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Often done in concert with a breast lift, breast implant removal is simply a surgery to reverse or revise prior breast augmentation.
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I am finally going for a consultation this week. At 50 years old I am so ready to embrace who I am and not who I thought I needed to be. Like so many here I got implants at a low time of my life (single mum) at the age of 35. I had NO breast tissue after nursing 3 children- literally a size... READ MORE

Had implants when I was in my early 30's , by breasts never grew , by then I realised I would be flat chested , seemed like a great idea at the time , just wanted breasts , not massive hard things under my skin , in my 30's I was very insecure and thought by having a bigger chest I would look... READ MORE

I got my implants when I was 18 years old. Long story short my mom kind of pressured me into it and I was 18 and thought my mom knew everything. She thought it would help my self esteem and give me more confidence but it didn't, it just made me more awkward because I was still shy and with... READ MORE

I had my breasts enlarged when I was 21 years old almost 5 years ago. I stressed to the doctor that it was very important to me that I would be able to breast feed my children and he assured my that if I got them under the muscle there wouldn't be any problems which is what all plastic surgeons... READ MORE

I'm 50 and have had my 250cc silcon gel implants for 9 years. I'm 5'2' weighed 115lbs at surgery. PS implanted under the muscle and did a "mini lift" supra-Aerolar Tuck. Basically lifted the nipples up a bit. I have felt these implants were too large for my frame from the beginning. If only... READ MORE

So I was contemplating to have my 13 year old saline implants removed. This week I booked and paid for my surgery. My PS assures me bc of my small implant and natural dd boobs that I will sag more but still have nice size breasts. He and his staff were amazing!! And by next year if I feel I... READ MORE

Hello, first off I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their stories. I'm planning on having my breast implants removed. I got them in 2002 and honestly wish I hadn't. I was a 36C at the time but felt like I needed more fullness and ended up a triple D. I'm 5'7 and 150 lbs. Lately I noticed my... READ MORE

I've had saline implants since 2007 and I want them out. They are under my muscle and doc went thru my nipples. I'm not sure why I ever got them done in the first place; had great boobs to start with! I never had any problems, but just don't want them anymore. They make me feel chubby and just... READ MORE

6 years ago I suddenly had the money to get implants, and although I had absolutely no problem with my natural A cups, I thought to myself - well, i have the money now, I probably won't have it in the future, so why not? I wanted implants in the same way I would have wanted a fancy dress: it's... READ MORE

Hi everyone this site is brilliant! I had my 380cc saline implants in 2003 going from a 34b to a 34d. I was young & stupid (25) & so wish I listened to my mam. I've seen 2 consultants to date - 1st was positive * said no need to remove capsule and I should be left with good boobs. 2nd refused... READ MORE

I am so disappointed! Due to my blood clotting disorder, I can only have the implants drained and removed, and the capsules will have to stay in me. I have already been diagnosed with lupus and may have to go on chemo soon for it.,..I am so scared that I won't be able to fully recover due to not... READ MORE

In 2008 I was somewhere around a 36 C, but very unhappy with the way I was already sagging at 28. I'm 5'2" and weighed about 120 lbs when I went to a doctor for a lift. He convinced me that implants would provide the results I was looking for without the scars. Unfortunately I listened and now ,... READ MORE

Yes, I made a big mistake. I had 330 cc saline breast implants put in. It was a rushed decision, I was feeling insecure and I decided to do it. I thought it would be life changing, I thought I would be happy. However, I have never been more depressed or angry with myself. First, I'm 5'2 and 105... READ MORE

Ok, I was approached to start a blog or my story, I think because I have taken up too much room in the forum. I have read many of your reviews so I will try and follow somewhat of a format. First, I am 37 years old and have had implants for five years. I will start with the fact that I have... READ MORE

I have been thinking on removal since the day after my implant surgery. The day after my surgery I woke up with the worst pain I had ever felt and thinking what a huge mistake I had made. The fear of surgery, the fear of pain and the expense kept me from taking these things out of my body all... READ MORE

When I was 20 after having my first baby I was very saggy and unhappy with my breasts. I was a flat saggy 34B barely. I decided to get breast implants to improve my self image. Boy was I wrong. The first doctor I went to suggested I go in through the nipple and get 450s overfilled to help with... READ MORE

21 years of these awful implants -hard and painful so after a health scare (mammagram showed a mass -ultimately, everything okay), I had them removed. My PS indicated my CC was close to a 3. April 12 was the day. PS did not want to do a lift. It was tough since apparently, the right... READ MORE

Hi My name is Sarah i got my implants put in september 2012. I was happy for the first week. Then i started to hate them and got the boobie blues or so everyone tried to tell me. I dont think suicidal thoughts and wanting to grab a knife and cutting the implants out were the boobie blues.. I... READ MORE

I am 33 years old and ive have my 360 cc saline implants for 7 1/2 years. I was a 34 B without implants and went up to a 34D after the implants. I was only 130 lbs at the time that I got them and now I am 165 36D. I also breastfed my baby about a year ago. So my breast have gone thru changes. I... READ MORE

I'm 44 yrs old, 5'8" and 135 pounds. I've always been fortunate in the breast department. The journey began in 2005 after breastfeeding (actually pumping) for 6 weeks. My normally large and round breasts became shriveled raisins and very saggy. I could hardly look at myself in the mirror and I... READ MORE

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