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Often done in concert with a breast lift, breast implant removal is simply a surgery to reverse or revise prior breast augmentation.
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Explant of my 234 cc silicone implants tomorrow. My first implants were in 2000. Went from A cup to 240 cc saline. They ruptured twice and had them removed in 2004 after my daughter was born. After first explant became a AA. Divorced in 2011 and decided to have put back in. Here I am and I... READ MORE

In september of 2009 I got a breast augmentation. 240cc in my left breast, 270cc in my right. I thought these implants would be small and I would be a small C, but I ended up a very full D. I did the augmentation because I felt very self conscious about my uneven, A breasts and was looking... READ MORE

I decided to get implants at age 46 after breast-feeding my 2 children. I had small breasts to start out- a small 34B at best. But, as they say, breastfeeding sucks all the goodness out of them! They weren't awful to look at- still perky but just empty. I live in Australia so no point in... READ MORE

Hi ladies been a minuet since I've been in an I apologize I hope everyone is doing well.. I am still waiting to have my implants removed I'm seeking another Dr for the purpose May be able to use insurance because he is not a plastic surgeon but instead is a regular breast surgeon deflated... READ MORE

When I was 23 , I was a 32 B with a tiny upper body but with womanly hips. After much research, I made the decision to have 325cc HP mentor smooth silicone implants. My mother has implants, as do both of my grandmothers (all still in tact after 20+ years) so that gave me more peace of mind... READ MORE

Hello--I always (always!) thought that I wanted big breasts. After I had my two children (and knew I was not going to have any more) I got 360cc saline implants (under the muscle) in March of 2000. Before implants I was a 34B/36A. After implants I was a 34D and am now a 36D. I never breast fed... READ MORE

Hello Everyone... I usually don't do the whole blog thing, but after finding this site and reading, reading...I am thinking support would be nice about now. I've had saline implants for the last 12 years (under muscle) with no issues until recently. A rupture occured on my right one about... READ MORE

Had these silicone implants for 22 yrs. Time to say bye bye. I have always and I do mean ALWAYS been super self conscious of my breasts/boobs. From the time I as 13 I knew I would never ever be blessed with "boobs" much less by the time I was 16 I was a 34 B and my younger 13 y/o sis was already... READ MORE

I am a 38 year old who got implants ~9 years ago. I used to obsess about breasts and how I had "none." I'm very glad I got them, as they are wonderful and have allowed me to feel confident in a way I never could. Now that I've had them, I see I don't need them. They have done their job. I am... READ MORE

Hi all, I posted a comment 7 days ago under the name 30yearsLater as that is how long I have had silicon breast implants. I am having problems with my right implant, a large dent on the side of breast & I am not sure of what is going on. I seriously want to see a doctor about explant surgery.... READ MORE

I was 33 years old when I got my smooth saline implants over the muscle. I went from a 38AA to a full 38C. I never had a problem until two years ago when I developed a cc on the right side. My ps told me point blank that without implant replacements, I would be concave and wrinkled due to my... READ MORE

Well ladies, after almost 12 years of having implants I am ready to let them go. My story starts off like many others, I had just moved away to college, I was 19 years old, and I thought I was missing something because I had small breasts (barely a 32A). I am not kidding when I say that I... READ MORE

I am 38 years old and had 300 cc saline implants placed in front of muscle 9 years ago. I started with a 34C size and wish I had never had the implants. After implants I was a 34 D but now am up to a 34 DDD. I just want to be natural again, buy a cute bathing suit in the store instead of... READ MORE

I got my implants at 19 - very insecure about my small A size breasts and wanted to look more womanly/sexy. The doctor did an amazing job and have had no issues at all. After I had my son in 2008 I can to love who I am without fake boobs and wanted them out but was afraid to have surgery and was... READ MORE

Ok girls , so I've been meaning to start my own review as I'm on here supporting women who are removing their implants and I thought it's only right I try to help others also, so here is my story. I'm 4ft 11 in height and I'm now 32 years of age, married last year ( in fact a week before our... READ MORE

I want to remove my breast implants. I have been doing some research and that's what I want. I got them put in 3 1/2 years ago and as soon as I got them done I knew I wanted them out. I thought I would change my mind over time but I still feel the same. I'm looking into a surgeon here in... READ MORE

I just wanted to share my story and see if anyone else has had a similar experience. I am 33 and had breast implants 10 years ago because I was so insecure about my 34aa and felt like they were the the only thing that was holding me back from being confident. I was completely happy with the... READ MORE

I'm 28 years old, married and have 3 boys. I got my implants in 2007. I breastfed my first baby boy when I was just 19 years old. Little did I know my breasts would take a beating once I was finished. I was married when I decided to get my implants in but I was still so young and insecure. Plus... READ MORE

My implants are saline, under the muscle... done in 2000 during a rough time in my life. I was just going through a divorce and was so afraid to face the dating world again 'flat-chested'. I was always on the fence about it after that. I enjoyed looking more feminine in clothes, but part of... READ MORE

I did a lengthy review under Breast Implants, so anyone interested in why an implanted woman like me would HateMyImplants, you can check out my other review. Here I am going to try to keep it to a review of Explantation. A little info: I'm 35, had implants 12 years. They are smooth, round,... READ MORE

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