Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,650

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Well were do i start ive always been big all my life i decided to take back my life last year this time i weigh 370 and i now weigh 260 and and ready for a new body i plan on loosing 60 lbs before my surgery...ive chosen dr s because needless to say he is greattttttg... im in this all alone by... READ MORE

Hey, I'm currently in Atlanta and I'm scheduled for surgery September 18th with Dr. Baez in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I've contacted several doctors through out the years and Baez is Neo (the matrix) lol. She's the one! I've been to Dr. Jimerson for a consult and he's over-priced. Like... READ MORE

Hello Real Self Community.....I too have caught on to the BBL bug along wit a tiny waist and so crave a nice round bubble butt wit. One i had once its a Lil droopy and cellulited up. I'm hoping to pump as much fat in my already phat booty that it fills in those... READ MORE

Hello Rs! I decided to finally start writing down my progress as I am new and have always hated my body and I think that Dr. Diaz will be a good doctor to help me through this :-) I have been looking through many out of US doctors for some time but a lot make me feel very nervous, Dr. Diaz made... READ MORE

Right now I am 17 days away from getting my procedure. I am having full upper body Lipo and a butt lift to correct an accident I had 5 years ago which left my ass deformed. I wanted Dr. you or Duran but Dr. Fragoso has been so great and her price is fabulous also! I got quoted $3000 and got all... READ MORE

I am a newbie on this site I just decided to do this four months ago, for me and other reasons, I am 5'4 at 160 lbs I am able to lose weight quickly but always lose in my but also. I live in savannah didn't do much research on doctors, seen a patient of dr shanklin and loved her butt and... READ MORE

Hey been on this site for a few days now and im addicted!!! I sent dr. Duran an email with my pics i hope she gets back! I heard it takes her a few weeks ;( im 28 years old no children im 5'5 220lbs im kinda big might have to lose 20lbs i had lost 35lbs last year smh. So i dont want tt because i... READ MORE

Have been lurking for a long time and finally booked surgery with Dr. Fisher in Miami. I have always been self conscious of my butt and arms, and after years of wanting this and after some research I am finally taking the plunge!. I have had a good experience working with Lia at Vanity so... READ MORE

Hey everyone..... Divorced woman, son grown, gone out of house and finally ready to focus on Me. Always had body issues. I was the tomboy nerdy girl next door. I went from the tiny lil girl that was shaped like a lil boy to an unhealthy overweight wife and mother. Started my journey of... READ MORE

Omg im super excited and nervous at the same time next month I'll be having surgery with the famous dra yily I want to achieve that tiny waist that she gives and then the booty will be a plus . I know I have stories of how she doesn't give big booties but ima stick with her and see what happen... READ MORE

I just done the bbl from 10 days ago. I was 97lb. Then I gained weight to 114lb. I didn't have any hips. I have small butt too. But dr salama changed my body yipeeee. He took 2500cc of my fat on my tummy , back, n thighs . I'm sure he can take more if I want to do on my arms. N he injected... READ MORE

Hey my RealSelf friends, I first want to start off by saying you guys are awesome what a great social network and supportive community where women can share a wealth of information. I have been stalking literally stalking this website. I have a little info on myself I'm 5'9 I child. I had a... READ MORE

32 Years old mommy of 2!! Trying to get my mind, body and soul right... but i really want to start with the Body ( oh vanity )!!! lol I believe i have a beautiful soul but just like with anything else, it could use some improvement, shall i say... some cleansing ( it's still in there somewhere... READ MORE

Hey dolls!! I decided to make a new review seeing my surgery is now set!! :) yess girls, its really going down this year God willing I will be getting my surgery with my lovely Doctor, Dra. Fragoso Baez on March 31, 2015!! I will be getting: -TT, BBL, LIPO of abdomen, waist, armpit area, my... READ MORE

So far haven't done much research as far as the procedure as a whole & picking the right doctor, a bbl is something I'm considering getting in a few years (I'm 18 now, so around 21) so I'm using real self to gain some knowledge from the majority of you ladies. I'm 5"5 10 stone (140 pounds)... READ MORE

After months of research I have decided on Dr. Fisher. I currently reside in Phoenix Arizona I'm 5'6 220lbs. I was quoted $4,000 for Dr. Hasan and $5,000 for Dr. Fisher with an additional $2,000 for RS. These prices don't include my flight or food. I was told I need to loose 35-40 lbs before my... READ MORE

Can't wait for my new body in 2015. Will have Lipo & BBL with Dr. Beaz! Tired of my GUT & will finally have a BUTT! Excited & a little nervous at the same time! So Ready!! I'm 5'5 & 195 lbs but I'm active so I'm healthy. I have 2-mths to lose some weight. Going for 15-20 pounds before surgery.... READ MORE

Hey everyone!! I'm looking into getting the brazilian butt lift with dr cortes, most Likly in December. However I just got on here and saw some reviews from his patients and now I'm second guessing myself if he's the one. Anyway a little about me I'm 24. Really healthy... I started eating... READ MORE

I have needed to lose weight for the last 4 years and I would always start a diet and exercise routine, but never last longer than a month (consistently) without cheating. I always had a nice figure until recent years when I noticed my butt flattening out. Long story short, after reviewing... READ MORE

I have always struggled with weight loss and gain. Ever since high school I was always 200+lbs and 5'10" so you can say I was always called the "big girl". Now after going to school to become a professional esthetician/MUA I want the body to match my personality. I exude confidence and tell my... READ MORE

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