Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) uses a person's own fat to naturally augment and shape the buttocks. A plastic surgeon first performs liposuction to remove fat from other areas of the body (often the stomach, hips, and thighs), then transfers that fat to the buttocks. Additional liposuction can be done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,625

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So far I've been researching for a few months. I went ahead and got quotes from Robles, Duran, Diaz, Almonte and Baez. All of the prices were fine, especially considering the prices in the US. The deciding factor mainly though has been the wait times in responses. WTF they each can take days to... READ MORE

Hi Everyone! I haven't had any procedures yet but I plan to in the very near future. I want a brazilian butt lift & a breast lift (in that order). I don't have any info on either of these, I'm just beginning my research & I joined this site in hopes of finding some support & suggestions. A Few... READ MORE

Okay, so I have been waiting this surgery for about 3 years and I'm ready to go. I am 5"6 and 187lbs currently but I intend to get down to 170 by the time I have my procedure. I live in Atlanta. I want to lock in my date in the next few days. I'm trying to decide which doctor... Dr. Hughes-... READ MORE

Wouldn't mind having a surgery buddy!! Super excited bout my surgery! !!!! Let me know guys maybe we can link up.. Also would like to know more helpful things I need to knw before surgery.. Been waiting for this date to get here for a year now.. 4 months to go n it seems like such a long a long... READ MORE

My goal is to enhance the beauty that God has blessed me with. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and to me, surgery is an enhancement. It's a choice. I stand firm to my choices that I make and if I want a Brazilian Butt Lift and if I know that I will make me happy, then so be it. Your... READ MORE

So ladies, I never thought I would be here at this very moment, not only writing this review, but awaiting a BBL procedure. To give some background, I am 36, married with 3 kids. I am an RN, I work in the ICU at a local hospital in my hometown of Cincinnati, OH (I hate my job btw, but that is... READ MORE

RealSelf has been a great help to me as far as researching doctors and making decisions based off patients reviews. I will start by thanking you ladies for selflessly sharing your journey and making easier for us to make decisions. I have been lurking on this site almost everyday for months and... READ MORE

Let's be honest... I have NEVER had much butt to begin with... but since having my kids the little bump I did have has long been overshadowed by a huge ring of fat that sits perfectly on my waist... oh yeah and the kids took the boobs too... what once were perky C's quickly resolved to Barely... READ MORE

I first want to say that like many of you I stalk real-self all the time so its only right for me to write a review about my journey. I naturally have an hourglass frame 5'7 170lbs 36" 29" 40". I have a nice butt already which is why i think doing this procedure will take my body to the next... READ MORE

Let me start of by saying that I'm not new to this. This will be my second round. I'm gonna focus primarily on my mid-section and lower body this time around. I want a TT revision, my waist super snatched and fat grafting to my laterals and buttocks. I was considering Duran but I'm not paying a... READ MORE

Thanks to RS, I will finally get the bootay I've been searching for. I had no idea that a Brazillian Butt Lift sx existed until I stumbled onto this site. I thought it was just a butt exercise (silly me). Ever since then, I have been doing research on this newlly found secret. I've made up my... READ MORE

Hi Real self! Like most Ive been stalking this site since i found it a couple weeks ago. I am looking to improve my physical appearance in DR by getting a bbl,tt, and possible ba with bl. At first I was team Baez but unlike what i had read on other reviews she did not communicate well with me... READ MORE

Hey Ladies!! I know I'm SUPER early, and I told myself I wouldn't start my review until a week pre-op, but the lure of RealSelf sucked me in lol. I've been researching the whole BBL thing for a couple of years now, and I told myself no ifs, ands or buts, this year would be my year!! No more... READ MORE

So I have been addicted to Real Self for over a month now...have started my own review several times only to stop in the middle, but now I really feel like it will be beneficial to do one. Finding a Dr has been so stressful! I know exactly what Im looking for however not finding the results I... READ MORE

I had my breast done a few years ago and a tummy tuck so going under the knife isn't new to me! However, I was able to heal at home and I have to leave my state! So, with that being said I'm very nervous about having this surgery. I've lost a lot of weight since my tummy tuck and because of this... READ MORE

My journey starts here with the world famous Dr Salama! My surgery is on June 14th but my summer school session does not end until June 18th. So I would like to switch dates with someone for a later date in June or July. I am so excited but school is a priority! Please someone inbox me if... READ MORE

Started my researching journey a while ago and now I'm finally ready to reshape this body. I have been so blessed to have found some many wonderful sisters on this site. It has helped me soooo much in my search for the right doctor. All I can say is "MY SISTERS THANK YOU!!!!!" Like many of you I... READ MORE

I have been on this site for about a year or more and I'm ready for a bbl and ba... I'm 24 1daughter 190lbs 5"6 I'm hoping got have surgery with duran if I can get in contact with her I'm super excited.... I want surgery in dec or later I'm looking for a recovery spot or a team mate to go with... READ MORE

I am scheduled for my Bbl November 20th.. I've decided to go with DR salzhauer because from reviews and from speaking with him I just knew he was the one .. During my consultation he was very sweet and such a professional .. He assured me that my change will be drastic and that I will love the... READ MORE

OK put a down payment on bbl surgery today, so I'm in it for the long hual. I want to set the date for sometime in March hopefully if everything go OK. I am very happy, excited and can not wait to be one of Dr. Fisher Dolls. I am very happy with the work I have seen from Dr. Fisher and it made... READ MORE

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