Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants or when complications such as capsular contracture or rupture may occur. If a woman doesn’t want to replace her implants, removal can performed along with a breast lift to address skin and tissue that might have been stretched from the implants.

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5 years ago I made the stupidest decision of my life:to get breast implants I was 34a and felt totally inadequate and when I was 30 and majorly depressed I went to Transform and got completely brainwashed. I was a 34a and I had 380cc implants put in. Ive never liked them and I don't know why... READ MORE

Hi, I'm getting nervous and excited to have them removed. I have preoperation next week. Right now I don't know what to expect the day of surgery. I will be put under general anesthesia. This is my PS performance, I can't complain since it's free to have them removed. I have military insurance... READ MORE

It’s been a journey of self-love to get me to this place, and even so, as I sit here writing this, knowing intrinsically it is the right thing to do, I am plagued by doubt and confusion and guilt. Guilt at having devoted the last 3 years of my life running the BA gamut; guilt at all the money... READ MORE

At the age of 47, 3 children / 4 yrs apart / all breastfeed, I had a BA with Saline Implants 10 years ago. My breast were nothing more then a nipple on a chest. Since March the leftside deflated and the rightside is capuslated. Till yesterday, insurance finally agreed to remove both implants &... READ MORE

I had a BA in 2012 and my PS recommended 460cc which are way too big for my 5'1" frame. I wanted to replace lost breast tissue and sagging by filling them out a little but they are huge. I hate them. My PS recommended three sizes which were all too big for my petite frame and unfortunately I... READ MORE

I have had saline implants in my body for 17 years now. Back when I got them, I was only 22 years old and did not have enough self-confidence to understand that this was a major shift not only in my body, but also my health. I have come to accept them as part of me over the years, but now I have... READ MORE

Im 34, married with 4 kids. I would first like to thank this site and especially all of the women on here sharing their intimate stories. I would like to pay it forward to however many this can reach as I have been reading so many and am very thankful. I have been struggling with medical issues... READ MORE

So i have been reading some very helpful posts on realself so I thought I would join in! I've had my 390cc saline implants for 3 years, I was a B before and am now a DD. I HATE THEM!! I am going for a consultation on April 29 and I am so excited to schedule my procedure appointment. I can't wait... READ MORE

I'll be brief for now. I had implants 3 years ago because I was starting to feel like age was catching me up. i didn't want big ones, just young ones. But I went from 32A to 32DD. They hurt most of the time, and I've lost pleasant sensation in the nipple - which are now over sensitive, giving me... READ MORE

Removal of Mentor textured implants had them in from 26 - 42 years of my life. Too long but I had no complications. They looked great and my original ps did not want to remove them. My apt consisted of a 1.5 hours discussion about how I would hate my boobs afterwards, my tummy would be bigger... READ MORE

After coming to this website and reading so many stories of women with the same symptoms as I have, I have finally decided to remove my 9 year old implants. In 2006 after 3 children and breastfeeding I decided to get a mommy makeover and had a tummy tuck and breast implants. Before children I... READ MORE

I had implants installed in me by my parents in 1973. I was 16. I was never asked. A Houston doctor, (Dr. Robert Wise) put them in me. I recall that he told me that I was deformed. I think my mom had him tell me that so that I would feel better about the surgery. They were silicone with... READ MORE

I've had my 525cc saline breast implants for 8 years now, I feel like I'm a different person now than I was when I got them and I get embarrassed at times with my huge boobs. My back has been really hurting for the past few years so bad I've been taking daily pain meds.. I want off the pain... READ MORE

So I'm less than 2 weeks post and I'm so depressed. I always wished that there was another way for my Breast to look the least bit normal after pregnancy however after a few years sought that surgery was the only way. I'm was a fat AA one sagging Breast with excess skin the other was normal and... READ MORE

I had my daughter when I was 17. I breastfed and lost a lot of breast tissue so was left with small saggy breasts. I never remember wearing a bra smaller than a 34C but I'm thinking I has so much skin that its what was filling up my bra rather than tissue. I worked really hard to get the money... READ MORE

Hi girls! I'm not gonna be super long-winded. I've been reading all of your stories for a while in preparation for my procedure so that I know what to expect. I'll be explanting my 500 +/- cc saline implants along with the capsules (grade IV CC- gradually right implant migrated up toward my... READ MORE

Tomorrow I am having removal of 400cc breast implants and a breast lift (11 years ago). Tummy tuck scar revision from bad healing (11 years ago), and liposuction to my waist to give me more shape. I'm very boxy at the moment. I want a waist again! Will post again after procedure. Here are... READ MORE

I had Saline Breast Implants put in about 10 years ago. I was never really happy. They were 400 cc's or maybe even bigger. They were quite big and I could never wear the cute clothes, that I once loved. Finding a Swimsuit Top was always a problem. Almost immediately after the Surgery my left... READ MORE

375cc xhp over the muscle. I was a UK 32a pre op and I'm now a 34f. I'm currently experience a constant seroma in my left breast. It gets drained and it quickly fills again. It's so painful. Iwent to see my surgeon who said I could either have the implant out for 3-6 months then replace or have... READ MORE

First of all, I want to say thank you to all the brave ladies on this site whose posts have helped me on my journey! Your honesty and vulnerability has given me the courage to move forward with explanting. I am 30 years old and received breast augmentation surgery in 2008 when I was 22 years old... READ MORE

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