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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I had my consultation already. There's a date set up and I'm still not sure about the size the doc told me 400cc and he said it will b at least a small D I'm 115lb 5'2 I fit in a 34b I want at least a 34c the reason why I don't want to go too big is because I have a small upper body. I have two... READ MORE

From the moment I stepped into Dr. Pousti's office I felt so welcome and put at ease. Everyone on his staff is so friendly, helpful and answered questions anytime I had them. Dr. Pousti is a brilliant plastic surgeon and a true gentlemen. He's an awesome doctor that really cares about your... READ MORE

One week from today I'll be getting new boobs!! Nervous and excited but mostly excited! Went in to see my PS again yesterday to determine size. I originally choose 370cc and then after reading reviews / watching you tube videos I realized every single person wishes they went bigger, so I went... READ MORE

I was a small 34b now I'm a 38 /40c depend on the manfactor company. I'm have a 450cc, saline mentor round moderate plus. This wasn't about my confidence or self-esteem that's wasn't never an issues. That was always on point and still is. I thought about getting breast implants for 10 years, ... READ MORE

I've been browsing around everyone else's profiles, so thought it was time to write a review. Pictures soon to follow. I am currently a 34AA. I have remembered hating my breasts since I was about 14, but thinking I should wait for them to grow. By the time I was 17 it was apparent that that... READ MORE

I'm 23 Years, have been flat for years. Knew in high school I was not going to fill out. My mom got implants 10 years ago and has been supportive of my plans for surgery. I'm currently 32b but can also wear an a cup. Had my consult with Dr barr in February of this year. I decided on 300cc... READ MORE

I am 32 and have always had body imagine issues and hate looking at myself in tbe mirror. I have lost weight and I have 3 wonderful children, 2 of whice I did breast feed, never watched my diet with the first 2 which I regret. Now they sag and are just "boring". I had a trainer for 6 months and... READ MORE

I am a 43 old 5'5 female 123 pounds with a very petite frame. Last year I was involved in a very serious car accident which left me with many scars and a broken back and shattered spine. I have been thinking about implants for over 10 years and did have one procedure scheduled 10 years. The... READ MORE

I had been flat all my life. During pregnancy and while breastfeeding I had approximately full C breasts which went back to a barely A. Kind of saggy too. Also, the fact that I exercised and stayed fit helped my body but not my breasts. They actually got smaller. So I saved up, consulted w my... READ MORE

Im getting surgery on August 21st ! I'm still can't decide between 335cc and 350cc ,the dr said that he would recommend 335 on me but that if I want a result like my wish pictures we have to do 350, it's confusing because he said I will be a c with both I've seen that some girls with similar... READ MORE

I am 27 years old 5'9 130 pounds.I have a 2 and 4 year old,I nursed both.I had my first BA in 2005 and went with a 360cc saline which gave me a 34c.I lost volume with nursing and now have my next BA on the 26th of april.8 days from now.My doctor recommended 500-550cc high profile or moderate... READ MORE

Hi ladies! Ive been using Real Self as a informational/motivational system for the past 2 months to push me through my breast augmentation. I have a mild form of tuberous breast. At first, I didn't know what I had until I went to my first consult. I always thought they looked the way they did... READ MORE

Hi All! I have been reading reviews on here for months now and figured it makes sense to start a post on this. Ever since I was about 16 years old I have wanted a boob job. I have always been extremely flat chested but I did gain some weight when I was around 21. I have since become hugely... READ MORE

Pre kids, I was always a 34 A. While breastfeeding, I got up to a 36 C, which I loved! I didn't enjoy the extra baby weight, but loved the fullness of my breasts! (minus the milk/veins) After I finished breast feeding my first 2 children, my boobs were a 34B. And, now after breast feeding my... READ MORE

I'm 36, active mom of 3, 5'3 103lbs. I've researched BA for years! I was a small 34B but 3 kids and lupus have left me a 32A/AA. I spend a lot of time in a bathing suit and its time not to look 12 anymore!! My lupus has been in remission for 3 years and I've got the green light to get the BA... READ MORE

My goal was to enhance my bust size (without looking monstrous) while getting my breast to sit higher on my chest wall and Dr. Minniti gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for. I'd known about anatomicals since 1995 from european models I knew and have wanted them since. Being that they were now... READ MORE

I'll start by saying I'm 5'4'', about 115lbs, and built straight up and down like a 13 yo boy. I just think some breasts would flatter my figure. I met with Dr. Wakelin for my consultation last week and wanted to get things rolling so my surgery is scheduled for Thursday March 5th at 2pm. I'm... READ MORE

I have always wanted big boobs. I was sure about my decision once i noticed my breast were deflated after breast feeding. I researched for over a year and went to several consultations. I was 5'6 150lbs with 34c breast. I wanted big and i told my doctor exactly what i wanted and even showed her... READ MORE

Finally getting boobs after waiting 10 years lol.. Im excited and scared but looking forward to the surgery, im so self conscious of my small deflated breast, i breastfed all 4 of my kids so maybe thats why they deflated lol.!! Im getting 400cc saline HP under the muscle.. Im curious to see how... READ MORE

I'm hoping to be a full C after my procedure. I'm wearing a small 32 A right now. I've never been happy with my breasts and cannot wait to feel confident about my body! I'm constantly wearing padded bras that add up to 2 cups sizes. I would like to feel comfortable topless around my husband (not... READ MORE

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