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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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I have always been self conscious about my breasts, which were always small and impossible to fill out clothes with. I constantly compared myself to everybody around me and always felt inadequate. After I had my child, my breasts became deflated and I had more areola than anything. I had mom... READ MORE

I used to be a full A, but last few years have barely filled a 32a. Very petite and no weight change has made my breasts any bigger. I'm now looking for a wedding dress, and it's been a very sad look in each dress since I am very flat. So I took the plunge to get new boobies in time for wedding... READ MORE

So I've been trying to get my breast augmentation for years now! It is finally becoming a reality. I scheduled my consultation with Dr. Mel Ortega. I live in Chicago and my plan is to fly in on April 24th for my consultation and if all goes well at the consultation, I would like to have my... READ MORE

I'm 5days post op or 4. It hasn't been that painful. Just more of a sore feeling. I'm happy with my results and can't wait for the to drop and fluff. The hardest part is sleeping at a 45degree angle, and not doing anything.. My man was against it at first now he's in love with them, and saying... READ MORE

I am 5'3" 118 lbs with some booty but no boobies (34a or a small 34b if I'm lucky). Sometimes I really don't mind having small breasts. I am very active & I think they are more athletic looking & may even make me look younger at times. I also think small breasted women are able to wear a lot of... READ MORE

Hey ladies! I am 24 yrs old about 155lbs & 5'5". i am currently a flat 34b wanting more fullness, thinking about a DD. I have always wanted a BA. before I gave birth to my son I was a 32A, ballooned up to a 36D and back down to my current a few months after giving birth. a few weeks ago I had... READ MORE

I am a 32AA, I have always been very tiny and insecure with my breast and finally am going to do this. I am very active and go to the gym three times a week. I really find this site helpful and have done so much research. I have a good base on what to expect pre and post op but still am very... READ MORE

After breastfeeding a beautiful little baby girl, my boobs unfortunately drooped and deflated- mere shadows of their former glory. I spent a long time considering plastic surgery and then researching implants and doctors, and finally, three years after the birth of my daughter, I decided on Dr.... READ MORE

I'm 48, 5'4 and 110 pounds. I've lived with small breast, 32AA for far to long....... After the end of a 20 year marriage, I decided it was time for me to look and feel good about myself! So I researched and pick a PS. On October 23 of 2014 I had my surgery. We chose the Mentor Smooth Round High... READ MORE

Please help! I'm writing because my dr is recommending UHP implants which make me a little nervous I'm not finding a lot of photos or reviews on them. And I'm 5'2 5'3 ish 126 lbs going with 455 cc on the Right and 485 cc on the left to balance the asymmetry. I never thought of myself as petite... READ MORE

My career is all about my body as a personal trainer and before my surgery I did not feel very feminine, so I researched online for surgeons in Sydney. I came upon Dr Drielsma who had 25 years experience in the industry and went forward and booked a consultation with him. He showed me his work... READ MORE

My pre-o p cup size is an "A. My goal is to achieve a full #C/D. I have had two consultations so far. The first was with Dr. Villar in Stuart Florida. He only tried on one implant in a sizer(I don't even know what size it was). He did no measurements and would not promise me a size,didn't... READ MORE

I am 24 years old 125lbs and mother of a beautiful 4 year old. I know it's fresh but are my breast going to get any bigger? Please help...major tears after spending a good chunk of money. I was hoping for double D's. They looked so perfect in size with swelling but not with the swelling... READ MORE

I went to a consultation with Dr. Taneja on 4/19/2013 at the Pasadena office. Upon arriving I was bombarded with people. It was extremely busy with nowhere for me to sit. I had my children with me so I was a little annoyed by this but I traveled 2 hours so I dealt with it. They wait was OK given... READ MORE

I've been researching on realself, Instagram and YouTube and im obsessed over listening and reading real life experiences! I'm excited and planning for Feb 2014. I have only completed two consultations thus far and have one more planned for November (that's this doctors next available). I'm... READ MORE

I have always loved and wanted nice perky big but not too big breasts! In high school and before babies I had a nice full B cup. Smaller than I liked, but they could be pushed up nicely in bras, I felt feminine in swim suits. They obviously got huge with both pregnancies and I just loved it!... READ MORE

Hello, I went for a consult a few weeks ago. I am currently a 34"C" (but at Victoria's Secret I wear a 34D). I would like to be a full "D". I have breastfed 3 babies and I would like to get back some of the fullness I lost through the years (not necessarily from Breastfeeding only, but weight... READ MORE

Its just swelling, its just swelling. That's what I keep telling myself. I'm writing this with hopes of helping others. I know reading similar stories helped me be prepared and not completley freak out like I would have otherwise. Ok so I'm 20 hours post op. I had saline implants inserted under... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I decided to start a blog to document my experience with breast augmentation surgery. I can't believe this is really going to happen!! I've always been unhappy with my small chest, but its gotten so much worse after having 3 kids. Its very frustrating that I now have a... READ MORE

Hello world! So I've been thinking about breast implants since I was probably 18. I am barely a 32 a. I'm not quit sure what size I want to be I just know I want boobs! A co worker of mine got silicone (she is 26) about 3 months ago and now I think I'm finally ready seeing as though hers are... READ MORE

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