Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants or when complications such as capsular contracture or rupture may occur. If a woman doesn’t want to replace her implants, removal can performed along with a breast lift to address skin and tissue that might have been stretched from the implants.

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I am 25. I had my breasts augmented in 2009, almost 6 years ago. I was about a 32A and I am now 32C. I have not had children and no significant change in weight. I want to remove them. I got them because I was young, stupid. The only other person at the same was my ex-fb who supported my... READ MORE

Well, where to start! Had silicone overs put in in 1998. Loved them to start with but noticed them get 'firm' after only six weeks. Didn't know any better so thought that was how they were supposed to be! Anyway, two children and fifteen years later they were ridiculously hard. I am talking... READ MORE

I just happened upon this site a few weeks ago and it has been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. I got implants for my 40th Birthday nine years ago. I didn't want anything big just a little fullness. I was excited to be able to wear a tank top without a bra but to my surprise... READ MORE

Very anxious to get my implants removed. I got them when I was 19 years old and didn't fully understand the implications of what I was doing at such a young age. After having two young daughters of my own, I desperately want them to love themselves for who God created them to be...not what the... READ MORE

I currently have my second set of implants, the first ruptured and was left with a good result once remove see pic above, I then had implants out back in but now sadly have another rupture, I no that once removed I maybe a little more saggy than above but don't want another set of implants do... READ MORE

I am very excited to finally be moving forward with removing these foreign objects from my body! I have been considering having them removed for over 2 years, but I became pregnant and that put all of this to a halt. My son is now 8 months old and my breast are saggy and bottoming out. I am NOT... READ MORE

I've been lurking here for some time. I had a TT, scar revision and BA (38A/AA before 38 D after) done in 2004 by Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder. She did a wonderful job and honestly the process was not much different than having a c-section or hysterectomy ( I've had both). It's been more than 10... READ MORE

Today marks my two weeks post surgery explant removal. This forum was super helpful & supportive, so I decided to post my pics and offer my support and experiences with implants as well. With two sets of implants since the age of 21, I finally came to terms with wanting them removed. My first... READ MORE

Before a had my first baby a was a 32b, then i went up to a 34dd.I had a breast lift with implants in 1998, under the muscle. I went down to a 34c. After having my sec son i went from a 34c to a 34ddd. So I have a lift and new breast implants over the muscle again i was only back to a 34d.... READ MORE

I've been on this site everyday for months reading reviews, looking at pics and researching doctors. I've been wanting my breast implants out for several months but I'm so scared. I have had 492 cc silicone breast implants under muscle since 2008. I never thought I would be the type of woman... READ MORE

I am 56, in good physical shape, take no medication, and am physically active. My implants are both as hard as rocks (capsular scar contracture, mentioned again below). After exploring this site, I have decided that I want and need them out, using the en bloc method. And no replacement, thank... READ MORE

I want to say thank you to all those women who have bravely told their stories here, because of you I am now moving toward the goal of removing the implants in my body. Several weeks ago, not feeling well I went on my support group forum and saw a posting where a women who had breast implant... READ MORE

Hello!! So, I did it! I had my 9 year old implants removed almost 2 weeks ago and I can't be happier!! I wanted to share with all you lovely ladies as I got inspiration and courage from all of your stories. I got implants for reasons I'm sure many of us can relate to... years of insecurity + a... READ MORE

I first want to start off from the bottom of my heart a huge Thank you to all you wonderful ladies. Without this site I really don't know where I would be right now. So I'll kind of give you my history for the last 17 months. I had my BA on April 17, 2014 with the Seintra 565 hp textured over... READ MORE

I'm 38 yrs old, have 360cc silicone implants, under the muscle with baker 4 capsular contraction and rupture on the left and level 2.5 cc on right with possible rupture. After having saline implants for 8yrs (which ruptured) I was talked into getting silicone in May of 2006. Less than a year... READ MORE

Hi to anyone reading this.this is to pay it forward as I have been stalking this site for quite a while and all you brave woman who share something so personal have helped to make me realise I am not alone in how I support each other when our own friends and family can not or will not... READ MORE

I et with Dr hause and he said he can do an implant extraction and a vertical modified mastopexy to correct my breasts after removal..I trusted him,the staff was so sweet...on the morning of my surgery, he said he had to move the time a few hours biggie..then in the room getting... READ MORE

I've been reading many explant stories on this website. They have given me so much hope that I could look normal again without these ugly balls stucked on my chest. I'm 44 years old, and as long I remember, I never liked my breasts. As a teenager, I was a bit overweight and my breast became huge... READ MORE

I have literally been through hell and back with breast implants over the last 15yrs. At the time I got them- no one could have talked me out of it. I remember thinking that really the benefits outweighed any risks (which surgeons kept stressing was a VERY small percentage of issues). I had no... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I have always been helped so much by reading reviews on here! So I had my breasts enlarged when I was 21 in Thailand at Tokai Clinic - he done a fantastic job - I had Silicone Allergan 280ccs placed over muscle. Previous to boob job I was a 34A - After Boob job 34D. Everyone who... READ MORE

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