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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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Hey guys, I'm 31 yrs old 4'10 and 100lbs. I'm so excited to have my breast augmentation done. I've always wanted bigger breasts and never ever in a million years did I think I would actually have the procedure done. I've thought about it and I finally had the courage to bring it up to my husband... READ MORE

So far I've only just had my first consultation 2 weeks ago with Dr Tony Connell (who I think is definitely the one already I might add!) Was planning on scoping out a few more surgeons but went with the idea that if my gut instinct said he was as good as I've read about then I will take it from... READ MORE

I went to CG cosmetics and Dr Freiman because it looks like he has a lot of clients and good reviews but I guess I was not a lucky one, or he just hurried through the surgery since he is so booked up. He was nice for the 5 mins I had to talk to him and never talked to him since, only nurses who... READ MORE

I dreamed of it I'm having a BBL and my breasts done together. I've been going back and forth.I have been researching BBL surgeons mostly because that is the hardest part to organize. There are more than enough breast surgeons in the UK but buttocks is another world. I checked out some of the... READ MORE

My consult was good, I was excited, was done with babies, mommy make over! April 9, 2007 big day,,,,, Months later I got a contacture right breast. She recommended I go larger to prevent another. I did it. 800cc , replaced both implants, Months later, same side, another contracture and an... READ MORE

I posted a shorter version of this under Q&A, but realized that I actually wanted to post in this section, so please excuse my lack of knowledge in using this site! :( After years and years of thinking about getting a BA, I'm FINALLY going to get them done in a few weeks! Like all women about to... READ MORE

I am currently a 36B in bra sizes. I have done extensive research and am having breast augmentation 300cc silicon performed on me tomorrow August 12th. My over all experience with my Surgeon was perfect. I had heard a lot about him and heard he was a perfectionist, also honest with expectation.... READ MORE

I've been wanting to do surgery for a very long time! I am now 24 years old and I am ready more than every. I have finally found the perfect doctor for my procedures, not to mention i have two friends who have already gone to Dra Yily and done an amazing job on their body! I am a little... READ MORE

I have always wanted breasts implants ever since I was in High School. Before my surgery I was a 34-B, and barely filled out the top portion of my bra. I could never fill bathing suit tops correctly and had a very hard time filling out clothes to my liking. I was just unsatisfied with the... READ MORE

I had Dr. Freiman at CG cosmetic in Miami. I had a great experience before and after the surgery. I flew in from the Bahamas to have BA and Liposuction on my lower and upper abdomen flanks and sides. I choose him because I saw that he sad great breast work and that's was my main focus. I didn't... READ MORE

Hi, I created a profile on here a while ago and so far have mostly just been reading other reviews. Finally got round to writing mine now that I have something to motivate me. I have silicon cohesive gel implants and so far have really loved them. There are times when I think they look really... READ MORE

I am having surgery on Tuesday. I am 62 and haven't seen many comments from women the same age. I am curious on the recuperation time, how painful any difficulties they have encountered. I have read numerous stories on this website and appreciate any insight that any one has to offer. Thank... READ MORE

I had always wanted boobs but never had the balls to go through with it. It was the best decision I ever made. Especially having it done here in Australia. The recovery was a little harder and longer than expected but provided that I went with the largest implant possible and had almost no... READ MORE

I had my first child when I was 17- before then I had a b, even though I would've liked to be bigger it was never really a issue . When I was breast feeding I was under the misconception after I was finished my breasts may be a little bigger- I was wrong they shrunk :( I dealt with it. After my... READ MORE

I'm going for my pre auth this Thursday I'm a small b right now full a. The dr told me 450cc high profile silicon implants will look on me. Under the muscle and local anesthesia. I'm hoping to be a full c small d. I wonder how good is to the the surgery awake. Has anyone done breast surgery... READ MORE

I've always wanted larger breasts, and kept hoping that one morning I would wake up and I'll have boobs. Well that morning never came. I always would tell my friends that after I had kids I was getting implants; that's what my mom did. She's going on 14 years with her implants, and they look... READ MORE

Stats: 5’10” 140 lbs 32C/34B BDW: 15cm I am 54 years old and always wanted larger boobs. When I was a teenager and summer came around I thought, ‘next year I’ll have boobs.’ When summer of 1978 came around I realized I wasn’t going to have big boobs, but I was happy with my... READ MORE

Hello Realself! I am happy to say that, After stalking this website for years,I am finally going under the knife tomorrow! I am a mother of three beautiful children, all breastfed. I'm 5"2 and 113 pounds with an "athletic like" slim build. I chose 350cc moderate plus profile under the... READ MORE

I was tired of wearing bras to push up my small b i had I'm 5'6 201lbs broad shoulder and back I had a BA my doctor wasent much a listener to what I wanted he basically just advice and told me what was gonna look right on my type of body but honestly I feel like I did an error by going by what... READ MORE

19 year old with 550cc saline implants. Done my Dr. Hollings. Omaha, Ne. Ice had wisdom teeth taken out and my Brest augment hurt much less. Aweses doctor and amazing customer service! Love my new boobs. 5'2 130 lbs. prescribed pain pills and Xanax for night before because I was extremely... READ MORE

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