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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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Well it's official, I booked my surgery date today. This is something I've been thinking about and wanted for many years and I am so excited. I'm incredibly small to begin, usually I don't even full an A cup, so in order to reach a desired decent C cup, I've decided (with help from my dr) to... READ MORE

I am super nervous for my procedure that is less than A WEEK away. I have decided to go out of town to Alabama and let Dr. Hedden do my breast AG. I have spent numerous amounts of time on researching exactly what I want. I have come to a decision...... I am going with a 500cc moderate plus... READ MORE

I am nearly 2 weeks post op and I am freaking out. I feels like my implants are too high and nipples are too low. It's the bit at the top that is freaking me out. Will they drop and look more natural. At the moment I feel like frankenboob. I am really unhappy about them. My surgeon said that... READ MORE

For years I have always wanted bigger boobs to make me feel more shapely and proportioned. My favorite bras after having my daughter were VS double my size push up bras. I always dreaded trying clothes on that I couldn't wear a bra with. They never looked or fit me the way I liked. I researched... READ MORE

Hello ladies! I have been stalking these forums for months reading reviews and asking questions, all the while trying to decide if I really want to get this procedure done or not. I am scheduled for July 24th but might push the date to August 7th due to my new health insurance kicking in. I am... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation desperately needed after breastfeeding for a year. She is going on 13 months and I am done having kids so it's a perfect time to get implants. Dr.Obeid was great and very personable and the staff members are all sweet. I am getting the silicone implants because they felt... READ MORE

I decided that as I am still a gym and fitness fanatic ..i wanted boobs... I talked with others who had nice boob jobs and friends who knew the NZ plastic surgeons ... I meet with an amazing PS and talked about what would suit me.. After trying on sample sizes upto 450cc !!!... he looked at me... READ MORE

Hey everyone, My name is Eva, I am 28 yrs old I am from Toronto Ontario, I breastfed 2 boys ages 8in a half and 22months. ( let me tell you that does a number on your boobs ) I have always had a very thin build I was about 100lbs. after I got pregnant with my second son at the age of 27 I told... READ MORE

I made the decision to get a breast augmentation back in June of 2014. One of the main reasons why I chose to have this surgery was due to the fact that I lost a ton of breast tissue after my 50 lbs weight loss. I literally had nothing and I did not feel very feminine at all. I am 28 years old,... READ MORE

I had what they call a Trans Umbical Breast Augmentation on 5/13/03 I had a hi pro file sm rd sal-fill from Mentor. 500 cc under the muscle The only scar I have is in side my belly button. I was a 34 a - which became a 34D now I am a 36D I had 3 days of intense pain. I do not remember much from... READ MORE

First of all I would like to thank Dr. Palladino for the patience that he had with me; I change my mind like four times about what size I wanted my breast implants. I was unsure of what I wanted, but at the end I left it in the hands of Dr. Palladino. He decided to insert 500cc saline high... READ MORE

Pre kids, I was always a 34 A. While breastfeeding, I got up to a 36 C, which I loved! I didn't enjoy the extra baby weight, but loved the fullness of my breasts! (minus the milk/veins) After I finished breast feeding my first 2 children, my boobs were a 34B. And, now after breast feeding my... READ MORE

I originally decided I was going to 'one day' have my boobs done about 15yrs ago. Pre hubby, pre kids - pre anything!!!! I've never been ok with them. It didn't help that I was a late developer and always wore padded push ups. Since then I've got married, had my babies and got somewhat bigger... READ MORE

First about me, I'm 36, 5'6" & 125lb. I am a wife and mom of two. I wasn't able to breast feed more than 10wks each child and religiously wore my bra 24/7 thru pregnancy and after. I have nearly no sag. I started 34C prior to kids and went up to 36DDD. Now, sadly, a 34A-barely. I just made my... READ MORE

Hello...I've been looking at getting implants for 3 years. Decided a month ago to get a consultation with dr Edny in Omaha Nebraska. I then booked my surgery for the 30th. I very active and did a bunch of bikini bodybuikding contest this past year. I did well and now I have my pro card.... READ MORE

I have wanted breast augmentation since I was a teenager, and am finally ready to go through with it. I consulted with Dr. Richard Fryer, and am very comfortable with him and excited about the procedure and hopeful about my results. I wear a 36B bra, but my correct current size would probably be... READ MORE

Wish to I hope! I have been dreaming of having breast implants for at least the last 8 years. I am 31 years old and a mother of 2 wonderful active boys. I was always very petite frame and very small chested but I was able to wear a 32A push up bra and be satisfied. ... READ MORE

I am a 31-year-old wife and mother of two. I'm 5'4, around 118lbs, 32 A cup size. My breast used to be small and perky, now after two kids they are small with a slight sag and stretch marks. So now my desire for breast implants has increased drastically. I seriously hate taking my shirt off.... READ MORE

I've thought about having this done for about 10 years, after pregnancy and breastfeeding changed my shape dramatically. I've cancelled the surgery two times, got totally freaked out. But I seriously can't stand my breasts anymore. With clothes, fine, naked or in a swimsuit or sports bra, forget... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation after I breast fed my son. I was a 36B and noticed that my breast tissue had changed. I seemed smaller or saggy. I had the "gummy" emplants at 468cc which made me a 36D (small) or very full c-cup. I am pleased with the results! They look and feel natural. I am... READ MORE

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