Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (otherwise known as a BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment the butt. The plastic surgeon performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs) and transfers it to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,675

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I am 29yrs old 1 child 5'6 167 lbs I have in interested in the BBL since about 4 or 5 years ago. I have a family member who went to an island off Venezuela to have implants and I was interested but never liked the idea of implants or butt shots so I started doing my own research. Originally... READ MORE

Hi there, I have been wanting to get this procedure done for some time now and have been researching like crazy. My main concern is that I will not have enough body fat to get the results I want for this procedure. I am 5'10 & 140 pounds at the moment but the only thing that is giving me hope is... READ MORE

HEY LOVELYS, I am 22 from Toronto, I think I am finally going to have the BBL done THIS YEAR :) I been wanting it done for the longest time, I finally got the hubby on board, sooo now its looking for a Dr that will give me my dream body, and also I got extra money to spend so why not get er done... READ MORE

I have been researching and trying to figure out if this was safe enough for the past 5 years. But after all the look arounds and questions, I am finally decided to proceed with the procedure. People talk sh*t when they find out that you are doing it but i do not care. Hopefully can get some... READ MORE

Hi beautiful people my name is BBJ, well at least I think that's my name lol (not there yet). I want to start off by saying never have I every been so obsessed with a booty until this many wonderful reviews. I am 23 years old one baby girl (2years) and a boyfriend. I am starting my... READ MORE

Ok iI decided last minute to post my bbl ,its tomorrowwww!! I been juicing ,!cause the lady at the office said ,,no from the store cause u only get20% so its better and even grater than the vitamins,and she said no massages,?no any kind of tea? 1 week before amd 2 weeks later? Cause you need... READ MORE

Considering Dr. Fisher in Miami, but I need to have a consultation in-person to make sure I have enough fat to get a nice size butt. Hopefully, I can get in for a consultation the day after labor day. I want to have my procedure within the next few months, so I use the wintertime to heal. I... READ MORE

I'm scheduled to have surgery next month. I've been silently stalking everyone's pages. Thank you to D's Wifey, Azzmatazz, Iwannahugebutt and so much more. I have elected to share my experience with the real self community as so much of you have truly helped. Hey if it wasn't for... READ MORE

I would like a little more volume in the upper part of my butt. And I have stubborn fat in my back and love handles. Don't want to go too big just needs a little help. Also I want my hips to project more. Im 30 5 ft 9 160 want to be about 140 lbs. I am trying to find out more about this... READ MORE

Finally i did it although im in so much pain its so worth it i would do it again. My Doctor was Great. Hes one of the best. He sculpted my body to perfection tummy tuck lipo and brazilian but lift. I had my consultation on nov 14, 14 and by nov 18, 14. He took me in for surgery he is... READ MORE

I am truly amazed with the results. My body looks amazing!!! I also got lip injections (juva derm plus) first time went to a ps who wanted to keep my bottom lip bigger, but after going to dr richards he injected me again with perfect results. I feel amazing. I had gone to multiple doctors for... READ MORE

Spoke with Dra. Duran and I am pleased to say she is very nice. We spoke over the phone and exchanged emails rapidly (on weekends) lol. I am having liposcultura and lipo of the arms and BBL. I have a friend who just got a mommy makeover last week and she is looking fabulous. I am done searching... READ MORE

I was quoted a special of 4000$ from CG cosmetics , they have Dr Fisher as one of their Dr. 'S then when I received my typed quote , This is what they did , see picture. It states "Dr Freiman". I was like WHO??? I want Dr Fisher , does Anyone know if he truly works with CG as well as Vanity... READ MORE

I'm thinking of getting a bbl and lipo done in DR with DRA Duran. She is a beast when it comes to booties. She is extremely difficult to reach. All i come across are reviews from big girls. I want to see a review from a slim girl. Im 5'10 140lbs ans lean. I think i may have to gain some weight.... READ MORE

Ok so I'm booked for dec 8 for yily bbl/ implants/lipo an quote has been all over the place. I got 3 diffrent ones so ill keep the first and then bring proo of what she quoted me in the first place. I'm staying at jacqulines day spa because I have been there and I know the lady's and the take... READ MORE

Hello ladies, I have been stalking this website for about 4 months and have enjoyed reading everyones posts. I've decided to start logging my journey. I have decided to go with Dr. Fisher in miami because his results have been the best I've seen. I've been working with Margaret from vanity and... READ MORE

I was going to go with dr Fisher but I don't like his sales team. They only care about sales not your life. So I have decided on Almonte because she has more experience with large frame women, and she can do both my procedures TT and BBL full back bra area. I paid my deposit and I am set surgery... READ MORE

I desire to have a fuller backside. Right now im wide, flat at top of butt, and thick midsection. Im scheduled to go to Doctors Plastic Surgery in LIC, NY with Dr. Urmen Desai. Im nervpus and excited at the same time. My counsultation went well. I got 95% of my questions answered. The 5% is... READ MORE

Hey huni dips!! I have wanted more curvy hips since I can remember. I am 5'7, 135, measurements 36.5, 28, 39... blah blah. I need projection but my first goal is to gain weight. I have over 3 months.. so this is just the start stage for me. I am going with Dr. Fisher @ Vanity. Thanks ladies... READ MORE

Hello ladies, I apologise in advance for my brief review. I plan to make it short precise and straight to the point. For a very long time i always wanted a bigger butt to balance out my masculine build (broad shoulders). It was either going to be with Dr. Campos or Dr. Pantoja. I finally made a... READ MORE

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