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Breast enlargement surgery uses silicone or saline implants, which supplements breast tissue or replaces it during breast reconstruction. LEARN MORE ›
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Hello everyone! I've been reading on this site for a while now and I just have to say being able to read and see everyones pictures has helped me immensley in this process...I was so nervous before I found out about this site! Don't get me wrong, I'm still nervous...But nerves won't stop me from... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm 19 and from Melbourne Australia. I have booked in my ba and I can not wait!!! Let me tell you my story. I was the fat child with fat boobs. I'm short and I loved food. When I was 15 I decided to change myself and lost 25-30 kg. I was soo proud of myself, however I still wasn't... READ MORE

I am a 43 old 5'5 female 123 pounds with a very petite frame. Last year I was involved in a very serious car accident which left me with many scars and a broken back and shattered spine. I have been thinking about implants for over 10 years and did have one procedure scheduled 10 years. The... READ MORE

As long as I can remember I have been self conscious about my breast size which was practically nothing. I had been considering implants for a few years after saving up enough money I decided to have the procedure done. I was a 32 A before surgery, after I was a 32 DD, 400cc silicone high... READ MORE

I have had 4 children and breastfed all of them so it left me with some elasticity issues. I have always been small breasted and dreamed of fuller figure up top! Well I am 33 And I am finally getting them! Currently 36B. I go for my sizing February 24th. I will post some pictures soon. I... READ MORE

I am a mother of 2 very handsome young boys 16months and 4 years old. My whole life I have had nice boobs, a Big B small c. When I got pregnant (both times )my boobs ballooned out to a 34DD . They stayed that way till a week after weening and Wa-Lah 34A with D skin! I am 31 years old , 5'2/5'3... READ MORE

After my second child I felt that I had lost a lot of the volume in my breast. I wouldn't say they were saggy but often times I did feel they were. After going to many different PC and many consults I decided to go with DR reedy. One of the places I had first went to for a consult had me waiting... READ MORE

All I can say is finding the right doctor is the key. I didn't know I had Pectus Carinatum untill my first consultation. This chest deformity causes the breastbone pushed outward. My deformity is minor compared to others. It did raise some awareness on getting a breast augmentation. My... READ MORE

I am 5'2, between 100-105 pounds. I have asymmetrical breats that have lost a lot of volume from breastfeeding. My goal is to have more symmetrical breasts. I am not sure if I will achieve this with implants or a reduction on one side. I have a consult scheduled for 2/18/14 and will see what... READ MORE

What a wonderful website of women coming together to support each other during such vulnerable experiences! Wish we saw more of this in real life! I've wanted boobs forever. I was always hearing the itty bitty titty committee jokes, Miracle Gro, etc. Fortunately my freckles went away and my... READ MORE

Currently a 34B, shooting for a large D after my BA! Getting mentor silicone 480 cc's under the muscle, inframammary incision. After having two kids and breastfed one of them, I've lost all volume completely, even though I was no bigger than a small B before kids anyways, I just want to be... READ MORE

Hi, well I'm 20 years old, roughly 125lb (about 9st) and I'm currently a 32c. I have been thinking and doing a lot of research about BA. I have been wanting bigger boobs for most of my teenage life...I am quite slim and also tall (5ft 6in) but I feel like my boobs aren't the size that they... READ MORE

New mommy and 7 months post partum, I started to notice less volume in breasts. Was a nice perky 32B, and just wanted more fullness. Was scared of the recovery time and also pain, but none were a major issue post operation. No bruising, little pain, and I was very mobile. The results are... READ MORE

For ages I've been thinking about getting breast augmentation, and by ages I mean since I realised my breasts weren't going to grow any bigger ????. Anywho, last year I decided I was going to go for it cause waiting was only making me want it more. I went for a number of consultations and... READ MORE

I love my new breast implants - very pretty and only two weeks out - zero pain or bruising.  I had mine inserted through an incision around the areola and under the muscle - I went from a 32B to a 32DDDD with 450 cc Moderate Plus.  I had them done in La Jolla - the doctor was fabulous... READ MORE

I lost 95lbs this year and I have a lot of loose skin on my belly, also my breast need to be lift + I'm going to put implants. I am 5'8....weight 155lbs....36B.....chest muscle is 12.5....what kind of implants should I take....I don't wanna be too small or neither too big....i want silicone... READ MORE

I've wanted breast implants for so long and I finally encouraged myself to do it. I'm scheduled for me pre op next week on Tuesday Jan 29th and scheduled my surgery date for feb 6th. I am 22 years old, 5'0 and 97lbs. I am a 32A and hoping to get 325 OR 350ccs bringing me to a full c possible... READ MORE

So I've been looking through this site for a while and so I decided to finally start this journey! I can't believe I stumbled upon this community! It's so amazing to see what I have to look forward to etc. anyway, I'm 25 (almost 26 this week!) and a mommy of two small kiddies (3 and 1 years). I... READ MORE

Hi All, I am 31 years old 5"7 and about 145 lbs. This Sept I decided that I really wanted to have a breast augmentation. I have no credit cards so I have been saving up cash over the last few months not buying anything just to reach my goals thinking of the big prize. I already meet with a... READ MORE

Personal Stats: I am 41 years old, married for 16 years, 3 children. 5'4", 125 lbs. and most bras are size 34B as an A cup does not cover the circumference of my breast and if it is possible for my itty bitty breast to spill over the bra, it does in an A cup. Hard to describe. I would not... READ MORE

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