Brazilian Butt Lift

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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,725

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BBL.....BREAST REDUCTION.....TUMMY TUCK....AND LIPO IN INNER THIEGHS... 33MOTHER OF 5...5'9..227LBS..I plan to take my husband for support...also i will keep anyone who would like to know my progress updated..and mist definatley keep it resl god bless...... IF ANYONE CAN GIVE ME SONE POINTERS... READ MORE

Hi everyone!Ok so I've decided I want to get surgery done. At first I was just going to get a much needed tummy tuck after having twins. I started looking up surgeons and found out about the Brazilian butt lift. And let me just say, I want a body by Yily! I got pregnant AGAIN, and I just had my... READ MORE

I've heard so many good things about Dr. Salama. He is in Florida and I'm in LA but a lot of his clients are from all over the place. It makes it a lite more difficult but it'll be worth it when I see that ass tho lol . Must admit i am super nervous. I did my research and I feel that Dr. Salama... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, I'm In The Process Of Losing Weight, As Of Now I Am 280lbs Due To Gaining 60lbs During Pregnancy And This Is The Heaviest That I Have Ever Been. Omgeesh Its So Uncomfortable Being This Heavy And So Short. Now On To What I'm Here For Ladies Im Looking Into Getting A Brazillian... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Salama and his team was incredibly smooth and pleasant! From day one, when I contacted Cynthia regarding questions surrounding the surgery, they were answered promptly. I also travelled from Canada to do this surgery, so I had a number of email consultations in regards to... READ MORE

Considering Dr. Fisher in Miami, but I need to have a consultation in-person to make sure I have enough fat to get a nice size butt. Hopefully, I can get in for a consultation the day after labor day. I want to have my procedure within the next few months, so I use the wintertime to heal. I... READ MORE

Two minths is a good moment to post results I guess, I have found reading experiences very inspiring so I give my share. I have been wanting this surgery desperately for years, it is difficult to find a surgeon in spain. I chose dr.aslani and his team because the are the only ones in spain who... READ MORE

I'm petite, small build, and naturally curvy 5"1 34-27-39 126lbs. I have very stubborn belly fat that diet and excercise doesn't melt off. I don't have "muffin top" but can still pinch a good amount on sides and above butt. I also have hip dents that I would like to be rounded out. But I'm... READ MORE

Hi bbl girls I am about to have surgery August 12 with doctor rami Ghraib I am so excited not really nervous just very worried about the pain but I guess I'll get through it because this is something I really been wanting for a long about 3 years I'm going to keep this short so I will be staying... READ MORE

Well ladies two weeks two days ago i had a breast lift along with breast augmentation in miami fl. and so far i am pleased. right now i wish i would a cup size bigger. but when all is said and done i should have a 38 E=F. now my journey begins with getting a brazilian butt lift! super excited. i... READ MORE

Hi, everyone. Iv'e read soo many posts the last week and i'm so excited to get a BBL with Dr. Salama. On June 22nd I received a responce from Nancy after I emailed twice for some information within a week. She sent info about BBL and quoted me $7,779 for now because there is no telling when it... READ MORE

Hi BBL sisters, I am not sure where to start because I already had my bbl done last Wed Oct 31,2012 in Aventura with DR Rami, today is my 4 days post surgery. The reason I want to share my experience is because I feel owe you girls so much for all the things u guys share in this site, I been do... READ MORE

Hola barbies, kiero compartil mi experiencia en espanol para las chicas latinas. Llevo dos anos pensando en el procedimiento de la lipo y bbl.. La primera tarea Fue buscar un buen Dr. Y ver fotos y mas fotos.. Bueno despues de varias consultas la desicion fue el Dr. Ortega. Despues de la... READ MORE

Hello everybody!!!!! I am 26 years old wanting a Bbl and Breast lift with Dr.Ortega. I am so happy I researched doctors and he is the one I am going with. I feel like he is consistent with his results. I am looking to have a date in December. I have contacted the office spoke with Karla and I... READ MORE

I already had the procedure so I will be writing as much as I can remember about my experience. I am about 6 weeks post-op. I will be adding photos. I am beyond happy with my results. I had only recently learned about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. I originally was looking for a tummy tuck.... READ MORE

So ladies, I never thought I would be here at this very moment, not only writing this review, but awaiting a BBL procedure. To give some background, I am 36, married with 3 kids. I am an RN, I work in the ICU at a local hospital in my hometown of Cincinnati, OH (I hate my job btw, but that is... READ MORE

I am married and a mother of one beautiful baby girl! I have been wanting to have a BBL done for years. I've always been plus size, but I know how to rock it! I'm tired of the big stomach and not enough butt. If I wear the right pants, it looks like I have a butt. Lol! That's no longer enough... READ MORE

I'm 39 years old married with three children,one c section.After being overweight all my life and obese the last few years,(221 lbs) and lost 51pounds through diet and regular exercise and weight training .It's been about four years since I lost the weight and some parts of my body were not... READ MORE

I am 28 years old, (5' 0" 130lbs) married with 2 kids. I had breast aug in 2007, back then I was very slim about 100lbs. The kids left me with a flat stomach and no stretch marks but birth control (depo) on the other hand had me gain 30lbs in a year. My husband loves my fuller body (I have... READ MORE

I finally decided after 3 years Ima go ahead n get the surgery. Full back and flank lipo, maybe ab lipo. I contacted a number of doctors but I'm going to go with Dra. Carmina Cardenas in mexico. She hasn't sent a quote as of yet but I'm hoping it will be soon, what I have in the box is what I'm... READ MORE

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