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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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Aloha!!!! I am so glad I found this site so I can jot down my experience thus far. I just booked my appointment for January 5th and I am beyond excited! I am getting 375/400cc high profile, silicone implants. They will be going under the muscle for a more natural appearance. I am active duty... READ MORE

I have decided to join the journey as so many of you all have done and will do. I have always been slender and tall. The boys would pick on me growing up because I did not have any boobs. I would be so self conscious that I would wear big shirts and pants. Not until I grew up I just decided to... READ MORE

I have always said since I was a teenager that I would like to have breast implants but never gone through with it, however I have finally decided to bite the bullet and go through with it. My surgery is 2 days away! I visited a variety of different clinics before I finally decided who the one I... READ MORE

I finally met a doctor I liked today. He suggested 320 high profile saline. I would love if anyone could give me advice because I don't want to be too big. I am 5'2 107 pounds. The last doctor I went to made me try on 250 and 275 and I felt very comfortable with that size. I love this doctor but... READ MORE

I'm Alexis, nice to meet everyone! I fell in love with site a few months ago and have been creeping on it everyday since haha. Everyone thinks I'm crazy because all I do is look at breasts all day now. If you're anything like me, you know what I mean! Allow me to begin by saying why I... READ MORE

Well I have wanted breast for 10 years, I just didn't have the money.The first consultation was in 2012, the estimate was so high I thought I would never be able to have an breast augmentation. I started saving, just saving really not for anything( rain day) money I guess. I had no ideal my... READ MORE

I am hoping to be at least a full C post op. We will try to use 375cc implants if my tissues allow, since we are going under the muscle. If not, we will stick to the 350cc size. The three choices he gave me were 300cc, 325cc, and 350cc. Once I chose the 350cc, the assistant said we should... READ MORE

Reading all the reviews on realself has really helped me to understand the meaning of cc, bwd, and everything else about ba that I was unaware of ... so I decided to write my very own review to help other ladies out there... also I am 4'11 so that's not very common haha... I have less than a... READ MORE

I've recently turned 30 and have decided that it is time to get the boobs I've always wanted. I have one child; he's two. My boobs are 34c and after breastfeeding my son, they've lost their umph. My husband fully supports my decision. I think he's more excited than I am. A friend gave me her... READ MORE

Since year 11 i have always had big breasts, between 10DD to an E cup, and as i have grown older i have lost a bit of my puppy fat and lost the upper fullness and they have dropped quite significantly and i havent liked the way they have looked for quite a long time. I ultimately would love a... READ MORE

I have always had sad pointed breast. My goal was to get implants with out a lift but if I wanted the best results I would need the lift. I Ended up getting a peri areola lift with 500cc.i was nervous I was going to get a lollipop scar and was relieved it was just the areola. Overall I'm very... READ MORE

Pre kids, I was always a 34 A. While breastfeeding, I got up to a 36 C, which I loved! I didn't enjoy the extra baby weight, but loved the fullness of my breasts! (minus the milk/veins) After I finished breast feeding my first 2 children, my boobs were a 34B. And, now after breast feeding my... READ MORE

I met with Dr. Colgrove once before about a year ago, he was my "first". I needed to shop around a little while longer. I went with my boyfriend to the consultation, I was really nervous. Dr. Colgrove seemed like a kind person, straight to the point but caring. The nurse who was also in the room... READ MORE

I initially was booked and going back for a lipo touch up on my abdomen and added a BA at the last minute, couldn't be happier. 8 months prior to this, I had lipo on abdomen, flanks, inner thigh/knee & arms. I was an A cup and had 300cc's Moderate Profile Plus silicone under the muscle. Now I... READ MORE

I am currently 2 weeks away from getting my 325CC implants! Hoping that I will be pleased with end result cannot wait to finally feel womanly I have a very petite frame and was always bullied at school, so now I'm doing this to make MYSELF feel good, no one else! Countdown to 17th Feb 2015. Very... READ MORE

Like many of us here , I finally made up my mind and decided to make my dream come true. First let me tell you about my stats.. 35 years young Single , divorced 1 year ago...need some confidence to go back in the dating pool Breastfed my baby girl for 9 months. She is now 6 Height: 5.7 Weight... READ MORE

Hi beautiful ladies! I am going in for my second consultation with Dr Elyassnia next wednesday. I feel very confident about choosing him for my PS but I am seriously concerned about having implants placed under the muscle and the distortion that may result. I am thin, petite, and do not have a... READ MORE

Like most of you I always wanted a BA, the first time was when I was 21 my mom was going to pay for it bt i got pregnant so have to wait, when baby was 1 I first went to see a PS had 2 options so scheduled an appointment with my 1st option I was still breastfeeding, Dr. told me had to stop bf... READ MORE

Hi Real Self Community! I've been apprehensive about doing a review but the reviews of others here have been of such great assistance to me that I had to write my own. I'm a pitiful A cup and I am hoping to become a small C using moderate plus profile Mentor silicone under the muscle... READ MORE

My motivation for my breast augmentation surgery was purely for my self-confidence. I was always very happy with my body, as i was able to achieve great results through exercise and diet, but not with my breasts. After meeting with Chelsea and Dr Moradi, I was certain that this was the right... READ MORE

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