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Often done in concert with a breast lift, breast implant removal is simply a surgery to reverse or revise prior breast augmentation.
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Dr. Bruno and staff are excellent. Great people in general. Very caring from start to finish. The process was better than I hoped and I would recommend this team and especially Dr. Bruno to any one looking for enhancements of any kind. He was honest and this is what drew me attention. Other Docs... READ MORE

I have been suffering pain from capsules formed around both implants for years and was waiting to save up to get new ones (single working mum). However, last summer I decided I just wanted them gone for good due to the pain and after a number of months on the waiting list, I finally had them out... READ MORE

I specifically went to Dorner because he said he would remove my implants without a capsulectomy in office. My capsules were soft and thin. No problems with implants just preferred removal. At 2nd consult he wanted to remove some of the capsule "to prevent fluid buildup". I said I prefer not. He... READ MORE

I'm 23, 5'6", and 115 lbs. I was a small B before my surgery two weeks ago. I have 300cc silicone gel implants in my R breast and 275cc in my L. My results look fine, I am not botched. I chose a fantastic amazing surgeon to do my procedure. However, I am devastated and felt like I have made the... READ MORE

When I was 30 yrs.old right after the birth of my child, I went from a 34A to 34D with 325cc saline implants. other than them becoming bigger and uncomfortable I haven't have any problems. But my back hurts 24/7!! I just know if I could get these heavy bags of water off my chest, I would feel... READ MORE

First I want to thank all of you for your courage to share your stories i helped me so much with decision. I got my implants when I was 19, I enjoyed them. Know I'm in a different place in my life, they were almost 15 years old and 3 months ago I was diagnose with Hashimoto thyroditis and some... READ MORE

I had two ruptured old generation silicone implants from the eighties. After 27 years they were thrashed. Silicone from one implant migrated into my upper muscle and surrounding tissue. This created a reactionary tumor the size of four golf balls. Anytime time a tumor this size is removed it... READ MORE

Hello girls !! I am a 36 years old mother of 4 children and 16 years ago i went for my first breast augmentation because i was almost flat chested and my ex-boyfriend gave me that surgery as present so i thought ,why not ? After that time i did realize that my breast felt much harder than the... READ MORE

I had PIP implants inserted in 2003 from Harley Medical Group, UK. I never had any problems with the implants and was happy with the result. 2 years ago when the PIP scandal hit the UK I obviously got very anxious and worried. I had successfully breastfed my daughter and was breastfeeding my... READ MORE

Hi this is my first post. I live in New Zealand and had my implant for 4.5 years. I never really liked them and hated the rippling look and when I bend over that I had from day one. My surgeon has closed his clinic and moved to Auckland and never really listened to what I wanted. Can anyone... READ MORE

I am a singer/ entertainer and have made a living with a curvy body. Now at 50 I only want to be natural again and love myself the way God made me. I first got implants in 1990, I had a new set of implants put in in 1997 and now after 23 years of implants in my body I just want them out. I fill... READ MORE

I have talked about getting implants off & on since i was 16.. im 27 & finally bit the bullet. I went with 375cc under the muscle. I got them August 6 2013 so at this point I'm only 5 weeks post op. recovering has been difficult mentally & physically. I dont want to put myself through a lifetime... READ MORE

In 2007 I had 340 cc silicone implants under the muscle put in. I was so excited because I've always been self conscious and thought my B size were too small. From the very moment I saw my new size D breasts I was disappointed because I only wanted a slight increase of my natural B breasts and... READ MORE

I like many other women are having the same symptoms with my joint pain, muscle pain, exhaustion, etc...had all my blood work for lupus, RA come back now I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia blah blah. It's very hard for me NOT to think its my implants after reading all these other... READ MORE

I had 360 cc smooth saline implants under the muscle for 15 years. I am 5ft 8" tall, and at the age of 23 thought I needed to have at least a C cup to match my curvy figure. Also, I lived in Los Angeles, where all of my friends were getting bigger breasts and it seemed pretty simple. I hated the... READ MORE

I think I've read what sounds like my own story several times on this site. I'm 5'8" 140 lbs and very athletic. After breast feeding my two kids I went from a small B to barely an A cup. After a divorce and an unhealthy relationship, my self-esteem wasn't do good. When I finally decided to get... READ MORE

I'm turning 31 on jan 5th and last year may I decided to have my breast done. I've breast fed my two babies and hated the way my breast looked after, the first time I thought about this was around 8 years ago. So I have thought about this for ages and done my research. 7 months in and I've found... READ MORE

I have a very long story so thank you to anyone who reads all of this. By the way, thank you so much to all of the ladies who have posted their explant stories, you have helped SO much. Ok, so in '05 I had my first BA.....huge, over the muscle salines. I was young, (dumb) and fit so they... READ MORE

I got my implants in 2007. I was a 34B before I got extremely fit and went down to a small A cup. I felt like I looked "flat" and boyish without bigger boobs so I decided to get some. The implants were about 425-450cc, if I remember right. i went from a 34A to a 34D. (I originally wanted a C but... READ MORE

So here my breast implant story begins, and thanks to reading all your positive blogs, it will hopefully end. Had 320 cc under the muscles 18 years ago, loved them, went from an A to C cup. Loved the attention, made me feel sexy, clothes looked great, all the usual stuff. Decided two years... READ MORE

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