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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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From the moment I reached puberty and my boobs started "growing", they've been one of my greatest insecurities. While my friends all had nice, round, developed breasts, I had these funny looking little things that seem to act like they're not friends. For a while I tried to embrace them and... READ MORE

I am 5'6 140 pounds, larger bottom and hips so i wanted to balance it out with a heavy top! So we went with 600cc, high profile, round. The surgery was done through my armpits. Bruising is already going down and i am able to actually move my arms more, before i felt so contracted and stiff.... READ MORE

So I live in San Diego and I'm on the hunt for the perfect surgeon. So far no luck. I've only been to two consultations but I'm not feeling satisfied yet. One place I went to didn't let me try on sizes said it was unnecessary. Another I met with a consultation person not a surgeon. Neither... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I have grown up always wanting a fuller chest, and have been saving up for this for quite some time. Now that I'm getting close financially I finally went in for a consultation. I decided I'd like to go over the muscle and get the High Profile silicone. The best part with going... READ MORE

As an extremely frugal individual, I never expected I'd buy myself a gift of breast implants! But here is what happened... I paid my student loans off early, and as a reward, decided to spoil myself for once on an entirely frivolous cosmetic procedure to enhance my figure. I'm only 31 and... READ MORE

I just had mto bready augmentatuon done 10/30/15. I decided on silicone 450ccs and he recommended adding an extra 25ccs to the right breast bc I didn't like how much smaller it was compared to the left breast. They are moderate profile and under the muscle, he made that decision based on my body... READ MORE

I was initially a B size. 114 lbs so I decided to 325 Silicone. I didnt want it to be crazy noticeable. Still swollen but getting better.. Still doesn't not look the way I want but I think I made the right decision. One week post op and I feel much better. It is a long process that require a... READ MORE

Had consultation on 5/22. Dr Kim and Amanda (Patient Care Coordinator) were both so great. They were both very patient with all my questions and Dr Kim thoroughly explained the process. Based on my body, she recommended a few different types of sizer implants to try. The 450cc high profile... READ MORE

I had my 3 children at a very early age all before i was 20 and i found my breasts were flat (like spaniels ears). I lacked confidence because of this and ended up wearing chicken fillets all the time. On holidays i hated wearing bikinis because its looked like i was flat chested and it made me... READ MORE

I had always had a small frame and small breast , never been crazy about them but I was ok with them, until I breastfeed my kids and everything went boom! They are so deflated! So now I'm lookin for natural looking full breast. Dr Wendell recommended 275cc to 300cc. Still not sure wich one to... READ MORE

Hi ladies! I'm writing this review hoping to get some advice, please comment ;) . I am still losing weight from my baby, I was originally 106 lbs. Am I too small for these size implants? I am presently a deflated 36b at VS, And I was looking to go to a full D. My PS suggested moderate implants... READ MORE

I am very small A cup. Small frame I do have broader shoulders 5.6 115lbs. Athletic. I had my first consultation and tried on implants the size I like the most was between 350 and 400cc I am getting silicone. My question is would it be better to go 350cc or 400cc the 350cc would be moderate... READ MORE

I have lost weight as I've aged and my boobs left me at the same time as my boys moved out. I have become so self conscious of my little wrinkle collection that I decided to get a new set. I'm little at 47 kilos so don't want a huge pair. I'm going for 295cc teardrop under the muscle. I'm... READ MORE

I'm 5'0 105 lbs and have 3 kids. I went in for my consultation today and liked how 650cc looked on me when I tried on the sizes. My doctor said he'll have to go with 750cc? I do want my boobs big but would that be too big?? As you can see from my pictures they are really saggy. I used to... READ MORE

Helo anyone? When I was younger and realized my boobs wouldn't grow, I started looking for when it would be appropriate for a BA surgery (age and money bassically), so now that the opportunity has come I find myself confused about the size. I have scheduled an appointment with a PS from where I... READ MORE

Hi everyone - So I had my surgery done on 10/15/15 it's been quite the journey. I waited so long to do this - since I knew what breasts were, I knew I wanted them. Anyways - I have them. I'm so happy and just waiting for the infamous "drop and fluff". I have some pictures posted - not of before... READ MORE

Many times since I was a teenager I fantasized about having bigger boobs but never seriously considered the idea of having breast augmentation surgery. That changed when the man I recently dated on and off for 3 years asked me to do it. Until then I was pretty confident about my looks despite... READ MORE

Hello all! First off let me start by saying like many of you smaller chested ladies out there I've been waiting to fill out my bra since puberty... And I'm still waiting to this day. I'm about 5'5" and roughly 115 lbs with a slim build. I have a 6 year old daughter, while I was pregnant my boobs... READ MORE

I went in for a consultation having found Dr. T online. I was very impressed with his work. At the consultation he was extremely professional and answered all of my questions. I liked the fact that he also has a 100% safety record, including his other Doctoral team. This is very important to me.... READ MORE

After years of wearing push up bra's and fooling people into thinking I have big boobs, I've decided I want to make my chest permanent. Until this year, I hadn't considered breast augmentation thinking I could just get away with push up bras all my life. However after seeing how common and... READ MORE

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