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Breast enlargement surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of implant placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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Ive wanted a BA since i can remember but was to young back then, then i had my first child at the age of 22! nursed her for about 4 months, my breast never went back to what they were but they weren't bad. I knew i wanted more kids so i told myself I'm waiting till I'm done having kids to... READ MORE

So tomorrow is my consultation. Wow. I am feel like I have already waited so long for this moment. I specifically remember, as an 11year old girl, waking up Christmas morning and feeling the first small handful of my breasts. I was so thrilled. I just knew I was in my way to becoming a woman.... READ MORE

Just in time for my 30th birthday I had my BA done and I'm loving the new me! After having spent a total of 36 months breast feeding two kiddos my breasts got very deflated. I went from a 34B pre-kids to a 36DD with both pregnancies. After much research I found my surgeon Dr. DeMars, who was... READ MORE

I have been stalking this site every day leading up to my procedures yesterday. I had 533cc silicone HP BA and traditional lipo of flanks, abdomen & bra line. The reviews on Real self made me more aware to ask my PS plenty of questions I would not have thought to ask and I felt more prepared... READ MORE

I've always wanted boobs aND finally decided to get them! I had two surgical consultations and decided to go with the second surgeon. What really influenced me was his vast experience and showing me with a 3d image how my breasts would look with different cc's. So I finally had the procedure... READ MORE

I had been wanting BA for over 10 years. The opportunity presented itself while I was on vacation (yep, I got a boob job over my vacation, even though I didn't plan my trip that way). I do want to say that the way I went about actually GETTING my BA done was not conventional, and maybe I... READ MORE

Hi all! I have been visiting this site quite often since making the decision to have a breast augmentation. Today was my big day and I'm about 6 hours post op......I had to take a peak of course and noticed that my breasts were cone-shaped and there isn't any fullness on the bottom. I was a 34b... READ MORE

Well I have been following this website for about 3 months now and it has been SO helpful. I have been wanting a BA since I was 18, and after having my son and breastfeeding for 3 months, I decided it was definitely time. My first consultation was October 10th and I loved the Dr. and his staff,... READ MORE

PERFECTION is the most accurate word to describe Dr. Daniels' work. I had a breast augmentation done almost 5 months ago and they look AMAZING, I couldn't be more pleased. His office is located in Long Beach, and the surgery is performed at a hospital across the parking lot from his office,... READ MORE

I have finally decided I need to do this for myself. All my life I have had these weird breasts that were wide and flat, little projection and oh have I hated them. I have my consultation on October 11th, 2014 and would like to have surgery before Christmas. I wear a 36 D bra (because the... READ MORE

So, I have been researching BA for years, husband is very supportive. I decided to have my kids first and then get them done. So now that we are done having kids I'm ready. I chose Dr DeConti since many of my friends have been to him and had good results. I had my consultation on 9/25, and... READ MORE

I think those past months, I spent more time on Realself than Facebook and Pinterest combined! I have wanted to do this for about 7 years but never had the courage. I think this year I finally got everything I needed to take a jump. I found the surgeon, I read all your stories, I got myself more... READ MORE

Dr has great bedside manners he measured me. Dr. Suggested 800cc, and no breast lift, I'm 41 yrs old, 5'6", 170lbs., and small 36b broad shoulders. When i tried the sizers on they seem to fit my body. My friends say 800cc are to big. When i look at pics on women my size they don't look that big... READ MORE

I am a 21 Year Old, mother of one. My daughter was happily breastfed for two and a half years and although a wonderful experience, my breasts definitely took the toll. While pregnant and for the months following childbirth, I jumped from a perky small B cup to an engorged and stretch marked DD... READ MORE

Since I was in high school I desired boobs since I was barely able to fill out a 32 AA. I saved for years knowing that I wanted to get one done. Finally when I was 24 I pulled the trigger and started looking for a doctor. A lot of my friends had them done, so I received referrals from them and... READ MORE

Scheduled my consultation today! 10/20/2014 Had my first baby boy in 2008 and breast fed for three years, got pregnant again in 2010. Tandem nursed both my babies for a few months and continued to breast feed my youngest for about three years. Before pregnancy I was a small B. After my first... READ MORE

I have fantasized about getting a BA since I was young, and have almost always felt like I was lacking in the boob department. I'm not fond of going bra shopping, and feel like my breasts aren't very proportional to my bottom half. I don't hate my breasts, but I would love to fill out my clothes... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old and have been considering having implants put in since 2011. I had gastric bypass in 2010 and lost over 100lbs. After my weight loss I was left with hardly any breasts. I'm very happy that I chose to have breast augmentation, I feel complete again. Dr. K and his staff are great to... READ MORE

Let me start off with a bit about me, I am 21 years old 5'1 and roughly 160 lbs. I have always wanted to get implants ever since I was a teenager! I've always had boobs so it wasn't until about 6 months ago I decided to start researching about the procedure. I've been on realself for a solid 6... READ MORE

I am scheduling ba tomorrow am really excited am going with 375cc silicone under muscle doctor recommended 350 so really hoping I ain't going to big I am 5'6'' 155 pounds large framed where a 38b but could probably for a 40a if could find one lol am wondering what other woman with the same build... READ MORE

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