Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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First time every writing a review..I did surgery on my breast n got the best results eva ..n should of did a review then but u kno u live n I been reading everyone reviews and I can't lie you guys are giving me the best information I made need to know about this procedure..before I... READ MORE

10 (ten) months to go. I'm excited, anxious, worried, and a lil nervous. I have already started buying my supplies for my BBL. There is more stuff I have to buy, not much, just a few items.. Some of the supplies I already had. I'm looking forward to the new me. I've gotten my teeth fixed... READ MORE

Hey real sistas!! I am a month in a half away from having the body of my dreams. A little about me I'm 5"6 200lbs (have to lose 20) I have one child and have been self conscious about my body for years now. It's to the extent that I wear a waist trainer and ass inhancers daily ugh sad confession... READ MORE

Well so far ive just been preparing paid surgry off the staff have been good with info now just waiting and trying to lose weight before bbl im 5,9 very busty and 204 pounds....trying to get to about 195 before bbl will be getting bbl done by dr salama i have been wanting surgery with him since... READ MORE

Hi guys I'm not the kind of girl who is active on social networks, so writing this review believe me is a big thing to me. So why am i doing this then??! Because i've noticed that there is almost no reviews about bbl procedures done by women in Tunisia. Tunisia is becoming of one the first... READ MORE

I have put my deposit down with Cirumed two weeks ago.I have already started shopping for things and getting myself geared up. I just want to take what is absolutely necessary, but also not miss out on anything. I am already more than just confused with garments and supplements so much different... READ MORE

So I've been on this site forever it feels like, stalking butts and Dr's, etc, but now it's finally my turn. I found out recently a Dr was having a promotion for bbl and I called to inquire. Promotion was $3500 for a bbl with 12 areas of lipo. Come to find out the office had multiple Dr's... READ MORE

Soooo I just wrote this longgg essay and it got deleted lol im upset so Im going to just run over everything quickly ! Hi everyone I am 19 years old and live in South FL and Im going to have a BBL done with Dr. Fisher ! After seeing how sweet and funny he is plus his great work and how... READ MORE

Hey everyone im scheduled for my sx jan 2016 with Dr Miami,Does anyone have any suggestions on where to stay?The hotel he suggested is just too much to stay for two weeks,it comes to over 2,000 dollars.I was told i would have to stay for 2 weeks.If anyone out there know of any places plz let me... READ MORE

Hello! I've been on Realself for about a year now. I deleted my other page because I had yet to fully make up my mind about surgery or even a doctor. I decided to go with Dr. Mañon after setting my heart on many doctors. I've gotten quotes from Duran, Robles, Medina, and Disla but something... READ MORE

Hi all...just looking for some feedback on dr omulepu. I'm wanting a bbl and I've talked with Liz at spectrum. I see some good and bad reviews...the whole infection things scares the s**t outta me but I know that's possible with any surgery. I will be flying in from Ohio so any feedback would be... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I couldn't wait any longer to write this review! haha I'm going to be very detailed and honest about this whole process so its probably going to be some long posts LOL! Anywaysss , I can't tell you guys how glad I am that I found this website!! When I first started researching... READ MORE

So far I have only schedule my procedure date for December 3, 2015. The staff has been very Friendly. The only problem that I am having right now is trying to find someone to do my aftercare. Two of the recovery houses they referred me to could not except me during that time. One, Jean, was... READ MORE

I have been stalking this site since 2008. Before then I hadn't realised how inpoportionate my figure was but after working with women from African countries who were well endowed I became very aware and felt that I had to do something. But I HATE PAIN so I opted for but pads but I had to do so... READ MORE

I love Dr. Hasan's work.. I love how he still produces amazing booties with people who don't have a lot of excess fat. I'm hoping to get mine done in mid-August. I have contacted Margaret today, everyone said she was the best coordinator at Vanity. I'm really hoping I don't experience the "last... READ MORE

Hello ladies! I have been a stalker on real self for about 6 months now. I was trying to decide between doctor mendieta and salama. I finally chose salama mainly because of all these great reviews on real self! His staff and office is great and he himself is a very nice doctor. I feel... READ MORE

Hi ladies, This is my first post since I joined RealSelf a few months ago. My boyfriend came across the site when we were doing research to find the perfect surgeon for my BBL. We had originally liked Dr. Ortega in Miami, FL however after making a $300 deposit and struggling/fighting to get in... READ MORE

I gained a lot of weight with my ex-husband he wanted me fat so I would be less attractive to other men. When I finally found the strength encourage to leave him I wanted my old self back so I decided to have a Liposuction in and five areas, my stomach flanks or love handles, my back and ... READ MORE

After been overweight most of my adult life, I finally lost weight and was able to keep it off, however, the weight was not coming off so easy from some areas in my body. I had not realize how my body looked until I saw myself in a picture! I decided to have the procedure (liposuction of upper... READ MORE

Ok ladies, I live in Houston TX but I'm considering going Miami to get my BBL done. I'm going with Dr Miami for now, I was told he was the BEST. I been doing my research for awhile now and I'm still stuck on him. what do yall think? I have been reading a lot of reviews and a lot of u guys... READ MORE

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