Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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So heres the basics. I need a full tummy tuck with a bbl. I'm 30 and I want my body to BANG before my 31st bday in March. I've become obsessed with this site and which I'm sure you all know how that happens so easily. I've been studying reviews, doctors, lists, butts, titts, complaints, and... READ MORE

Hello my bbl sisters I am 41 and always wanted a booty. When i was a teen everyone would tell me i have no butt. I never knew doctors could sculpt bodies this way. I knew they would do implants but i never wanted those so i am so thankful i found this website and as a result dr Salama. I liked... READ MORE

I have one wonderful son that I was blessed with, but since giving birth almost 3 years ago my body just hasn't been the same. I have been considering the Brazilian Buut Lift for a year now... And now that I decided to stop being cheap I'm getting it done next month!! I'm super excited I'm ready... READ MORE

Just booked my appointment after 2 1/2 months of researching and glued to RealSelf. I booked with Alexandria who is so damn fabulous she was fun and easy to talk to no question went unanswered. If you are having your procedure around that time and will be at their RecoveryHouse let me know I'm... READ MORE

Hey guys!!! So ive been obsessed with getting a tummy tuck and bbl. I recently lost 100 lbs and searched high and low for the right dr for me. I want to go with a surgeon that will give curves and not this straight up and down stomach that most drs in the us do. So dominican republic it is. Ive... READ MORE

I have a slim frame I have thicker thighs and a average/small butt. I weigh about 130-135 and I'm 5'4. I have always wanted the surgery but now I am old enough and have discipline to try and save up enough money for it. So I'm trying to look for a affordable doctor and I don't mind traveling... READ MORE

Ok ladies, I live in Houston TX but I'm considering going Miami to get my BBL done. I'm going with Dr Miami for now, I was told he was the BEST. I been doing my research for awhile now and I'm still stuck on him. what do yall think? I have been reading a lot of reviews and a lot of u guys... READ MORE

Hey Gals! Well, just like everyone else, realself reviews have become my favorite pasttime. I'm going to have to travel no matter what, and right now it's just about finding my doctor. Right away, I got overwhelmed by all of the options so I decided to check out some of the big names first. ... READ MORE

So I have been researching BBL for over a year now and I'm finally going through with it! I will be getting my BBL with Dr.Hasan August 19th and I'm so excited, anxious, and scared but this is definetly something I've been wanting to do. Living in Atlanta you see all these big butts everywhere,... READ MORE

Hello I will like to get a bbl and a breast lift. I been in Miami several times to Several clinics. I haven't pick a Dr. Yet. I been doing a lot of research on the clinics and their work. So far I like Dr. Hasan for the bbl, his prices seen k and his work is amazing. The only problem is dealing... READ MORE

So I've chosen to go with dr. Baez she has great reviews and has been in contact with me since I've decided to do this. I'm what most say on the skinny side but little do they know I have a crazy gut that I squeeze in and love handles that won't go away. My butts not too small but I'd be happy... READ MORE

Hello, divas! I originally looked at this site while looking for reviews on local docs in my area for botox and juvaderm which I was considering at that time! Saw some plastic surgery before and after pics and became intrigued and changed my entire beliefs and thinking about plastic surgery!... READ MORE

Ladies I'm torn between the two Dr Hasan has them "hands" for that perfect hourglass and ass shape but Dr Pantoja does more area of lipo and his recovery doesn't seem as horrible as Hasan and of course the $$$$$....It my ultimate decision I know but I would like some of you to share your stories... READ MORE

Still swollen READ MORE

Initially I just wanted to lipo my hips because as I get older I cant seem to lose the fat in that area . A year ago I committed myself to go the gym and really work on toning up and getting in shape. I'm happy with the results of my hard work but my booty does not look good. It's like my butt... READ MORE

So it did not take me long to decide on whether or not to go with Dr. Salama, his reviews and results are amazing!! Just want I've been looking to see from a US doctor. (DR doctors results from a trusted US doctor) Of course, his price is not DR-like but I can't argue with results and safety.... READ MORE

Hey everyone :) no need to say I've been stalking the site because that's a common thing to do in the rs world, lol. I'm going to keep it real short because I wrote an earlier post and somehow it got deleted which express my everything, yeah I don't have the energy lol. My price expectation is... READ MORE

I'm from Atlanta where everyone got a nice ass! I want a nice butt, hips, and small waist. I have been researching doctors for the past 3 years. When I was younger I had a very nice shape. I was always bottom heavy and small at the top. When I had my daughter all hell broke loose on my body. I... READ MORE

Hello ,I'm 38 mother of one and thinking of getting bbl . But not sure what doctors to look into . I'm 5"5 weight 200lbs wondering if I need to lose some weight first . ( interested in gaining a buddy to share this Journey with .????not sure if I want to stay in the usa or out heard good And bad... READ MORE

I'm excited about my upcoming bbl! I put the deposit down 3 weeks ago for Hasan. My coordinator Shari was great when she wanted my money but after she had it she went MIA. Hate her but her IG is full of pics of her posting about her commission. All the other staff at vanity has been NOTHING but... READ MORE

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