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Breast enlargement surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of implant placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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I'm 5'2 and 110 pounds. I been wanting to get implants for a few years now. I have been on this site viewing photos and yes I'm scared out of my mind. I'm just so sick of being flat chested. I want to feel more of a women then a little girl. I haven't done it yet. Going in Thursday november 20th... READ MORE

I have wanted breast implants since my early twenties and I am finally doing it! I was constantly teased as a teen/young adult and I did go through a phase where I embraced my flat-chested body, but it has come to a point where I just don't feel feminine or confident. I work so hard on my body,... READ MORE

So I've decided to keep track of my BA journey, for before/afters and to organize all my thoughts about it. I'm starting at about a 32AA and have a pretty petite frame.. I think my measurements are like.. 31-23-34. So I have a narrow rib cage and small waist, but feel like I'm semi-"hippy,"... READ MORE

I am scheduled for surgery next Wednesday the 19th! I am so beyond nervous. I'm going saline 575cc high profile implants. I am currently a 34 AA, pretty much flat as a board!! I am hoping this will help with my confidence! have my pain meds filled and ready but cant shake the nerves! I need... READ MORE

I visited this site a lot but did not create a profile etc because I did not know if I would follow through with the procedure (I was scared of the surgery). I finally did it yesterday. I took a look at the boobs this morning and knew I would be happy with them for the rest of my life :-) ... READ MORE

I finally decided to take the plunge and get boobies! I am 29 years old, 5'5", 137 lbs, no children. I have been flat as a board my whole life (32AA) and wanted larger breasts to fill more proportionate. After meeting with Dr. Vijay, we decided to go with Mentor Silicone 375cc. I wanted a... READ MORE

I've wanted my boobs done for years, but once I had my son I was so uncomfortable with my body. I decided to go for a few consultations and finally came across Mr Whitworth through Nuffield Hospital (Bournemouth Clinic). A good friend of mine kept urging me to see him so I finally did. It was... READ MORE

I'm a week away from my procedure and still unsure about size. I don't want the obvious look, but I don't want to regret going too small. I am 5'2 ~100 pounds and workout regularly. At first I wanted 260, but have slowly decided to increase the size. I'm hoping if I get 300 they will fit... READ MORE

I am a 25 year old scheduled for augmentation in November. I have been waiting for my boobs to come since i was 11 years old and sadly they never did. I am considered a 34 b however i dont feel like it and i hate the shape of my boobs especially compared to my body. I am 5"4 145 pounds athletic... READ MORE

So after getting a new bra fitting at VS last month and realizing I lost more volume I decided to take the plunge and go for a consult. I knew from researching here that I probably wanted silicone gummies, 300-350 cc with an under the boob insicion (term?? anyone?) I'm 5ft 7in, 120 lb mom of 4... READ MORE

I have just set up my surgery date. I am going to be getting breast implants and a slight life. I am now looking at the sizes as to what I want and how I want them to look. I will upload pictures later today of what I currently have or should I say don't I am going to Tijuana with... READ MORE

I'm absolutely terrified and excited. I've debated this most of my life, esp after realizing I'm even *smaller* than before I had kiddos - told by the nurse I was a 28 or 30A while struggling to fill a 32A all this time! I had been very opposed (and judging myself?) until I realized majority... READ MORE

I am very excited for my future surgery with Dr. Aslani. I felt very sure in our first meeting and i am very calm because Cirumed Clinic has the best porfesionals in Spain. I have asymmetrical and small breasts. Doctor Aslani recommend me anatomical implants 345 cc. Then, i will put more photos... READ MORE

Im a mother of 4 but thats not the reason i decided to get a BA. Im a masculine woman thay always wanted to look feminine... my husband loves me the way i am i just wanted a change and be happy and in love with myself because i knew thats what makes me feel like a woman! I took a week vacation... READ MORE

I've always been petite as I was a gymnast and lead a very active lifestyle. I am 5'2", 100 pounds, and currently size 32b, 32c in most victoria's secret bras since they run pretty small plus the room the padding takes. I had three consultations back in July and August of this year before I... READ MORE

My current frame is fairly slender on top (34 B according to Victoria's Secret sizing) size S and slightly thicker measurements for the lower portion of my body. My waist is currently 28", hips 37". My reason for seeking breast augmentation is to gain volume and achieve a sexier, more... READ MORE

This site reminds me of face book but for boobs so I'll call it breast book, lol. Had my first consultation october 23rd. Went very well. Had it with Dr. Minns in Lubbock tx. The staff was really nice and caring. They all answered all my questions and took over an hour with me. I just went back... READ MORE

Hey hopefully I can update this section later when I've time. For now I guess I'm 25, 5'2 & 105lbs. I got 280cc anatomical, textured, silicone, high profile implants under the muscle. It's been about 3 weeks since the surgery. A picture says a thousand words so ive uploaded plenty! Ask any... READ MORE

So im not crazy about the boob jobs n DR but i love Duran n trust in her... I'm looking into going in the beginning of next year i contacted her n she said she does eurosilicone, donasis, and sillimed... i have no idea what that means lol so my research begins ... i don't want huge round... READ MORE

I am still in the research stage of this process but I've made the decision this is something I really want to do. I've never developed past a 34A and I've always wanted to have larger breasts however I was never really motivated to do it. After doing a little research on this wonderful website... READ MORE

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