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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi! So I am looking to have my breasts augmented as well as made more symmetrical and my nipple fixed on the one side ... I model so I'm terrified they may end up worse than what I have now .. I am Five six with a thin but athletic frame and weight about 120 I am looking for suggestions on... READ MORE

I had my consultation already. There's a date set up and I'm still not sure about the size the doc told me 400cc and he said it will b at least a small D I'm 115lb 5'2 I fit in a 34b I want at least a 34c the reason why I don't want to go too big is because I have a small upper body. I have two... READ MORE

Ever since I was about 17 I've always dreamt of the day my breasts would grow big and voluptuous...but that day never came. I used to chat to my cousin about it and we both said we'd have boob jobs when we were older...then hers grew and mine didn't! At about 18 I started saving up...think I... READ MORE

I never developed properly during puberty so wanting breast surgery is nothing new but having my daughter and breastfeeding has left my already insignificant bust very deflated! Ive done my research and looked into 4 surgical groups before deciding on Mr Richards at Aurora.. he came the most... READ MORE

Well all I can say is everything went smoothly and all very informative and Dr Nogueira and Dr Salmones were fantastic all the way to post operation. I am a new woman...much happier and content. Clinic was easy to find hotel nearby. I was seen to straight away and taken for consultation with Dr... READ MORE

I'm 22 with two kids 150 lbs 5'3 I had my surgery done today I got cohesive gel smooth round high profile Armpit incision under the muscle 650 cc's in both breasts. Surgery went great only thing I didn't like was the wait times before surgery. It made me more anxious. Everything was great... READ MORE

I am feeling so excited right now. Been watching videos on Youtube regarding post-op tips. I am currently a size 10 waist, B cup, 5 foot 5 inches tall. Getting 460cc Nagor implants round. I have two bras to wear for post op. They both do up at the front which will make life much easier! :O)... READ MORE

I've always been flat chested. Then after breastfeeding three babies for the first year of their lives, what little I had got worse. I absolutely loved nursing my babies and the convenience of always having their meal ready and the bonding times with them. But after they weaned I missed having... READ MORE

First post! I lost a lot of weight in 11, I also breast fed my son for 8 months. I first had a consult with Dr Daniel Flemming in 2011, the first thing he said was that I needed a peri areola lift which shattered me. He said under the muscle after my lift healed and recommended a big size. I've... READ MORE

I didn't think that I would be posting on here but I see that it helps a lot of people to document about the progress of their surgery. I will be having mine on July 9, two days from now. I'm very nervous and excited. I am second guessing the size I chose. I want it to look natural and I hope... READ MORE

I am a young looking 49 yr old 5'5" 146 pounds. I have finally saved up enough money to get breast implants. It took me forever to save and now I feel like I've missed the boat on this :( Am I too old now to get them? Did anyone feel this way prior to getting them? I have my consultation in 2... READ MORE

I am a very athletic mom of 2 teenage boys. I have been on the fence about breast augmentation for years but after having kids and running many half and full marathons I have lost what little I volume that I was blessed with. I am doing high profile, under the muscle silicone implants. The size... READ MORE

So I'm 18 and lucky enough to have the money to do something I have wanted to do for a while. I've always had considerably small breast and now I'm hoping for big, full, perky boobies!! I really want to be on the larger side, so I would like to do 650 CC's under the muscle round mod+ but I don't... READ MORE

So, after many many years of being self conscious of my small chest size, I decided to get a breast augmentation as a present to myself. I met with Dr. Tantillo in Brookline, Mass and I couldn't have been more pleased. He is very professional, curious and was sure to address all of my concerns. ... READ MORE

I've been browsing around everyone else's profiles, so thought it was time to write a review. Pictures soon to follow. I am currently a 34AA. I have remembered hating my breasts since I was about 14, but thinking I should wait for them to grow. By the time I was 17 it was apparent that that... READ MORE

Well as everyone else says on here, Mr Marando is THE best surgeon to take care of you. From the first consultation I had with him, I knew he was the right one for me! He encouraged a second consultation before booking the procedure with him which was nice as previous experience with Transform (... READ MORE

I had my BA 5 days ago got high profile gel 470cc. I'm still in pain and I wish I would have gone a little bigger but I believe they look good with my body shape. Feeling super sore and in pain day 5 post op I also had some lipo done around my belly and i can't seem to walk straight because my... READ MORE

20 days to go till my surgery! I have had a great experience so far, Dr hassel was great! To the point but I felt comfortable the while time ! And Peggy well Peggy is amazing !! I have called quite a bit and she is always very informative! ! I used to have some BOOBS but after breast feeding and... READ MORE

I would like to thank all the women on this site for sharing their journey. It has definitely help ease my worries and concerns about doing a procedure I had fantasized about since I was in my early teens. I am a long way away from getting my procedure done but I figure I would just start... READ MORE

I have booked my operation at the Adam Kalecinski clinic in Poland, I have also booked my flights and accommodation and will be travelling from the UK alone. I have booked to stay in shared apartments that are for patients of the clinic as I feel it would be better having other people there as I... READ MORE

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