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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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My current frame is fairly slender on top (34 B according to Victoria's Secret sizing) size S and slightly thicker measurements for the lower portion of my body. My waist is currently 28", hips 37". My reason for seeking breast augmentation is to gain volume and achieve a sexier, more... READ MORE

I decided to write about my breast augmentation experience, because I couldn't find many real experiences with the implant I chose to go with. Like many women on here I have been flat chested my whole life. I am 36 with 3 children, and I'm 5'10 137 lbs. My process went very fast. I had my... READ MORE

Since RealSelf reviews and experiences have been such an educational tool for me regarding my decision, along with what to expect when undergoing a breast augmentation - I thought I’d share my experience! After being severely unhappy with my breasts for several years, I decided to proceed... READ MORE

I'm getting butt implant with fat transfer to butt and hips. I got the all inclusive package including 7 days. I hope to get the FDA approve semi solid implant. I'm thinking about going 300cc or 350cc. I recieve butt transfer twice with another doctor. The problem with the bbl, they don't last... READ MORE

Liz has been my coordinator , TeX messages were sent very few .phone conversations . I was assured before sighing my contract and paying the 500 deposit that only two things would be required of me due to my surgury is next week I did not feel comfortable with sighing the contract with out... READ MORE

I am excited beyond words, because my BA is scheduled for May 12th, 2015!!! A little about me first off; I am a 32-year old, single gal who has never had children. I am 5'4", 142lbs, and what I would consider very athletic. My area of expertise is heavy weight lifting (e.g. currently... READ MORE

Decided time to spend some money on myself got Vaser lipo abdo flanks and upper abdo plus BA 400ccs silicon round under muscle. Medical and nursing care first rate and higher tech than home. Good follow up. Thrilled with all of it. Took 250g fat off me reduced my clothes size by 1-2 sizes and... READ MORE

I'm 5'2 and 100 lbs. I'm currently around a 34A-32B range, and I'm hoping to be a D cup after all is said and done. So I'm actually just 2 weeks away from the big day, which I originally thought wouldn't happen until years from now, but it worked out to do it this year, and I ended up finding... READ MORE

So I have always wanted a BA. I'm so tired of not being comfortable in my own skin and I just knew i would feel better if I got it done so I decided to do it. I went with 545cc silicone gummy HP under the muscle. I really wish I would have gone bigger :( they're not as soft as I was hoping for... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I'm 27 years old, married with no kids, 5'3, 118 pounds and I have had a pre-op consulation where I finalized all the details for my BA surgery coming up. I'm going with Sientra high moderate profile 355cc gel implants placed under the muscle. I originally told my surgeon I wanted... READ MORE

I have always battled with my weight my entire life. I made the decision that I was going to get healthy so that I could be a better mother to my children. I worked very hard and lost 70lbs. After loosing my weight, I decided to boost my confidence with a breast augmentation. I did my research... READ MORE

I am 28 y/o, no kids. I am currently a 32A and I am looking to get 375cc HP sub-muscular. I still have a couple of months until my surgery, but can not think about anything other than the recovery and how much pain I will potentially be in. Everyone has told me I will be out of commission for a... READ MORE

I had my BA almost a month ago. I am 5'5 139 pounds. When I had my consult and pre op appointment with my doctor she said that she was going to do 500cc HP because of my narrow frame. And since I liked the 400 sizers she would have to do 500. After looking at photos of 500 they looked so big! So... READ MORE

Hey people thought I'd share my journey with you all to let you see before during and after! I'm getting 375 under muscle sooo excited only a week to go! I'm a mum of a 18 month old and getting bit worried about the healing but staying at my mums for a good month to help with my toddler. I'm... READ MORE

I had never intended to provide a blog or story concerning my progress, but after reading numerous other stories, I realized they are very helpful. I will provide information concerning my process. I'm 3 weeks post op now, but I'll do my best to describe my experience from surgery up to this... READ MORE

Had my BA Feb 4/15. 421cc gels under the muscle through a transaxillary incision. Thought about this procedure for several yrs after nursing 4 children. With fitness a major focus in my life, this left very little breast tissue. Dr Lista and his entire team are simply amazing. Best thing ever!!!! READ MORE

I've been wanting to get my breast done since I was 18. I was a late bloomer compared to my friends who have grown quite faster than me. I told myself, wait till you're 23 because my body is still developing and maybe I will be able to grow more. Well I'm finally 23 and I have finally grown into... READ MORE

I am 5'10 and weigh about 175 pounds and am about a 34B. I have decided to get a boob job because I am just sick of feeling so unpruportional. I am a thicker girl with a big booty but no boobs. I don't want to go too big but am just still not sure. I know everyone says this but... I do "want... READ MORE

Hey ladies!! So I'm 21 going to be 22 in August. Getting my boobs done july 3! (Poor timing since its summer and the day before 4th of July) but it was the best time for me job wise since im a nanny and the family is taking a vacation for two weeks! Any other nannies out there? Or mommies too I... READ MORE

Can't believe I'm a; having a boob job n b; sharing it online! I have wanted a boob job since the birth of my first child 2 1/2 urs ago but knew I was gonna have another baby so my latest addition is now 6months old n there are no plans for another!! I went for first app in nov 2014 hoping to... READ MORE

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