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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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After careful consideration and a lot of mixed emotions I have decided to get a BA. Right now I'm hoping to schedule it for the first week of December 2015 bit I am waiting to meet with one more doctor on the 28th of this month here in San Antonio. I have been wanting to get a BA ever since I... READ MORE

Silicone implants 400 cc HP on both under muscle. Started off a 32 A & hoping to end up with a C cup. Procedure went great, My boobs are still riding high and tight. First night at home and the pain was unbearable. Dr. Kerr prescribed me Oxycodon for pain, Cyclobenzaprine for muscle relaxer,... READ MORE

I had a consultation and I really like the dr. Although I was in prepared. I did not ask a lot of questions. We talked about size and placement. I'm 5 foot 8 inches and about 130 lbs. I decided to go with 500cc silicone over the muscle. My boyfriend and I talked and decided to over would be... READ MORE

Hello all! First off let me start by saying like many of you smaller chested ladies out there I've been waiting to fill out my bra since puberty... And I'm still waiting to this day. I'm about 5'5" and roughly 115 lbs with a slim build. I have a 6 year old daughter, while I was pregnant my boobs... READ MORE

So far I've had my first consultation with Adrian Richards from Aurora Clinic in Princes Risborough had my sizing appointment with Sinead, both have been amazing .. I can't recommend them enough! They understood what I was after straight away! I've always felt like I can contact them at any time... READ MORE

Reading all your reviews, Ladies, encouraged me to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences too. I'm pretty much flat with no bra or push up, and could never go out with out wearing one. Plus, when u can hardly fill a bikini, it's a little less fun :( and I'd love to be able to wear a sexy... READ MORE

Hello girls, So I am writing this review to help perhaps some women out there with concerns of breast augmentation and just to give you a general idea. I had this procedure done when I was 18 years old just two months before my 19th birthday. I had 325 cc put in my left breast and 350cc put in... READ MORE

So I finally decided to start my review here :) I already paid my full cost on September 29th and my surgery date is coming very soon! I can't believe it's happening at the end of this month. I'm more excited than nervous but there are some jitters as well. I am a fitness competitor and have... READ MORE

Was always fit with 34 D breasts. Pregnancy and breastfeeding expanded my breasts 3 sizes up and now I am a very deflated 34C. I am 5'4 125 lbs and very muscular. I did not want the scars with a lift and my nipple is above the crease so I found a doctor that said I could look more naturally... READ MORE

Hi Realsef sissies..I been stalking for a couple of months im gunna say thank you very much to all the ladies that shared their journey gives me knowledge and found a lot of tips during their pre and opt surgery. To begin i was 32B before i got married and after gave birth of my... READ MORE

Went from a size 10A to a 12DD. Second day post surgery is the worst, you feel like your chest is being crushed. You can barely lift your self up, put on clothes and pick certain items up. Sleeping on a lazy boy chair or on a bed with plenty of pillows will help you have a good night sleep.... READ MORE

Hello! I've always wanted boobs since I was 18. I'm 28 now with a almost 3 yr old son. Who I love dearly. But my anxiety is getting the best of me. I'm scared that something will go wrong or I won't wake up from the anesthesia. Can someone give me some advice on how they coped with... READ MORE

Hi, this site helped me a lot, so I going to share my experience! My before stats: High 5"6" = 1,68m weight 112,4 lb = 51 Kg Full B to a small C Bust 32" = 80 cm planning in get 375cc Silicone implant, round, gummy bear, textured, under the muscle, inframammary incision. I am very anxious,... READ MORE

I am currently 5'0" and roughly 107-110lbs, I fluctuate. I was once 118lbs and that brought my bra size up to a 34B (I was not healthy then, a lot of beer will do that to you). I got into working out and using muscle to build my curves so therefore sit at the weight I am now but a lot better... READ MORE

So I live in San Diego and I'm on the hunt for the perfect surgeon. So far no luck. I've only been to two consultations but I'm not feeling satisfied yet. One place I went to didn't let me try on sizes said it was unnecessary. Another I met with a consultation person not a surgeon. Neither... READ MORE

So I finally decided to do this. I haven't been dreaming about it for years or wanting it since i was little. I've always loved my body for what it is in it's natural state. I liked the look pre babies, throughout pregnancies, and post babies. So just recently I started this journey and now it... READ MORE

I have wanted a BA since I realized very young I would probably never be blessed with natural boobs. For some reason I was hoping that having children would pump them up & be there to stay! I was very wrong! I breast fed my 1st until 2 & 2nd until 4 mos due to medical reasons. I see a lot of... READ MORE

Always disliked being flat, finally was ready to make a change. I was def scared, my 1st surgery ever but it wasn't bad. I did under the muscle which is a little more pain, but doctor said for slimmer people better option to look more realistic. Afrer procedure hard to not think every tiny thing... READ MORE

My surgery is this Friday and I'm starting to get nervous! I wanted to start a profile to help anyone else who is on the fence just like I was - this site was so helpful to me when i was deciding whether to do it, where to do it, how many ccs, all that. I've wanted bigger boobs since about... READ MORE

I've always wanted a BA ever since I was a tween. My friends were all blessed with breasts and we would joke around and have "boob transfers" by touching boobs in hopes of having positive energy suddenly give me large breasts. Lol. TEN years later I finally decided to go through with it. The... READ MORE

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