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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›

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Hello everybody, I am expected to be doing a BBL this coming March 2016. I am very nervous and hope everything goes well. The doctor I picked was Dr.Duran. My reason for picking her is cause I had a co worker that went to her and her results were GREAT! I've looked at reviews and saw that Dr... READ MORE

Hey dolls, So I have finally decided to write a review and document my BBL journey! Like all of you I have the realself addiction, stalking day and night since February lol. When I think about it I have wanted BBL sculpting for a good ten years! I am grateful for my body but I know it could be... READ MORE

Hello RS Ladies, it's been about a year since I have been on here. I had a Tummy Tuck with Dr. Francis Johns in Monroeville, PA. I was so pleased with my tummy results that I am now stalking the site again because I just scheduled a Brazillian Butt Lift. The big day is January 14th 2016. ... READ MORE

My children is grown now so it's all about me. I researched for awhile and I decided on Dr. Omulepu in Miami. I'm afraid because I have a hernia repair and high blood pressure. I I heard he was really aggressive with his liposuction which I like but worried still. 30 days in counting. I saw... READ MORE

It always seems like somebody is on RS LOOKING,READING,WRITING,FANTASYING, IMAGINING, just plain going crazy!! Hi my name is Nikki and I'm a reaselfaolic shiiiit I've been stalking this site for yrs(lmao) Ladies most if our stories are the same we forgot about ourselves over the yrs raising... READ MORE

I've Been stalking this forum for years now and finally decided that I am going to have this procedure done! I 1st was looking into going to DR but I figure it will be best to stay in the states!! Ill be the big 3 0 in December and I'm ready for a change. I've been picked on for as long as I can... READ MORE

When I found this website I became hooked and was so surprised to see so many women feel the same way I do, anywho I live in NY so I'm looking for a PS in NYC. I went for a consultation with Dr. Francis he was was really nice as well as his assistant Anela, with some reviews I heard he is not... READ MORE

I have been stalking every dr Hazani patient that has done the BBL surgery. I had my consult in September and he's a very nice guy. I told him what I want and made it very clear that I don't want a Kim k or Kloe looking butt I want it to look as natural as possible. He said its best to go with... READ MORE

Am wanting to get a bbl, tt and back with implants am not new to this but am glad to have come across this site so far am looking at Dr Baez will give updates as I go along my wish is to look good for my 43rd bday. 2.8 years ago I had liposuction on my stomach, lower back and flank I was so... READ MORE

So heres the basics. I need a full tummy tuck with a bbl. I'm 30 and I want my body to BANG before my 31st bday in March. I've become obsessed with this site and which I'm sure you all know how that happens so easily. I've been studying reviews, doctors, lists, butts, titts, complaints, and... READ MORE

I need this. I have 1 child, and I have been hidden behind my clothes for years. Everything I wear just doesn't look right, seem right, and feel right and I am not at all happy. I need to do this for me. I haven't dated in 3 years (after my divorce) and I have to say it is 100% because I am not... READ MORE

I just scheduled my BBL with Hasan for Dec. 3rd. Like most, I've been lurking on this site for a while and finally got up the nerve, time, and funds to get surgery. I'm researching recovery houses now... I called Moni's recovery house but they're booked during the time of my appt. I've been... READ MORE

I honestly don’t know know where to start because this is such a long story. I am taking all my guts together to post my pics and tell my experience so far. I am now 7 days post bbl surgery with alex aslani in quiron malaga. I look completely different to the person that went into OT ! It... READ MORE

So I got my breast implants done the summer of 2010, 510 cc silicone unders. They cost me 10k with everything included. I was initially recommended either 475 cc or 490 cc and after I went home and browsed RealSelf, I wanted to be sure I wouldnt want a revision to go bigger since so many reviews... READ MORE

Hey loves ! I've always dreamed of having a bubble butt , and I'm finally ready to move to the next step of achieving that ! I contacted a few doctors in Miami and they all said I have to gain 15lbs. I'm just curious if I should get the BBL or butt implants ! I'm a mortified to get implants but... READ MORE

I have been interested in this procedure a few years now. My body is not like it was I have gained and lost weight over the years. I am not in the best of shape due to my career, kids, and busy lifestyle, however, I am always told I look a lot younger than my age and i'm all for anything to... READ MORE

Good morning booty reviewers and booty hopefuls! I had the BBL done November 19th. I'm still in recovery but I kinda don't see much of a difference yet. My story: I'm 5'2 135 lbs. I wanted a more round and plumpness added to my butt. I didn't have much fat on my body but the Dr. was able to put... READ MORE

I have been stalking the site for a while like many others. I finally decided on Dr. Fisher and paid for my surgery in full. I'm very nervous about the surgery and staff at Vanity. I haven't had any negative experiences yet but after reading the reviews I'm being more cautious with trying to get... READ MORE

I've been researching the bbl procedure for over two years now. Initially my researched led me to Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta. His prices have skyrocketed over the years. I was also in the Army, and the timing never seemed quite right. Fast forward to Nov 2015 and finally in a position to start... READ MORE

I'm new to this...but I been wanting a butt for so long. I was born and blessed with a chest, hips and thighs but when it comes to the donk ain't nothing to look back at, just a flat board .I'm doing this for me ,nobody else and I have no support from others ,they think I'm insecure which is not... READ MORE

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