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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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I never really developed like everyone else and absolutely hated my breasts. I had been thinking about it for years. My surgeon was so understanding as I wanted to be a C/D and desperately wanted a natural look. So on 19th of september I took the plunge. I was in so much pain for the first few... READ MORE

I'm 5'2 and 110 pounds. I been wanting to get implants for a few years now. I have been on this site viewing photos and yes I'm scared out of my mind. I'm just so sick of being flat chested. I want to feel more of a women then a little girl. I haven't done it yet. Going in Thursday november 20th... READ MORE

So I've decided to keep track of my BA journey, for before/afters and to organize all my thoughts about it. I'm starting at about a 32AA and have a pretty petite frame.. I think my measurements are like.. 31-23-34. So I have a narrow rib cage and small waist, but feel like I'm semi-"hippy,"... READ MORE

Hey hopefully I can update this section later when I've time. For now I guess I'm 25, 5'2 & 105lbs. I got 280cc anatomical, textured, silicone, high profile implants under the muscle. It's been about 3 weeks since the surgery. A picture says a thousand words so ive uploaded plenty! Ask any... READ MORE

So im not crazy about the boob jobs n DR but i love Duran n trust in her... I'm looking into going in the beginning of next year i contacted her n she said she does eurosilicone, donasis, and sillimed... i have no idea what that means lol so my research begins ... i don't want huge round... READ MORE

Had been wanting to get a breast augmentation for several years ,had kids and what little breast I had left ,no upper pole fullness stared with 32A and was wanting to go to a DD . Done my research found the doctor I wanted to use made my consultation date on 5/6/2014, tryed on sizer decided on... READ MORE

I just recently had this procedure done on Wednesday the 17th of September and Dr. Samuels does the 'rapid recovery' and it is Saturday the 20th of September and I feel wonderful. Super happy with my results. Will post more in the coming days but have been off of my pain meds since yesterday and... READ MORE

I've always wished I had bigger boobs and dreamed of getting a breast augmentation, but I didn't start to seriously consider it until a few months ago. I talked to my parents, researched plastic surgeons in my area and finally scheduled a consultation 2 weeks from now. I will be seeing Dr.... READ MORE

I am looking for advice please. I tried on 304 CC gel mid profile implant and it's great but the same size as when I wear a double padded bra so have considered a size larger. However, since i'm short i'm worried it will be too much. Tried 375 CC high pro and looked a tad on the pointy side.... READ MORE

I am 35 years old with 3 kiddos. I am active..i exercise…i surf and am overall in good physical condition. I nursed all 3 of my kids and have been left deflated. I was a 32C prior to having kids and now am barely a 32A. I am looking for a nice full B and a very naturally looking breast. My... READ MORE

This is a long time coming for me but I'm very excited and as it gets closer I'm starting to get nervous. Why did I schedule my surgery out so far?? lol Admittedly during the consultation once we got to the part where we were talking numbers it all just happened so quickly. Getting the... READ MORE

Iam 29 years old with a 1 1/2 year old daughter. I gained almost 100lbs during pregnancy. I worked out hard and Iam back to my old self except for the boobs. They are empty inside and saggy :( Iam 120lbs n 5'1. So i decided with my husbands support to get a BA. I had consultations with multiple... READ MORE

So here I am, starting an adventure that'll end up changing my life FOREVER! Let me get straight to the point...I'm 24 years old starting from a 36 B hopefully getting to a 36D or DD...I've chosen 425cc natrelle Shaped implants...but I've already spoken to my Dr. and I might be going a little... READ MORE

So since I've been obsessed with this web site for the last couple months and it has helped me to better know what I should expect, I thought I should share my journey too! Hopefully my profile will help someone the way all of yours have helped me. I've been married 6 years, and always wanted to... READ MORE

Dr. Tracy Pfeifer and her staff (specifically Maureen & Denise) are the best!! I highly recommend her for anyone considering a BA. After several consultations spanning 2 years I hadn't found a doctor that I really clicked with, but I knew within a few minutes of meeting Dr. Pfeifer that she... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to feel like a woman...finally! I had always wondered when I would "fill out" when I was growing up and it never happened. :( I was an A cup (but really never even filled it out...) prior to having children and am now basically completely flat chested after... READ MORE

I have been saving up for a little while now and I finally had my surgery today! My doctor and I originally decided on 475 cc silicone, but we ended up going with 435 cc instead. (I was nervous I would be top-heavy and look unnatural). I think I could have gone bigger now that I see them but I... READ MORE

Finally have the courage to share my own journey on RealSelf. My BA is one week from tomorrow. I'm nervous but so excited. My preop was about a week ago and decided then on 280cc HP since I want a natural look. However, I have heard that you eventually lose a little volume so to make up for it... READ MORE

This review is long overdue because I can't even explain how reading other people's experience was so so so helpful to me. I got a breast augmentation last year February 2013 with Dr. Tehrani in his Long Island office. I decided I wanted a breast augmentation and set up a consultation. I picked... READ MORE

I am a 28 year old model, yoga teacher, and athlete. I had my breast implants 6 months ago and I'm really happy with the results. I had been considering doing a breast augmentation for about a year but I was conflicted because I was afraid of having surgery and what the results would be. I... READ MORE

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