Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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I am new to RS...I've been stalking the site for months but just joined. I am scheduled for BBL with Dr. Omulepu for 4/15/15. I am staying at the RH as the "all inclusive package" with Spectrum included the 4 nights/5 days in the price ($4800). I am excited and nervous! I live in Atlanta and... READ MORE

Hello I'm looking forward to getting rid of this ugly bum I'm waiting on my consultation with Dr aslani. After seeing all his pictures and great reviews I think he's the guy for me. I was talking with Dr hamza today he works with Linda Briggs and I could have it done so cheap with him in... READ MORE

Great Dr! I had no ass at all I mean 0! Dr. O gave my back side life. I wish it was a little bigger but overall I'm satisfied! My waist is gone and my ass is round and here to stay! (hopefully) lol I kind of wanted the big round booty with the cuff, got the roundness but no cuff...but that's ok... READ MORE

So I have already been in contact with vanity several times with different coordinators with all different quotes. I'm trying to wait until closer to the date I want the surgery bc the tactics at vanity are high pressure sales but I am willing to deal bc dr. Hasan ' results are on point. I am... READ MORE

I had a consultation with Dr. Lane (I like that name). I had questions for him based on what I read on this website. He told me not to gain weight so that no fat would be wasted, (I doing know there was a legal limit!) and the leaner I am the more the illusion and sexy curvature. I work out... READ MORE

Hello ladies!So today my man and our two best friends who are also a couple lol all went to tj today and I had my consult with dr. Pantoja, first off his office is teeny tiny, I was like this is it !? lol but whatever my apt was at 10am but didn't actually get seen intill around 12:3o! Which was... READ MORE

I have researched Dr Salama no end, looked at numerous before and after pics, and I have come to the conclusion that he is the man to give me that boot-tay (pow!). Because I need time to save, the plan is to get it done May 2015. I would love to have someone also heading out to Miami for a bbl... READ MORE

Had my first round with campos ..I had lipo on the waiste, abs and lower back with fat grafting to the butt and hips in May 2011. I want basically my entire torso lipoed and my inner thighs with fat graft to hips and butt. I am soooooooo pleased with my first round. And would be happy to go... READ MORE

I have my date set for April 9th 2013 i am looking for a partner I already have a curvy body as you can see in my pics but i have trouble areas i cant seem to loose ans also my but is big but to sloppy lol hopefully yily can shape it up for me ..... I'm so excited today is my surgery date... READ MORE

Hello there :). im new to this site and looking for tips and fellow bbl sisters. I am a 23 year old female. 5'6, 153. Ive always wanted a bigger butt. I've done squats, diets, and nothing seems to work. ive been following Dr. Jimerson on instagram for awhile and knew I wanted him as a doctor.... READ MORE

Hello chicas! I'm so excited because I have officially decided to to get a BBL! I've wanted that full back side since I was in middle school. What really sucked was a lot of my relatives had big booties. Since I'm Dominican and I've been there numerous times for family vacations I've decided... READ MORE

I have been wanting to get this procedure for the past year and really haven't been able to find the right Dr. I have been told lately that I'm crazy and I don't need it I just need to workout. Well if they honestly knew why they would understand. I have tried the working out thing and it didn't... READ MORE

Im 35, married with 2 kids and ready to get the body of my dreams. I need a BBL. Im 5'7' and 190 lbs. I've always had hips and a somewhat flat stomache until I had kids. Now the little kangaroo pouch refuses to leave me. And the cellulite has taken over my thighs, stomache and butt. I hate... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm new to realself and on here to find out more and share my experiences of plastic surgery. I am from and living in the UK (London) and hoping to have the bbl procedure with hips with Dr (JCurves) Jimerson. I have my phone consult next week and have the whole amount set aside so... READ MORE

Hello! Before having my son I was a A cup during and while nursing both of my babies I became a 32DD. Now that I am no longer nursing I am a 34C and no butt! I have always said a big butt with small boobs are okay but big chest no butt NOT okay. I have flanks and belly fat after my daughter that... READ MORE

I want to become a DraYily Barbie doll, I havebeen rresearching cosmetic surgery on RS for over 3yrs and I am ready for it. I just have to work harder and save. I have receive a quote from Yily team. I requested another one from DraDuran no answer yet. I'm 39 years old and ready to get my sexy... READ MORE

I'm 39 years old married with three children,one c section.After being overweight all my life and obese the last few years,(221 lbs) and lost 51pounds through diet and regular exercise and weight training .It's been about four years since I lost the weight and some parts of my body were not... READ MORE

I've been meaning to log in and write this review for a few days now. When researching my surgery I found this site to be very helpful so I figured I would come and give back. First, let me say that the level of care and service provided by Dr. Pantoja and his staff was amazing. I would... READ MORE

I had vaser lipo about a year or two back. I've since had a baby and I am going crazy with my body! I've decided to get a brazilian butt lift :) I got my quote from Dr. Yily. $3,400 for lipo of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist, with the BBL via fat grafting. Luckily my... READ MORE

I am new to this site. I have heard and read numerous reviews about it and I am excited to start my journey. I really want a bbl, lipo on flanks, a little on my back and maybe a little on my arms. I am most interested in the fat transfer method of bbl. I work out about 3-4 times a week,... READ MORE

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