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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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Hello, This site has been so helpful to my journey toward some lovely new assets I thought I should contribute. It might also give me a good outlet because if my boyfriend has to hear one more thing about boobs I think he might cry. After years of wanting and wishing I have decided to start the... READ MORE

I have educated, read watched videos asked friends about experiences etc. I knew I wanted a B/A before even having children. But much more afterwards. Just to fill my "deflated airbags" I had large breasts to begin with. So I am excited for the end result I met with Dr. Perron and he was GREAT!... READ MORE

I am 5'4 and 110 lbs and currently wear a 32 a bra. I've had 2 consultations with my surgeon already and having the surgery in just a couple weeks ! I'm excited but nervous and, like many of you, am worried I chose the wrong size. After the breast exam my dr said that I couldn't go very big and... READ MORE

I always wanyed bigger boobs, but never saw a breast augmentation in my future. Recently, the opportunity came knocking on my door and I just had to answer it. From consultation to surgery was about 3 weeks! My husband and I talked about it for some months, and in one week I visited 3 doctors,... READ MORE

After losing 60 pounds I was quite happy with my weight lose but unhappy with certain areas of my body that skin sagged. After going to Santo Domingo for a tummy tuck, lipo and fat transfer. I realized that I need breast done also. So, because I didn't want to go back overseas a friend... READ MORE

I'm getting excited surgery date is next week Sept 18, 2014. Went in for my BA consultation in Aventura, FL. (a 4 1/2 hours drive from me) on Sept. 5th appointment was at 12:30, but he wasn't in his Aventura office (he was doing a surgery) so I went to his surgical facility. While I was in the... READ MORE

Well ladies I am happy to say that I am having breast augmentation on August 23, 2014. So only a few days away. I am so excited. I have read so much on breast augmentation and when I went for my pre-op appt today my mine was set to ease. I found when I went to my 1st consult with him it... READ MORE

I've been wanting bigger boobs for a long time and I finally did it! I thought I was too old but my ps said a lot of women my age do it and plus I don't look my age, lol! I breastfed 2 kids and my boobs were deflated and saggy! I wished I would have done it sooner! I wanted a natural look, I was... READ MORE

I've always had small to average breasts; they were pretty proportionate to my body. And I was perfectly happy with them. They were a good size for an active lifestyle, but could be played up with a push up. In fact, I didn't really ever *think* about them. Fast forward 8 years and 4... READ MORE

I was always dissatisfied with feeling like a 12 year old, and finally decided to gift myself with breast implants. I am quite particular and was concerned with finding the best surgeon in my area. I did lots of research, and it kept coming back to Dr. Gorin. I met with other surgeons, and... READ MORE

Ok, so from as far back as I can remember I have been asking my mom when I'd grow my "boobies". And every time she'd say later. When I was 16 she said 18, when I was 18 she said at 20 and so on lol. Well it wasn't till I was pregnant woth my son that I actually got some form of breast. I went... READ MORE

Current size: Small B cup Desire size: Full C cup Height: 1.59m Weight: 47kg It's exactly 31 days before my surgery. I'm feeling excited right now rather than nervous. After all my research and advises from the doctors on the internet, I've decided to go for 370cc silicone sub-muscular... READ MORE

I debated posting about this procedure for a month, but what the heck! I need some support!! I have my Pre-op this week and my Procedure is next week! AH! I am 28 years old, no kids, work out about 4-5 times a week ( lifting weights, polymetrics, intense core and glute work outs). I eat very... READ MORE

I am a 32AA, I have always been very tiny and insecure with my breast and finally am going to do this. I am very active and go to the gym three times a week. I really find this site helpful and have done so much research. I have a good base on what to expect pre and post op but still am very... READ MORE

Im a mother of 4 but thats not the reason i decided to get a BA. Im a masculine woman thay always wanted to look feminine... my husband loves me the way i am i just wanted a change and be happy and in love with myself because i knew thats what makes me feel like a woman! I took a week vacation... READ MORE

I have been wanting to get implants for about 8 years, but have been so indecisive about it. I'm to the point now where I just can't stand to look at myself. I want to get small implants.. Almost like Kate Hudson where you can barely even tell.. Just enough to fill out a bra. I definitely want... READ MORE

Advice and experiences please ladies!!! I'm book to have my breast enlargement in March and I've gone from excited/obsessed even to terrified! It's going under general anaesthetic that really scares me... If I was going under local I would be fine! I've been under general anaesthetic before... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old, have no children. I had a breast augmentation because of a slight size difference between my two breasts. Plus they were on the small side, which I didn't mind much. I flew over to Thailand on the 9/11/14 with my mother through an agency (I'll do another review on her later)... READ MORE

Well i did it! I researched for a long time and am traveling to Miami to have Dr Hochstein do my breast augmentation. I'm so excited! I had a phone consultation and am paid and ready for next week! I fly into Miami Oct 8th and go straight to my pre op appt and then have the surgery on the... READ MORE

I decided about 2 yrs ago that I wanted larger breast. Not big but larger than the almost Acup I have now. I'm 39 with one kiddo who is almost 18. I have since had my consult and my pre op. As a mate of fact my pre op was today. I am scheduled for surgery on the 23rd of January. 2 weeks from... READ MORE

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