Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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Looking to get a bbl. I am 26. I have 1 kid and some extra tummy flab that I am not too happy with. I am hoping I have enough fat to make a nice round booty :D Anyone go to Dr. Hasan? The fact that someone died last year with him freaks me out but on the other hand, I know surgeries involve... READ MORE

I've been patiently waiting since I paid my deposit April 4, 2015. I'm so anxious to be Hassanified! I've been looking over his pics and reviews and it has me even more excited. I leave for Miami in 8 days and I'm undecided if it I'm going to stay at a recovery house or find a hotel room. I'm... READ MORE

I am looking forward to my trip to the DR in the beginning of March. I have been on this site for a minute now, and studying all the information from my RS sisters..Thank you! It is definitely homework that needs to be investigated when making a serious choice on who would be completing such a... READ MORE

I am currently going through a divorce and started to think that I want to update my body and get it right for my future endeavors. I have always wanted a butt because I inherited my daddy's sponge bob backside. I didn't think that this surgery was affordable and definitely not popular in the US... READ MORE

Hello RS Dolls, I was not going to write a review until after my surgery which is on June 17, 2015!! I went to see Dr. Pantoja on April 18 and let me tell you I got there before my appointment like at 9. My appointment wasn't until 11 yet I was the first one to be seen. That was so nice of... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I'm excited. I've been on RS for 1 year. Have done research. I put a deposit down with Dr. Duran. At first it was between her and Dr. Yily. I am a big fan of both their work. I went with Duran her work seem a little more natural To me. Now to choose a recovery house. Thank you to... READ MORE

I forgot to mention that I am 5'0" and weigh 114 lbs. I bought Russian Bear to help in my quest to gain weight. I wanna gain about 10-15 pounds before I get surgery. On another note... I filled out my application for my passport. I'll take my pic tomorrow hopefully. I've secured my recovery... READ MORE

Hey ladies I'm super excited and scared just put my $1000 down payment to have my BBL done with Dr Salzhauer in miami, I'm from the new York area and been researching this procedure for a while. Didn't want to go to DR although I'm dominican, it scares me to leave the country. Im 32, have a 2... READ MORE

Here I am dissatisfied with my after motherhood I am new to this so hopefully I can find help/support. I'm hoping to have a BBL done by my birthday which is in February 2016. I had a few curves(nothing extreme) but it seems the more kids I had the less curvy I became. Lol.. Well 6... READ MORE

I just recently started doing my research on doctors but it seems I'm leaning towards the doctors in DR as it seems most of the doctors here in the US are extremely costly. I am very afraid as to how much pain my body can take and whether or not they follow proper and safety measures for all... READ MORE

Hey everyone. I made a new profile since my old one had the wrong surgery date n it won't let me change it. It was annoying so I had to make a new profile. about me I'm 5'1, 108lbs. With Not much fat on my body. I've always been skinny. I've realized that no matter how much I work out I will... READ MORE

I have always been a healthy person that works out 5xs a week & eats clean but could never get my tummy flat. I gained weight in my upper body but my bottom half was lean & toned. I wanted to round out my hips & but to balance my figure & do aggressive Lopo on my abs & flanks to give a a coke... READ MORE

I got a BA last year but still am not happy with my butt. I want an hourglass figure. i try to do squats but its still pretty flat up top and excercise just shrinks my butt, even if it gets perky and round. I want to change my proportions, so in comes the BBL! My appt is booked with dr mel... READ MORE

I'm new to this site so I hope I'm doing everything right, but I really need help. I have narrowed it down to two doctors and I'm having an impossible time choosing. Dr. Hilario Duran and Dr. Micheal Salzhauer. Can anyone help me out or shine some light on one of these doctors to help me make a... READ MORE

Sorry it's been so long, had a lot going on since surgery August 2013. Since I've had numbness above my right knee immediately after (tested, no nerve damage thank God) it is slowly getting better on its own. NOW, I have issues sitting for long periods of times. My right butt cheek starts to... READ MORE

Well I'm 30 years old and have 3 kids. I have always been a small girl. I currently weigh 126 pounds and am 5'2. I never had a butt it's very small. I use to have a small waist and flat stomach. I want to get butt implants with lipo to get rid of my love handles and bra fat. I went last week to... READ MORE

I have taken so much great advice from so many of you and I'm grateful I will be able to give back. I was searching for a great doctor that would actually deliver the results I want from this experience with the bbl. I found Vanity Cosmetics and immediately started researching the doctors. I... READ MORE

Reading all the reviews on here and researching for 3yrs, i decided to get Salamatized! I made it a family vacay and we left TX on the 18th and made it to Fort Lauderdale, where we stayed on the 19th of June. On the 21st was my pre-op -- it was a Sunday. Monday morning my fiance and I drove to... READ MORE

Hello BBL sisters! I'm new to this so bare with me.....where do I start with my story umm lets see.... I'm 23 yrs old currently in college I study pre-med and surgical technology. Yes I hope to be a surgeon one day! Anyways I've been dreaming of this surgery for 2 plus years now and I've made... READ MORE

I'm so nervous... My sx day us coming soon n I'm trying to get couple of more lbs.. I really need my hips looking on point.. Lol...I have a dent I can't wear my sexy dresses:(.. Hopefully Dr.Ortega fix this Next tear I will get done a TT and ba, but for now I need dis bbl READ MORE

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