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Breast enlargement surgery uses silicone or saline implants, which supplements breast tissue or replaces it during breast reconstruction. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,000

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Hey guys I am 24, 128 lbs, 5' 6 No kids!! I'm getting my breast augmentation on June 13th, 2014 by an amazing doctor! I have an A and sometimes B cup depending on how my body feels. My boobs fluctuate so much its ridiculous and I hate it. I can never fill out a bra/ swim suit/ cute shirt... it... READ MORE

I have always had larger breasts; before I had my kids, I wore a 34C. After 2 kids and breast feeding, 60-70 lb weight gain and then subsequent loss with both pregnancies, my breasts have very little volume, appear saggy, and resemble what I call "skin bags." Ever since I was 19 (after the birth... READ MORE

I'm scheduled to go in for surgery tomorrow morning at 7. I'm getting really nervous. I'm going with the Sientra (gummy bear) implants. We are doing 510cc size, their sizes run a little different so they will be similar to the sizing of 475cc implants. Right now I am a 36 B, but very deflated.... READ MORE

I've been lurking on real self for bout a year now reading reviews and learning from you guys. I just recently had liposuction done the end of March and am now interested in getting a BA which I should have done first, but no regrets loving my new shape. Any way my stats are as follows. I'm... READ MORE

Im 35 currently a full B cup, hoping for a natural but envious D cup lol. Iv had 3 children 3/9 and 12. I have been thinking about doin this for years, n i now finally have the chance... super excited and nervous to say the least eeek. I will be having 375 - 400 cc, under the muscle.... READ MORE

I had saline Implants done 4 years ago and then had another child. (my third) I went back to Dr. Jugenburg of Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, for my second augmentation. I wanted to upgrade to silicone implants. The outcome was perfect, totally worth it. I loved my breast after the first... READ MORE

OK so I finally decided to get breast implants. I have only been wanting them since I was 18!!! Before seeing Dr. Freiman I went to Straxx and was totally turned off by the initial consultation with the surgeon. So I was already a little skeptical ... But after talking with Dr.Freiman I felt a... READ MORE

When I got my breasts fixed I hoped to look better in clothes. That came true. However, I don't like the ripple from the under the muscle breast lifts and implants. I think it's mainly the silicone vs saline. I got saline, 310 each breast. I was so small that it was a bit of a stretch. I... READ MORE

`hey everyone, my surgery is on june 3 .I will be getting breast implants(im a 36 c but i wanna be a d] im also getting lipo on my chin,legs and arms and now im second guessing if i should get a BBL because well im afraid yily is gonna give me a HUGE ASS and i dont want that ! i feel if you have... READ MORE

I am 29 years old, by the time i have this done i will be 30. i have couple kids, one that i breast feed for ten months. They are saggy empty bags. When i wear a bathing suit one nipple pops out cause one breast is bigger then the other. I want to feel sexy with even boobs. I am 34/b looking to... READ MORE

I am 21 years old with 32 A cup. 5,7(175 cm) feet and 134(61 kg) pounds. I wanted to get my breast augmentation surgery for a very long time, but not because I didn't feel confident about my self whereas I always felt confident enough about my self I just never felt sexy enough. I always felt... READ MORE

May 16th had breast implants silicone 415cc, took amoxicillin 7 days post surgery as standard. Day 14 had dressings removed and told could shower as normal. Day 15/16 felt a bit ill a shaky, day 17 went to a&e as saw wound was infected, very painful and red. was given co-amoxiclav (3 per day).... READ MORE

Well, after much research, thought, and waiting, I am going to have a ba! I tend to overanalyze things so in my attempt to curb that and process my choice to undergo this surgery, I'm going to blog my experience. Plus I think my husband and sister and mother are tired of hearing me talk... READ MORE

I am 6 days away from breast augmentation with a lift. I have been waiting years to have my breasts done but as the time gets closer I am becoming more anxious. I think the not knowing what I will look like afterwards and the reaction I will get from others is not helping. I am getting by boobs... READ MORE

I really wanna go with Saline for sure. I am 39 / 5ft1 / 110 pounds. I have a pretty small body frame. I'm not sure how big to go I was thinking a C. Not yet been for an appt. Any input would be helpful and I don't wanna be strapped down as I read lol. I was also told that it takes about two... READ MORE

I am currently 6 days post op. I had surgery April 22, 2014. This is my whole process. I started online looking at doctors, pictures, and reviews. I also called 3 of my girlfriends that have all had breast implants and asked them their doctors and their size/choices. I scheduled a consult... READ MORE

I have always been extremely small chested. At first I thought I would simply be a late bloomer and eventually they would grow in...that never happened. The only time I ever had decent sized breasts was when I nursed my two daughters. Once I realized I was never going to grow larger breasts I... READ MORE

I am 21, 116 in weight, and it has been 2 1/2 months since my operation. I have two problems: 1: I am in fear that I might have a minor case of the "uniboob", because whenever I wear a push up bra, I never get cleavage, my implants just come closer together! Post op the cleavage area was a bit... READ MORE

I've thinking about gettting a breast augmentation for approx. 3-4 years now. I am 20 years old and in the past 9 months I've been doing a lot of research on this topic. As long as I can think I was never really happy with my body, I feel ashamed wearing a bikini, let alone be completely naked.... READ MORE

I am SO SO ready to get this done. Just had my husband take my before pictures, and I felt so insecure and even ended up crying towards the end because of a comment my husband made. :( (He said he was trying to get me excited. Fail!) I have my prescriptions, my rides to and from set up and... READ MORE

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