Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi everyone! I'm soooo excited, my surgery date is tomorrow, having lipo/bbl with PS Michael Salzhauer. He did my breast augmentation two years ago and I'm happy with my breast, I trust him he will do a great change on me (= I will be posting after 1 week to keep you up to date !!! wish me a... READ MORE

Hi ladies, so I've been asking a few questions here and there. I'm committed to getting this BBL done. I have some more homework to do. ( I over analyze everything ! so I have to research research lol ). So here I am. I wanted to share my story since I realize that reading the stories from the... READ MORE

It really was depressing looking at my body everyday all I see was a stomach I wish it could of just disappear. I was uncomfortable about how I look I needed to do something quick started dieting and the gym but it wasn't working fast enough for me .on my 32 birthday October 21 ????? a good... READ MORE

Hi ladys! Like most of you I have been stalking this wonderful website for a month now. I have read a lot of reviews from a lot of different patients of Drs. A little about me, i am 21 yrs old, I am 5'3 and my current weight is 119 lbs, I will explain my weight gaining issues on another post,... READ MORE

I've been stalking this site for about a month and have made my mind up!!! going to vanity miami for BBL with Dr. Hassan. I've seen his results and i'm absolutely in LOVE!! Nervous and Excited at the same time.. I know he has had someone to die on his table but the way my faith is set up with my... READ MORE

Hello ladies, Im going to the Dominican Republic and getting a Brazilian Butt lift from Dr. Duran. Im planning on staying at a recovery house, but Im looking for a travel buddy, Im putting the $250 deposit down today, and Getting a surgery date tomorrow. If anyone is going the end of September... READ MORE

Hello lady's I am getting my bbl on July 21st 2015 im so happy and nervous I have a medium size butt I'm just top Heavy and I want a big bubble but I have already did my labs and I'm all packed up and ready to go I will be leaving for Florida on the 17th and staying till the 25th it's a 13 hour... READ MORE

Dr. Salama will be doing my cakes in August and I can't wait. I'm in the process of gaining weight. They want me to gain between 15-25 pounds. So far I've gained 17 and they told me they need more!! So imma eatin. So follow my journey, I'm just like you. Leggo! I'm really hoping to get SHAPE,... READ MORE

Lol. So I've been going back and forth about this procedure, but I'm finally ready. I've been paid up for months now but recently had cold feet. I hope my nerves don't get the best of me again. I have realistic expectation and I'm going with Fisher. So I know I'm in good hands. But still...... READ MORE

No disrespect to "ladyboys" however I have felt like one all my life. straight tiny pole all the way. I just wonder if Salama can work his magic on such an awkward shape. Please ladies give me some feed back. 19 days to go and I will be flying from the UK to Miami. I thought it's time to write a... READ MORE

HeLLO ALL!!! I am a new to realself (although I have been trolling for several years) my goal is to inspire others as they have inspired me- so I will try to be as thorough and detailed as possible :) Sorry for the long post -I wanted to wait until I knew for sure I was going thru with the... READ MORE

I'm nervous to take the right decision. I used to have a nice body but three kidsleft me with lots of fat and very little shape. Can’t bear it anymore. I have been reading many reviews on dr salama in Miami, he has great results and great reviews. I also like the work I have seen from dr... READ MORE

Ladies, I decided to do the BBL a few weeks ago. I paid my deposit and am scheduled for 7/23/2015 with Dr. O. I received a call that Dr. O will be on vacation the day of my surgery and I could either change surgeons to Dr. McAdoo or schedule one week before or one week after my original date.... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm 30 year old from London. I was born in DR but grew up in Britain. I have been thinking of getting surgery for years and finally thinking on the go ahead. I've had a quote from many doctors (almost all in the DR ) lol.. and have been researching and following each one for... READ MORE

Hello everyone my name is Jasmin I am 23 years old and a mother if a 6 and 2 year old I am 5,5 and weigh 165-170, Yes I am new to this so if use dolls could help me out I would truly appreciate it I am thinking of going with Dra Yily or Dra Duran I want a bbl, lipo on back,stomach, arms & maybe... READ MORE

Ok iI decided last minute to post my bbl ,its tomorrowwww!! I been juicing ,!cause the lady at the office said ,,no from the store cause u only get20% so its better and even grater than the vitamins,and she said no massages,?no any kind of tea? 1 week before amd 2 weeks later? Cause you need... READ MORE

Okay i just deleted my other account it was based on my journey trying planning and getting ready to go to the DR to see Dr. Cabral then lost my job got a new one 4 weeks before departure to end up not going and then getting laid off to officially switching to Hassan in Miami. Sheesh what a year... READ MORE

I'm so excited to finally be on my way to get the body that I have always dreamed of. I've devoted all my time and love to my daughters as a single mom and now I've finally got the courage to get my body done. BBL, Lipo, Breast augmentation $6200 got my quote from Dr.Duran within 1week, made my... READ MORE

Hey guys! So I'm new to this whole thing. I'm getting a bit frustrated. I've been trying to get a BBL from Dr. Ortega but I can't get a response! I'm trying to decided on either him or Dr. fisher at vanity. I know they both are good but Ortega prices are better. Just very frustrated and need... READ MORE

I hate my butt, and I always have done. It is a thing in my family, we all have flat square and ugly butts. I need to do something about it.I wanted this procedure badly. My boyfriend said that I would have to go to the United States but I found cirumed here on realself and I was hooked. Their... READ MORE

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