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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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My stats: 32 years old, 5'7", 135 lbs, currently a small 34B. My goal: full D cup Implants: 475 cc moderate plus profile, saline, inframmary incision, under muscle My story: I've never had total low self esteem over the size of my breasts. I have scoliosis, double scoliosis; meaning that I... READ MORE

I have scheduled my breast augmentation surgery for the 29th. Excited but definitely nervous. I've been wanting this surgery for about 10 years. Even though my breasts were never big, they were more perky and fuller than now. I never had kids and my weight has stayed about the same. I guess it's... READ MORE

I was never very big before having kids. I was a nice round B. I breastfed all 3 children for a combined total of just over 5 years. That left me deflated and sadly flat. I don't fill up my B bras. I am more of a 34 A. I always wanted to do this but put it off as selfish/superficial, too... READ MORE

Hola , estoy muy contenta , ya falta poco para mi Cirugía. Ya tengo mi boleto de avion comprado y mi madre esperandome con ancias , casi no puedo dormir pensando en ese dia , si kieren saber algo pueden preguntarme con confianza estare escribiendo mas adelante mi... READ MORE

Well it's official, I booked my surgery date today. This is something I've been thinking about and wanted for many years and I am so excited. I'm incredibly small to begin, usually I don't even full an A cup, so in order to reach a desired decent C cup, I've decided (with help from my dr) to... READ MORE

I had my consultation a week ago. I had plenty of questions and concerns. Implant size and recovery were at the top of my list. Dr. Fata answered all of my questions. I am 5'3, 135 lbs and currently a 34A. After having 2 children and breastfeeding, I have a little sagging. I do not want a... READ MORE

Hey Ladies! So I think the website is awesome and im proud to say after 3 months of research, consultation etc. I have my breast augmentation scheduled. I will be working with Dr. Chung in Allentown, PA. His office is so professional and made me feel very comfortable. In a week from tomorrow Ill... READ MORE

I finally decided on going for a consultation for a breast augmentation and after meeting with her I am scared oft right breasts droopiness compared to my left! He has suggested a 375cc because of my 14cm width of breast wall, and what scares me the most is her wanting to go above the muscle,... READ MORE

I've considered having breast augmentation for several years. As my 35th birthday approached, I decided to go for it and began researching surgeons. I chose Dr. Wendel for the following reasons: 1) I am a Registered Nurse and when I asked other nurses for their recommendations, I heard Dr.... READ MORE

I've been thinking about breast implants for years. Now after having two children my breasts seem to be smaller, ok non existent! I know it's time for a change. Im 5'3 100 pounds and 25 years old. Im very well into fitness and i know a new set of breasts will give me the physique i long for.I'm... READ MORE

I am a petite woman; 5'2", about 110 lbs., and about a 32/34 A cup. I have embraced being small-chested, but during pregnancy, I enjoyed filling out a C cup. Now that I have lost baby weight, and breastfed for a short while, I barely fill out my A cup bras. I had a taste of being a C, and want... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I am interested in getting a breast augmentation this summer when I will be 22 so I can get silicone. I already had a consultation with one plastic surgeon and he said the biggest implant he would give me was 315 mod plus, but I think that would be too small for what I want! Did... READ MORE

Researched for over a year. I'm married and we both were all for bigger and fuller boobs but took our time to maximize the odds for success. Finally decided on DR Marcelo Cisneros in Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador. A friend who is a plastic surgeon who specializes in nose jobs recommended DR Cisneros as... READ MORE

Hi Ladies! I couldn't sleep last night because I've been thinking so much about my upcoming BA, so I went online to find a place just like this and was so glad I did. I cannot tell you enough how happy I was to fund such a great community of supportive women. I'm a 36B on a good day and... READ MORE

I'm so excited I've got one consult scheduled in about a week but looking for more PS to see. If anyone in my area can recommend someone that would be great. I'm 5'1 118lbs Petite frame still not sure size looking into maybe 300-350cc. This page has been so helpful. I'm not ready to post any... READ MORE

I have been wanting a BA since my mid 20's, but only the saline implants were available. Then life got in the way as it always does. After consulting with three very good surgeons. I decided that Dr Saunders with a gallery full of beautify done BA and attention to the little details. In both... READ MORE

I have been, like most of you, thinking of enhancing my girls for a very long time and after breast feeding two babies it became a MUST. Since i have a history of not following through with things for myself and letting any reason to get delay doing something for me i went through this process... READ MORE

A few of my friends had their Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tucks with Dr Jugenburg and after seeing their amazing results and hearing about their experiences I knew for sure that he would be the doctor to do mine. I booked a consultation for Breast Augmentation and I was SO nervous... READ MORE

After wanting to get a BA for about 10 years now I have finally have the approval of my mother (means alot to me since I do come from a conservative family) I'm 26 years old, 5'1, 113lbs, and currently I am at a 32A that I can barely even fill! I have always been very small chested and when... READ MORE

I did a lot of research before I decided to have breast implants and I had four or five doctors lined up to talk to. Dr. Orna was the first one I saw and afterward I didn't want to see anyone else. She made me and my husband so comfortable, she answered all of the questions we had without... READ MORE

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