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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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I have always wanted bigger breast. After years of dreaming, I finally did it. It has given me self confidence in so many ways. From the moment I woke up from surgery, I felt like a new woman. I am 27. 15lbs and 5'3". Before I couldn't even walk into victoria's secret without being embarrassed.... READ MORE

I have wanted this since puberty. The family joke was my mom gave all the boobs genes to my 2 sisters, leaving nothing for me. Even my friends developed nicer than I! Anyways, at 40 I realized I wanted a change and began to research. At 50, met with several Reno PS and made the decision to do... READ MORE

Posting some before pictures because this site has been enormously helpful since my decision! Initial consult March 16, surgery May 8 with Dr Hasell in Lethbridge AB Canada. My bwd is 13.5, rib cage measures 29.5, waist 26", hip 38", broad shoulders, 5'8", 133 lb. Dr recommended 375(L) and... READ MORE

I've always wanted to feel more like a woman. I thought age and kids would help me grow boobs, but it did the opposite. I had my procedure done on May 12th, 2015. And couldn't be more pleased with the outcome! I decided to go with HP saline under the muscle. The incision was done periaeolar.... READ MORE

Hi ladies....I've been on a mission for about 6 years now. I've wanted to improve the look of my breast since the birth of my second child. I've always put it off due to the financial obligations I hold as a mother and wife. So after putting my dreams on the back burner for so long, I decided... READ MORE

Oooook so this is my tale. I'm 28, 160cm Tall, 55kg, kiwi and I've wanted boobs forever! My husband was never fond of the idea, but after nagging him for years I finally twisted his arm to say OK, (but i had to save all the money :(). I didn't need his approval, just his support. And he is so... READ MORE

I was looking to do this change for years and i went 2 times to talk with one of the "best" surgeon in my town but he didnt make me feel confortable so i didnt do it and quit thinking about it for a while... Time passed and i start to loose weight doing exercise so i also loose my already little... READ MORE

I am currently a 34A/B depending on the bra and I'm okay with it but I would love to be able to fill out clothes properly and not look like a 12 year old. My mom and older sister both have implants so I've always been aware of the procedure and all the little details about them. It wasn't until... READ MORE

So excited. Finally getting in for my consultation today. Ive been researching like crazy and can't wait to try on some sizers. I am 5'11" and 117lbs so a total string bean pretty much lol. I currently have around 32A boobs (If you can even call those boobs) Im definitely thinking 375 to 400cc... READ MORE

HEY Fellow boob enthusiast! My BA is scheduled 15 days away! I'm extremely excited and would like to fast forward the next 4 months lol, I'm in between 400-425cc I'm thinking to go with 425. I'm a (deflated) B34 hoping to be a D. I've done years of research on my surgeon Dr Chung he's... READ MORE

I am a 32AA, I have always been very tiny and insecure with my breast and finally am going to do this. I am very active and go to the gym three times a week. I really find this site helpful and have done so much research. I have a good base on what to expect pre and post op but still am very... READ MORE

I want fullness all around along with side boob with a crease in the middle- no uniboob!!!! Lol I had my consultation and tried on sizers and picked 650cc high profile silicone under the muscle. Since I am going under I wanted to go big or go home. I keep thinking about it though and I hope it's... READ MORE

Im 8 stone and 5.5 slim built. im currently 32aa and wanting to go a full DD or maybe even bigger? my surgeon is dr netri at transform pine clinic in manchester, im booked in for 10th may im getting allergan high profile silicone implants, the natrelle brand and been offered the 340cc or 380cc... READ MORE

I'm pretty flat-chested right now (probably 34A or barely full 34B cup) since I lost a few pounds during the past years (and guess what, boobies were to first thing to go!). I have an athletic figure (around 16% body fat) and my shoulders are wide. My doctor suggested a 475cc since my thighs are... READ MORE

As an extremely frugal individual, I never expected I'd buy myself a gift of breast implants! But here is what happened... I paid my student loans off early, and as a reward, decided to spoil myself for once on an entirely frivolous cosmetic procedure to enhance my figure. I'm only 31 and... READ MORE

So basically I had my daughter at 18 yrs old, I never really got lucky in the boob department.. When I was pregnant and breast feeding I did get up to a full C but then they deflated back to my normal A to small B cup. I was always a thin person and was always about 113 pounds until I got... READ MORE

10 more days til my procedure! A little nervous... but excited and cant wait to feel like a woman and not like a little boy anymore. I've been in sports ever since i was 7 so i have an athletic body with no boobs. Still havent decided whether to go with 285cc or 320cc, i want to look natural... READ MORE

I have always been very small up top, teased throughout my whole life, and tried to be a good sport and laugh it off though the jokes hurt. I met the love of my life in college and together we have three precious gifts from God. However, after nursing, if possible, I was smaller than... READ MORE

I can't believe this is ACTUALLY going to happen!! I have been talking about this for years!!! I even set a surgery date about 4 years ago and then backed out, because I wanted to wait until I knew we were 100% done having kids. Well... That day has finally come! My surgery date is set for... READ MORE

I have long wanted to make a breast augmentation. I got a lot of weight during pregnancy (60 Pound) breastfed my daughter. After I lost all this weight. I could not decide on the operation and go to a consultation with a plastic surgeon. But this year I definitely decided that I need it. I... READ MORE

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