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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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Ill start by saying that I am very much anti-blog / anti-forum / anti-instagram /anti Facebook etc. etc. Yes I am one of those Vancouverites. I am writing a review here because in the emotional down of my breast augmentation roller coaster I ventured to this website at an attempt to ease my mind... READ MORE

Hi. I've decided to go with Dr. Michael Salzhauer, aka Dr. Miami. I was a little turned off because when I got to the office for my 1:30p consultation, I didn't go into the room until 2:03. Then I didn't see the doc unt 3:00. When he came in, he was very nice. He suggested I get 400cc so that I... READ MORE

I'm just about to finish nursing school and I feel like now is the time to get the boobs I never grew myself. After breast feeding my last daughter, I noticed that my breasts had shrunk smaller than they had ever been despite the fact that the rest of my body kept swelling into middle age.... READ MORE

Okay, so im normally about a 34 B/C and would love to be around a DD. I've visited 2 Dr.s so far and i am visiting a 3rd in February. I know my boobs are farther apart then most and it realllly bugs me :( I was told today that implants won't fix this, and now im not sure if i should even do this... READ MORE

I am a 31 year old mommy of 2. My goals were to increase the overall size and the fullness in the upper poles of my breasts. Dr Trovato was very thorough and kindly addressed any questions I had during the entire process. From the very first consultation I was confident that I would achieve the... READ MORE

I have always been lacking in the cleavage department (except when I was breastfeeding... God, I loved those boobs) and new I would one day get implants. I wasn't happy with the size of my breasts when I was younger (before kids) and now after I would give anything to have back that perkiness! ... READ MORE

I'm so excited, I'm done having children and now is the time to fix what child bearing wrecked. My breast are a very deflated 34c and am looking to fill up all that extra skin. When I breast fed my breast were 36E, and I loved them, looking for something similar. I have a friend that went to... READ MORE

OK so after reading tons of people journeys thru I decided to share my journey with you all as well. My name is Alexandra Sandoval. I am 4'11 and weigh about 87 lbs. I want to undergo a breast augmentation. Currently I am a 32A maybe even smaller, who knows. As far as cc's go I... READ MORE

Hey folks! I've been reading reviews on here for several months and have really benefitted from all the stories and insights. So much so, that I though I'd share my own! So while I'm 5 days post op now I'll start with what I started with... Which wasn't bad but it wasn't really proportional.... READ MORE

This isn’t a horror story as there were no major screw-ups but it is a caution. I am writing this in January 2015 and had my implants done November 2008. I had always wondered about breast implants. I was a 32A depending on who measured me and I had the problem most small-breasted women have... READ MORE

I've been so thankful for all the reviews and feedback here, that I am going to go ahead and share my story as well- in hopes someone will find it useful! And so begins my Breast Book :) CONSULTATION & RESEARCH: First and foremost, I've been researching breast augmentation/implants for as long... READ MORE

So glad I even found this office . I actually found off of google . The staff and Dr is AMAZING! They make you feel safe and confident . I get surgery in a week . 500cc silicone high profile. Im so anxious and ready to see my results!!! I'm going from a A cup to a baby D cup . Stay tuned for... READ MORE

Its just swelling, its just swelling. That's what I keep telling myself. I'm writing this with hopes of helping others. I know reading similar stories helped me be prepared and not completley freak out like I would have otherwise. Ok so I'm 20 hours post op. I had saline implants inserted under... READ MORE

I used to be very fat, then i loose 40 kg, and used to have aa-cup. I have money, so I did it finally. 290cc anatomical Nagor implants partially under the muscle. The clinic was friendly, beautiful not hospital-like wich was okay and i felt comfortable. I spent 7 hours on clinic and now after... READ MORE

After nursing three kids my boobs had no volume so for my Christmas present I decided to get an augmentation. It was so conflicted on the size I wanted to go with and consulted many reviews on this site. I wanted full breasts that would give me confidence to wear tanks and show cleavage without... READ MORE

I have been contemplating having a BA for several years now. Things like "I'm terrified to have surgery!" and "How the hell am I going to afford that!" have definitely held me back lol This year for my 24th birthday which is this upcoming Friday (September 26th), I finally decided to go balls to... READ MORE

Had BA after breast feeding 1 baby. I'm 1 week & 1 day post op & I love them!! I got 490cc on my L breast & 510 cc on my right, under muscle. I only felt horrible for two days but I was on so many painkillers and somas I wasn't even really there. You should totally do it! Everything went... READ MORE

I am a out of country patient and I had a great experience with Dr. Freiman, and the staff at cg cosmetic clinic. The process happened super quick for me and I love my results. My new boobs are better then I ever thought possible. The staff were very friendly and walked me through every part of... READ MORE

I am probably the most impulsive person ever so one day i was looking at photos with girls wearing pretty dresses and their breasts were perfect so i said, "I should get a boob job!" I was doing some research that night trying to find a surgeon. I found this site and got a lot of tips. Later i... READ MORE

I'm so excited that I'm finally doing this. Before my daughter I was a full A cup and not I'm lucky to be at a AA. Last week my husband and I met with Dr. Wolf in West Bloomfield. He was the 2nd consultation I had that week. He also was recommended by 2 other patients of his who have awesome... READ MORE

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