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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I just wasn't blessed with anything up top to begin with. Having 3 sisters, I was the only one who had no boobs. I've wanted them for a long time now and had finally decided to do something about it. I decided to go with a Dr in Australia (where I'm from) just because of all the horror stories I... READ MORE

When I think back, I don't remember ever being very satisfied with the way my breasts were shaped. They have never been round or full. I am very active and have been all my life. I am 51 yrs old, 5'6", 127 lbs and my bra size is approx. 36A used to be a B until gravity has taken its toll on my... READ MORE

So today is my second day post op surgery! surgery went extremely well. Although I have experienced tightness around the sides and the area of the incisions. Tomorrow I get to shower but I'm just nervous to. what are your recommendations on what to do on day three post op? I'm just nervous about... READ MORE

I'm 5'8 120lbs. I went into my consultation wanting large breasts. From looking online I had 550cc in mind. My doctor told me the largest that I could go was 480 and he would recommend ultra high profile because of how narrow my chest was. I'm currently one week post op and so far very satisfied... READ MORE

I was always unhappy with my breast size and the shape of my body but I dared never do plastic surgery because I was afraid to look bad after that or be scarred but in my consultation with Dr. Almanzar I felt very safe then I proceeded to do it and I can say it's the best decision I ever made... READ MORE

Silicone implants 400 cc HP on both under muscle. Started off a 32 A & hoping to end up with a C cup. Procedure went great, My boobs are still riding high and tight. First night at home and the pain was unbearable. Dr. Kerr prescribed me Oxycodon for pain, Cyclobenzaprine for muscle relaxer,... READ MORE

Well, my surgery is tomorrow. I feel like all I've done over the past few weeks is read and think about implants. I'm nervous and a little scared for tomorrow, but also relieved this period of waiting and obsessing over boobs is ending. Now, before I shower and go to bed, I'm posting my own... READ MORE

So after 41 yrs I've taken that HUGE step and decided to finally get my B/A in 15 days!!! I've wanted to do this since my early 20s. I've never had any boobs I actually always say I'm a minus minus A lol..I'm the first in my fam and friends to get a B/A so I'm all on my own here so I'm ecstatic... READ MORE

Ever since I was 15..16 I have longed for more fuller supple breasts. Being one of the first to develop in my age group, & going through so many weight fluxuations, I have never had full or perky breasts. Started wearing bras in 4th grade, full Ds by 16yrs old, small Bs by 18.. everything in... READ MORE

I am from the UK I am 29, 5'5 and 144lbs... All my life I have wanted to be able to wear a backless dress or a bikini, right now I cant as I would just look like a boy! I currently wear a 34A or B bra and sometimes I buy a bigger cup and fill the space with chicken fillets. I decided last year... READ MORE

I am starting this to get some feedback form others as well as help anyone who may be in a similar situation to me. I have a small frame and very modest breasts at the moment (you can see from my before photos) and have wanted to get a BA for quite a few years. I think I have decided on a... READ MORE

So nervous but excited! I am having my BA in thailand with Dr Pichit Siriwan, quite anxious but destination beauty have been very helpful. I am nearly 6ft, weighing about 65kgs, so im quite tall but feel like I lack my women curves. My dream is to be a DD, i have done lots of research, looking... READ MORE

So, at first I thought I for SURE wanted the anatomical shaped saline implants with areola incision. However, after my consultation and more research/reviews, Ive decided to go with round silicone implants with the incision in the fold under the breast. My surgeon will probably decide on the... READ MORE

I have wanted boobs for years. I was never confident but after my fourth son and I lost more breast volume, down to an a it was time .. I research for months and it took over 5 years to get the courage up to actually have the procedure. I have anxiety issues so I'm a worry wart. I followed this... READ MORE

Body measurements: band size - 29 boobs - nonexistent waist - 25 hips - 37 i went to a few consultations around the orange county area to get a feel for the drs and only one stood out to me. he was the only one who didn't rush me out of my appointment and made sure I understood what i was... READ MORE

I have wanted boobs since I discovered my Dad's Playboy stash when I was 10. I waited for them to grow in, but that never happened so I plan on having a sub-muscular breast augmentation using silicone "gummy bear" 450cc high profile implants. I am currently a 34a 5'3" 135 lbs! I have planned on... READ MORE

Ever since I was about 17 I've always dreamt of the day my breasts would grow big and voluptuous...but that day never came. I used to chat to my cousin about it and we both said we'd have boob jobs when we were older...then hers grew and mine didn't! At about 18 I started saving up...think I... READ MORE

I never grew breasts when I hit puberty. So 2 years ago I had a Breast Fat Transfer from my belly, back and legs. The good thing about that was it did give me 'some' volume. The fat disintegrated back into my body and I lost most of the volume after 6 months. I was under for 6hrs and he tried to... READ MORE

From the moment I reached puberty and my boobs started "growing", they've been one of my greatest insecurities. While my friends all had nice, round, developed breasts, I had these funny looking little things that seem to act like they're not friends. For a while I tried to embrace them and... READ MORE

I am 5'6 140 pounds, larger bottom and hips so i wanted to balance it out with a heavy top! So we went with 600cc, high profile, round. The surgery was done through my armpits. Bruising is already going down and i am able to actually move my arms more, before i felt so contracted and stiff.... READ MORE

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