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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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I just had a breast augmentation by DR ALMANZAR 45 days ago and I'm so happy with the results! I know it's early in my healing, but, if they look this good now, then I will be one happy girl once everything settles. I had a BA 10 yrs ago by another surgeon and recently my left breast DROPED a... READ MORE

Hey everyone I'm a mother of three going good through a divorce and really happy to be single I guess! Looking for something new and I would like to reinvent Myself lol but frfr :) I'm currently a 36 c. Which is an okay size for most but as I said want something a Lil New. My doctor is... READ MORE

First off I wanted to thank everyone who has posted on this website- it helped me to determine a size I liked and get more details on the surgery and healing process. I am a mom of two and I breasfed very minimally with my first and my second wouldn't at all. I have been wearing a 32c body by... READ MORE

Ok so I have had my consultation with Dr. Sofia Kirk and team back in April 2015. After having other consults with local PS, I decided that I wanted her do perform my procedure. I have decided that I am going 400-425 cc, saline, with incision under the muscle and incision under the breast fold. ... READ MORE

So after having 2 kids and losing weight I was left with sad boobies. My husband and I finally decided we were in a comfortable enough place financially to move forward with my Aug. I had silicone mod profile placed under the muscle trans axillary. 450 on the left and 430 on the right. I was... READ MORE

Hello ladies!! So finally I'm having my BA tomorrow!! Wow I'm so scared and nervous and excited! Lol My PS is dr. Kristi Hustak, so far she's being great as well as her staff.. Well here's my story.. I'm a mommy of two kids, the youngest just turned out 2, so after breastfed them I ended with... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for Feb 12!! I'm super excited and can hardly believe that I'm finally doing it. I've always made comments about wanting breast implants but never thought that I'd ever be able to afford it. The thought of spending $6000 for something superficial seems outrageous but it's what I've... READ MORE

Hi to the BA women of Real Self! I have been reading some of your stories during my decision making process, so thank you! Time to share my own story. I, too, wished and hoped during high school and college that my breasts would develop, but they never went past an "A" cup. I also notice that... READ MORE

Im seeking larger implants at least a double D ..Im hoping to finally have nice full big breast with lots of cleavage. I've always been small on top , I've wanted a BA now for as long as I can remember, I just want to be able to wear a bikini top or a nice shirt with some confidence, its taken... READ MORE

I had been looking to do breast augmentation for a long time I was referred to Dr. Pousti from 3 of my coworkers . From beginning of the process Dr. Pousti and he's staff displayed absolute professionalism and were a pleasure to deal with. My procedure went great I was an "a" cup with... READ MORE

I have booked my operation at the Adam Kalecinski clinic in Poland, I have also booked my flights and accommodation and will be travelling from the UK alone. I have booked to stay in shared apartments that are for patients of the clinic as I feel it would be better having other people there as I... READ MORE

Since Dr. Driscoll had done such a beautiful job with my rhinoplasty, I had complete confidence and trust in him to perform my breast augmentation surgery. I received 300cc hp silicone unders. He was extremely knowledgable, experienced, and patient during the entire process. I wanted to go... READ MORE

So in November 2014 I began researching BA after discovering some of my colleagues had implants which looked very natural. I spoke with them about their experience and figured it was something viable however have been back and forth about whether to do it because I am comfortable with my body... READ MORE

I have wanted this surgery since I was in my early twenties. All of the women in my family are naturally well endowed; except for me. Throughout the years I had gone to a few consultations but kept putting it off because of comments from others and not overly thrilled with my consultations. I... READ MORE

I am sharing my story because this website has helped me so much during my journey and hope to help other! I stumbled upon Real self when I was in the beginning stages of finalizing my breast aug. I have wanted to undergo breast aug surgery for over 10 years, but have finally saved enough to... READ MORE

I recently had a BBL in D.R. With the amazing Dr.Duran . I love my results and I decided against getting my breast implants in D.R. Because I did not want to spend any extra Time away from home . I am looking into getting breast implants here in the states . I have emailed a couple doctors here... READ MORE

I called to schedule a consult today with a reputable ps in my area and was surprisingly told they had a cancellation for TOMORROW!!! I am so excited to go and the anticipation is killing me already lol. I have been waiting since I was 14 to have a ba, however having kids put that on hold but... READ MORE

I am 5'2 and 101lbs. I have had 4 babies and breastfed all of them, this last baby, for a year. In high school, I had the perfect c cup breasts. Now, after babies, I have very little breast tissue and my breasts sag somewhat. I am very lucky that I have not had to work to lose weight following... READ MORE

Before getting pregnant with my beautiful, sweet little boy, I was a perky full C cup and LOVED my body! I was one of those girls who never had to watch what I ate or work out, and still had an hourglass figure. Needless to say, the arrival of my angel changed ALL of that! Suddenly I had stretch... READ MORE

I am finally getting the breasts I always wanted. Hoping to go from size 34B to D, yet to be approved by Dr. For the exact cc. My breasts are different sizes so I am going with saline to fix that, and I have enough breast tissue that there should be no rippling or any of the issues that can come... READ MORE

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