Brazilian Butt Lift

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WORTH IT RATING based on 6,355 reviews
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In a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the surgeon takes fat from areas where you don't want it and transfers it to your buttocks to give you an envy-worthy rear view. Additional liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to improve contouring and the appearance of lifting. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,725

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I finally decided after 3 years Ima go ahead n get the surgery. Full back and flank lipo, maybe ab lipo. I contacted a number of doctors but I'm going to go with Dra. Carmina Cardenas in mexico. She hasn't sent a quote as of yet but I'm hoping it will be soon, what I have in the box is what I'm... READ MORE

We'll let me just say I'm like most of the beautiful ladies on here lurking everyone's profile and reviews trying to get good useful information for my upcoming BBL surgery. I'm new to this sight and decided I'm no longer going to be a silent stalker lol. I want to document my journey as a... READ MORE

To read about my whole journey, please first read my BBL part 1 and BBL part 2 pages. Since the BBL part 1 and 2 pages were getting so full and unusable, all updates will now be on this page. Please leave a comment on this page to ensure you're notified each time I update. At the mere... READ MORE

Super excited about getting the bbl that I've been wanting for awhile. Finally scheduled my surgery with Dr. Mel Ortega. I've been working with Vivian and she's been awesome about responding to emails etc. I'm really impressed with the before and after pictures he has on his website. I've done... READ MORE

Hey so I'm new to Rs and I'm finally on my journey to cross over to the thick side ...I'm 5'0 110lbs with a nice shape but no booty at all :( I'm a mother of 2 so my belly isn't the most attractive so can't wait to get that fixed too! Im Currently stuck between Dr.Salama and Dr.Duran ...I'm... READ MORE

Get rid of tummy fat and get a bigger butt. I am trying to do more research, I've paid a deposit but I wondered if Dr Aslani is on the board of registered plastic surgeons. Also I'm worried about my plane ride home after 9 days. I need to be sure the reviews on here are ligitamate. If... READ MORE

I m sorta new to this bbl realself but been reading post from everyone for the past 6 months, this website has really helped me to make a decision to go through this , thank you ladies for taking your time to advise and tell your experience, the ugly, the bad, and the good. My height is 5.1 120... READ MORE

A friend of mine from germany (I am also german) had surgery with Dr. Alexander Aslani and that is how I got to know him. There is not much offer for this kind of surgery in germany (in fact, there is none) I am from germany and 27 years old. Originally I had really just considered liposuction... READ MORE

I have done a lot of research these past months for the BBL. To be honest I am already happy with my shape. I'm quite active and fit but I have always wanted a bigger butt. I have stopped working out a few weeks ago to gain a few pounds as I do not have enough fat for the procedure. First I... READ MORE

I'm 25 and as I aged I lost my butt and gained a belly I'm looking forward to being a Duran doll!! Is there anyone out there who is looking at January for your surgery month if so please contact I'm looking for a buddy! By the way the procedure I'm interested In is a BBL. I know with this... READ MORE

OMG!!! This is so hard RS trying to find the right DR for me here is my struggle! I love the Dr. Yily's work in DR a good friend of mine just came back and she looks FAB! She is still much swollen but you can admire Yily's work already. HOWEVER I am not going to LIE i am nervous about going to... READ MORE

Hello everyone...I am a 31 yr. old mother of the 3... Love my kids with all my heart but, I do not like the aftermath from the pregnancy. I've been trying to decide whether are not to go through with surgery for 4 years now. I've finally made my mine up to go through with it. I'm scared as... READ MORE

I'm torn bt these 2 doctors!! I need help choosing the right doc for my bbl procedure.. who is going to offer me the deal I want and need for my body and my pocket? Don't want to put quotes out there yet, only bc I haven't locked in my price and want to negotiate a better price.. Please help... READ MORE

I am hoping this is how I begin my journaling. I am a Puerto Rican and Black, and looking to get my curves back.I work out hard and want everything to be right,tight and looking good. I have been on Realself for two years researching,reading and decided to make a profile . I want to get the... READ MORE

I am a heinz 57 mixture with Italian, Canadian, & Mexican. I am 34, 5'3 and 173 ( looks like I'm the biggest on here), but have to admit that I don't look that big. After having 2 kids, being on the pill, then tying my tubes... I got fat :( I'm so insecure with how I look and feel. I took... READ MORE

I have been on the phone with all three surgery facilities Dr. Ortega works at and finally decided on Imagenes Cosmetics, as they could get me a date in Aug, which is pretty much booked up. I guess many of the girls need to get their BBL done before school, like I do. I am going by myself so I... READ MORE

I went to see my doctor in February 2014 for a regular touch-up and asked him if anything can be done on my pubic region that's been a problem since I can remember. When I wear tights or now-a-days that I gained over 25 lbs in one year after my marriage, wearing any pants makes my pubic area pop... READ MORE

Hey Real Self! Today is OFFICIALLY the beginning of my journey! I am getting a Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Lift! I am waaayyyy too excited! I've been wanting this for some time now! I had emailed Dr. Yily, Dr. Baez, and Dr. Diaz all the same day... Dr. Yily has yet to contact me back... READ MORE

So after so much back and forth and stalking this site I finally decided I am going to do it...I am going to go forward with this. I talked to my older sister of course she was against it, as well as my baby sister. I understand I am 24 but when I look in the mirror I am unhappy with what I see.... READ MORE

So i am not new to realself. I have read so many reviews on brazilian butt lifts that i have been inspired to actully go through and get it done. I have always loved how my booty looks in clothes last year after i had my baby. But now a year later my projection has vanished. Im happy i worked... READ MORE

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