was my third consult and I knew I wanted him... READ MORE

I love the shape of my breasts currently but I've always wanted bigger ones. I'm currently a 32B (I should really be a 28B but those are impossible to find). I don't fill out my clothes and I feel unwomanly. Pretty much every bra I currently own is a pushup bra (it's not the most comfortable). I... READ MORE

Okay, so I'm 5ft 8 slim waist but curvatious from hips to bum but slim legs. Size 8 tops and bottoms. I had my consultation, surgeon seemed a little rushed. Only thing we went through was what size or what was I expecting. I said a natural look C. So hes suggested the 300cc for right and 270cc... READ MORE

So I am excited and nervous... Surgery date scheduled for march 11th. Have had one dr visit and have decided on saline, under the muscle. Just have to make a decision on CC's and will discuss this more at pre-op. My question is, have any of you that have saline implants done the rice test... READ MORE

Currently a 34 A - barely 34 B in some bras Very much pear-shaped (28" ribcage | 40" hips) Athletic (weight training) 5'4, 125-130lbs High profile silicon | transaxilary incision |still deciding on size (400-450cc) April 27 surgery date: Dr. Frank Lista Unlike a lot of Breast Augmentation... READ MORE

I went to consultation knowing that I did in fact want a breast augmentation. I've wanted one for years. It took me a while to save up for it. I'm 27, mommy of one, and breastfed for a year. I never had much boobs to start with. All throughout middle school and high school I was called "pancake... READ MORE

I'm so excited I've got one consult scheduled in about a week but looking for more PS to see. If anyone in my area can recommend someone that would be great. I'm 5'1 118lbs Petite frame still not sure size looking into maybe 300-350cc. This page has been so helpful. I'm not ready to post any... READ MORE

Dr Perron and all his staff were kind and helpful. I was feeling very insecure after loosing 65 pounds which resulted in me loosing my breasts. Which I felt looked out of proportion considering I have a curvy-full hips and rear. I was measured at the office at being as wide as a D cup but as... READ MORE

I'm aiming for a full C and need help based on these photos with the try ins. The left (bigger) is 425cc and the right is 400cc. What do you think?!?! I'm comfortable with both but fear the left maybe to big. I'm 5"4 at 155 pounds, currently at a size 34b. I breastfed 2 kids and am very... READ MORE

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