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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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I am 31 years young, 5ft7" ,140lbs. I have four children and breastfed them all. I always had small boobs and after breastfeeding my boobs disappeared! I want to be a full C or small D. I had two consults so far. The first dr said I can go with 500cc. The second dr said he only would go... READ MORE

I'm A small a cup now ,and would like to be a full d, I seen dr beckert yesterday, and he was very nice down to earth guy, we decided on 480 cc ultra high memorie gell silicone implants , I have a 12 in base I am 5"4 103 lb small frame, so he thought that would be best for my expectations , I... READ MORE

I have 4 beautiful amazing children, all of whom I nursed so I lost a lot of volume. Recent weight loss is shrinking what I have left so I am getting a B.A with Dr. Freiman on 6/11/15. I am SOOOOO excited. I am currently a 36B/C and I am wanting to go for a full D/DD. Gelen has been really... READ MORE

I have wanted a BA ever since I realized I was never going to develop lol! I have been researching just about everything you possibly can before going through with the procedure - saline vs. silicone, doctors, sizes, post-op strategies, etc. I have picked out the doctor I'm going to use (Dr.... READ MORE

Hey ya'll I'm excited to finally be posting here after reading about everyone else and just wishing it'd be me. I'm a mother of 3 who Breastfed all 3 for about 6-8 months. My breast were always small to begin with and it was only during pregnancy or breastfeeding that I had the perfect Breast.... READ MORE

Im now 6weeks post op. 300cc High Profile Under the muscle. Im so happy of course because i came from completley flat chested ! But doc would only let me go 300cc max cause of small chest width. Recovery has been good but im constantly thinking something might be wrong! Stupid brain haha CC... READ MORE

I'm a week away from my procedure and still unsure about size. I don't want the obvious look, but I don't want to regret going too small. I am 5'2 ~100 pounds and workout regularly. At first I wanted 260, but have slowly decided to increase the size. I'm hoping if I get 300 they will fit... READ MORE

On January 28, 2015 I had my consultation with Dr. Murphy in Reno, Nv. I must say based on his portfolio I knew 100% his work speaks for itself and that I had chosen the right surgeon I felt comfortable and he answered all my questions. He gave me assurance that I would look gorgeous and he... READ MORE

My first Review!! So after meeting with numerous doctors I finally found the right one for me. I scheduled surgery for beginning of April and I am so stoked!!! Looking to be a full C :) possibly 450CC silicone high profile! Still haven't decided since pre op is a few weeks away but im leaning... READ MORE

Well to start off I've been wanting this done since I was about 15 (very serious). All my girlfriends got boobies and mine never came in. I use to watch Dr. 90210 and watch sooo many breast aug. episodes and just dream about the day! So I had my first son and about a year after having him, I... READ MORE

After wanting to get my boobs done since I was a teen, I finally booked an appt. for a consult with Dr. Pousti on 2/23/15. My friend referred me as she had her BA performed by Dr. Pousti a few years ago. Everyone at the office was great and made me feel totally comfortable. They let me try on... READ MORE

Hi, I'm from Québec, Canada and I had a BA on april 15! I am so glad I did this! I started from an a cup with a very thick skin which isn't stretchable. Because of that, at my first consultation, my PS told me he wouldn't go any bigger than 250cc or 300cc. I was so disappointed that I made the... READ MORE

Im a 39 yr. old single mom of two wonderful kids, 16 & 20. Ive always said that i wanted nice, big, full boobs again and this year would be my year. The year i turn a new decade, the BIG 40!! Im wanting a full D. Im 5'5 145lbs. I got my surgery April 1,2015, i know i was given 421cc silicone,... READ MORE

I've decided to chronicle my journey here since I've learned so much from you ladies over the past month. Some background: I'm 35 years (ugh), 5'3", 110lbs, and mother to 2 great little kids (ages 4 and 20 months). Before pregnancy, I was a small 34B and after prolonged BF'ing and some weight... READ MORE

After breastfeeding 2 kids (ages 1 and 5) I am now a very deflated maybe A cup.. My husband and recently decided we are without a doubt done and I have an appointment to get my tubes tied in 2 weeks. Tomorrow I consult with a local PS to discuss getting a BA. While nursing I was a steady D-DDD... READ MORE

Hey ladies!! So I'm 21 going to be 22 in August. Getting my boobs done july 3! (Poor timing since its summer and the day before 4th of July) but it was the best time for me job wise since im a nanny and the family is taking a vacation for two weeks! Any other nannies out there? Or mommies too I... READ MORE

I read tons of reviews on this site after going in for a consultation with my PS a few weeks ago. Now that I've scheduled my surgery date, it's my turn to contribute. Reading the honest and uncensored experiences that others have gone through has been so helpful as I made my decision, and now... READ MORE

Hi everyone.. Well I've been lurking around this site for weeks now but haven't had the courage to post anything about myself until now. Reading about other people's experiences has really helped me out so I figured I should be sharing my experiences too. I'm 5'6, about 125 lbs, no kids,... READ MORE

Like most, I have been contemplating this surgery for years. After befriending several wonderful women who unabashedly made the decision years ago to upgrade their boobies, I finally found the support I had needed to feel good about this choice! After deciding where to have my procedure... READ MORE

After pouring over magazine photos, Google images, and my own mentally formed pictures of the 'perfect' boobs I have finally decided to have a breast augmentation. But forreals this time. 300 cc, Mod Plus, Silicon Implants... I think. I'm still waiting on my doc to respond to my consultation... READ MORE

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