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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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Hello ladies! I've been a lurker up until now but have found so much valuable insight on this site that I have decided to join you in sharing my own journey. Like most of you, I would love if my story helps just one woman along her own journey but I also have to be honest, I am hoping to get... READ MORE

I am so happy I got this done. It is life changing. I have been a 34A forever, then I had a baby and got big boobs while I was breastfeeding. Then after I stopped nursing, my boobs shrank to be even smaller then before. I had my surgery yesterday 8-21-15. Honestly I expected the pain to be... READ MORE

I have made the initial email to reach out to a Dr. about my breast Augmentation. I am nervous, excited, scared. I am very sure about having the surgery, though. I have been doing a lot of research. A little more about me. I am 5'2'', currently off season from my competitions, 120 lbs, I am a... READ MORE

I had wanted implants for at least 10 years, i have an athletic build and my body fat percent was 17.8%. As you can imagine i was flat, like flat as a board! i had had one kid and breast fed him for 20 months. i just wanted to look like a grown woman in that area of my body`not a 12 yr old boy,... READ MORE

So after months of planning today is finally the big day!! I'm still waiting for the nerves to kick in, but I'm so tired and hungry all I can think about is how much my head hurts. I check in at the clinic at 10am, but have no idea what time my surgery will be, anything up to six hours after... READ MORE

I don't really know where exactly to start, besides I am so excited to FINALLY have boobs! Ever since I started puberty I was waiting for my boobs to come in, and to my surprise they never came! My mom and grandma would tell me just wait until you have kids.. Well I did.. And there is still no... READ MORE

Hey everyone! I wanted to write a review because this site and you ladies have helped me so much that I can only hope to do the same for someone else. A little background on myself; I am 21 and have been desiring breast implants for years since I knew I was done growing at around 9th grade. I... READ MORE

So I'll start off with my stats, I am current 20 years old and will be 21 by my surgery date which is May 15, 2015. I've wanted large breats for as long as I can remember, I knew I was never going to naturally have them so I knew I would eventually have to get implants. Well after many years I... READ MORE

Hoping to look like a woman and be confident . Worried about pain and recovery and not being able to work out for 4-6 weeks losing muscle tone , endurance and strength and gaining weight , being antsy and depressed . Hoping it will be worth it .it's only a 6 week break! Sorry the photos are... READ MORE

Hello my beautiful woman, the woman that cares about themselves... I feel you already like part of my family (my boobs sisters) I read so much information that I feel I know you guys already. I have decided to do this because it's not fair that your transitions helped me so much and I don't... READ MORE

Finally decided to make a review. This website has been so helpful. I went to two consultations before choosing Dr. Knoetgen to perform breast augmentation. I am a 34A. Wanting a full c or small d cup. Dr. Knoetgen and his staff are amazing made me feel so comfortable, because i was so nervous... READ MORE

So i just had my BA yesterday. I'm extremely swollen and sore. And my breast skin feels very itchy. Definitely have boobs now thats for sure. My belly is bloated though. Im 21 and im 165cm and a size 6-8 AUS. The incision is under the breast. i chose 550cc silicon gel round under the muscle. He... READ MORE

I'm a mother of 3 , I wasn't feeling confident. I went to Dr. Wiener in clear lake tx . So I decided to get breast augmentation. I was a 36b and now I'm a 38D . I'm very happy with my results . He is very knowledgeable and fast . He even called me the same day after surgery to see how I was... READ MORE

My goal is to finally be confident with my self... always being the flat one has always irritated me. I'm thankful I'm at a point in my life where my dream is finally becoming reality! I'm currently 34 a I think. Honestly I haven't ever been measured, and most my bras are hand me downs from... READ MORE

I am not one to write reviews but found the many reviews I read to be extremely helpful so I am paying it forward. I have always been dissatisfied with my breast size. My mom and sister both have large breasts so I thought it was just a waiting game but still at age 20 I had hardly a 34b. I... READ MORE

I've had boobs since grade 3, but I swear they hadn't grown since then. I had lost about 39 lbs over the last few years and told myself my present to myself would be new boobs. I re-gained 10 lbs, but plan to re-drop those pounds soon and went ahead with my present! Finally at almost 32 years... READ MORE

So I just had my breast augmentation surgery done. Right now, I feel fine bc I'm still numb but I know the pain will kick in later. I went in this morning at 9:15 and my surgery started about 10:15. All of the nurses were very helpful and friendly @ Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta. Dr.... READ MORE

Ok. I'm slim and flat chested. And since my teenager years was upset about it. When all my friends were becoming to look like shapy young women I still looked like a boy. When I was in California, I went to see doctor Hanna. Well.. first I contacted La Nouvelle Medical Spa thru email, sent them... READ MORE

I had my 1st consultation yesterday. I have a fibroadenoma cyst in my left breast maybe the size of a unshelled walnut. Most of the time I don't even notice it, it's usually a day or two before my period that my breasts swell a bit then the fibroadenoma is tender and hurts. I've gotten an... READ MORE

Hello ladies!! So finally I'm having my BA tomorrow!! Wow I'm so scared and nervous and excited! Lol My PS is dr. Kristi Hustak, so far she's being great as well as her staff.. Well here's my story.. I'm a mommy of two kids, the youngest just turned out 2, so after breastfed them I ended with... READ MORE

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