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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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Hey ladies! First of all I want to say thanks to everyone who has shared their stories on here because it has really made a difference in my feelings and knowledge of this procedure. I have always had asymmetrical breasts and I hoped that as I started my 20s it would even out, but never did. So... READ MORE

I am so excited to finally be getting breast augmentation! I have always wanted full, proportionate, perky boobs and have been planning to get breast augmentation for 4 years! Finally, we are getting it done tomorrow. Going hard with 400cc under the muscle sliceing under the breast! Our doctor... READ MORE

Had my cosultation so far. Dr Aitken made me feel good about the procedure. I felt like it went really fast though. I picked 350cc and she is putting in 375cc because I am going sub-pectoral. Will update as my date gets closer. I may go back in to try on the sizers again. I have plenty of time... READ MORE

I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Kim and her staff! Everyone is so sweet and caring they make you feel right at home. Dr. Kim is truly an artist and provides incredible results. I have wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember, the only regret I have is not having... READ MORE

Hi a am new to this site . I am a 32 years of age female /mother . i have always been small and was always curious of having bigger breast. I decided now would be a great time for me to get it done . I have a consultation in November . Having done a lot of research on this particular dr . I... READ MORE

I've finally decided to have this surgery...I'm nor sure why now at this age, but here I am...I've decided that if I'm going to do, i may as well go hate to have regrets later that I should have hone bigger. I am a little nervous about what the outcome will be...because I also don't... READ MORE

This review is for all of those out there who are borderline lifts. I won't bore you with my booby history or why I decided on getting implants, just wanted bigger boobs, plain and simple! I had gone into surgery not really knowing what to expect as I was borderline. I paid for a donut... READ MORE

I'm 32. 5'5 ,115 lbs. 32b deflated(I was a 32D prior to having kids) I have no upper pole fullness and can't wear cleavage tank tops like I used too. I also miss wearing a bikini and not feeling self conscious. My goal is to achieve a full D or DD look. I'm small frame so we decided on high... READ MORE

I am 5'2 140lbs and breastfeeding as left me with B size empty milk pockets ,Well, that is what they are ,Milk bags. I am ready to get my dreams boobs and start feeling sexy again.I am scedule October 8 at Miami Vanity Cosmetic With Dr.Antony Hassan... shiverzz. I am looking to get minimum ... READ MORE

So excited my surgery date is Monday the 23rd 2 more sleeps! Having 385cc full projection under the muscle I will update my progress right away after surgery if anyone has any recovery tips for me that would be great.... I am having 385cc gel under the muscle. Does anyone know how big that... READ MORE

Hi, I'm 43 years old ,weigh 135, thin, 5'7 . I wear like a 34 A or B , Doctor said I would look great with a small D , Is that to big, Im very nervous I just dont want them to look so big on me , getting them done in the summer in May very excited , Just hope they don't look to fake or to big .... READ MORE

I have had 3 consults over the last four years. I met with two different PS. I first wanted a breast augmentation after I had my daughter. I have always had small boobs 34A and the are pretty even and looked nice and perky just small. I gained 70lbs when I was pregnant and my boobs where... READ MORE

I've wanted breast implants ever since I was a little girl, obsessing over the MAGIC performed by plastic surgeons on shows like dr. 90210. I've been researching breast augmentation a lot in the past year and I'm thinking about getting the surgery when I turn 22 so I can get the silicone... READ MORE

This post was actually written 11/22/2015. I meant to post it much earlier but I got caught up elsewhere before submitting. Note: Clearly I'm no newbie to this industry. I am well educated on HIPAA guidelines along with the TOS of RealSelf. Please respect my privacy boundaries if I choose to... READ MORE

Okay here it goes!!! For as long as I can remember I wanted boobies, to match my friends. They all were blessed with them… My mother always told me that you’ll get them eventually, just be patience. Well that ran out once senior year in high school came and still nothing. I have always been... READ MORE

I can't even remember how long I have thought about getting breast implants and it is finally coming!!!! My choice for implants is 430 cc saline. I juggled between silicone and saline and for me I feel like saline is safer. I'm super excited and I'm counting down the days!!! I'm also very... READ MORE

Like many I have stalked this sight for quite some time and thought I would pass along the good karma by also posting my experiences not to mention selfishly this will help me to document and keep track of my progress. So I am 5'9", 145lbs, no kids with no plans, and my goal is to get 650cc... READ MORE

20 years old, 32A bra, 5'9", 140 lbs athletic build I'm commissioning as a U.S. Naval Officer in less than 9 months and only 2 weeks from getting "the twins" (aka 375cc implants). I've been a fairly active person my entire life and was born into an IBTC family, so I was basically doomed to be... READ MORE

Hi Everyone! So I've recently joined this site and I figured I'd also start my own review to keep track of my process. My story is no different than most people's here. I've always wished to have bigger breasts for the longest time but it wasn't until recently that I came to terms with having a... READ MORE

So, this is the morning of my breast augmentation. I will be having surgery in 5.5 hours! I am both nervous and excited!! Nervous about handling the recovery with two small kids at home who still require lots of attention. And nervous about having the results I'm hoping for! I'm trying to keep... READ MORE

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