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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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Hi everyone so excited and nervous my surgery is only 12 days away! I am a mother of three children I breast feed 2 kids and the girls have been through it. I'm wanting to be a full c to small D ? I have room to stretch my breast went to a D cup with each pregnancy! I don't want to look fake... READ MORE

First about me, I'm 36, 5'6" & 125lb. I am a wife and mom of two. I wasn't able to breast feed more than 10wks each child and religiously wore my bra 24/7 thru pregnancy and after. I have nearly no sag. I started 34C prior to kids and went up to 36DDD. Now, sadly, a 34A-barely. I just made my... READ MORE

I am just thrilled to be finally getting this done. However I am torn on size. I am really wanting 500 cc but curious if maybe this is too big. any suggestions? My doctor said he would like to see me go with 400 cc but since I have broad shoulders, 500 cc would do well . My biggest fear is... READ MORE

Boobs never grew. I'm bottom heavy, more booty and no boobs - bathing suits are my enemie when I am on vacation. I've thought about getting a BA but thought it was an itch that I needed to do it. I put it off for a while but still often thought about it. I finally made up my mind and paid the BA... READ MORE

I have just started the process of searching every review of every plastic surgeon in Central Florida. I have made an appointment with Dr. Stanley Castor who comes highly recommended from some coworkers and has a 5 star rating on everything online. I am looking for a large 34 DD look when I am... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, I've been thinking about a BA for years and think I'm finally going to take the plunge. Like many of you, I'm pretty flat (AA) and have been wanting larger breasts for as long as I can remember. I never thought I was "that kind of person." BAs seem to get such a bad rap but... READ MORE

I've thought a lot about sharing my experience on here or not. If you're anything like me, you've probably read tons of reviews and stared at everyone else's boobies for countless hours and days, and despite feeling like you know EVERYTHING, you never feel satiated or tired of reading more. So,... READ MORE

I've finally booked my surgery which I'm mega excited about also very apprehensive about!! I have what the medical team describe as tuberous breast and are asymmetric so one bigger then the other!! Always new mind were different always felt they weren't normal!! I'm new to this site and was... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, I have been wanting breast implants since highschool and now I am 26 years old and finally take the steps to get my new set of girls. Like most mothers, during nursing periods our boobs are engorged, full, and great. The aftermath of breastfeeding takes a toll on your boobies. So... READ MORE

Had my consult in early February. Surgery is next week. Getting nervous and excited! I'm going through the armpit and getting silicone. I will post before and after pictures over the next week. If anyone else has had surgery at this facility or with this doctor, I'd appreciate any feedback you... READ MORE

I heard of clinic360 on the radio. I met Dr. chivers and he was sweet, knowledgable, and honest. I spoke more with Alina of my concerns and my wants. She followed up with me and was attentive to my worries. I booked a 2nd consultation and confirmed sizes with Christa. She was very open, warm,... READ MORE

I am so excited to have done this for myself. Worth every penny! I have 400cc High Profile Mentor Memory Gel Silicone. I am now 5 weeks post op. 2 weeks ago I could've sworn I looked smaller as my size is bigger, I am absloutly in love :) My surgeon has given me what I wanted in size and look.... READ MORE

Went from flat chest to perfection NATRELLE MOD PROFILE 421 . Love them. The entire process was a delight. DR Pinella explained in great details the importance of implant size for the perfect match to my body, His post op staff and the surgical team made me feel like a princess. I would ... READ MORE

Hello. I thought I would share my experience with you and keep track of my progress. About a week ago I had an appointment with my surgeon. I found him through ratemd. According to over 200 reviews he seems to be a breast god. My appointment went well therefore I decided to book my surgery on... READ MORE

Okay, so I'm 5ft 8 slim waist but curvatious from hips to bum but slim legs. Size 8 tops and bottoms. I had my consultation, surgeon seemed a little rushed. Only thing we went through was what size or what was I expecting. I said a natural look C. So hes suggested the 300cc for right and 270cc... READ MORE

I am 5'7" 170-175 lbs, 50 years old. Always wanted Breast augmentation and finally I got it done after so much research. My kids are grown and finally it's time for me!! I was measured as a 39b yes odd but it was difficult for me to find bras. Always wore the VS add two cups plus either a 36c... READ MORE

I am excited beyond words, because my BA is scheduled for May 12th, 2015!!! A little about me first off; I am a 32-year old, single gal who has never had children. I am 5'4", 142lbs, and what I would consider very athletic. My area of expertise is heavy weight lifting (e.g. currently... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I am a 32 year old mummy of two beautiful kids. Unfortunately, breastfeeding them both for 2 years each resulting in deflation of my once full breasts. I wear size 12B cup and my breasts sag to the bottom of the bra, used to be a full D. I saw a few surgeons, one in thailand as... READ MORE

I have been thinking about "having my boobs done" since I was 18, but accepted the benefits of having small boobs and what were relatively nice looking boobs. It was only after having our son and loving the look of my boobs when breast feeding that I got a taste of what having boobs would be... READ MORE

So I've been on this site for awhile and now, being less than two weeks out from my procedure, I think it's time to add my voice. I've been thinking about a BA for years as I lost a lot of volume in my breasts after an 80lb weight loss. Honestly speaking, I don't hate my breasts but I feel like... READ MORE

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