Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
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I would like to loose the fat on my back and belly and plum up my batt with the fat. I have researched for a year and did not find the right Dr. Now I have found Comfort Zone in Istanbul, Turkey and I can't wait to see the results. The procedure involves Vaser lipo of 3 areas and fat transfer... READ MORE

So far I haven't got the procedure yet but I'm head to Miami Florida now to settle in before my big day. Having my surgery done with Dr.Osakatukei Omulepu from Spectrum Aesthetics. The stay is ice when I talk to them over the phone they made sure I got all my blood work Ekg and xRay done... READ MORE

Ok guys yes I've been stalking for the last month reading up on as much as I can for the surgery....I never really considered getting my butt done since I didnt want implants but this bbl procedure sounds perfect for me....getting lipo on my inner/outer thighs, stomach, flanks and back with... READ MORE

I'm thinking of getting a bbl and lipo done in DR with DRA Duran. She is a beast when it comes to booties. She is extremely difficult to reach. All i come across are reviews from big girls. I want to see a review from a slim girl. Im 5'10 140lbs ans lean. I think i may have to gain some weight.... READ MORE

Hi ladies, since seen the amazing results of some of you i decided it was time to get emailing pics and get quotes. So far i've contacted doctors in spain and uk, some have put me off they seemed like they did not know much about the procedure so i decided to email doctor Dr. Yily dos Saints. I... READ MORE

I have allot of scars on my body due to prior surgeries,but I am overwhelmed with joy.I will never be teased again for having not been born with a booty.i have a date.March 18th flying in from Los Angeles,Emily at Spectrum Aesthetic in Miami,Florida.Finally I will be writ of the shame I feel.So... READ MORE

Hello everyone, What a great site. Sorry my English is not so well, I'm from Amsterdam. I'm having my BBL done end of this month. Here in my country getting a BBL done is not really often done yet. So my surgery will be followed by national tv (omg!). Hope I'll have such as nice results you... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I need your help! Im from Atlanta and would like to get a BBL and full TT done at the same time. Many of you know how expensive those procedures are here in the US (esp Atlanta)! ;( After stalking many of you on RS for quite some time now, Ive noticed that great doctors and results... READ MORE

Hi to all the ladies, We are two sisters about to head off in a joint journey for a perky, round butt and re-discovering our feminant aka hourglass shape. Our surgery is scheduled no sooner than March 2015, but I wanted to get on here and share our prepp to contribute in keeping the motion... READ MORE

I Am 26 yrs Old I have No kids in Dallas Tx. I Don't even no where to begin I am 5'6 220 Ibs I Know i will have to loose way more weight which I can do since I've lost almost 20 Ibs since April of this year. I have huge boobs and want to offset them with a Big ol booty lol If any one can let me... READ MORE

If I could write to my younger self , what would I say in 2 words... It would be "bbl and BA" !! Lol! ... Hello to all my ladies of this secret society! I interested in bbl and a ba! A little bit about my self, well I've always wanted bigger boobs, but I was skipped in that gene. I am currently... READ MORE

After having major weight loss, I'm ready for some curves. I've already had my breasts done, tummy tuck and mini face lift. Im looking to have a Tummy Tuck Revision and Hip/BBL.. After lots of reading and reviews i've chose Duran. I love her attention to detail and her sculpting abilities. Both... READ MORE

Hey everyone. I love this website because I can find what I'm lookin for & people who feel just like me. I'm 21, hairstylist make up artist, & I'm dying for this surgery lol.. In Houston there is a popular doctor by the name of Wilberto Cortes. He's the best I've seen, gives great results but... READ MORE

Well I'm 21 years old from California I wanted to blog my experience a little. I was encouraged by others also I'm in need of a buddy I plan to get the first available appointment of march 2015. A little about me I'm 5'6 my current weight is 180. I plan to only lose 10 lbs before surgery nothing... READ MORE

I am 50 and have wanted a butt all my life. I have been working out and trying to gain weight to build a booty.....gained 8 lbs I see a itty bitty change but if its not in your genes to have a booty your jeans will not have it either. I have been so despite before I went to Dirt Cheap Store... READ MORE

Hello all.. like many of you I have become a RS stalker... spending many late nights looking over reviews and information and prices.. I need help... please! I went for a consultation today with Dr. Ghurani. from seeing other results on women of RS I believe he would be a good choice.. and he... READ MORE

I'm new to "realself" but I figured that I join since this website has helped me through my journey. I have undergone a breast augmentation two years ago to enhance my child like breast so I am somewhat familiar with going under the knife. This time I am looking forward to getting fat transfer... READ MORE

Hey present and future Dolls! I'm a 29 y/o mom of 1 from NY. I have been stalking RS on and off for years. I've finally decided to achieve the "new me"! I'm super excited, a little scared of course but it's a new chapter in my life that I'm ready for. My present body is NOT a result of... READ MORE

Hey everyone, Like most people here, I've been stalking this site for about 10 months now. I was torn between getting just the BBL or get a tummy tuck plus the BBL. My current height is 5'2 and my current weight is 185 lb. I'm in the process of trying lose about 20 lbs before my sx hoping to... READ MORE

My expectation is to have a BBL with 12 points area Lipo from Dr. Hasan. After hawking this site for a minute I know that I would rather stay in the States than go abroad. I have thoroughly researched DR and was going to choose Dr. Marte as he was extremely nice and responded to my emails in... READ MORE

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