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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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Today is day 5 post surgery and Ive had quite a tough time of it (feeling very sorry for myself haha). For the same day and day after I was sick in total about 7 times, horrible! It was when I either sat up straight, tried to walk and also on the car journey home. Day 2- exhausted and stuffed... READ MORE

Finally getting boobies! I waiting for them since I was 12 and they never showed up lol. I just turned 31 and I wear a 34AA or 32A. I decided to make a profile finally bc I'm sure my friends are sick of hearing about it. I know my boyfriend is! By the time I get them he's gonna be so over... READ MORE

Im 5'9, 116 lbs, 23 years old. Ever since I was 16ish I always said I wanted a boob job. I never really thought I would do it until one of my friends got her boobs done. They turned out so great, I started looking into it and set my first appointment with Dr. Pelletiere. I went to see a couple... READ MORE

I've been thinking about breast augmentation since the young age of sixteen, I'm the smallest in my family but none of us were blessed with much for breasts. I haven't bought a proper fitting bra, Ever! It's always such a depressing visit to a lingerie store, so much so that I haven't bought a... READ MORE

I recently had a BBL in D.R. With the amazing Dr.Duran . I love my results and I decided against getting my breast implants in D.R. Because I did not want to spend any extra Time away from home . I am looking into getting breast implants here in the states . I have emailed a couple doctors here... READ MORE

Wanted to correct some slight asymmetry, achieve more fullness, add a cup size and some cleavage. Wasn't sure how big I should go, originally I was thinking about going from a C to a DD but I decided to go to a full D. Ended up getting Natrelle Silicone moderate plus implants, under the... READ MORE

First off I want to explain my reasoning of why I want a breast augmentation. I have always had a very small chest and it has always been hard for me to have confidence without them, I have been harshly teased since I was very young and it has very emotionally taxing. I feel like a 18 year old... READ MORE

Dr Ennis was amazing from introduction to the post op call checking on me. He was attentive and careful and concerned and over -the- top PERFECT!. HE picked the perfect sizes and made me look better than 'natural' perhaps Super Natural!;) I would do it all over again. No regrets. The... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I have been all over RealSelf to find any helpful information! I am 40 on 10 Nov 2014 and I have decided to get breast augmentation on 22 Dec 2014 its the best time for me to go un noticed over Christmas!! because I have had 2 beautiful children (3 full pregnancy's :( ) I have... READ MORE

So since I've been obsessed with this web site for the last couple months and it has helped me to better know what I should expect, I thought I should share my journey too! Hopefully my profile will help someone the way all of yours have helped me. I've been married 6 years, and always wanted to... READ MORE

Okay, so having read so many stories I thought I should share mine. I've always hated having a small chest and find I obsess about it every day. I've finally decided to do something about it. For me. Not for attracting men. I just want to look in proportion. My journey has started. ... READ MORE

I got 600cc in one boob and 650 in the other to make them more equal in size. I had the silicone implant placed under the muscle and through the nipple. Dr. Saul is absolutely amazing at what he does and he has completely exceeded my expectations. I came across him by accident but I think it was... READ MORE

I went through destination Beauty back in June 2013. I had Dr Kasemsak Pyungtansup. I was very disappointed. When I first got there Prao had given me the wrong consultation time so I waited for over an hour for them to sort that out. Which I then had to leave and come back for it. When I came... READ MORE

Since RealSelf reviews and experiences have been such an educational tool for me regarding my decision, along with what to expect when undergoing a breast augmentation - I thought I’d share my experience! After being severely unhappy with my breasts for several years, I decided to proceed... READ MORE

Today is one day post-op! I've wanted a BA for a long time, but was waiting until I was finished having children before I did it. I was originally going to go with 500cc unders, but PS said I had enough tissue to go over the muscle. He used 500 mentor memory gel round HP. The recovery is... READ MORE

Several years ago I discussed with my husband the possiblity of having breast augmentation after children. Well, after breastfeeding two kiddos my day is about to arrive! I began consulting with plastic surgeons in the spring. I decided from the start that I was going to schedule 3 consults... READ MORE

So, at first I thought I for SURE wanted the anatomical shaped saline implants with areola incision. However, after my consultation and more research/reviews, Ive decided to go with round silicone implants with the incision in the fold under the breast. My surgeon will probably decide on the... READ MORE

I thought my breast would be much bigger I wanted a small D but we shall see where I end up. I started off with an A cup and got 450cc. I wanted to have breast that matched my full hips and after breastfeeding 2 boys I actually lost a cup size. So I looked at several doctors and I chose Dr. Z... READ MORE

I'm 24, 5'4, and about 115 lbs. I went to doctor Mentz because my sister's friend recommended him. I've had consultations with a couple other plastic surgeons and never found the right one, until now. My nose was droopy and big with a large hump on it, it always made me self conscious. My... READ MORE

I decided to get breast implants mostly due to the fact that over the last few years I have lost a lot of volume in my breast tissue. I didn't have much to begin with, and now was starting to feel like I need more to fill out my clothes, swim suits. I am only 30 and have never had kids..... and... READ MORE

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