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Breast enlargement surgery uses silicone or saline implants, which supplements breast tissue or replaces it during breast reconstruction. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,000

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I had a full anchor lift this past February and was hoping to just love how they looked and not want to do the second stage of doing implants. I do love how they look but I am lacking upper pole fullness and I am curvy so I want my top to match my bottom. I'm 45 and I have had 3 kids, 23, 20,... READ MORE

I'm 5'5, 115 and have been wanting a breast augmentation for the past 6 to 7 years. I poked around in my state and the doctors were giving me prices of $6,000 for saline and $7000 for silicone. I found a wonderful doctor 6 hrs away who was running a special so I jumped on it. I live in MD and I... READ MORE

I hope to have better looking breasts with volume where I've lost it on the upper part of my breasts, I have a photo of before and after of what I'd like even though my breasts are not to the degree this patient was on her before pic.I have had ten children & breastfed all but one & have lost... READ MORE

I am 35 years old with 3 kiddos. I am active..i exercise…i surf and am overall in good physical condition. I nursed all 3 of my kids and have been left deflated. I was a 32C prior to having kids and now am barely a 32A. I am looking for a nice full B and a very naturally looking breast. My... READ MORE

I'm 25 and I had been living a double life you could say. Ever since I was in junior high I have been padding my bras to hide the fact that I was a late bloomer. Well now I knew I just wasn't a bloomer at all... So eventually I found chicken cutlets, pretty much a slab of silicone that I... READ MORE

I went to see my doctor today and we argued on 400 CC's. I'm really looking forward to surgery . I'm currently a 34A and hoping to become a 34 full C. I was also able to see in person some of the woman he's worked on and they were very friendly and allowed me to ask lots of questions and touch... READ MORE

New here. Almost 30 year old mom (end of Dec) of two beautiful babes. One is almost 5 yo and the other is 2.5. I breastfed my son for 18m and my dd is actually still nursing currently at 2.5yo. We are in the process of gently weaning and once finished Mommy wants her boobs back! Before kids I... READ MORE

Having 4 pregnancies and breastfeeding 3 babies had left my breast very asymmetric. One was sagging while the other wasn't, as well as leaving them a cup size difference in size. I was very insecure with my breast and found it made being intimate with my husband embarrassing. Thankfully my... READ MORE

I decided to get breast implants because I breast feed 3 babies and had a lot of lose skin. Before surgery I was what I like to call a deflated size B. I am currently 10 days post op so I'm still wearing a surgical bra. But hoping when I do get sized I will be @ 32 D. I do not regret my decision... READ MORE

Today I will be writing about my journey of finally planning for breast implants. Many years of constant thinking back and forth are finally pushed away. I grew up dealing with body Image issues that started with my mom. I always saw her looking in the mirror pinching this, sucking in that and... READ MORE

First I wanted to have my breast augmentation for many yrs. And finally I decided to go full. I did much research for the many yrs and types of implants available and had my decision already in my head. When I scheduled my consultation I spoke with Tatiana, my coordinator. And introduced me to... READ MORE

I feel inspired to share my story since I have read countless experiences from other women and learned a great deal from everyone's story. I didn't find many as many stories about the Natrelle 410s. Expectations, Results, Process, Recommendations, etc.? I hope to share my story and it helps... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I was unsure about doing a review on here but youve all been so helpful and interesting to read i decided to do one! My stats 19 120 pounds 5 foot 4 currently about a 32B So ive just booked my surgery for the 10th of April, just under 2 weeks and im very excited, a little... READ MORE

So I've wanted BA for as long as I remember and even though I'm only 19 (nearly 20) I know it's for me! I've known I've wanted them since about 13 when I have always been smaller than average! And I'm a curvy girl, so it'd only be right ! :) I had my first consultation on 20th dec. it went... READ MORE

Hi ladies! I thought I'd share my story on here as we are all looking for support, reassurance, someone similar to ourselves and so on. So here goes: After breast feeding my 2 gorgeous girls, I ended up looking like a 12 year old BOY!! I always told them that they "ate all my boobies" READ MORE

Hi everyone. I find so much inspiration in your stories! I have been wanting implants since I was a teenager. I had a baby when I was 16 and another at 25. When I had my second baby, I had boobs and I was so excited. As soon as I stop breastfeeding, they shriveled up. I was so disappointed. I... READ MORE

5'6" 133 lbs and im getting 550cc silicone high profile implants in 4 days! I decided to interview surgeons for my plastic surgery in Oct. '13. I went to a few consultations and ultimately decided on a board certified plastic surgeon who really made me feel comfortable and at ease. It happened... READ MORE

Ok so to start I have been doing alot of research thru various sites including this one and have found everyones reviews extremely helpful. I have been small chested all my life and only had big boobs while breastfeeding my children. Since the milk disappeared they now have turned into mushy... READ MORE

I'm a bit late to post my story as I am already 5 days post op. I decided that I would go to Thailand and get a breast augmentation. I've always had smaller boobs and worn super push up bras because I've always been embarrassed of having small boobs. I've always been fascinated with bigger round... READ MORE

At my largest I was a 32B/C, but had started training really hard at the gym. After about 9 months, what little breast tissue I had was gone, and I had built quite large pec muscles for a girl.... I am naturally quite a curvy shape with a small waist but a big booty! So I really felt like I... READ MORE

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