Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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Hey Ladies!! I know I'm SUPER early, and I told myself I wouldn't start my review until a week pre-op, but the lure of RealSelf sucked me in lol. I've been researching the whole BBL thing for a couple of years now, and I told myself no ifs, ands or buts, this year would be my year!! No more... READ MORE

Hola chicas :) thank you all for your info.I am planning on having a bbl and tummy tuck at the same time has anybody had this dr sed it would be ok to do at the same time but I am worried how will I recover with both my front and back sides done I will not be able to lay down but only on... READ MORE

Wow. Just booked my surgery date and so now it's real. The journey really begins. I owe alot to this site for helping me to get the information I need to make a healthy and informed choice and I am comfortable with my decision. My journey started several months ago as I was hawking the site.... READ MORE

Okay, so I have been waiting this surgery for about 3 years and I'm ready to go. I am 5"6 and 187lbs currently but I intend to get down to 170 by the time I have my procedure. I live in Atlanta. I want to lock in my date in the next few days. I'm trying to decide which doctor... Dr. Hughes-... READ MORE

I have been stalking this website for about a year and decided to do it. I am so nervous, but I know I will look amazing. I am looking for a buddy to share a room with. My date is July 2014. I am looking for reviews of past and current clients of Dr. Fisher. Tell me everything to expect. I have... READ MORE

I have been lurking around this thread for a very long time and I am officially about to start my journey. A little about me I am 32 years old with 4 children. I have had a tummy tuck, breast reduction, and liposuction post my last child. My hubby finally hopped onboard the surgery train so it... READ MORE

I had surgery scheduled with Ortega last month but couldn't make it do to work issues. Next month I will be going to Dr. Omulepu for my bbl on the 21st. He does surgery on Saturdays two weekends out of the month which I thought was great and prompted me to choose him. I haven't seen any real... READ MORE

I have been stalking Rs for about 2 months now because I've always wanted some butt and flat tummy. All my kids are grown, I am retired from the Army, Now its time for me to do something for me. I have always hated my shape and Flat butt,all the women in my family have weird funny shapes. So Im... READ MORE

Hello Ladies and Gents (if any are in this forum). I have always been fascinated by a woman with curves. I WANT MY OWN!!!!. I have always been a stickler about having someone "cut up" on me if I didn't need to have surgery. I have never had a broken bone in my body (knock on wood). I am new... READ MORE

I have been stalking this site since 2008. Before then I hadn't realised how inpoportionate my figure was but after working with women from African countries who were well endowed I became very aware and felt that I had to do something. But I HATE PAIN so I opted for but pads (I loved the ones I... READ MORE

My boyfriend and I wanted the Brazilian butt augmentation with lipo done. We searched and searched until we came across Dr. Mel Ortega. We found him in miami at cg cosmetics. I was so nervous and was so affraid so I let my boyfriend handle everything. I had my surgery and was so happy with... READ MORE

Let me start of by saying that I'm not new to this. This will be my second round. I'm gonna focus primarily on my mid-section and lower body this time around. I want a TT revision, my waist super snatched and fat grafting to my laterals and buttocks. I was considering Duran but I'm not paying a... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the site I've done a lot of creeping and reading everyone's exoeriences but it's my first writing about my own. I will be traveling to colombia in May to get my fat transfer/bbl and Im super excited! My doctor is Jorge Barrera and im super confident he will do... READ MORE

I have pretty much watched every review and YouTube video possible on Dr. Duran and more and I have came to the conclusion that I love Dr.Durans work the most. So as of now I spoke with Elizabeth and have to call back to make an appt. so hopefully this will be a smooth process. So about me I... READ MORE

Hi Girls!, Im here looking all your journeys and happy endings so excited and very hopeful to be a Doll too! In my search of the best options but time is running and I want to set up everything and recover enough for my trip; I want to surprise my husband which is out of country coming back to... READ MORE

Hi Dolls, I closed my old page, NYCBlackBarbie that documented my journey when I was supposed to go to Baez last month-that didn't work out thats a thing of the past so here we are. I decided to document my journey with a new page for my upcoming BBL in DR with Yily on March 13th. I'm leaving... READ MORE

Initial consultation. Was a bit of a wait but I was impressed with Dr. C's attention to detail. He was clear and concise with my husband's and I's questions and concerns. I was planning to go with another doctor but dr. Camp made me feel comfortable and I booked surgery date before leaving.... READ MORE

I had a baby, did my thing in school and gained a ton of weight doing it. Now here I am lighter and looser :/. Disappointed with the way things shaped out but I still feel good about me despite the flaws. I'm looking to do this sx for me :) I want a BBL, TT and lipo of inner thighs and arms. I'm... READ MORE

I have been looking into bbl procedures for 3 1/2 years now! I was dead set on going through Dr. Cortes in Houston, But am now looking to go outside the U.S.! I want to do my surgery during the summer of 2015 if I go out of the U.S., Or summer of 2016 indide the U.S!! :) I am looking at DR.DURAN... READ MORE

I have speaking to Dr Okoro, my surgery is next week. I'll be paying today. I'm nervous and excited!!! I have been thinking of getting this procedure done for a while now and i decided to get on with it. At first, i wanted a really ghetto shelf booty but i don't want that anymore. I already have... READ MORE

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