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Breast enlargement surgery uses silicone or saline implants, which supplements breast tissue or replaces it during breast reconstruction. LEARN MORE ›
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I have always wanted a breast augmentation, now at age 18, at size 32 AA, I have decided to go through with the surgery on Monday!! I'm so nervous but excited at the same time. I have opted with the saline under the muscle with a donut incision. I hope I'm making the right decision!! Getting so... READ MORE

Hello everyone!! After reading everyone's reviews/blogs, I have decided to share my own experience! I am 23 year old, 5'6", and 135 lbs. I am very active and hope to be down to 130-125 by my surgery date. The big day is set for March 25th. I am not too sure of my bra size but currently wear... READ MORE

I've always wanted bigger breasts and have always thought about getting implants. In the past year, I have lost 50 lbs and have worked so hard and changed my lifestyle. It's time to do this for myself! I'm nervous, but excited! I'm worried about not working out but I will get back on track as... READ MORE

My mom went to a local PS in our area about 10 years ago and got breast implants and at the time silicone hasn't been redesigned to be safer yet so she went with saline and they still look great ten years later. I'm 19 years old and my surgery date is in a little over a month. I also decided... READ MORE

I've been lurking on this site, reading all posts and experience. My podiatrist, who is an excellent podiatrist, told me about Dr. Walkiris Robles and showed me her tummy tuck procedure and ladies, it was excellent. I don't need a tummy tuck, but I need a breast augmentation and lipo. I'm... READ MORE

Had my surgery yesterday at the crack of dawn (ok, ok, 8:00 am). I was in mild denial that I was actually going to wake up with new boobs. Also, as much research I've done for years, and intense research through forums, NOTHING could prepare me for today experiencing side ribcage pain along with... READ MORE

Wanted a breast augmentation after breastfeeding two babies to add back lost volume and sagging. Went for a post OP on Monday and got implants the following Wednesday. Very happy with my results. Just waiting for them to "drop and fluff" which could be the most aggravating thing ever!! I got... READ MORE

Hi Everyone, I have a BA planned for the 2nd of January... I'm so excited. After having a babygirl and breastfeeding her for 8 months, I went from a B cup to an A :(( ... I'm 25 years old , and I decided that i want to go from an A to a small D ... The doctor said i probably need 450cc since I... READ MORE

My surgery date was quite spontaneous I was on a waiting list and expected a 6 month wait. But got a call 10 days prior to surgery. I got 450cc hp saline . The doctor preformed the *awake* procedure where you are sort of in and out. I was a bit worried about being awake during the procedure... READ MORE

Basically I wanted my breast back. I have had 3 beautiful children and nursed all of them for at least a year or more. Have gained and lost lots of weight through the years. Finally got my self on a weight loss plan that helped me finally loose weight and have kept it off for 1.5 years. So I... READ MORE

Few months ago I Realize a breast augmentation with dr medina. visit several surgeons but she was the only one that gave me the confidence to Have This process. I specifically explained everything I needed to know about my surgery, risks, recovery. operate and the doctor gave me a unique follow... READ MORE

I am a 36 yr. old woman (5'1" about 120 pounds) who has gained weight and lost weight all my life. My boobs are now kind of lifeless, sagging and look especially horrible when I bend over. I want to be more confident in the bedroom and be able to bend over without my boobs looking like empty,... READ MORE

I'm 32 and have wanted boobs since I never got them. Does that make sense? When all of my little girlfriends started developing, I wondered when I would. Well, it never really happened. Even when my weight was at it's highest (can you say Freshman 15?) they stayed small and I felt self conscious... READ MORE

Stats: Age: 20 Weight: 150 Height: 5'9'' I once had boobs....Then I weighed 225 pounds, and something kicked in around my senior year of high school and I lost 75 pounds!! The healthy way, eat right, eat less, and EXCERCISE!!! Sorry I don't have a get skinny quick scheme that has lasting... READ MORE

Like most people on here, I have devoured hundreds of reviews over the past few months, anxiously awaiting my own surgery. Now that I (finally!) scheduled my consultation, I figured I would share my information, as I found others to be so helpful. Plus, it seems like not many people get smaller... READ MORE

I'm 5'6 and 135 lbs currently at 36B bra size. I decided on Breast augmentation after my last pap when the nurse told me that my breasts were uneven and a little disproportionate. I had never really noticed the difference in my breasts but when I asked my boyfriend of 4 years, he admitted that... READ MORE

Oh boy ! My boobies dnt look good at all ! Deformed maybe .... :( I don't know what happened ! And I think I have anxiety now , along with my three daughters I'm very stressed out Do I need to re-do ? ?? What should I do now it's been about 6 months ... DRjones also did lipo of my flanks upper... READ MORE

I'm 33 years old. 5'6''. 110lbs.size 32A. workout addict. So far, I've only had my consultation. I'm getting saline, under the muscle, nipple incision, and somewhere around a 350cc round moderate or moderate plus smooth mentor implant. My goal is to look natural with a small to full C. My... READ MORE

So I have wanted larger breasts pretty much my whole life. I was an A cup all through high school and then went to a small B in college where I remained. I always thought I would get breast implants but wanted to wait until I had children to ensure that I didn't get larger breasts during... READ MORE

Hello, everyone, I had a breast reduction which I regret because it left me with nothing, so I decided to put implats which I had it done 2 years ago, I was not satisfied because the implants seen droopy an low had no volume, so I went back an got bigger implants my second dr recomended a 500 cc... READ MORE

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