Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,725

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Hi Everyone I been stalking this site for some time and I finally put down my deposit on August the 15 with Dr. Ghurani. I did initially want to go with Dr. Salama, but he is booked out way to far and I want to have everything done before my husband comes home from deployment. Anyways i'm so... READ MORE

Here's pics of me before. Dr. Rodriguez will be performing BBL using fat from 4 different areas. Not my thighs, though. I interviewed him and Dr Markmann in Ellicott City. I went with Dr. R because he seems very detail oriented, he doesn't put you in the hospital after the surgery, as Dr.... READ MORE

I knew I had a flat butt at the age of 12. I'm African and although I have seen ladies with less butt than I have, I have always wanted a bigger one. My expectations? Oh, wow! I would like to have an hourglass figure and a bubble butt!! I will post some wish pics later. When do I want this??... READ MORE

Hello to my fellow BBl sisters ....So I've been trying to get in contact with Dr Duran for the past 3 weeks with no response and to my surprise she emailed me yesterday with a quote for Bbl and needed info. Hoping to go to the DR in Jan 2015....Damn...! I just want to be able to we're a crop top... READ MORE

I have had 2 surgeries with Dr. Salzhauer, rhinoplasty, full tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of my hips , back and flanks. Results so far are amazing. Going back for my 3rd surgery getting the Brazilian booty! After careful research I'm very sure I want 1500cc's on each side! I'm struggling... READ MORE

Hello BBL Dolls! I am happy to be over here! I started out in the Mommy Makeover thread but I am taking a small detour over to big butt land!! I have decided to get a BBL first before I do my TT and BA. I had four consultations with doctors in my local area for the mommy makeover but I wasn't... READ MORE

I'm torn bt these 2 doctors!! I need help choosing the right doc for my bbl procedure.. who is going to offer me the deal I want and need for my body and my pocket? Don't want to put quotes out there yet, only bc I haven't locked in my price and want to negotiate a better price.. Please help... READ MORE

I'm petite, small build, and naturally curvy 5"1 34-27-39 126lbs. I have very stubborn belly fat that diet and excercise doesn't melt off. I don't have "muffin top" but can still pinch a good amount on sides and above butt. I also have hip dents that I would like to be rounded out. But I'm... READ MORE

Hi beautiful people my name is BBJ, well at least I think that's my name lol (not there yet). I want to start off by saying never have I every been so obsessed with a booty until this many wonderful reviews. I am 23 years old one baby girl (2years) and a boyfriend. I am starting my... READ MORE

Finally got a QUOTE from Dr Duran for Bbl and Tt just haven't set a date yet so if anybody wants to buddy up let me know. I am super excited about becoming a Duran Doll but nervous as well due to some of the things I have read on here so that has me looking to get quotes from other doctors. ... READ MORE

I'm so happy that I came across this site. it is just so helpful and I love reading all of you ladies post. but let me introduce myself . I'm 23 years ,168 pounds,5'3 and I have 1 son. I always wanted a big butt and Now I will finally be getting it . I have been looking into B.B.L for a while... READ MORE

I had my consultation with Dr Cortes in Houston a few weeks ago. His office was a little small and hot (the office staff insisted the A/C was broke), I expected more from a highly paid doctor but it could of been worse. I waited about 5-7 minutes in the lobby until I was called back. Once in the... READ MORE

First of all I apologize because I do not speak almost no English and I am using Google Translate to do this review. I met Dr. Luis when he operated a friend of mine during his training in Brasil. She had a spectacular result and I was watching her in sessions after surgery. A little while... READ MORE

To borrow a phrase from another review, "I've been stalking this site for years." I initially thought I wanted to go to Tijuana. I had surgeons narrowed down, even got a consultation once. Somehow, it just didn't feel quite right and I never went forward. I came across someone else's posting... READ MORE

Hey ladies, so I finally decided to make one of these after reading all of your reviews for months! Thanks a bunch cause you have all helped me a lot in many ways to prepare for this surgery. So my bbl surgery is on August 15 (next Friday!!!!!), my surgeon is Dr. Salzhauer and so far, he and his... READ MORE

I always wanted a big booty to be proud of...I already have a nice set of boobs (Natural) and my butt is proportionate with my body but bigger is better...I wanna look good in dresses and after having two boys some lipo would be nice...I just went to my consultation with Dr,Cortez today...I love... READ MORE

Hello, everyone I've been reading reviews for about 4 days straight.. Lol this is addicting and very informational!! I'm glad I got to read so much juicy info before I decide to get mines done. I went to a consultation yesterday at Athenix in Pasadena, the receptionist was ok not too friendly.... READ MORE

So exited and nervous about this procedure but Im really willing to do it cause its something that I always wanted... Im been reading a lot here and i see people who had great results but other not that great so thats make feel nervous Im been trying to find the "best" surgeon thats why i read a... READ MORE

Hi guys I'm new to this website and I will be a Durán Doll 2014 of June I'm very very excited to share my story with you guys first of all let me say I'm a Makeup Artist that loves art, life and a good party and I'm also a young mom of 2 beautiful boys and I love my boys with all my heart but... READ MORE

I'm so obsessed with the thought of me getting my BBL. I'm still in the searching phase looking for the best doc that will give me EXACTLY what I want. These are some of my wish pics. I wish these girls would tell us who their surgeon was lol I want such a tiny waist that I have even considered... READ MORE

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