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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I don't really know where exactly to start, besides I am so excited to FINALLY have boobs! Ever since I started puberty I was waiting for my boobs to come in, and to my surprise they never came! My mom and grandma would tell me just wait until you have kids.. Well I did.. And there is still no... READ MORE

I have wanted boobs ever since I was 13, it took me 20 years to make this decision. All I want is to look and feel like a real woman, I no longer want to feel ashamed or insecure when I'm naked especially with a man. So I'm hoping for a full B small C, as natural looking as possible. A couple... READ MORE

So... I've had this self-conscious feeling about my breasts since middle school and only after realizing that the biggest they were going to get was when I was breastfeeding was when I decided for sure that I wanted an augmentation. Prior to both pregnancies I was never bigger than a 36a and I... READ MORE

I have never loved my breasts, they have always been small and slightly droopy. Since breast feeding, gaining and losing weight they just seemed to look even worse. I have been thinking about getting a breast augmentation for over 5 years now, but have never had the courage to go through with... READ MORE

Age: 35 Height: 5'4" Weight: 118 Reason for BA: breastfeeding 2 children resulting in deflated sagging My youngest is almost 18 months and I plan to nurse another 6 months. I contemplated breast augmentation after seeing how motherhood and breastfeeding changed my breasts with my first child. ... READ MORE

I was always ok being small chested but when I was pregnant I experienced having big breasts and loved it. When I was done having kids I researched B.A. for years and when the new cohesive gel implants came out I decided to do it. With a little persuasion (2 yrs) I talked my husband into it. I... READ MORE

I decided to get my mommy makeover done in steps. First i'll start with a breast implant. After having children and breast feeding, its taken its toll on my boobs and belly. So instead of getting everything done at one i decided to start with my boobs and wear a waist trainer until im ready for... READ MORE

I'm A small a cup now ,and would like to be a full d, I seen dr beckert yesterday, and he was very nice down to earth guy, we decided on 480 cc ultra high memorie gell silicone implants , I have a 12 in base I am 5"4 103 lb small frame, so he thought that would be best for my expectations , I... READ MORE

So a little bit about me! I'm 34 yrs old with 2 kids. I had a tummy tuck done back in 2010 and I am delighted with the results. I wanted to have a boob job since I was a teenager but after having my boys my tummy needed looking after first and I couldn't afford to have the boobs done before now... READ MORE

Like many of the other women on here, I’m a woman who has wanted breasts since high school. Even though I knew my mom had a small chest, I was hoping that my dad’s side would provide me with some more “oomph.” Unfortunately, it did not. Puberty had come and gone and I still had itty... READ MORE

I'm 23 Years, have been flat for years. Knew in high school I was not going to fill out. My mom got implants 10 years ago and has been supportive of my plans for surgery. I'm currently 32b but can also wear an a cup. Had my consult with Dr barr in February of this year. I decided on 300cc... READ MORE

I am 5'3" 118 lbs with some booty but no boobies (34a or a small 34b if I'm lucky). Sometimes I really don't mind having small breasts. I am very active & I think they are more athletic looking & may even make me look younger at times. I also think small breasted women are able to wear a lot of... READ MORE

I am looking for advice please. I tried on 304 CC gel mid profile implant and it's great but the same size as when I wear a double padded bra so have considered a size larger. However, since i'm short i'm worried it will be too much. Tried 375 CC high pro and looked a tad on the pointy side.... READ MORE

I am looking to go from 32A to 32C (full) and I am not sure how many CCs to finally choose. Between 325-375 CC (mod plus?) I want a natural look, not too high up, more tear drop shaped. I am 5'3, between 105-110 lbs and 22. My surgery is scheduled in June with Dr. Salzhauer aka Dr. Miami. Would... READ MORE

I wanted BA for a few yrs but always held back from doing so, due to cysts and other issues during my I finally talked with my dr.... So happy my dr. Was very honest and said that I don't need a BA but if that will make me feel better he Gives me the green girlfriend had hers done... READ MORE

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted bigger breasts. I'm currently a 32 A. My surgery is in 3 weeks, and I'm very nervous that I'm not going large enough after looking at many pictures on this website. I thought I wanted to be a full C, but now I'm thinking I want to be a D. I'm so excited... READ MORE

Bust never really developed, have always been a very small B cup at the most. Always wished to have an even shaped figure as have hips. Have seen three consultants and feel very confident in Dr Meleagros at Transform. Also seeing my friend have the op has confirmed my thoughts. This time... READ MORE

I have been dreaming of having breast augmentation since I was in high school, when I realized that I would no longer develop larger than an A-cup. The biggest I ever was, was a small B-cup and that was because I packed on the dreaded "Freshman 15" in college. I lost all that weight and more... READ MORE

Hello! I'm looking for any advice and opinions about how to get from where I am to where I want to be - pre op and "wish boobies" pictures attached. My ps recommended the 345cc Allergan high profile round gel under the muscle. I worry about the high profile part because i want to look natural... READ MORE

I was looking for a full size just up one and a natural look 400cc HP silicone supposed to give me a full c cap since I had have my Breast I been looking in reading up on other people and there experience and trying to figure out if anybody going through the same thing I'm going through?... READ MORE

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