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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I would like a full D. Aereolar Incision. Under Muscle. Keller Funnel. Dr Walden. Austin Tx. 450cc. Pre-Op: is October 29th. Surgery is October 16th. I will order (Eden Knows Best-Repair Kit) I am slightly uneven. I'm sure dr. will make sure we go into further detail during pre op. I'm very... READ MORE

I had seen Dr. Jones several years ago for a consult. I had some friends who had been to him and nothing but great things to say. I had a hard time deciding on if, when and how big to go with the BA. Finally, i have decided to do it. I think Dr. Jones is pretty great and I am so excited to see... READ MORE

After years and years of tossing and turning on the issue, I was finally fed up of my small A-cup breasts and decided to do something about it! If coming to a decision to go through with breast augmentation wasn't hard enough, I was challenged with the task of deciding on a plastic surgeon to... READ MORE

I had thought of having breast implants on and off for about 10 yrs. After breastfeeding 3 children they were left looking pretty empty. I didn't want to go huge but wanted instead to even out my frame and not look all bony on my chest. I had 2 consultations and weighed up weather to go the... READ MORE

I need to lose weight and get healthy and eat right now baby girl!!!!!! Can you please put breasts implants put in my body on November 15th 2015!!!!!!! From your amazing girlfriend is Brooke Sarah Paquette xoxo xoxo xoxo!!!!!! I'm a very beautiful and amazing women and that lives in Grand Rapids... READ MORE

I've always been a b or c cup and although quite small I've never craved big boobs. As I am a pear shape I always found it difficult to buy dresses as my bottom half was always a size or 2 bigger than my top half but it never bothered me enough to choose surgery. It was only after breastfeeding... READ MORE

First came to RS for my tummy tuck procedure which I had in March and am so very thankful I did. I have not regretted it one bit. After years of being overweight and losing it and having 3 kids, my breast are in a very sad shape. I got my tummy tuck and now its time to complete the makeover... READ MORE

I gained and lost 50 lbs and breastfed babies 4 times. After my fourth my husband asked if there was something I wanted, like a push present. I said boobs!!! After some convincing he said yes:) I chose dr tholen at minneapolis plastic surgery because he is a board certified surgeon with great... READ MORE

Hi All! I'm a 35 yr old mom of 2 toddlers. Breastfed for a total of 4 years. I loved my breasts while I breastfed. My breasts went from full and gorgeous to very small. I am incredibly self conscious. I'd like to be a full C. I'm currently a small B. I wear a 34b bra but don't fill it. I'm not... READ MORE

After years and years of dreaming about this day Dr. Nichter, Anna and his amazing staff made my dreams come true. The woman at the office are very warm and welcoming which really made the experience ideal. Dr.Nichter took his time, but not too much time, explaining the procedure and how he does... READ MORE

Hi. I finally decided to sit down and write my review... I am 39 I have 4 kids and breast fed them all! I can definitely say it took a toll on my breast! After having my 4th 3 years ago I have been talking more and more with my husband about wanting to get this procedure done. He is very... READ MORE

My decision to get breast augmentation was made 30 years ago but I didn't get it done back then because I was busy raising my children and also because of the gruesome stories I heard of plastic surgery. Growing up I was teased endlessly about my "flat chest" (Thank God for padded bras) And... READ MORE

Started with 36 AA, after breastfeeding for over 3 years (2 babies :)), breasts were so tiny and deflated. I'm very active (crossfit addict) and hope boobs will not affect activity level too much... Surgery went well, fasting until 3 pm was not as bad as I thought, waking up was weird (took me... READ MORE

I have always been small chested, even wearing a 34B bra was a stretch, and was always an average build. Just under 5'5" and for most of my 20s weighed around 150 and carried it well. Over the last few years I developed a passion for barre classes and then later, changed my diet completely. I... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I never thought I would write a review here but I feel like everyone is family and I've been reading reviews every day in prep for my procedure on Thursday. I'm 5"5 140 pounds with 34B current cup size. I've been unhappy with my breasts since I was young and realized they didn't... READ MORE

I started off as a 34B which always seemed like I barely had enough to fill my bra and pretty much no cleavage. I had my procedure on June 19th with a goal of a full C or even small D. Based on my wish list photo I provided my doctor he did 425CC on my left breast and 450cc on my right breast.... READ MORE

Got my breast surgery done in March,2015 in South Korea. So crazy excited..... 'cuz you know, when you guys see the pics ,you will congratulate me. Hallelujah.Hallelujah.Hallelujah Actually,as Asian, im not expect that iwas born to a C cup, but the reality is i nearly got a man breast,no kidding... READ MORE

I have 275cc on the right & 300cc on the left subglanular mentor memory gel implants.. I want to start off by saying that Dr C's entire staff is fabulous!!! Dr C is super nice as well but I had it narrowed down to 2 doctors when I chose Dr Ciaravino and what helped me make my decision was how... READ MORE

Hello I went for my consultation last wk n scheduled my surgery today for sept 24. I'll be on vacay from work for 20 days, which I hope is enough time to heal. I'm nervous n excited. I think my mind is set on 450cc hp. I hoping for a sexy but natural look. with my high and size I hope 450cc is... READ MORE

I want to feel sexy and not feel so self conscious on my small boobs i have always been self conscious . I have been wanting boobs since the age of 15 and it has always affected me mentally i thought my first boyfriend once he saw how big they were he would leave me. I have been on and off with... READ MORE

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