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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm pear shape and wanted to look in proportion.I was 34b now I'm large C small D.I had pollytech teardrop over the muscle implants.Simone was wonderful very patient with me,my recovery was good,not as painful as I imagined.the only thing I didnt expect was the emotional aspects to surgey I was... READ MORE

I have always been small chested (34A, sometimes a 32B) and have always been self conscious about it. At times, I have thought about getting a BA, but never seriously considered it for a variety of reasons: i.e. financial, fear of surgery and of putting a foreign body inside me, etc. I finally... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old and been wanting to get a breast augmentation for the last 3 years. I finally saved up the money to pay all up front since I'm too young to have high enough credit to finance. I'm 97lbs, 5'3, petit body, originally small 32b. When I wear 32b Victoria Secret bra there's still a... READ MORE

I have been dreaming and obsessing over boobs for as long as I could remember. Seems like everyone around me had decided a long time ago to stop wasting time and actually go for. Me on the other hand I’ve always been the scary one… No tattoos no piercing. Nothing! My 30th b-day just passed... READ MORE

My consult was last summer after doing some cool sculpting procedure to remove some belly flub and arm flap. I was doing two times a day work outs ar home And was enjoying the new me. It just wasnt complete. I decided for my bday gift to myself for my hard work I would get the breasts... READ MORE

I am so excited! Only 25 days left until my procedure! I had my baby girl four months ago and my breasts didn't change at all :p I didn't breastfeed her because I couldn't produce enough milk. So I don't plan on breastfeeding the next kiddo in about 3 years either. Therefore, I have decided to... READ MORE

I love my results they are everything I wanted and more. I feel completely perfect every time I look in the mirror. The surgery itself went totally smooth, I was sore in my arms, but no breast pain. No actual pain or discomfort. Everything was perfect. I asked for "porn star boobs" & I got them... READ MORE

I've been lurking on real self for bout a year now reading reviews and learning from you guys. I just recently had liposuction done the end of March and am now interested in getting a BA which I should have done first, but no regrets loving my new shape. Any way my stats are as follows. I'm... READ MORE

I have wanted boobs for years. I was never confident but after my fourth son and I lost more breast volume, down to an a it was time .. I research for months and it took over 5 years to get the courage up to actually have the procedure. I have anxiety issues so I'm a worry wart. I followed this... READ MORE

So far I went to my first consultation. Doctor said I could do 575cc silicone for my height and weight. I'm having trouble deciding how many cc's I should get because i want them to be big but I don't want them to look like i'm al boobs only. Also I don't know what profile I should get. My... READ MORE

Dr. Hodge was the surgeon who did my breast implants and liposuction. He has also done other minor procedures on me such as filler in my lips and botox. He is a wonderful Doctor who is personable and listens to your expectations. He takes his time to explain the procedure and what to expect... READ MORE

I want to start off and say that from the moment I called them to book my consultation, the staff at Dr. Raskin's office is amazing! They are so informative and really make you feel at home. I ended up needing to bring my daughter to the office and they treated her so nicely. Doctor Raskin... READ MORE

I have always have been small, finally now that I'm done having kids I want my boobs. I Want to go for a big C. The Plans are 275-300cc silicone gel over the muscle. My surgery is scheduled for July 30th. I am a little nervous about size, because I want to go big, but still be comfortable when... READ MORE

After years of contemplation, I have finally decided to get breast inplants. I met with Dr. Reinke today and felt so comfortable that I set my surgery date in a couple weeks. I wasn't sure what to expect size wise, but after trying several sample sizes, we decided on a 475cc on the right, and... READ MORE

I was introduced to dr. Kierney by a friend from work. He did a great job on her sisters Ba/bl/tt. He has done some great work on her and I hope he can do the same for me. Originally I wanted to get a tt with my Ba buuuut I have a 17 month old and I figured it would be too difficult to do with... READ MORE

Hi ladies! Well I did it! I wanted to share my story. I have relied on this site a lot and wanted to give back. Had my surgery today. Not going to lie, I'm having a pretty good amount of pain. I'm OK also long as I don't move. Lol! I'm pretty sure already that it's with the pain. My doctor gave... READ MORE

From as far back as I can remember I've wanted bigger boobies, I've always felt that my body is un-proportionate - not to mention, boobies are just so feminine, sexy and fun! I think every woman should have them, but I guess some of us just aren't so lucky! I've spent a fortune on padded bras... READ MORE

I am so glad that I had gotten my breast augmentation with Dr. Chu. My consultation with him made me feel super confident about getting them done through him. He is very knowledgable and he makes sure he helps clients understand what will be the best for their proportion. For myself, I am... READ MORE

After breastfeeding did a number on my boobs, I've been self conscious and unhappy with them. They look like two sports socks with a few grains of sand in them!! One droops more than the other but it is my hope that implants will give me the volume and lift to make my boobs look natural and... READ MORE

I am a 39 year old mother of 3, and I did this procedure to feel better about the way I look and to get more lift and fullness to my chest. Dr. Thomas DeWire listened to everything I wanted and gave me exactly that. He took the time to listen to my concerns and talked with me for quite a while... READ MORE

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