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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I had always had a small frame and small breast , never been crazy about them but I was ok with them, until I breastfeed my kids and everything went boom! They are so deflated! So now I'm lookin for natural looking full breast. Dr Wendell recommended 275cc to 300cc. Still not sure wich one to... READ MORE

Hi ladies! I'm writing this review hoping to get some advice, please comment ;) . I am still losing weight from my baby, I was originally 106 lbs. Am I too small for these size implants? I am presently a deflated 36b at VS, And I was looking to go to a full D. My PS suggested moderate implants... READ MORE

I am very small A cup. Small frame I do have broader shoulders 5.6 115lbs. Athletic. I had my first consultation and tried on implants the size I like the most was between 350 and 400cc I am getting silicone. My question is would it be better to go 350cc or 400cc the 350cc would be moderate... READ MORE

I'm 5'0 105 lbs and have 3 kids. I went in for my consultation today and liked how 650cc looked on me when I tried on the sizes. My doctor said he'll have to go with 750cc? I do want my boobs big but would that be too big?? As you can see from my pictures they are really saggy. I used to... READ MORE

Helo anyone? When I was younger and realized my boobs wouldn't grow, I started looking for when it would be appropriate for a BA surgery (age and money bassically), so now that the opportunity has come I find myself confused about the size. I have scheduled an appointment with a PS from where I... READ MORE

Hi everyone - So I had my surgery done on 10/15/15 it's been quite the journey. I waited so long to do this - since I knew what breasts were, I knew I wanted them. Anyways - I have them. I'm so happy and just waiting for the infamous "drop and fluff". I have some pictures posted - not of before... READ MORE

Many times since I was a teenager I fantasized about having bigger boobs but never seriously considered the idea of having breast augmentation surgery. That changed when the man I recently dated on and off for 3 years asked me to do it. Until then I was pretty confident about my looks despite... READ MORE

I went in for a consultation having found Dr. T online. I was very impressed with his work. At the consultation he was extremely professional and answered all of my questions. I liked the fact that he also has a 100% safety record, including his other Doctoral team. This is very important to me.... READ MORE

After years of wearing push up bra's and fooling people into thinking I have big boobs, I've decided I want to make my chest permanent. Until this year, I hadn't considered breast augmentation thinking I could just get away with push up bras all my life. However after seeing how common and... READ MORE

I have decided to join the journey as so many of you all have done and will do. I have always been slender and tall. The boys would pick on me growing up because I did not have any boobs. I would be so self conscious that I would wear big shirts and pants. Not until I grew up I just decided to... READ MORE


Let me start off by saying I was only 19 years old when I made the impulsive decision to get breast implants. I visited many doctors, and to my luck I ended up choosing Dr. Sigal. During our consultation, he made me feel as if I could really trust him and assured me that he was the best. I... READ MORE

Before surgery I was nervous about the pain and effects I would feel post-op but once I checked in the nurse numbed my arm before inserting the IV and I had little pain, then I talked to the anesthesiologist and he assured me that he would be constantly monitoring me during the surgery and that... READ MORE

So I finally put a deposit down to get this surgery. I'm so excited this is finally happening and I can not wait to share every step of the way with you guys because I know when I first started researching this was the best place to go! Hopefully I will be just as helpful. I had my consultation... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, Well I'm 41 years old, with 3 kids, lost 85 pounds after having Gastric Sleeve surgery 11 months ago. Due to my body weight loss I've decided to get Breast implants done to give me that upper fullness and contour shape in my breast. I must say I love what I have achieved and... READ MORE

Hey guys, I'm 31 yrs old 4'10 and 100lbs. I'm so excited to have my breast augmentation done. I've always wanted bigger breasts and never ever in a million years did I think I would actually have the procedure done. I've thought about it and I finally had the courage to bring it up to my husband... READ MORE

So far I've only just had my first consultation 2 weeks ago with Dr Tony Connell (who I think is definitely the one already I might add!) Was planning on scoping out a few more surgeons but went with the idea that if my gut instinct said he was as good as I've read about then I will take it from... READ MORE

I went to CG cosmetics and Dr Freiman because it looks like he has a lot of clients and good reviews but I guess I was not a lucky one, or he just hurried through the surgery since he is so booked up. He was nice for the 5 mins I had to talk to him and never talked to him since, only nurses who... READ MORE

I dreamed of it I'm having a BBL and my breasts done together. I've been going back and forth.I have been researching BBL surgeons mostly because that is the hardest part to organize. There are more than enough breast surgeons in the UK but buttocks is another world. I checked out some of the... READ MORE

My consult was good, I was excited, was done with babies, mommy make over! April 9, 2007 big day,,,,, Months later I got a contacture right breast. She recommended I go larger to prevent another. I did it. 800cc , replaced both implants, Months later, same side, another contracture and an... READ MORE

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