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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›
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Finally decided to do something for myself. I've wanted a BA for years and finally decided on Dr. Hankins after speaking with a few other doctors. I've decided on 550 ccs high profile under the muscle. Still thinking about going bigger. Dr. Hankins has been awsome and has answered all my... READ MORE

Had my consult in early February. Surgery is next week. Getting nervous and excited! I'm going through the armpit and getting silicone. I will post before and after pictures over the next week. If anyone else has had surgery at this facility or with this doctor, I'd appreciate any feedback you... READ MORE

Where do I start...I am 33, 5'2, 1105lbs. My breasts developed asymmetrically; I had no underbood on my left breast but more volume on the top portion compared to my right. My right breast was normal but with a bigger areola. Like every woman with asymmetrical breasts I learned to live with it... READ MORE

Hello Ladies, I must say, I was not sure if I wanted to review or not but I thought to myself there are women here looking for answers just like me so why not!!! So let me just start with I decided to get my implants one morning and I have not look back since. I decided on Dr. Colgrove and his... READ MORE

Hi all, So here's my story. I've always been happy with my A cup boobs (as I'm very slim) but recently my body changed and the boobies just became out of proportion with my body. I Initially wanted fat transfer but was refused due to low body fat so I decided to get implants. And after a lot... READ MORE

I lost weight and went from small B to an A cup. I went for consults with 2 doctors. Today is POst op date #24, i still have swelling and some range of motion is still restricted like raising arms up. I Was told I can start lower extremity workout in a week or so, I can't wait because I have... READ MORE

AH! I went in for a pre-op with Dr. Schlesinger last week and have my surgery for my BA booked for April 24! I have 2 jobs - one a desk job, which doesn't require much movement besides typing, and retail. Not sure what it'll be like for me during the recovery process. Help?! I'm also going... READ MORE

I have been looking into getting breast implants for a couple of years now. I decided a month ago I wanted to do this for sure. I went to my consultation and scheduled the surgery for three weeks from now. I am very nervous but excited and I'm having a hard time figuring out what size I should... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, I have been wanting breast implants since highschool and now I am 26 years old and finally take the steps to get my new set of girls. Like most mothers, during nursing periods our boobs are engorged, full, and great. The aftermath of breastfeeding takes a toll on your boobies. So... READ MORE

I am excited beyond words, because my BA is scheduled for May 12th, 2015!!! A little about me first off; I am a 32-year old, single gal who has never had children. I am 5'4", 142lbs, and what I would consider very athletic. My area of expertise is heavy weight lifting (e.g. currently... READ MORE

Hi Everyone! I am really excited that after 35 years, I have scheduled my BA on 4/30/15. I am currently a 4'11, 105lbs, 32A. I am Asian too. I've recently reached out to several of my gf's that I know who have them done, which is 99% of them (yes, I am the 1% left) and asked for their advice.... READ MORE

I'm 33 and Ive alway been a small B, except during pregnancy, I was a full C-small D. That was the outcome I was hoping to achieve, but in the world of breast augmentation we can't set a cup size, it's measured by cc's. So I set up 2 consults with 2 different surgeons in my area that I've seen... READ MORE

After having my children my breast lost so much volume that I was left with a lot of skin. Wanted BA for years so after my husband and I decided we were officially done having children I went for it! My PS was absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend Dr. Christopher Saunders if you are in... READ MORE

Getting SALINE...... I am 40 yrs old, am 5"6 115 lbs. 3 kids breastfed them ALL. Always been less then an A CUP, still an A CUP. My boobs are so small and deflated. I'm SO DONE with wearing extra padded Miracle bras! I feel like I actually have the chest of a 12 yr old! My husband does not care... READ MORE

So, my wish for larger breasts stared around the time I was 20, but realized I didn't have the monetary resources and my breast were not all that bad. Also, I didn't think at the time that it would be a good idea to have that done prior to having children. Now that my youngest will be 9 I feel... READ MORE

Hoping to get a little wow factor for the next 50 years haha - after being small for a lifetime it seems at 50 years old. So looking at rounds 525cc or better. Little breast meat to add so probably under muscle. Still interviewing possible Surgeons for my suitable day, I'm getting excited I... READ MORE

I joined real self in December as I began seriously considering breast augmentation. The thought of having the actual surgery seemed taboo and unrealistic to me until two friends opened up about their personal experiences having it done. I always knew there was something different about my... READ MORE

I am so excited about taking a vacation and then getting a breast augmentation with Dr. Jacob Freiman in Miami. I have wanted a boob job since my 20s after seeing that they were NOT going to grow anymore. The women in my family had boobs and I was the one with tiny (although pretty) boobies and... READ MORE

So I've been reading so many women's blogs on here and it's helped me tremendously.. Decided to do one my self.. I have about 2 weeks before my surgery date and I am so unbelievably excited.. Not scared at all. They gave me the pamphlet of dos and donts.. Getting my procedure done by doctor... READ MORE

I was hoping to write this review and say how completely thrilled I am that I made the decision to get breast implants. Well, not yet. Not even two months post op and I've heard the word "revision". After being divorced for almost two years now, I wanted to start to date again- but (with the way... READ MORE

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