Breast Implant Removal

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Breast implant removal is performed when a woman decides she no longer wants her implants or when complications such as capsular contracture or rupture may occur. If a woman doesn’t want to replace her implants, removal can performed along with a breast lift to address skin and tissue that might have been stretched from the implants.
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Ok where to begin.......sigh. Well I got my first set of implants right after the birth of my first son back in 06. I always wanted breast implants ever since I can remember. I have always had issues with asymmetry and felt they were always a little smaller than I wanted . I was about a large B... READ MORE

I am a bundle of mixed feelings. On the one hand, now age 60 and after 11 years of moderate-sized above muscle saline implants, I find them annoying and somewhat of a source of daily discomfort. There was nothing wrong with them, until I found a lump, which they said needed biopsied --... READ MORE

So four years ago I had the surgey... Really just wanted a lift but got talked Into the implant...290cc. I was already a saggy C ..breast fed two kids and I'm Very active. I liked the boobies for about a year and they started to sag. I was told I have thin skin so I went in for a lift to see... READ MORE

Implants are 23 y.o. Capsular Contracture on Rt. side Baker's grade IV, Lt. side soft and squishy, likely ruptured. Found a lump at 17 and had my first lumpectomy (of benign fibroadenoma tumor) by a general surgeon, (large Lt. lateral scar). 2nd large tumor grew back, same place, age 23. Not... READ MORE

Hi everyone.I'm 36 years old from Italy.I had breast augmentation in 2001.I'have never had problems with my implants but now 14 years later they arr hard and look unnatural. My implants was mc.ghan 280cc put over the muscle and before breast augmentation i was an A cup. My surgery was 2 april... READ MORE

I had my implants put in 8 years ago after years of wanting them, especially after breast feeding I felt they were tired and saggy. Unfortunately I had them put in quickly with a last minute change to go bigger than I first decided. I was a 32A/B and wanted to go to a C. At the last minute I... READ MORE

Hi there! I've been thinking about removing my breast implants for a few months now. I recently stumbled upon this site and it has given me the motivation and courage to move forward with my decision. I got a breast augmentation in May 2003. I had always been so self-conscious of my uneven... READ MORE

I have not had my consult yet. It keeps getting moved up. MRI shows rupture of silicone, under the muscle implant on right side. (Just found out). Am I hoping against hope that if I could get the procedure done in the next few weeks, I would be okay to make this trip, hauling luggage, etc? ... READ MORE

Hi ladies, thanks to everyone who has posted a review on implant removal, this site is nothing less than inspirational. I've been scouring through all the implant removal reviews and they are really helping my journey so far, so it's my turn now to share my story. I'm living in Sydney now, but... READ MORE

Thank you to all you strong women out there for sharing your journey's on this site. I have been reading many of your stories for the past few weeks on here. You have inspired and helped me to summons up the courage to consider that life after implants may not be soo bad. Although I am very... READ MORE

I've been lurking here for some time. I had a TT, scar revision and BA (38A/AA before 38 D after) done in 2004 by Dr. Lisa Lynn Sowder. She did a wonderful job and honestly the process was not much different than having a c-section or hysterectomy ( I've had both). It's been more than 10... READ MORE

This website has been so incredibly helpful for me to decide AND TO STAY DECIDED that it was time to remove my implants that I owe this special community my own story. It is definitely not an easy decision to make and an emotional roller coast ride which I am still on. I think we all wish that... READ MORE

Had saline implants over muscle placed in 2009. I've had extreme fatigue ever since. Back pain, left under arm pain, and left breast in constant pain. I can't tolerate any touching. Sometimes clothing feels like razor blades on my nipples!! They are so heavy I have to wear a bra 24/7. It's... READ MORE

Dr Melmed in Dallas removed my implants and capsules two days ago. What an amazing difference in how i feel just two days post-explant! I can't believe it. I was afraid I wouldn't feel better right away, but I do!!! I was in terrible joint pain, fatigue, malaise and depression, brain fog,... READ MORE

So inspiring reading everyone's story and so relating to what they are saying. I'm happy to be joining your club. Here's my story: Me: 48 years old, mom of 2, whom I nursed for about 24 months each. Age at implant: 37, weight 117, height 5'3", bra size previous: not remembering but want to... READ MORE

When I was 23 , I was a 32 B with a tiny upper body but with womanly hips. After much research, I made the decision to have 325cc HP mentor smooth silicone implants. My mother has implants, as do both of my grandmothers (all still in tact after 20+ years) so that gave me more peace of mind... READ MORE

I was petrified of how I would appear after having mine removed and I was BLOWN AWAY with the results!! I am so happy to get rid of the foreign objects in my body. I feel healthier, happier and have my self confidence back!!! I am free from the 4 years implant prison I had sentenced myself!... READ MORE

I want to say thank you to all those women who have bravely told their stories here, because of you I am now moving toward the goal of removing the implants in my body. Several weeks ago, not feeling well I went on my support group forum and saw a posting where a women who had breast implant... READ MORE

I am 24 years old and I have had my breast implants for 7 years. I was 18 years old and thought I would love having bigger breasts. I was young and I didn't take into consideration that this was a serious surgery and a serious decision. So I just did it without a second thought. I was a 34B... READ MORE

So I'm 30lbs heavier than when I got my @300-350cc saline implants under the muscle and I was very happy with my new enhanced body for years. Now time and weight gain have taken their toll and my boobs feel huge and pendulous and just in my way. My natural breast tissue is beginning to hang off... READ MORE

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