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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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Hello, First of all I wanted to thank you all for posting your journeys, I have never commented before but these last few weeks I have found so many inspiring stories that I have decided to go for it. I found a Surgeon in Leceister called Graham Offer and have seen some good work by him on his... READ MORE

I've always been happy with the way I look.... But now I'm 27 and realize that no matter my happiness, they are never going to look ANY BETTER...... Let's face it, it's only down hill from here. SO... I researched all of my risks, talked to all of my friends (who have falsies ????), researched... READ MORE

Before the surgery I was very insecure, I could not wear any sexy cleavage tops or dresses, I expent a lot of money on push-up bras and felt unconfortable with almost all my closet. That's why I decided to go to Doctor Mallol's clinic for breast implant. After the surgery I felt very confortable... READ MORE

For years I considered a ba. Different factors would bring me down from the idea of getting them done. Last year after realizing that I had sacaficed so much for others that I thought it was time for ME! I told myself I jad to do it and their was no turning back. I was a mid b before preganancy... READ MORE

Hi Real Self Community! I've been apprehensive about doing a review but the reviews of others here have been of such great assistance to me that I had to write my own. I'm a pitiful A cup and I am hoping to become a small C using moderate plus profile Mentor silicone under the muscle... READ MORE

I had my consultation and follow up until the operation with Nu Cosmetic Clinic. They're a great company and I found they were much more caring and bothered than MYA, so I'm so happy with my decision. They sometimes needed chasing to ensure everything was okay as they don't like to pest you, but... READ MORE

I'm so excited, but total nervous about FINALLY having this done! I was a small B cup before having my son 13 years ago. I'm lucky if I'm an A cup now (although Victoria's Secret swears I'm a 32D). I have gone back and forth over the years as to whether or not to have the surgery done. ... READ MORE

Hey everyone! I've learned SO much from this site by spending hours reading reviews from the users, doctors, and looking at pictures. So I figured its my responsibility to give back to the realself community by sharing my journey with you all. I'm 5 days away from my operation and even though... READ MORE

I've always had small breasts typically a 34B but after having 3 children, dieting and exercise I am now a embarrassing 34A. I dreamed of getting breast Implants to make me feel more like a woman and confident without wearing a bombshell bra. After months of research we found Dr. Hochstein in... READ MORE

Hoping to look like a woman and be confident . Worried about pain and recovery and not being able to work out for 4-6 weeks losing muscle tone , endurance and strength and gaining weight , being antsy and depressed . Hoping it will be worth it .it's only a 6 week break! Sorry the photos are... READ MORE

Finally after lots of research, I've decided to do IT:). I liked Mr Mashhadi a lot, he took time to explain everything and answer to all my questions. I even done the rice test and take them with me to compare with real implants. I'm 33 yrs old, no kids, 1.55cm, 57 kg, 34B (B empty, A full)... READ MORE

Could not be happier that I finally decided to go ahead with a BA after many years of talking about it! With barely ever filling out an A Cup I decided I still wanted something natural and didn't want it to be too big for my frame. So my Dr and I decided to go with 280cc and am sooo happy 2 days... READ MORE

So like many of you on here, I've been mulling over the idea of a BA on and off for the past 10 years. 1 year ago I finally decided to commit to it and research everything and find a PS that is right for me. In my research I found Dr. Mark D. Epstein MD of Stony Brook New York to best meet my... READ MORE

Im 5'9" 150lbs about a 36B.... I have breastfed 2 kids and decided its time for me to improve myself..... I was hoping for a Full D because I am tall and think I would carry it well.... My surgery it set for April 9th which is next week!!!!!!!!!! My doctor recommended a 400cc textured hp with a... READ MORE

I've been dying to get BA since I cons remember just always been to nervous. And living in Miami where it's summer all year round I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I believe I'm a size 34B but since I buy push up bras in Ava's they're a 34D. Which there is no way I'm a D. :( So my goal... READ MORE

Before kids I wore a size C. During breastfeeding I wore a size E (which I absolutely LOVED). Now I have deflated B's. I made a consultation appointment for June 17th! I am excited, but nervous! Trying to have an idea of what I want when I go in... Silicone or saline? How long do I have to go... READ MORE

I'm hoping to be a full C after my procedure. I'm wearing a small 32 A right now. I've never been happy with my breasts and cannot wait to feel confident about my body! I'm constantly wearing padded bras that add up to 2 cups sizes. I would like to feel comfortable topless around my husband (not... READ MORE

I've been researching on realself, Instagram and YouTube and im obsessed over listening and reading real life experiences! I'm excited and planning for Feb 2014. I have only completed two consultations thus far and have one more planned for November (that's this doctors next available). I'm... READ MORE

Hello realself family well where to start?? I have been coming to this site for yrs now looking at reviews. Now it is finally my turn yeah me..!!! I am a mother of 6 amazing kids 4 boys and 2 girls. My kids ages in order are 14, 11,10,7,6,4 . I started very early so I never really had a chance... READ MORE

Hey there! :) So I finally booked myself the breast augmentation I've been wanting for years! Im so happy & excited! The Op is on the 15th july, if all is well. Im 5ft8'' 138lbs, pre-op bra size is a small 34B. I would like to have a final size of 34D natural looking. I had my consultation with... READ MORE

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