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Breast enlargement surgery uses silicone or saline implants, which supplements breast tissue or replaces it during breast reconstruction. LEARN MORE ›
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Im 5'2, 34 yrs old 36B and I weigh 135. I've always made due with what I had, small perky boobs. Even after I had my son I thought they looked great. Until I hit 33 and started working out. Adois boobs, hello flapjacks! I went from a small D to a small B. After 2 consults and stalking this page... READ MORE

My entire life I always had smaller breasts. It was never really a major issue until I started having children, with each child they seemed to get smaller & smaller! After my third child I had extreme self esteem issues due to the size of my breasts. They weren't saggy just extremely hollow! I... READ MORE

I am in my early 20's, 5 ft 5 and 120 pounds... I have wanted bigger breast for a couple years now and have finally saved up enough money to get them! I wear a 34 A right now and usually only wear padded bras unless I am at home. Yesterday (Monday, Feb 11) was my consultation with my... READ MORE

I cannot believe this is actually going to happen! I have wanted bigger boobs for more than 20 years – actually, maybe more like 30 years! I remember wearing a bathing suit under my clothes at 7 years old so I’d have something to stuff with toilet paper. But the boobs never came – just not... READ MORE

Like everyone else on this forum I am excited/nervous for the big day. Lot's of second guessing, but I am going to go through with it. I am 48 years old and I am sure I will wish I had done it sooner. I am also scheduled for hernia repair the same day - so double whammy. I have had surgery... READ MORE

I've been wanting breast implants for about 10 yrs now but never had the money or was just scared to do it I wear a 36b and get tired of not being able to fill out a swimsuit or even certain shirts.So I decided that I was going to do this for myself I have my consolidation visit Thursday... READ MORE

I am 20 years old and have wanted bigger boobs since I was in middle school. I am currently a 32A (although I could fit into a training bra lol). My nipples point to the side which I am hoping my surgeon could correct too. I have a consultation this week with Dr. Sassan Alavi from San Diego. ... READ MORE

You can read Part 1 of my journey here. Hello Ladies! It's been almost 3 weeks since I started my ultrasound appointments. The therapy is done for 10 minutes at 2.0 (Kwh?), although yesterday she did it at 2.5. My hubby and I are thinking that it has softened the CC boob up some.... READ MORE

I am a 44 year old mom of 3 kids. I nursed for 6 years total. I have always had issues with small breasts as a kid - and was teased, etc., etc., etc. I loved the feeling of femininity of having full breasts - which I experienced during pregnancy and during nursing. Now that I am done having... READ MORE

I am getting 500cc's on each breast. My doctor told me this will get me a full C cup or small D. I will be having surgery Monday the 17th of February, in less than two weeks. I know I will be getting saline implants on top of my muscle, my incision will be right under my breast. I also had a... READ MORE

Had BA after breast feeding 1 baby. I'm 1 week & 1 day post op & I love them!! I got 490cc on my L breast & 510 cc on my right, under muscle. I only felt horrible for two days but I was on so many painkillers and somas I wasn't even really there. You should totally do it! Everything went... READ MORE

I wear a 34 b padded bra. I have always wanted boobs. My first consult was in November and my preop in jan 16. All my friends and family know I'm getting boobs. At work we call it "going camping". A coworker worked with a female who told everyone she's going camping. Well her first day back to... READ MORE

After two kids and 30 birthdays I want to look the way I feel. so am going to treat myself with a boob job that I been wanting since I was like 22 yrs old lol I breast fed both my boys and with my last son which is two now I breast fed him for a year! he was no walk in the park. I had to leave... READ MORE

I have been thinking of doing this for a while, after finding this website and reading lots of reviews, blogs, looking at hundreds of photos and talking to friends who have had the procedure I decided it's now or never! My main reasons are to fill out again... had larger breasts but somehow... READ MORE

Hi girls, I can not believe it's my turn to make my dream become true. First of all please excuse my English, it's not my mother tongue but I'll try my best :-) About me: 21 /soon 22 172cm tall, 48kg, currently a 34a and hoping to archive a big B or small C. My doctor is Dr. Knabl in Vienna who... READ MORE

I had breast implants over muscle on 23.9.11 the first night i had an execruting pain on the left side i thought no more of it till i went to have the stitches out 8 days later. the left side had not closed. there was clear fluid coming out of it i returned to the ps a week later & it had... READ MORE

This Is a review on the 2nd of two surgeries I've scheduled. This is for implants and making my thighs match the rest of me. I will have saline implants under muscle, transaxillary incision. 36B to be full 36D with natural look. I am getting water lipo of inner & outer thigh and knees to... READ MORE

I got a breast augmentation 500cc it has been an experience !! Almost 9 weeks post op and still sore sometimes but getting better !!! I am 5 feet and about 115IB still not sure what size bra I will b still using my sports bra !! Its been a challenge a long recovery process thank god for this web... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I am very excited with my decision I am now 2 weeks away from my surgery and I am freaking out here but excited too. I am a mother of 4 my first child was when I was 16 so you could imagine that I didn't get to developed completely . I have a 15 year old , a 12, 8 and a 3 year old.... READ MORE

I'm so excited that I finally made the decision. Today I scheduled the BA , February 21, 2014. The BA is going to cost me $3300 plus, pre-op $65 dollars, and meds $50, so more less 3400 total. Today I had to travel to Mexico, the lab work was done , and I got my antibiotics. I haven't still... READ MORE

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