Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Just had my bbl done and Dr Omulepu is wonderful, now the staff can do a lot better with communication. When you first wake up of surgery was the worst for me. Your lying on your butt and it hurts really bad and the is a burning sensation but when they put on the compression garment if feel a... READ MORE

Hello Ladies! I'm original from Ft. Lauderdale relocate to Tampa,FL in 2011. I love going to go shopping in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Okay , let me start l had tummy tuck last year 9-16-14, am happy with the problem now l need a booty to go with my tummy and a ? shape to match. I'm 34 weight 162... READ MORE

I'm new to this...but I been wanting a butt for so long. I was born and blessed with a chest, hips and thighs but when it comes to the donk ain't nothing to look back at, just a flat board .I'm doing this for me ,nobody else and I have no support from others ,they think I'm insecure which is not... READ MORE

Hi rs-sies I am posting here to find advice and recommendations from anyone who had bbl surgery with cirumed and Dr. Aslani in Marbella. I have to travel for my surgery so I need to organize my stay. I am not keen to have surgery abroad but the lack of serious butt surgeons in UK leaves no... READ MORE

Ok a little about me, I am 20 years old and I am a full time college student. My mom is super supportive of me getting this surgery so she is giving me this as a gift for my b day my dad isn't however which I'm just not going to tell him( father is very dingy). I honestly do not know what I... READ MORE

I googled for surgeons doing bbl and found cirumed clinic and dr.aslani. I loved the results of his work I have seen. My research encouraged me that dr.a would give me the kind of curves I am looking for. I found his results just amazing! What I want primarily is shape No doubt this is great... READ MORE

So, I received a consultation from Dr. Bruno for a brazilian butt lift. I've wanted a huge butt for quite awhile now and just recently ran into some money in order to finally get the butt I want! Im turning 21 on August 15th and I think this is the best birthday present for myself. I've always... READ MORE

I have become an insomniac because of this site over the last 6 months. I love everyone's stories and interaction with one another and can't seem to stop being inspired day in and day out. I myself want to get a BBL and chin lipo/augmentation for my receded chin, shoot receded butt as well... I... READ MORE

Ok so this is my second attempt at lipo, Dr.Nathan Young of Dallas, TX did my first one. He was great the issue was not him it was me. Lipo should not be used to lose weight, it is about the redistribution of fat. Many people ask if the fat cells are removed if you can get fat in those areas... READ MORE

I had an in person consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio. He was very nice, he said i should expect to see great results and he could probably get 1600cc into each cheeks. My problem with my shape is that i gain my weight in my arms and waist. I would like him to take as much fat as he could from my... READ MORE

I want to fix my body dont like it so excited cant believe I'm getting a a little scared but hopefully its worth it because I. So scared..I just called today to make another deposit with my coordinator but she was busy everyti.e I called she was busy so I... READ MORE

Looking for a travel buddy out of Boston, CT, or NYC for May. I have not chosen a Dr. Yet still waiting on Dra. Duran and Baez quotes. But I am determined to get it done in May. Any ladies thinking about a May date? I would like to get a buddy to travel with I am talking about going through this... READ MORE

I was originally scheduled with Dra Robles but then something tragic happened in February with one of her patients then communicating with them was just impossible. When you are only a few weeks away from your surgery date and cannot get a hold of anybody it's really nerve wrecking so I decided... READ MORE

So I've been stalking like everyone else for about a year. I'm 36, have 3 girls they are 5 and 4 year old twins. The twins were definitely a surprise and the back to back pregnancies did a number on my body. I worked out and lost 20 pounds and realized my body will never snap back without help.... READ MORE

Ive always wanted a flat stomach but after my first born i found it impossible . No time for exercise full time working mom :( so now I'm actually ready for this journey after years of wanting to do either a tummy tuck or lipo but I'm now sold on more of a tummy tuck because of my stretched skin... READ MORE

I have always had a curvy hour glass shape and have some booty, I exercise and eat healthy. I am currently trying to drop the extra winter weight I had put on. I am 5'5 and I am normally between 145-160, but this buffalo winter was pretty intense! I am thinking of going with Dr. Matthew Schulman... READ MORE

So today I put down a deposit and I'm so excited! I've been wanting to do this for a very long time and was either held back due to finances or the inability to take off so much time for recovery... As well as being straight Chicken Shit! (I'm still scared y'all!). But after years of research... READ MORE

Hello ladies, like many of you I want a new body that I feel sexy in! The looks are still here in my face some projection in my ass but can use more! I've went over and over with consultation, and finally I've chosen my right hand man Dr, Dr. Fisher it is baby! I trust that he can give me the... READ MORE

Ok, so I've been contemplating sx for some years now. I'm 38 years old, 5'2" & 191lbs. I want lipo on my tummy (don't let pic fool you. I'm wearing a girdle), back, arms and inner thighs and a BBL. I used to have a small waist. Always had hips and butt just need some definition. I'm anxious &... READ MORE

I'm thin but always had a boxy shape. Tend to hold my weight in my middle and have never had a waist or a butt. Originally wanted just lipo of my abs and flank. Went for a consultation locally and was quoted $11,000 for 4 areas. No thank you. The more I researched, I decided to go for a bbl. I... READ MORE

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